Full WWE RAW Results - 5/10/04 - San Jose, CA (Five big matches and more)

» Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, May 10, 2004 at 11:33 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 5/10/04
LIVE from: San Jose, California
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Peter H. of WrestleView.com

A recap package from last week’s main event involving Benoit and HBK is shown including HHH interfering by hitting the pedigree on HBK allowing Benoit to retain the title.

Raw fireworks go off as we are live in San Jose CA, as JR and the King recap the five matches announced last week

Randy Orton (c) vs. Edge for the IC Title
Eugene’s debut match vs. Rob Conway
Y2J vs. Christian in a steel cage match

However, before they can continue we have our first match as HHH comes out dressed to fight.

HHH vs. Shelton Benjamin
Shelton is next to come out and there’s the bell, we are underway. Shelton is in control countering every move HHH attempts so far in the early going. Benjamin with an arm bar on HHH but he reverses it and after HHH tries to start some offense Shelton power slams HHH for a two count. After another close pin attempt by Benjamin, HHH clotheslines him out of the ring. With HHH in the middle of the ring, HBK runs in and attacks HHH. They fight out of the ring and inside the ring and HHH actually runs through the crowd, HBK grabs a mic and challenges HHH to finish it once and for all right now. Eric Bischoff is at the top of the ramp with a mic and says that is not going to happen. Bischoff is going to make an example of HBK and suspends him and has security come out and escort him out of the building


Recap of what just happened and then JR and the King show a video package concerning the Randy Orton vs. Edge match for tonight. Ric Flair is seen in Evolution’s locker room, giving every one a pep talk. (They actually bleeped Flair when he called Tajiri “Japanese”) Bischoff goes into the locker room and checks on HHH and informs him that next week HHH will get a shot at the World title


Tajiri comes out for his match as we get back to Raw. Tajiri is only 206 pounds and now here comes his opponent Batista who weighs 318 lbs.

Tajiri vs. Batista
Tajiri actually uses his quickness to gain the advantage taking the fight outside until Batista reverses a tornado DDT and slams Tajiri into the security wall. Batista is now picking apart Tajiri piece by piece. Huge suplex by Batista on Tajiri and now Batista stands Tajiri up against the ropes and punches his back, nailing his kidneys. Tajiri reverses a suplex for a sunset flip but only gets a two count. Batista hits a huge sidewalk slam. Irish whip, very hard, into the corner. Batista focusing his attack on the kidneys until Tajiri hits some kicks in. Tajiri starting to get an advantage until Batista hits a huge clothesline. Tajiri reverses a tiger bomb attempt into a nice DDT for a two count. Tajiri goes for the kick but Batista blocks it and hits a huge spine buster for the victory.

Winner: Batista

Post match, Batista hits another spine buster on Tajiri and stomps away on him as well. Batista hits a huge tiger bomb on Tajiri and that had to hurt. Batista goes to choke Tajiri before he can spew the green mist at Batista. Green mist dribbling down Tajiri’s chest as well as Batista’s, and here comes the stretcher for Tajiri


We are back and here comes my personal favourite Raw diva, Stacy Keibler. She grabs the mic and she is plugging the new Diva’s DVD. We see a preview package of the Diva’s DVD and man is it ever hot, but before it can continue Gail Kim and Molly Holly come down to ringside. They verbally bully Stacy until Molly punches Stacy down. We have a 2 on 1 beating until Victoria makes the save. Out comes Jazz to join in the fight and then Nidia comes out and the faces throw the heels out of the ring. JR and the King say that the IC Title match is next


We see Stacy, Victoria, and Nidia talking strategy as it is revealed that we are going to have a 6 diva tag match (oh goodie)

Y2J gets interviewed and says that tonight; Y2J is going to show Christian how rough he can be.

Randy Orton comes out and it’s time for the IC Title match. Here comes the challenger, the 10 time tag champ, Edge (I looked it up)

Randy Orton (c) vs. Edge (WWE IC Title)
The bell sounds and here we go. They tie up and it’s a clean break, showing how even the two guys are. Orton puts Edge in a headlock and brings him down to the mat. Edge fights back up and we are back to even. Orton goes to work on Edge’s neck, using the ropes to his advantage. Edge using his speed gains the momentum. They go back and forth until Edge uses the ring post and uses a modified back breaker, stretching Orton across the post. Edge is continuing his assault on the lower back of Orton in the center of the ring. Edge is now slowing things down with a half STF move. Edge knocks Orton to the outside and throws him to the steps. Ric Flair comes out and checks on Orton


Cross body by Edge as we come back to the match. We see during the break how Flair has interfered in the match during the commercial. Orton is now trying to wear down Edge with a reverse chin lock. Edge tries to break free, so Orton applies a sleeper hold on Edge. Orton is really cranking the neck of Edge. Edge finally breaks free but the damage has been done. Both men are down now, the ref starts to count and gets to 8 before they both get up. Orton goes up top and hits a huge cross body block but Edge uses the momentum to reverse the pin for a two count. Now they are both slugging away until Edge hits a nice belly to back suplex. Edge now in control and sets up Orton on the buckle and tries to hit a suplex but Orton knocks him down so Edge knocks Orton to the apron and then to the guardrail. Orton gets thrown in the ring and Edge climbs the buckle and nails a nice missile dropkick for a 2 count. (Great match so far) Orton tries a flying head scissors but Edge catches him and power bombs him for a two count. Flair jumps on the apron, Edge talks to Flair, Orton tries an RKO, Edge shoves Orton into Flair, Edge goes for the spear and hits Flair with it. Orton rolls up Edge with a handful of tights for the victory.

Winner & STILL WWE IC Champion: Randy Orton


We see a recap of the training session by Regal on Eugene and now we go to a live shot of Eugene stretching for his match. Bischoff appears and basically tries to talk Regal into helping Eugene lose his match. If this happens, Regal will get a spot on the active roster. Regal says that the best man will win tonight.

Out come Victoria, Stacy, and Nidia and we are ready for 6 diva action. Next out is Jazz, Molly Holly and Gail Kim and here we go.

Stacy, Victoria, Nidia vs. Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Jazz
Jazz dominates Victoria to start out here, now they are slugging each other. Jazz regains the control and hits a nice STF on Victoria. Nidia breaks it up, so Jazz knocks her off the apron and then goes and tags in Molly. Molly gets a couple of moves and then tags in Kim. Kim actually lands that submission move from last week. Stacy breaks it up and all 6 are now in the ring. Kim and Victoria are now the only ones left in the ring and Kim puts Victoria in the Tequila sunrise for the victory

Winners: Gail Kim, Molly Holly & Jazz

We see the Smackdown rebound involving Eddie’s rampage last week.


We see an interview with Christian, Trish and Tyson Tomko. He says that after tonight, he will get the opportunity to be the world champ

Trish walks over to Lita who is getting a drink and freaks her out by pretending that Kane is behind her. Lita attacks Trish until Matt Hardy gets the two apart. Matt Hardy and Lita come out for the next match of the night.

Matt Hardy vs. Val Venis
Kane is seen on the video screen and it looks like he has taken out Val. Kane says that he is sending a message


La Resistance is in the ring as Eugene is getting his final pep talk from Regal. Here comes Eugene with the funniest video I have ever seen on Raw

Eugene vs. Rob Conway
Eugene gets a lot of offense in on Conway before Conway finally gets the advantage. Conway gets in like 2 moves. Eugene hits a sledgehammer from the top rope and Regal tries to interfere by tripping Eugene, but Eugene rolls up Conway followed with a bridge for the victory

Winner: Eugene (Yes, Eugene)

Post match celebration by Eugene with a distraught Regal


We see a nice shot of the outside of the arena and now we see a nice video package of Benoit set to the tune of One thing by Finger Eleven (This is a must see for any wrestling fan as it recaps his early days from Stampede, ECW, WCW and WWE)

Eric Bischoff comes out with Johnny Nitro and clarifies what’s going on next week. However, before that Johnny Nitro makes a match for next week. It will be Trish Stratus vs. Lita. Bischoff announces the main event for next week. It will be a 20 man Battle Royal next week for the #1 contendership at Bad Blood (Raw June PPV)

Cage match is next


We see next week’s preview of Trish vs. Lita and a nice visual of the 20 man Battle Royal

Here’s comes Y2J and its main event time.

Y2J vs. Christian (Steel Cage Match)
Back and forth action to start the match with both men teasing an early exit, in the match by climbing the cage to win the match. Christian seems to be one move ahead of Y2J. He tries to shake the cobwebs and climb the cage but Y2J climbs up to join him. Christian falls into the ropes with his legs. Y2J climbs to the top but Tomko blocks him by slamming a steel chair into the cage. Jericho shrugs and jumps from the top and hits a cross body block on Christian. Y2J crawls to the door but Tomko kicks his face back into the ring. The ref had enough and throws Tomko away from ringside. Y2J crawls to the door but Christian grabs him and now both are fighting tooth and nail. Christian is now bleeding from the forehead, gushing the blood down into his eyes. Y2J is now picking apart Christian. Now Christian hits a nice reversal and hits the unprettier for a two count. He tries to climb the cage but Y2J stops him and hits a suplex. Trish gets in the cage with a chair but Y2J puts her in the walls of Jericho. Christian sees this and climbs the cage. Y2J catches him and puts him in the walls of Jericho for the submission victory

Winner: Chris Jericho

End of Show.


* Shelton Benjamin wrestles HHH to a no contest due to interference by HBK

* Batista defeats Tajiri by pinfall

* Randy Orton (c) defeats Edge by pinfall to retain the IC Title

* Gail Kim, Molly Holly and Jazz defeat Stacy Keibler, Victoria and Nidia by submission

* Matt Hardy vs. Val Venis never happened due to interference by Kane

* Eugene defeats Rob Conway by pinfall

* Y2J defeats Christian in a steel cage by submission

- Great Benoit package
- Good idea with the 20 man battle royal
- Great match with Edge and Orton

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