Full WWE RAW Results - 6/7/04 - Albany, New York (Bad Blood, Orton vs. HBK)

Reported by Ryan Allen of WrestleView.com
On Monday, June 7, 2004 at 11:23 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 6/7/04
LIVE From: The Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Nathan Fleck of WrestleView.com

This is my first ever RAW Recap, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Raw begins and tons of pyro goes off as usual.

JR and The King hype up Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin tonight, as well as HBK vs. Randy Orton

Stacy Keibler comes out first to start off the show, looking very sexy in a pink dress. She talks about the RAW Diva search being almost over. She says you have to have your final entry in by midnight. Suddenly, Gail Kim's music plays and she walks down to the ramp, then JR tells us that it's going to be Lita vs. Gail Kim. Gail Kim says she's going to show everybody who the next womens champion should be. Lita then comes out.

Lita vs. Gail Kim
We start the much out with a few punches from both women. Drop toe hold into the second rope from Gail Kim. Gail Kim traps Lita into a corner and gives her a few kicks to the chest. Gail Kim is dominating this match so far. Gail Kim is focusing on the left leg of Lita, but wrapping it around the ring post. Lita is screaming in pain, and Gail Kim is getting some pretty good heat from the crowd. Lita gets back in the ring, and gets an inziguri, and goes for the cover..1...2...kcikout. Lita gets up and sells her leg by hoping around on one foot. Gail Kim puts Lita in a very good submission move, that even JR doesnt know the name of. Lita gets the ropes, and breaks the count. Both women gets up, and Lita hits a huge DDT on Gail Kim, and pins her 1..2..3.

Winner: Lita

We go to the backstage arena and Bischoff, Coach, and Johnny Nitro are there, and Bischoff announces it will be Coach vs. Eugene at Bad Blood. Bishcoff then announces it will be Johnny Nitro vs. Eugene later tonight, and if Nitro loses the match, he will be fired.


We come back from the commercial break, and Batista comes out with Ric Flair.

Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin
Match starts off with Batista very dominant, basically thowing Benjamin around the ring. Drop toe hold by Benjamin. Corss body by Benjamin, goes for a pin, 1...2...kickout. Benjamin then applies a sleeper, but Batista gets out of it very quickly. Dropkick to the thigh by Benjamin. Randy Orton then comes to the ringside. Batista goes for a powerbomb, but shelton fights his way out of it. Benjamin goes up top, and nails a big clothesline, and goes for the pin but Orton is distracting the ref. Batista then nails a big clothesline, then nails the sit down powerbomb, and gets the pin 1...2...3.

Winner: Batista

After the match, Orton slaps Benjamin in the face. Batista and Flair hold onto Benjamin while Orton punches him in the face, he then puts the IC title in his face, and whacks it over his head, then stands over him, acting very cocky.


During the commercials they hype the Hell In A Cell match beween Michaels and Triple H at Bad Blood.

We come back, and they replay the IC shot to the head of Shelton Benjamin.

Chris Benoit is shown with Edge. They talk about the accidental spear from last week that cost them the tag titles. Benoit then said he'd like to spear Bischoff. They both start arguing over the spear from last week. Coach comes in and tells Benoit that he will be facing La Resistance in a handicapped match, and tells Edge that he has the night off.

They show The Rock at the MTV Movie Awards. They show him presenting the best action sequence.

Eric Bischoff is shown with Trish and "The Problem Solver". Bischoff tells them that Jericho will be facing The Problem Solver at Bad Blood. Kane walks in the room out of nowhere, and gets in Tomko's face, and tells Bischoff that he needs to talk to him (Bischoff) alone. Trish and Tomko leave and we take another commercial break.


We come back, and Chris Jericho walks to the ring with tape around his waist.

A-Train then comes down the ring looking like a...Nevermind.

Chris Jericho vs. A-Train
A-Train is whooping Jericho in the begining. Jericho hits 2 forearms, but A-Train only wobbles a bit. A-Train puts Jericho in a stretch that his hurting his ribs, but Jericho gets out of the submission. A-Train nails a sit down powerbomb, and goes for a pin, but Jericho kicks out. Jericho nails an insiguri, then goes for the Walls Of Jericho. He's got it locked in...A-Train taps out!

Winner: Chris Jericho via Submission

Smackdown Rebound:
They show the bikini contest, that Miss Jackie won. They then show Bradshaw announcing the Texas Bull Rope match that will happen at The Great American Bash against Eddie Guererro. Then show Undertaker choking Heyman, untill the Dudleys show up on the titan tron and tell him to stop. Heyman tells Undertaker to join them, and tells him he has a week, and to make the right decision, or he will never see Paul Bearer again.

Triple H's music hits and he walks down to the ring spitting his water and all that, we then go to a commercial break.


They plug the catch the buzz feel the bling contest.

We come back and HHH says he will be watching the HBK/Orton match from the skybox at the begining of the match. He says that he has never lost a Hell In A Cell match before, and that HBK should be ready. HHH say's he doesnt care if he ever goes to heaven. He says that him and HBK will go to hell this sunday at Bad Blood. His music hits, and he heads up through the crowd to the skybox.

They show a promo of HHH beating up HBK in a video package.

They then show HHH up in the skybox.

Now they show HBK "taking it to the game" as JR said in a video package.

HHH is shown in the skybox again with a very cute woman giving him some wine.

They hype up the Randy Orton/HBK match again, but up next it's going to be Chris Benoit taking on La Resistance.


Chris Benoit vs. La Resistance
Sylvain Grenier starts singing the canadian national anthem, and then Chris Benoit music hits and interupts it. They show all of Evolution in the skybox now, with the exeption of Randy Orton. Rob Conway starts off the match with Benoit, but Sylvain Grenier comes in and they double team Benoit for a second, but the referee makes Sylvain Grenier go back to his corner. RoB Conway is beating on Benoit, then tags in Sylvain Grenier. Sylvain Grenier comes in and is very dominant on Chris Benoit. Sylvain Grenier applies a head lock on Benoit. Sylvain Grenier tags in Conway, and he comes in and throws Benoit to the ropes, but Benoit nails a kick to the chin, but Conway hits a neckbreaker, and goes for a pin, but Benoit kicks out. Conway brings him to the corner and both men begin punching him. Rob Conway tags in Sylvain Grenier. Grenier puts Benoit in a really cool subission hold that involves the ropes for a few seconds. In the ring, both members of La Resistance are being on Benoit, when suddenly Edge comes in the ring and interferes by taking out both members of La Resistance. Eric Bischoff comes out and tells them that Edge and Benoit are going to get a tag team title match at Bad Blood against La Resistance. Bischoff says that they can have La Resistance in a match tonight, but it will remain a handicapped match. Bischoff says that it will be Edge and Chris Benoit taking on La Resistance and Kane. We go to a commercial break.


Edge and Chris Benoit vs. La Resistance and Kane
Conway is in the ring with Edge, but then tags in Sylvain Grenier. Grenier has Edge in a headlock, and Edge slowly gets out of it with some punches, and hits a flying arm bar takedown. The referee starts a 10 count, but Edge tags in Benoit, and Sylvain Grenier tags in Kane. Edge spears Kane, and Benoit goes to the tope and we witness some shades of the Dynamite Kid, he then locks in crippler cross face on Kane for about 30 seconds, but Kane lifts his body up and gets out of it. Kane then nails a chokeslam to Benoit, and pins him 1,2,3.

Winners: La Resistance and Kane

JR and King plug Johnny Nitro vs. Eugene, and that match is next.


We come back, and Coach comes out and join's JR and The King for commentary. Eugene comes out to a nice pop as always, then Johnny Nitro comes to the ring. Remember, if Johnny Nitro loses this match, he is fired.

Johnny Nitro vs. Eugene
The match starts with Nitro slapping Eugene. Eugene twirls Nitro around with a weird move that I have never seen before. Eugene then starts acting like a dog, and pretends to pee on Nitro, mimicking the Junk Yard Dog. Eugene goes to the top rope, and hits a double sledge, and pins Nitro, 1,2,3.

Winner: Eugene

After the match, Eugene jumps in front of Coach, and he falls down.


During the break, they plug Chris Benoit vs. Kane at Bad Blood.

We come back, and they show Evolution in the skybox again.

JR and Lawler run down the card for Bad Blood which involves La Resistance vs. Chris Benoit and Edge for the Tag Team Titles. Chris Benoit vs. Kane for the World Title. Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin for the IC Title. Victoria vs Gaim Kim vs. Trish vs. Lita for the Womens title. Eugene vs. Coach. Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko, and Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H, HIAC.

Lita is on the phone with Matt Hardy, telling him about her Womens title match that will happen at Bad Blood, and tells him that he misses him, and then we see Kane behind her. Kane tells Lita that he made Bischoff put Lita in the womens title match so that after Bad Blood, they would both be champions. Lita says she thought this was over. Kane says that he lied.

Randy Orton's music hits and he comes down the ring sporting his IC Gold. We take another commercial break.


We come back and Orton's music is still playing, but then HBK's music hits and he comes out.

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
The match starts off with Michaels punching HBK a few times, then HBK sends Orton over the top rope. Orton gets back in the ring, but HBK sends him to the corner, and gives him a few chops. HBK sends him to the other corner, and Michaels chargers, but Orton kicks shawn in the faces, then gives him a clothesline and goes for a pin, but HBK kicks out. Orton throws HBK's face into a turnbuckle, then starts choking him, but HBK delivers back with some punches. HBK charges at Orton, but he moves out of the way and HBK bumps into the ring post. Orton is focusing on the left arm of Michaels now, and throws him to the other turnbuckle with impact. Orton throws HBK to the ropes, but HBK comes back with a swinging neckbreaker, and then nails some chops to Ortons chest, and throws him to the ropes, bends down and kicks a kick from Orton. HBK sends Orton over the top again. Both men are outside of the ring, and HBK is in charge. HBK throws Orton back into the ring, and climbs the top rope, and goes for a sledge, but Orton kicks him. Orton hits an arm bar takedown on HBK, then goes for the pin, but HBK kicks out. Orton goes for a dropkick, but misses, and HBK locks in the figure four on Orton. Orton is screaming in pain, but gets the ropes. HBK hits a suplex, then goes for the Figure Four, but Orton kicks him into the ring post again. HBK clotheslines Orton out of the ring, and then hits a cross body to the outside. We see Batista coming to the ring now, and we go to a commercial break.


We come back, and Batista sends HBK head first into the ring post, and he starts bleeding. Orton goes to the outside, and beats on HBK. Ortons throws HBK back in the ring and the two men battle eachother with punches. Orton gets a Suplex on the bloody Michaels, and then nails a perfect dropkick, and goes for a pin fall, but HBK kicks out. HBK is up, and hits a flying forarm, then falls back down. The referee begins a 10 count, but HBK hops right back up, as if it were a second wind, and takes control of the match. He climbs ths top rope, and nails a big flying elbow, then goes to the corner, and tunes up the band. Batista then interferes, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via DQ

After the match, Sweet Chin Music to Batista, Orton comes in with a chair, but HBK punches him and takes the chair, but then the referee takes the chair, but hbk punches the referee, and gives Orton some Sweet Chin Music. HBK begins attacking both Batista and Orton with the chair by slamming it on there back. HBK goes through the crowd and its going up to the skybox. Flair tries to stop him, but HBK gets past him. HBK and HHH begin brawling in the skybox, and we go off the air.

Thank's to a popular guy on the message board who goes by the name of "ozzy" I will tell you what I thought of this week's RAW.

I'm looking forward to seeing Benoit wrestle two matches in one PPV. I think he will come out victorious in both matches.

I am really digging the HBK/HHH feud. I can't wait to see this match next week.

Eugene is still undefeated at 4-0 I think.

So Johnny Nitro is fired, eh?

Match of the night was Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels.

I thought this RAW was pretty good. I'm only looking forward to about 3 matches for Bad Blood though, but thats okay. Hopefully the HIAC will live up to it's hype.

See ya next Monday!

Remember to eat your Hamburgers :D