Full WWE RAW Results - 5/3/04 - Phoenix, Arizona (Benoit/HBK - World Title)

» Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
» On Tuesday, May 4, 2004 at 12:52 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 5/3/04
LIVE from: Phoenix, Arizona
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Peter H. of WrestleView.com

Hey everyone, it’s me Peter H. back from a brief hiatus due to NHL playoffs not showing live Raw but I am back and here we go

We see a brief video package highlighting tonight’s main event, the showdown in the desert between the World Champ, Chris Benoit and HBK

Raw fireworks go off and we are in Phoenix AZ, and the King and JR pimp the main event when Evolution’s music is played and out comes Batista, HHH, and the IC Champ Randy Orton and it looks like we are going to have a six man tag match to kick off Raw. Lillian Garcia lists them as 848 lbs. Out comes Shelton Benjamin who I think is a great addition to Raw. Next out is Tajiri (You got to be kidding) and finally the last person is Edge

Evolution (Batista, HHH, Randy Orton) vs. Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri, Edge
HHH and Shelton to start this match off but HHH backs off and Orton asks for the tag. So it will be the IC Champ fighting Benjamin to start. Benjamin outwrestles Orton and then tags in Tajiri. Tajiri using his quickness to get an advantage but then Orton uses his strength to get control before HHH gets the tag in. Tajiri gets his butt kicked before Tajiri gets a kick in and tags in Edge. Edge and HHH go move for move. After getting control HHH tags in Orton. Orton works on the arm of Edge and tags in Batista. Batista dominates Edge and gets a two count. Benjamin distracts the ref allowing HHH to go into the match. HHH inflicts more pain on Edge’s arm. HHH then tags in Batista. Batista gets a couple of moves in before HHH gets tagged back in. Edge and HHH are going toe to toe with HHH getting control for a little bit before Edge hits a double move on HHH. Tajiri getting the hot tag and clears the ring before HHH takes him to the corner. Tajiri hits a tornado DDT and gets a two count before Batista interferes. Tajiri tries his off the rope flip and reverse flying elbow but Batista gives him a wicked clothesline. HHH and Tajiri are down


Orton controlling Tajiri as we get back before Batista gets the tag. He is beating the crap out of the former ECW Champ. HHH gets the tag and Tajiri uses his quickness to get a 2 count. HHH tags in Orton and he slows the match down. Tajiri fights out and nails Orton with a huge kick to the head. Edge gets the hot tag and cleans house. Lots of action now with all 6 guys so here is the ending. Tajiri reverses a power bomb attempt by spraying Batista with the mist. Orton goes to check on Batista and walks into a spear from Edge.

Winners: Edge, Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri


Coach and Garrison Cade are in the back with Coach telling jokes knocking the women of Phoenix when Vince McMahon walks up to them. He pumps up the main event and walks away

Smackdown rebound is shown and it is revealed that Eddy Guerrero’s mother suffered a heart attack at last night’s Smackdown house show when Bradshaw attacked her

Evolution is bitching about what just happened in Bischoff’s office when Johnny Nitro runs in and tells Bischoff that Vince McMahon is here. Bischoff tells Nitro to get the skybox ready. Bischoff then turns to Evolution and makes the following matches next week for Raw

Batista vs. Tajiri
HHH vs. Shelton Benjamin
Randy Orton (c) vs. Edge for the IC Title


La Resistance comes out next for our next match. I just have to say I hate their turn representing Canada or at least the province of Quebec. Out comes the team of the Hurricane and Rosey

Rob Conway vs. Hurricane
Conway is dominating every move Hurricane hits Conway reverses before Hurricane goes to his quickness and hits a few moves. Conway uses a huge atomic drop and swinging neck breaker to get control. Conway slows the match down with a reverse chin lock. Hurricane gets a second wind and hits a couple of quick moves on Conway before missing his spinning kick. Conway hits a cool looking roll of the dice for the victory

Winner: Rob Conway

Conway gets a mic and tells Eugene that a very special person is going to get a very special beating

JR and the King do the tale of the tape on both and they look pretty even


JR and the King recap the whole Kane / Lita saga

We come back to the arena and out comes Kane and he is pissed off. Steven Richards is already in the ring and there is the bell

Kane vs. Steven Richards
Kane hits a huge choke slam for the victory. This match was less than a minute, thanks for showing up Mr. Richards.

Winner: Kane

He runs up the ramp and into the back


Out comes Y2J and it’s time for the highlight reel (One of my favorite segments) Jericho wants his title shot. He challenges the winner of the Benoit / HBK to a match. However, tonight’s guest is Matt Hardy. Out comes Matt Hardy and Y2J brings up the past but Hardy says he is only human and wants to fix his mistakes. He calls out Lita and she shows up on the video screen. She starts to tell Matt she doesn’t want to see him anymore but later cracks and screams for help. Kane has tied Lita to a chair in the boiler room. Hardy runs up the ramp to save Lita. Before Y2J can end the segment Christian, Trish and Tyson Tomko come out and after cutting a little promo run down to the ring. The three lay in a huge beating on Y2J


Matt Hardy is seen running in the back and finds Lita still tied to the chair and tells Matt that Kane is already gone.

Out comes Gail Kim with Molly Holly and we have our next match. Gail starts to rip on Lita not feeling sorry for what just happened when out comes Victoria

Victoria vs. Gail Kim
We start with back and forth action by both women with a military press by Victoria on Kim with Kim landing awkwardly on her back in the center of the ring. Kim gets the advantage thanks to interference by Molly. Kim is now in complete control. This match is dragging along draining the energy in the arena. Some sound problems now with the broadcast. Victoria finally gets control before Kim locks in a very unique head scissors and arm bar for the victory.

Winner: Gail Kim

We see an intro to a training session with Regal and Dr Tom Prichard training Eugene for next week’s match. Regal claims Eugene won’t want to wrestle after Regal is done with him


The training video of Regal showing Eugene the ropes is hilarious. Every move Regal shows Eugene picks up and in the end actually makes Regal tap out to the STF.

JR and the King rundown the card for next week

Eugene vs. Rob Conway
HHH vs. Shelton Benjamin
Batista vs. Tajiri
Randy Orton (c) vs. Edge for the IC Title

Bischoff comes out and makes another match

Y2J vs. Christian inside a 15 ft high steel cage

They replay the intro video from the beginning of the show recapping the main event


Out comes HBK and here we go for the main event. Benoit comes out next and holds both belts up saluting the fans.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Chris Benoit (c) vs. HBK

Benoit and HBK tie up to start and neither is giving one inch. Both men are going back and forth with reversals a plenty. Benoit clothesline HBK over the top rope. Back in the ring now and Benoit is in control but HBK lands a reversal and both men are down. Benoit goes for the Crossface early and HBK breaks free and once again both men are down


HBK is in control as we come back. HBK Irish whips Benoit hard into the corner. HBK is in complete control of this match. Benoit is countering now and lands a couple of quick pin attempts and now both men are once again down. HBK gets the control back and sets up Benoit for the flying elbow and hits a very nice elbow and sets up for the sweet chin music but Benoit reverses and hits the German Suplex Hat Trick. He does the cut throat gesture and climbs the ropes and climbs back down and hit a 4th suplex on the challenger. He goes back to the buckle and misses the flying head butt. Benoit catches HBK on the buckle and starts chopping away and kicking HBK to the apron. Benoit gets suplex-ed from the ring to the floor. HBK climbs the buckle and hits the best moonsault to the floor I have ever seen. Both men get up at 6 and HBK throws Benoit into the ring post and goes back in the ring. HBK is in the ring and Benoit is bleeding


HBK is still in control of Benoit with a reverse chin lock but Benoit counters and both men are down again. HBK tries a few moves but Benoit won’t stay down. Benoit hits a pinning German suplex for a close two count. HBK puts Benoit in the Walls of Jericho I mean a Boston Crab and Benoit finds the ropes. After some back and forth action Benoit slaps in the Crossface but HBK gets a foot on the ropes. Benoit tries again and HBK gets the ropes again. Benoit tries the sharpshooter but HBK kicks Benoit into the referee. All 3 men are down in the ring. HBK and Benoit are getting up, so HBK gets sweet chin music right on Benoit. HBK slowly crawls over and HHH runs in the ring and hits the pedigree on HBK. Benoit and the referee are starting to wake up. Benoit gets one arm across HBK and the referee counts to three

Winner & Still World Champion: Chris Benoit

End of show


-Edge, Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri defeat Batista, HHH, Randy Orton via pinfall

-Rob Conway defeats Hurricane via pinfall

-Kane defeats Steven Richards via pinfall

-Gail Kim defeats Victoria (c) via submission in a non-title match

-Chris Benoit (c) defeats HBK via pinfall to retain the World Title


- Great card next week
- I had a feeling HHH was going to show up during the main event
- Watch for Hirohito next week

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See everyone next week

Peter H.