WWF RAW Results (March 11, 2002)

Full WWF RAW Results
March 11, 2002
Live From: Detroit, MI
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Note: I will not be able to do the RAW recap next week, because I will be at RAW in Montreal, and the following night, I will be at Smackdown. I hope to be able to provide the Smackdown spoilers next week.

Match #1
RVD & Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz & William Regal

The match starts on the outside, with all 6 men fighting. Then RVD squares off against Regal in the ring. Regal tags Bubba. Then, everyone was fighting on the outside, and Bubba was alone in the ring. Jeff gets knocked down by Bubba and the Dudleyz do the wazzupp. D-Von gets the tag. Jeff knocks him down. Jeff tags Matt and D-Von tags Regal. Clothesline by Matt on Regal. The Dudleyz double team Regal. Then it ends up with Bubba and Matt. RVD tags himself and hits Bubba, then he hirs Regal and does the 5 star frog splash and gets the win.

Winners: RVD & The Hardy Boyz

Vince McMahon was shown at the WWF Headquarters, in a board meeting with Ric Flair and other officials. Vince said that ever since Flair acquired his 50% ownership, everything has been going bad. So tonight, he is asking the guys to do the right thing, and to choose one man to lead this company. Vince asks for a vote, and one of them (Flair or McMahon) will be the only owner of the company.


Kurt Angle segment

Kurt Angle came out. Kurt said he wants to talk about something that the people in Michigan are familiar with, that's crime. He said not car jacking, or the idiotic stuff they do in Detroit. He's talking about robbery and him being robbed from his WM title shot. He said he had Jericho beat a couple of weeks ago, but Kane had to interfere. Kane calls himself the big red machine, well Angle is the big red, white and blue machine. Kurt Angle said that he will be facing Kane at WrestleMania. Kurt doesn't put the entire blame on Kane for not having his title shot. He blames the fans too. He said the fans keep chanting "You Suck". He calls them morons. How did the WWF fans become so stupid? Then Booker T's music hits.

Booker T says that he's sick and tired of telling the fans their stupid. He said, none of the fans are stupid. The fans are beyond stupid. Brain Dead. He blames the fans for not having his Japanese commercial. He says it's his first WM and he doesn't even have a title shot.

Edge's music hits and he comes out. Edge says that he can't believe they are out there complaining about not having title shots. He says that Booker T has a title of being the dumbest man in the company. Booker T said that he watched the Weakest Link and Edge was voted off first, so he's dumb. Then Edge says that Booker T is dumber and they show clips of Booker T on the Weakest Link, and it's highlights of him having all the questions wrong.

Edge says it's strange that someone with "Book" in his name, never read one. Edge challenges Booker T for WM, and Booker T accepts. Then Kurt Angle tries to act cool by saying something and Edge says that Kurt is WHITE and he shouldn't try to act like Booker T. Then Kurt was trying to do the spinaroonie an de screwed up. Edge started laughing. He said we just witnessed the first ever Dorkaroonie.

Kurt Angle makes a tag match. Him and Booker T vs Edge and a partner of his choosing. Then Edge asks them to hit Kurt Angle's music so the fans can practice the "You Suck" chants.


Stephanie had HHH's dog backstage. He is saying that she stinks, bla bla. Hunter comes in and picks up Lucy (the dog). HHH was taking the dog and Stephanie said that Lucy is her dog. She had a court order and she told them that HHH beat the cog and didn't feed it. HHH told her not to mess with him. HHH left, and Stephanie talked to the dog and said she will introduce her to a champion who hates dogs as much as Stephanie.

Match #2
Rikishi vs Test

Rikishi knocks down Test and proceeds to beat on him. Test fought back and clotheslines Rikishi twice in the corner. Super kick by Rikishi, followed by a Samoan drop. Rikishi runs and sits on Test. Rikishi squashes Test and Test falls. Rikishi was going for the stinky face, but Mr. Perfect came out and Rikishi attacked Perfect. Rikishi turned around and Test delivered the boot and got the win.

Winner: Test

Backstage, Stephanie is yelling at Lucy telling her to get off the couch. Jericho came in and saw the dog and said "What the hell is that?" Stephanie says that it's HHH's dog. Then the dog pooped on the floor and they were disgusted. Stephanie told Jericho to take the dog for a walk.


Chris Jericho was taking Lucy for a walk. Jericho ties the dog to the limo in the parking lot.

DDP and Christian were at some restaurant or bar. Christian did his laugh thingy. Then, Chuck and Billy came and, Billy made fun of them laughing and smiling at each other. He tells Chuck "Those are one of those people" (referring to them as gays). Christian challenged Billy Gunn for a match tonight and he accepted.

Vince McMahon was talking to the officials. He showed them the Flair/Undertaker fight on Smackdown, and how Flair was arrested backstage. The Officials were discussing it between each other after they saw the footage.


Match #3
WWF Hardcore Title
Al Snow vs Goldust

The match starts on the outside, then they get in the ring right away. Goldust tries to go for the shattered dreams, early in the match, but Al escaped and got a fire extinguisher and sprayed Goldust with it. Al Snow does the brain buster on the trash can and gets the win.

Winner: New WWF Hardcore champion, Al Snow

Jericho was talking to Stephanie on the cell phone. Then, Stephanie wanted an air freshener, and Jericho asked the limo driver to drive him to a store to buy an air freshener. Jericho got in the limo and he driver was backing up and we hear a dog noise (since she was attached to the limo's door handle). Jericho told the limo driver to go clean up the mess.


HHH went to the parking lot, and the limo driver told him that there is a dog stuck under the limo. HHH told him to go get help.

Match #4
Kurt Angle & Booker T vs Edge & Big Show

Booker T starts off against Show. Big Show knocks him down. Booker T kicks Show and tags Angle. They try to double team the Big Show, but they get double clotheslined. Show, gorilla plexes Kurt Angle. Show delivers a headbutt. He then throws Angle, and then headbutted him again. Kurt Angle fought back and tripped Show and applied the ankle lock. Big Show powered his way out of it, and Angle goes to the outside. Show knocks Booker T to the outside. Edge gets up on SHow's shoulders and jumps on Angle and Booker. Edge gets the tag. German suplex by Angle to Edge. Boker T gets the tag and beats on Edge in the corner. Edge fights back with a spinning kick. Booker tags Angle and Show gets the tag too. Show did a double suplex. Edge sends Booker T to the outside. Then, Angle throws Edge to the outside. Edge comes back in and spears Booker. Kurt Angle did the Olympic Slam on Show, followed by the ankle lock. Show tapped out.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Booker T

Stephanie was so scared and telling Jericho that HHH is going to kill her, over what happened to Lucy. Jericho said that he has something in store for HHH if he came back, and he told her to relax.


WWF Divas were shown at WWF New York.

Match #5
Christian vs Billy Gunn

Billy attacks Christian. Billy knocks him down, and beats on him. Jackhammer by Billy. He was going for the fameasser, but Christian got out of the way and went to the outside and lost his temper. DDP calmed him down. Chuck clotheslined Christian on the outside. In the ring, Billy did the fameasser on Christian, while the referee was distracted by Palumbo. DDP went in and delivered the Diamond Cutter on Billy. Christian covered Billy and got the win. His losing streak is over.

After the match, DDP and Christian were celebrating, then, Christian turns on DDP and does a reverse DDT and beats on him.

Winner: Christian

Back to the mergency board meeting at the WWF Headquarters. Vince is trying to convince the board members to vote for him and not Flair. He said, it's one thing to attack a WWF superstar, and it's another thing, attacking a WWF fan. He blames everything bad that ever happened on Ric Flair. He is that there should be one person leading this company. Linda McMahon says that they (the board members) will have to meet somewhere private and make the vote.


Match #6
Trish Stratus & Lita vs Jazz & Stacy Keibler

The match starts with Jazz and Trish. Back body drop by Jazz. Lita gets the tag. Lita takes down Jazz, 1,2 but Jazz kicked out. Stacy gets the tag. Stacy chokes Lita with her foot. Then they all started fighting at the same time. Trish hit Stacy out of the ring. They double teamed Jazz. Trish was about to hit Jazz, but Jazz ducks and Trish accidently hits Lita and Jazz got the pin on Lita.

Winners: Jazz & Stacy Keibler


Stephanie came down to the ring and started apologizing to HHH about Lucy. HHH came down and chased Steph and caught up to her. He was about to pedigree her, then Jericho came out and nailed HHH with a sledgehammer on his leg. (TSN censored that part). Jericho hit him again. WWF officials came out and helped HHH backstage.


Jericho attacked HHH's injured leg during the commercial break.

Back to WWF Headquarters.
Vince asked Linda if they reached a decision. Linda says that they did and they award Vince 100% ownership of the WWF. Linda asks Flair if he intends on wrestling Undertaker and Flair said yes. Linda tells Vince that they reserve the right to review the decision after WrestleMania.

Flair got up and said he had to watch his friend and son get beat up. He said his main responsibility is to protect his family. He accepts the temporary suspension of 50% ownership. He said, no one can take his pride, or the name Flair. He said that he will even the score with the Undertaker.

nWo were shown backstage. Hogan said it's six days before WM, until he comes down in history as the greatest icon in the WWF. Hall says that it's only six days til he beats Austin. Kevin Nash said that it's the first time the nWo will compete together tonight.


Match #7
Handicap Match
nWo vs Rock & Steve Austin

Hall and Rock squared off. Hall delivered some punches, then Rock fought back. Rock knocks down Hall. CLothesline by Hall, 1,2 but Rock kicked out. Nash gets the tag. Nash knocks down the Rock. Rock tries to fight back, but Nash knocked him down. Hogan gets the tag. Hogan knocks down the Rock. Hogan beats on the Rock. Back suplex by Hogan. Hall gets the tag. Rock was fighting back, but Nash got the tag and Rock tagged Austin. Austin takes down Hall and Nash. Spine buster by Austin on Hall. Double clothesline by Austin on Hall and Nash. Nash delivers a boot to the face if Austin. Nash makes the official tag to Hall. Hall pressures Austin in the corner and beats on him. Fall away slam by Hall, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Nash gets the tag and beats on Austin. Hall gets the tag back. Clothesline by Hall, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Hogan gets the tag. Hogan chokes Austin. Knock down punch by Hogan. Hall gets the tag back. Chokeslam by Hall, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Hall was going for the Razor's edge, but Austin does a back body drop. Rock gets the tag and Nash too. Rock knocks down Nash. DDT on Hall. Nash hit Rock, and Hogan got the tag. Hogan beats on Rock in the corner. All six men started fighting at the same time. Only Hogan and Rock were in the ring. HOGAN HITS THE BIG FOOT ON ROCK, LEG DROP, 1,2,3 HOGAN WINS! (Fans were cheering after the leg drop.)

Winners: The nWo