WWF RAW is WAR Results (January 15, 2001)

WWF Raw is War Results
January 15, 2001
Live from: Milwaukee, Wi
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts with a small commentary by Vince and them showing the picture of Martin Luther King.

Match #1
Hardy Boyz/Lita vs Right to Censor

Jeff starts off against Val Venis and Jeff starts by delivering a few punches, then Val hits him and knocks him down. The Val puts him in the corner and beats on him, then Jeff fights back and makes the tag to Matt and they double team Val Venis. Then Val Venis does a Spine Buster on Matt. Val makes the tag to Steven Richards and Richards puts Matt in the corner and delivers a few chops and then he makes the tag back to Val and they double team him. Then Val kept beating on Matt to keep him away from the tag. Then he makes the tag to Richards and they do a double suplex on Matt and he covers 1,2 but he kicks out. Then Jeff hits Richards and Matt does a leg drop off the top rope and then makes the tag to Jeff. Jeff drop kicks Val and kicks Richards to the outside. Jeff does a back body drop on Val and hits Ivory and tags Lita and Lita beats on Ivory. Then Chyna comes down and throws Ivory back in the ring and Lita does the Twist of Faith and gets the win. After the match, Chyna takes the microphone and accepts Ivory's challenge for the Royal Rumble.

Winners: Hardy Boyz & Lita

A limo is shown pulling in the parking lot and Stephanie and Triple H get out of the Limo and are shown walking into the arena.


Triple H and Stephanie Segment
Triple H and Stephanie make their way down to the ring. HHH takes the microphone and says that everywhere he goes, it's the same thing. He said that he hears it from everybody and even at a restaurant a waiter whispers in his ear "Kick Austin's Ass". He said everyone tells him to kick Austin's ass. He said that he made a promise tonight and will keep his promise, unless he is physically provoked, he will stay away from Austin. Stephanie takes the microphone and introduces Vince on the Titon Tron. Vince said he is ready for the XFL's kick off on February 3rd. He said that things are interesting tonight. Vince said that if HHH provokes Austin, he will lose his #1 contenders slot and if Austin provokes HHH, then Austin will lose his spot at the Rumble. Vince said that tonight it will be Austin and the Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian and Kurt Angle. HHH said that Angle is the WWF champion cause he has allowed it. HHH said that he did not lose the WWF title to begin with and Angle never faced HHH for the title one on one. HHH said that his attention is on Kurt Angle and that he wants to be the WWF championship. HHH said that Kurt Angle can bring anyone he wants at the Rumble because it will not make any difference, because HHH will be the WWF champion and then he said there is nothing he can do about it. Kurt Angle's music hits and he says that he is very disappointed in Stephanie and he said that she blew it. He said that the last time HHH was champion was King of the Ring. He said that HHH will not win the title at the Rumble and speaking of games, Donkey Kong has better chances of winning the belt. Then he said that he needed to get someone in his corner last week on Smackdown and Trish comes out and says that when Kurt asked her if she can be in her corner, she couldn't say no. She said wether it's Kurt Angle or McMahon himself, she just loves the man on top. Then Stephanie makes a match between Trish vs Jacqueline. Then she says this wouldn't be any kind of match, this match will be a spanking match.


Triple H and Stephanie were shown talking backstage and he tells Stephanie that if Austin provokes him, the fight will be on.

Match #2
Hardcore Title
Test vs Raven

Raven comes out with a bunch of weapons. Test starts the match by hitting him with trash can. Then Raven sprays him with the fire extinguisher. Then Test hits him and goes on the top rope, then Hardcore Holly trips Test, then Blackman comes out and fights with Holly. The Raven and Test fight on the entrance ramp. Then Holly and Blackman go after them and all four men go at it again. Then they go backstage and Regal attacks Test which allowed Raven to get the win. After the match, Raven goes out of the arena and once again, a car was waiting for him outside. Backstage Holly and Blackman agreed to fight each other later on tonight.

Winner: Still Hardcore champion, Raven


Rock Interview
Kevin Kelly tells the Rock that he is 6 days away from..then Rock interrupts him and does the usual.."Finally the Rock has come back to Milwaukee". He said 6 days away from the Rumble. Rock said, after tonight, Undertaker and Rock's friendship is history. Rock then talks about Martin Luther King Jr. The Rock said he has a dream that he will win the Royal Rumble and going on to Wrestlemania and once again the Rock will become WWF Champion.

Dudley Boyz Interview
Michael Cole interviews the Dudley Boyz. Devon says that Angle and Edge and Christian will receive a little taste of what they will get at the Rumble. Buh Buh Ray says after tonight is over, the Dudleyz will have a little Dudleyville discussion with Austin, cause he hit them with a chair on Smackdown.

HHH is shown talking to Vince on the speaker phone and HHH says that Drew Carey wants to have something to do with the Rumble....Then Stephanie said to Vince that Rock isn't happy to team up with Undertaker, then Vince says that tonight Rock and Kane will team up against Undertaker and Rikishi.


Match #3
Undertaker/Rikishi vs Rock/Kane

Rock squares off against Rikishi and then the Rock elbows him. Then Rikishi sends Rock in the corner and Rikishi squashes him, then Kane tags himself in and beats on Rikishi. Then Rikishi does a Samoan drop, then Rikishi sends Kane in the corner and squashes Kane, then Kane kicks Rikishi in the face, and then he slams Rikishi and Kane goes on the top rope and close lines Rikishi, then Undertaker kocks down Rikishi for the tag and Rock tags himself in and Undertaker and Rock exchange some hits. Then Undertaker sends Rock into the turnbuckle and Rock bounces back and starts punching Undertaker, then taker knocks down the Rock and Undertaker twists Rock's arm and he walks on the ropes and jumps on him. Then Rock and Undertaker collide with a double close line. Then they both get up exchange a few hits and then Rock does a reverse neck breaker and then Rock applies a DDT and covers but Rikishi makes the save. Kane nails Rikishi with the bell on the outside while Rock delivered a spine buster on Undertaker. Then Kane goes in the ring and choke slams the Rock and leaves. Then Undertaker gets up and delivers the last ride on the Rock and gets the 1,2,3.

Winners: Undertaker and Rikishi

Chris Benoit is shown walking backstage and he gets a ladder.


Benoit/Jericho Segment
Chris Benoit comes out and puts a ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs on it. Then he says that he has to hand it to Jericho, that he is a phenomenal athlete. But when he challenged him for a ladder match, Benoit had chills down his spine. Benoit then said that he put in a little something, then they show a music video on the Titon tron and all clips of where Jericho is getting beat up by Chris Benoit. Then Jericho sneaks up from behind and pushes Benoit off the ladder and then Jericho hits him with the Ladder. Then Jericho tells him to consider this as one of his greatest Hits.

Backstage, Edge and Christian attack the Dudleyz with chairs and then they beat on them. Then Christian said that they gave the Dudleyz a night off.


Match #4
Hardcore Holly vs Steve Blackman

Holly takes the microphone and says that some say that Blackman is the greatest hardcore champion, but MOST say that Bob Holly is. The match starts with both men exchanging hits. Then Blackman does a few moves on Holly, then Holly drop kicks him. Then Blackman picks Holly up and drops him on the ropes. Then Holly low blows Blackman and then kicks him. Then Holly goes to the outside and gets a chair and is about to hit Blackman but referee Teddy Long takes away the chair, then Holly hits the referee. Then Blackman hits Holly with the cover of the garbage can and then looks around and there is no referee cause the referee just left after he got hit. Then Holly hits Blackman with a street sign and Holly leaves.

Winner: No contest

Stephanie calls Vince McMahon and she tells him that the Dudley Boyz are injured. Then Vince says that Austin call pick any 2 partners of his choice, but if he can't find any, then he will be all alone. Then Vince out of nowhere asks how Trish is doing and Stephanie got pissed at him for asking about Trish.


Match #5
Spanking Match
Trish Stratus vs Jacqueline

The match starts with Jacqueline spanking Trish, then Jacqueline knocks her down and she continues spanking her. Then Kurt Angle comes down and Trish hits Jacqueline and she spanks her, then Jacqueline pulls a little of Trish's pants down and spanks her, then Kurt Angle pulls out Trish and leaves with her.

Winner: No contest


Match #6
K-Kwik and Too Cool vs Tazz and Kaentai

Tazz calls Too Cool, Two Fools..Then Kaentai do their usual promo. On to the match, Too Cool double team Funaki, then Funaki makes the tag and Grand Master Sexay powerbombs him. Then Kaentai double team Grand Master. Then Tazz gets the tag and he close lines Grand Master, then he beats on him in the corner. Then Grand Master makes the tag to K-Kwik and he drop ckicks Tazz and then Funaki comes in and he gets hit, then Scotty Too Hotty hits Tazz and then he does the WORM. Then K-Kwik does a side kick on Tazz and covers, but Funaki makes the save, then Tazz puts on the Tazzmission on K-Kwik and gets the win. After the match Kaentai do their usual talking.

Winners: Tazz and Kaentai

Backstage, Kurt asks if Trish is ok..Then trish is rubbing her butt and Kurt tells her that she has the night off.


Backstage, HHH says that Austin will be all alone against 3 men tonight. Then Stephanie whispers an idea in HHH's ear and HHH liked it and said that will make Austin provoke him.

Billy Gunn is shown at WWF New York and Jim Ross asks him about Chyna making a return at the Rumble. Billy Gunn said he thinks it's too soon but he respects her decision. Then Gunn tells Jim Ross not to be surprised if he wins the Royal Rumble.


Match #7
Kurt Angle/Edge & Christian vs Steve Austin and the Acolytes

The match starts with Austin and Edge and Christian and Angle starring at each other then the Acolytes' music hits and they clean house. Then it's Austin and Angle. Then Christian gets the tag and Austin beats on him. The Bradshaw gets the tag and beats on Christian, then Angle saves Christian, then edge gets the tag and Bradshaw delivers a side walk slam. Then he makes the tag to Farooq and Farooq does a running powerslam. Austin gets the tag and Edge drop kicks him. Edge then makes the tag to Kurt Angle and Angle stomps on Austin, then Angle does suplex, after suplex. Then Austin lands on his feet on one of the suplexes and Austin does a spine buster. Then the Acolytes go after Edge and Christian, then Austin does a suplex from the top rope and covers 1,2 but he kicks out. Then HHH comes out and then Angle low blows Austin. Then Angle does a suplex and covers 1,2 but Austin kicks out. Then out of nowhere Austin does the Stunner and gets the 1,2,3. Afterthe match HHH takes the microphone and tried to provoke Austin. He then gets in Austin's face and provokes him more and tells him to hit him. But Austin walks away because he did not want to lose his spot at the Royal Rumble, then HHH provoked him more and Austin came back in the ring and Angle does the olympic slam on HHH and Austin does the stunner on Angle.

Winners: Steve Austin and The Acolytes

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer