WWF RAW Results (March 18, 2002)

WWF RAW Results – 3/18/02
LIVE From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

[Quick Note: I am taking over for Paul Nemer for this week due to him attending RAW tonight in Montreal. He will return next week to resume his RAW reports]

The opening WWF promo hits followed by the RAW intro.

The pyro goes off starting off RAW in the packed Molson Centre!

Interview Segment – Hulk Hogan, The Rock, & nWo
Lillian Garcia gets on the mic and asks the fans in Montreal to welcome Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The nWo music hits as the fans go nuts! Hulk Hogan appears in the entranceway doing his usual poses followed by heading down the ramp towards the ring. Hogan gets into the ring and gets on the mic but not before the fans continue to go nuts in the arena! Hogan gets on the mic after the crowd finally dies down and says damn he loves the people. Hogan says that to be honest, at WrestleMania he expected a lot of things. He expected to have the greatest match in the world with The Rock and to have it go down in history. He expected Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to respect his wishes and not get involved in the match. He also expected to walk away from WrestleMania the winner and have his name etched in stone as the true icon of professional wrestling. He however didn’t expect 70,000 people to stick with him every step of the way during the match. He also didn’t expect 70,000 to chant HOGAN in Toronto (the fans in Montreal begin to chant Hogan). He thanks each and everyone out there for that. He has to be honest; he must also thank The Rock. He admits that when he came to the WWF, his intention was to take out The Rock. He didn’t expect The Rock to come back after what he did to him with a semi-truck. He didn’t expect The Rock to come back after he dropped the leg on him a week ago on RAW. He also didn’t expect to have The Rock kick out of the leg drop and end up beating him 1, 2, 3 at WrestleMania. He said he wants to make it clear that it might not happen right away, but sooner or later The Rock and Hulk Hogan will square off one more time. The Rock’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring as Hogan stares him down. The Rock gets into the ring and poses on the turnbuckles. The Rock grabs the mic and begins to stare down Hogan as the fans chant both Hogan and Rocky. Rock speaks and says finally…the fans boo. Once again finally…more boo’s. Once again he says finally…The Rock…has come back…to Montreal! The Rock takes off his sunglasses and begins to stare down Hogan. Rock gets on the mic and then says finally…Hulk Hogan…has come back to the Hulkamanics! Rock says that after WrestleMania everyone congratulated him. Everyone asked him, Rock how did it feel when 70,000 strong were cheering for Hogan? He says the same passion he has, all the fans had when they stood up and cheered strong for their match at WrestleMania. The Rock says as far as Hogan’s challenge goes…anytime, anyplace, it would be his honor. But before The Rock and Hulk Hogan goes one on one, there is something Hogan must do. He said despite what Hall and Nash did to him at WrestleMania, he still has nWo colors on. He says why don’t you tell the nWo as only Hulk Hogan can.

Hogan takes the nWo t-shirt and tears it off as the nWo music hits and Scott Hall and Kevin Nash appear with mics in hand. Nash said Hogan sure showed them. He says the fact of the matter is that Hogan turned on the nWo before they turned on him. He said the nWo had one plan, to take out Steve Austin. It didn’t work because The Great One had to challenge you at WrestleMania. Nash says Hogan’s ego couldn’t be moved over because WrestleMania had to be his night. He said they were worried about being poison in the WWF when Hogan was really the poison in the nWo. Rock gets on the mic and mocks Kevin Nash. He says Big Daddy Cool more like Big Daddy Bitch. He says if you want to inject poison, why don’t you do it tonight! HEY YO. Scott Hall gets on the mic and asks Rock if him and that traitor Hogan wants a piece of Hall and Nash tonight? The Rock says he will accept in a way Scott Hall will understand. Hey Chico, you Big Daddy Bitch, The Rock and Hulk Hogan will inject something, there boots up there candy asses! Hogan gets on the mic and says just like his partner says, JUST BRING IT. Nash gets on the mic and asks Hogan if he is ready to choke tonight like he did at WrestleMania. Rock gets on the mic and asks Hall and Nash whatcha gonna do when The Rock and Hulk Hogan go wild on you? RAW goes to commercial.


BOOT OF THE WEEK: Rob Van Dam winning the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 18.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Rob Van Dam © vs. Christian
The bell rings and the match begins. Christian kicks RVD in the gut and then backs him up with some hard lefts and rights to the corner. RVD hits the corner by Christian but blocks Christian with a boot to the face. RVD climbs the top rope and hits a big kick to the face on Christian. RVD charges Christian into the other corner but Christian counters and lifts RVD and drops him on the top rope. RVD goes to the outside and Christian brings him back in. Christian kicks RVD a few times on the ground before RVD fights back with a big heel kick to Christian. RVD hits a big monkey flip on Christian but Christian gets right back up and tries to take RVD down but RVD knocks him down and hits the Rolling Thunder. RVD goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Christian picks up RVD and hits a reverse brainbuster. Christian takes the Intercontinental Title and then walks up the ramp and starts to leave with it before DDP comes down and throws him back into the ring. Back in the ring, RVD hits a big heel kick on Christian. RVD climbs the top rope, jumps and hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Christian. RVD goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner and STILL WWF Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam

Backstage, Chris Jericho is shown arriving to the arena. A staff person at the arena sees Chris Jericho and tells him the people in Montreal can’t wait to see him so they can rub his loss at WrestleMania in his face. Jericho attacks the man as RAW goes to commercial.

They plug Trish Stratus vs. Lita tonight on RAW.


RAW comes back from commercial and they say Linda McMahon has a big announcement concerning the WWF tonight.

They plug Billy & Chuck defending the WWF Tag Team Title’s against the Dudley Boyz later tonight on RAW.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita
Match starts with Trish attacking Lita. Lita charges back and takes Trish down. Trish hits a big kick to the face on Lita followed by a clothesline. Trish goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Trish puts a sleeper hold on Trish but Lita fights out of it with a big back body suplex. Trish misses a clothesline and Lita hits a few right hands. Lita hits a head scissors on Lita but Trish gets right back up soon after and hits a big kick to the face followed by a bulldog countered by Lita. Lita climbs the top rope and hits that moonsault on Trish. Lita goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner – Lita

After the match, Jazz comes out and attacks Lita. Trish sees this and attacks Jazz to help Lita. Then Ivory comes out and attacks Trish. Ivory takes Trish by the head and slams it hard on the mat. Ivory gets up and extends her hand to Jazz. Jazz slaps it and they leave as RAW goes to a commercial.


Upcoming WWF Live Events are shown.

They show the WWF Headquarters LIVE. Linda McMahon is shown and she congratulates the fans and the WWF superstars after the success of WrestleMania 18. She says due to the ongoing conflict between Ric Flair and Vince McMahon, the WWF will split into two brands. Ric Flair will have 100% ownership and authority over WWF RAW and Vince McMahon would have 100% ownership and authority over WWF SmackDown. She also announces that next week on RAW a draft will be held in which each respective owners would pick their own WWF superstars for each show. However, each current WWF male and female champion’s will have to defend their titles on both shows. She says this will be a big step for the World Wrestling Federation and hopes all the fans will be in support of this big decision.

Vince McMahon is then shown backstage making his way to the arena as RAW goes to commercial.


Interview Segment – Vince McMahon says goodbye, Ric Flair
RAW comes back from commercial as No Chance In Hell hits. Vince McMahon makes his way down the ramp very fast and gets into the ring right away. He circles the ring, gets a mic, and begins to speak. Vince says that it appears the board of directors have come to a decision where even though he created Monday Night RAW, he doesn’t own it anymore. He says he came out here to give a simple goodbye. He asks if the fans care and they boo. He says he won’t miss any of the fans anyways. He says instead of getting Vince McMahon, you will get Ric Flair instead. He says even though Flair is good, he is no Vince McMahon. The fans being to chant the goodbye song as Vince McMahon begins to get angry. He says that he predicts Ric Flair would be a failure. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ric Flair’s music hits. Flair makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Vince gets on the mic and says that’s just like Canadian’s, associated themselves with a failure. Vince says he bet Flair can barely stand tonight because of what The Undertaker did to him last night at WrestleMania. He says he enjoyed every moment of WrestleMania when The Undertaker beat him limb from limb. The fans chant the goodbye song once again as Ric Flair smiles. Vince asks Flair if he has anything to say. Flair grabs the mic and says everytime he is in his presence he can’t help but feel in awe of him. Flair says Vince is right. RAW is his baby and he created it. He used it to flaunt his wealth. He used it to flaunt his miserable daughter. He used it to get people to kiss his ass. Flair says RAW was never about Vince McMahon, it was all about the WWF superstars who walk that aisle every night. WOOOO. Flair says he promises RAW will prevail without Vince McMahon! Before Vince can leave, he grabs the mic one more time and says that he will pick better WWF superstars then Ric Flair next Monday night in the draft and that they should start it with a coin toss to see who goes first. Vince calls heads and flips the coin and it’s heads! Vince gets the first draft pick. Vince says that he will always be the best and he knocks out Ric Flair. Vince taunts Flair but Flair gets up and takes down Vince with a punch to the face followed by locking on the Figure Four! Flair gets up and lets out a WOOOOOOOOOO as the music hits and he leaves the arena as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back from commercial and they plug Triple H winning the Undisputed Title at WrestleMania 18 last night and that WWF.com will be replaying WrestleMania 18 all week.

Tag Team Match
Booker T & Kurt Angle vs. Edge & Kane
The match starts with Kane flipping Booker T over the top rope. Kane throws Booker into the corner but Booker counters with an elbow. Kane gets Booker again though and takes him down with a side slam. Kane climbs the top rope and when Booker gets up he takes him down with a bit clothesline. Kane goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count when Kurt Angle breaks it up. Booker superkicks Kane to the face and then tags in Kurt Angle. Kane chokes Angle and gets up but Booker gets in and nails Kane. Both Angle and Booker double team on Kane and hit a double suplex. Angle tags in Booker and Booker goes for the scissors kick but misses when Kane moves out of the way. Kane tags in Edge and Booker tags in Angle. Edge takes down Angle with a few clotheslines followed by a big back body drop. Booker comes in and Edge takes him down with a clothesline. Angle goes after Edge but Edge hits a heel kick. Edge climbs the top rope and hits a big missile drop kick on Angle. Edge goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count when Booker breaks it up. Edge goes for a clothesline, misses, and Angle reverses and gets the Ankle Lock on Edge. Kane comes into the ring and chokeslams Angle. Booker comes in and clotheslines Kane to the outside. In the ring, Edge kicks Angle in the gut and goes for a DDT but Angle reverses and goes for the Angle Slam but Edge ducks and Booker hits Angle with a heel kick. Edge gets up and spears Angle in the corner and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Angle gets up and tries to lift Edge in the air but Edge counters and he rolls up Angle but gets a 2 count yet again. Angle gets up quick, turns around, and Edge kicks him in the gut and hits the big DDT! Edge goes for the pin on Angle and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win!

Winner – Edge & Kane

After the match, Edge leaves the ring and stares down Booker T and Angle as he walks up the ramp with Kane.

They plug Hulk Hogan & The Rock vs. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash later tonight in the Main Event as RAW goes to commercial.


BURN OF THE NIGHT: The Hardcore Title match at WrestleMania with Spike winning the belt then Maven regaining it later in the night from Christian.

WWF Hardcore Championship
Maven © vs. Al Snow
The match starts off with Al Snow charging Maven and clotheslining him on the ground. Al continues to work on Maven on the ground before tossing him into the steel steps. Al attempts to send Maven into the guard rail but Maven counters and throws Al into them. Maven hits a big dropkick on Al. Maven gets a trash can lid from the ring and tries to hit Al with it but Al counters and hits Maven with it. Both men get into the ring and Maven hits Al with the trash can lid this time. Maven takes Al down with 2 shots from the trash can lid before Al gets up and takes Maven down numerous times with the trash can lid. Spike then runs into the match and nails Al over the head with a stop sign. Then out of no where Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman at ringside, the hottest free agent as Jim Ross called him, jumped into the ring. Brock picked up Al Snow and slammed him hard onto the trash can. Maven then turned around after throwing Spike out and Brock picked up him and performed a huge spinning slam. Spike climbed the top rope, Brock turned around, Spike jumped and snapped a stick over his head. Brock fazed the move off and picked up Spike and gave him two huge powerbombs. Paul Heyman jumped into the ring and raised the arm of Brock Lesnar as RAW went to commercial…


RAW comes back from commercial and they plug Hulk Hogan & The Rock vs. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash once again later tonight in the Main Event. Highlights are shown from earlier in the night when Hulk Hogan spoke to the crowd in Montreal followed by The Rock and the nWo.

Matt Hardy and Lita are shown backstage kissing. William Regal walks up and says how enjoying it is to see two people in love. Matt Hardy tells William not to get jealous just because he isn’t getting any. William brings up the fact that next Monday night on RAW during the draft, Ric Flair or Vince McMahon could pick Matt and Jeff separately, which means no more Hardy Boyz. Plus, Lita could be kept as well which may leave them apart. William walks away as Matt and Lita have a serious look on there face as RAW goes to commercial.


WWF Tag Team Championships
Billy & Chuck ©’s vs. Dudley Boyz
The match starts with D-Von and Chuck starting. Chuck hits a few punches and kicks to the gut before both men take each other down with a double clothesline. D-Von tags in Bubba and Chuck tags in Billy. Bubba works on Billy with a big suplex followed by taking Chuck down with a back body drop and a clothesline over the top rope. The Dudleyz do the head butt drop to the groin on Chuck. Billy gets in and attacks both Dudleyz. Billy and D-Von lock up and Billy takes down D-Von with a quick body slam. Stacy gets up on the turnbuckle and tries to distract Billy but he doesn’t care. Billy hits The One on D-Von. Stacy gets into the ring and smacks Billy on the back and then leaves the ring quickly. Billy yells at Stacy, turns around and gets the 3-D from the Dudley Boyz! Bubba goes for the pin but the ref calls for the bell after seeing Stacy interfere.

Winners by DQ – Dudley Boyz
Winners and STILL WWF Tag Team Champions – Billy & Chuck

Billy & Chuck leave the ring and the arena as the Dudley Boyz get in the face of the ref. He tells them that Stacy interfered and then both Dudleyz get in the face of Stacy. She puts a hand in their face and tries to walk away but Bubba grabs her and tells D-Von to get the tables! D-Von gets the table as the fans go nuts. He slides it into the ring, sets it up, takes Stacy and sets her up on Bubba’s shoulders. Bubba jumps and connects Stacy right through the table as the music hits and Bubba gives the trance like look on his face. Stacy lays in the middle of the ring out as RAW goes to commercial.


Interview Segment - Triple H, Stephanie
RAW comes back from commercial. TIME TO PLAY THE GAME hits. Triple H appears in the entranceway with the one Undisputed Title around his waist and the other over his shoulder. He makes his way down the ramp, gets up on the ring apron and spits the water out showing off the Undisputed Title’s. He does the same on the turnbuckle, jumps down and shows the Undisputed Title’s to the crowd once again. He throws the belts over his shoulder, grabs a mic and begins to speak. Triple H says 10 months ago he tore his quad and he doubted he could come back and be as good as he was once before. Last night at WrestleMania in front of 68,000 people, he beat Chris Jericho and became the Undisputed Champion and all the doubts went away. He said that when he his happy he likes to share the wealth. So, why don’t we show some footage of WrestleMania last night. They show footage from WrestleMania last night when Triple H gave Stephanie the Pedigree. Stephanie comes out and tells Triple H that Chris Jericho doesn’t want to waste anytime, he wants a re-match for the Undisputed Title next Monday night on RAW! Triple H says that is just fine with that but they just raise the standards. Triple H says why don’t we add another WWF superstar to the mix. Stephanie said that is just fine. Triple H says that’s good because that other WWF superstar will be Stephanie. Stephanie refuses. Triple H says then that’s fine, Chris Jericho can just wait and see who drafts him by next Monday night and then that person will have to decide if he deserves a title shot. Stephanie tells Triple H to hold on. She accepts the match and tells Triple H that Chris Jericho will make him a cripple mess next Monday night! Triple H then says but wait, there is another stipulation. If Stephanie loses, she is out of the WWF forever. Triple H asks the fans if they like this and they cheer loudly. Triple H says next Monday night no matter how it goes, he will remain the Undisputed Champion and Stephanie will be out of the WWF forever and for Stephanie it will be GAME OVER!

RAW goes to commercial.


WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT: Hogan posing for the fans last night after his match with The Rock.

Tag Team Match
Hulk Hogan & The Rock vs. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash
The match starts with Rock on Nash and Hogan on Hall. Rock knocks Nash out of the ring while Hogan works on Scott Hall. Hogan takes Hall down with a big clothesline followed by a bodyslam. Hogan nails Nash in the corner. Hogan nails Hall off the turnbuckle and Hogan climbs the top rope and punches Hall 10 times as the fans count along. Hogan tags in Rock and Rock punches Hall a few times. Rock nails Hall’s head off the ring. Rock runs over to Nash and punches him followed by Rock taking down Hall with a big spinebuster. Rock tries to go for the People’s Elbow but Nash interferes and trips Rock up. Hall takes Rock down with a clothesline and then tags in Nash. Nash gets into the ring and hits a big side slam on Rock. Nash throws Rock in the corner and gives him a few hard right punches and few elbows to the neck. Nash backs up and Hall takes Rock down from the ring apron. Nash tags in Hall and Hall gets into the ring and works on Rock with a few kicks and punches. Hall picks up Rock and continues to dish out punches. Rock counters after a while with a few punches. Rock goes off the ropes and charges Hall but Hall catches Rock and hits a big fallaway slam. Hall goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Hall tags in Nash and Nash charges Rock in the ring and takes him down. Nash tags in Hall again. Hall gets in and kicks Rock a few times on the ground. Hall tags in Nash and both men work on Rock in the corner. Rock fights back with a few punches. Rock goes off the ropes, Nash catches him but Rock counters off the shoulders of Nash and Rock delivers a Rock Bottom to Nash. Both Rock and Nash are down. Rock then tags in Hogan and Nash tags in Hall. Hogan takes Hall down with a few punches. Nash gets in but Rock takes him down over the top rope. Hogan hits a big boot on Hall, goes off the ropes and drops the leg! Hogan goes for the pin, 1, 2, Nash pulls Hall out of the ring. Both Hall and Nash stand outside of the ring as the ref counts the 10 count giving Hulk Hogan and The Rock the win via count out.

Winners – Hulk Hogan & The Rock via count out

After the match, both Hall and Nash stare down Hogan and Rock in the ring. The ref raises the hands of Hogan and The Rock as RAW goes off the air…