RAW Results - 11/29/04 - Baltimore, MD (World Title up for grabs...)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 29, 2004 at 11:16 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 11/29/04
Live From: Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The opening WWE promo hits. A picture of the GM for the night, Randy Orton, is shown. This is followed by the RAW promo and then a display of pyro going off in Baltimore.

- Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler plug that the entire RAW roster is in the ring, well not everyone yet. Batista's music hits and he makes his way down the ramp. Chris Jericho's music hits next and he makes his way down the ramp as well. Everyone is awaiting the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H when Vince McMahon's music hits. McMahon comes out on the ramp and gets on the mic. He said he knows everyone is expecting Triple H to walk out right now to defend his title in the Battle Royal. He said however, that won't be happening. McMahon explains that anyone can win a Battle Royal so that means anyone could be the World Heavyweight Champion. He said what if someone like Steven Richards was to win this Battle Royal tonight and become the new champion. McMahon said they promised a World Championship match tonight and they will deliver. He said Triple H will defend his title against the winner of tonight's Battle Royal and that starts right...now!

Battle Royal - Winner becomes #1 contender for World Title
Everyone involved begins to brawl. The Hurricane is tossed to the ring apron, but he doesn't touch the floor. Hurricane jumps on Viscera and tries to throw him out of the ring. Viscera is overpowered and eventually thrown to the outside. Viscera is eliminated. Tajiri then threw Rhyno to the outside. Rhyno is eliminated. Soon after, Tyson Tomko gets thrown out by Shelton Benjamin with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Tyson Tomko is eliminated. Benoit and Flair start to exchange chops in the corner. Sylvain Grenier is then dropkicked to the outside by Maven. Sylvain Grenier is eliminated. Soon afterwards, Eugene tosses Maven over the top rope. Maven is eliminated. We head to commercial with the crowd chanting for Eugene.


We are back live in Baltimore. During the break, The Coach was eliminated after he was tossed to the ring apron and Benoit went for a chop, but he jumped off instead. Gene Snitsky then tossed William Regal to the outside and Rob Conway soon afterwards. William Regal and Rob Conway are eliminated. Very quickly, The Hurricane & Rosey are both eliminated. Batista and Snitsky start to stare each other down and exchange some hard lefts and rights. Batista gives Val Venis a big spinebuster. Batista then throws Eugene over the top rope. Eugene is eliminated. Batista then took out Tajiri. Tajiri is eliminated. Soon afterwards, Batista took out Val Venis, Christian and even Ric Flair! Val Venis, Christian and Ric Flair are all eliminated. Flair starts to go nuts after Batista eliminated him. JR brings up that it is every man for himself in the match. We head to commercial again with Flair going nuts about what just happened.


We are back live and Snitsky gets eliminated when Jericho hits a springboard dropkick off the turnbuckle. Gene Snitsky is eliminated. We are down to six men - Steven Richards, Edge, Batista, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. Richards tells all six to bring it on. Jericho and Richards go after him and toss him over the top rope together. Steven Richards is eliminated. Five remain. Batista goes after Benoit. Edge goes after Benjamin. Benjamin lands some hard rights on Edge in the corner. Edge tosses Benjamin over his shoulders, Benjamin lands on the ring apron, Edge goes off the ropes and Spears Benjamin off the ring apron to the outside. Shelton Benjamin is eliminated. Four now remain. Edge goes after Benoit while Jericho goes after Batista. Jericho lands some hard chops on Batista's chest. Jericho jumps at Batista, Batista catches him and tosses him over the top rope. Chris Jericho is eliminated. Soon after, Edge connects with a Spear on Batista. Benoit takes out Edge with a big German Suplex. Benoit goes for another on Edge when Batista takes out both with a big forearm. Batista grabs Benoit, lifts him in the air, Benoit tries to fight out of it, Edge dropkicks Batista from behind, Batista goes over the top as Benoit hangs on. Batista is eliminated. We are down to Chris Benoit and Edge. Benoit is on the ring apron, hits a few punches, tries to suplex Edge to the outside, but Edge fights back. Benoit pulls Edge onto the ring apron. Benoit tries to german suplex Edge off the ring apron as Edge holds on. Both men then come off the ring apron at the same time as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Two referees come into the ring. One says Benoit is the winner while the other says Edge is the winner. The referees begin to argue about whose feet touched first as we head to commercial yet again.


- A promo for WWE Fantasy: Season 2 on WWE.com is shown.

- Footage is shown from moments ago when both Benoit and Edge came off the ring apron, causing WWE referees to argue over who the winner is. Backstage, Randy Orton is with the referees. They show the footage and he said he has a big decision to make. Vince McMahon walks in and said Orton has quite the decision to make. Orton asks him what he thinks. McMahon said it doesn't matter what he thinks because he is the GM for the night and anything he says goes. Edge comes in and tells McMahon that Benoit's feet touched first. McMahon said that is not his decision to make tonight. McMahon leaves and Edge tells Orton that he knows he deserves the title shot. Edge points out that if he wins the World Title, he can give him a shot. Orton said he would think about it. Edge gets in Orton's face and said there is nothing to think about. He pleads with Orton to do the right thing. Orton keeps saying he will think about it. He said okay fine...I'll think about it, smiles and walks away.

- Backstage, Maven is with Shelton Benjamin. He said he blew two chances at becoming World Champion. Maven said after four years in the business, he has nothing to show for it. Eugene walks up and asks Maven to help him put on his World Tag Team Title around his waist. He asked why Eugene wants his help now after he eliminated him. Maven said Eugene has a title and can't even spell it. Eugene spells it correctly. William Regal comes in and gets in Maven's face, telling him to calm down. He said Maven would have thrown out Eugene just like he threw him out. Maven sits down and stops getting in Eugene's face.

- Backstage, Randy Orton is heading to the arena. The new WWE make-up girl Candice walks up. Orton flirts with her and she asks if her attire is approriate. He gives her a twirl and said she looks great. Chris Benoit walks up and said they continued to get screwed over and over again around here. He asks Orton what they are going to do about it. Orton said he is headed to the arena and will make a big announcement that will end all the controversy.


- RAW Interactive Poll on WWE.com: Who do you think won the Battle Royal tonight? Edge or Benoit?

- Randy Orton's music hits and he appears on the ramp with a mic in hand. Orton thanks the fans and said tonight before he makes his announcement regarding the Battle Royal, as acting GM of the day, the World Title will not be the only title on the line tonight. He said La Resistance used their re-match clause to face William Regal & Eugene for the World Tag Team Titles tonight. Orton said someone from the announcer's booth will also be in action tonight. He tells JR not to worry and announces that a special Legends Match will take place tonight between Jerry Lawler (who is having a birthday tonight) against "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Lawler leaves the announcer's booth and heads to the back to get ready. Orton moves on to the big topic at hand. He brings up that if one or the other face Triple H one-on-one, it gives Triple H a 50% chance to retain. He instead announces that Triple H will defend against both Chris Benoit and Edge tonight with the World Heavyweight Title on the line in a Triple Threat. The Coach joins JR at the announcer's table as the next match gets underway.

Lita & Victoria vs. Trish Stratus & Molly Holly
The match starts with Molly Holly getting a cheap shot in on Victoria as the bell rings. Molly gives Victoria a quick suplex for a two count. Trish gets the tag and hits a quick kick on Victoria. Victoria tries to make a comeback, but Trish takes her down quickly. Molly gets the tag and chokes Victoria on the second rope. Molly gives Victoria a swinging neckbreaker, but only gets a two count. Molly knocks Lita off the ring apron, Victoria goes for a rollup, but the referee gets distracted. Molly applies a neck submission on Victoria, picks her back up and throws her down with force yet again. They do a massive close-up on Victoria's ass by the way out of no where. Either the camera man got excited or was given orders to do so from the production truck. Back in the ring, Trish chokes Victoria in the corner. Molly gives Victoria a snapmare followed by a dropkick to the face off the ropes for a two count. Molly misses a charge in the corner. Victoria crawls over looking for a tag, but Molly cuts her off and drags Victoria back to the opposite corner. Trish gets the tag, goes for a kick, but Victoria blocks it. Lita gets the tag and she takes out Trish with a big clothesline. Lita gives Trish some hard rights and then knocks Molly off the ring apron. Lita gives Trish a suplex followed by a head scissors takedown on Molly. Trish fights back with a rake to Lita's eyes. Lita then starts to choke out Trish, but Molly breaks it up. Molly tosses Victoria to the outside as Trish gives Lita some hard chops. Lita fights back with a kick to Trish's face followed by a DDT. Lita goes for the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Lita & Victoria

- Up Next: Jerry Lawler vs. Ric Flair in a Legends Match.


- They show a few members of the Baltimore Ravens at ringside.

- Clips of past promos involving Muhammad Hassan are shown.

Legends Match
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler

The match starts with both locking up and Flair pushing Flair to the corner. Flair gives out a WOOOOO and both lock up again with Lawler pushing down Flair this time. Flair sends Lawler into the ropes, Lawler hangs on and starts to strut around the ring mocking Flair. Flair pushes Lawler and Lawler responds with a slap to the face. Lawler knocks out Flair again and struts. Lawler applies a headlock on Flair. Flair breaks it up and gives Lawler a big chop in the corner. Flair gives Lawler another chop, winds up for a big punch, Lawler blocks it and gets in a few right hands of his own. Flair comes out of the corner punching the air and then takes his famous nose dive to the mat. Lawler gives Flair a big back body drop. Flair fights back nailing Lawler's head off the turnbuckle followed by a few chops. Flair hits a knee to the face on Lawler and only gets a two count. Lawler pulls down his strap and means all business. Lawler takes out Flair with a few hard rights followed by a big elbow to Flair's chest. Lawler connects with another back body drop on Flair. Lawler connects with a big scoop slam, gets up on the turnbuckle and connects with a big fist. Lawler goes up the turnbuckle and does the same again, however he comes down hard on his knee the second time. Flair kicks Lawler's bad leg, goes for the Figure Four, Lawler gets an inside cradle, 1, 2, kick out. Flair responds with a chop block to Lawler's knee and then applies the Figure Four. Lawler tries to fight out of it, attempting to turn it over. Flair holds onto the ropes to prevent it from happening and Lawler taps out.

Winner: Ric Flair

- Backstage, Randy Orton is with Melina of OVW fame. He announces that she has been signed to a deal with WWE. She thanks Orton and said she will do anything he wants. Maria comes in and asks what Orton wanted from her. He said he wants to give back to the fans who have cheered him on for so long. Orton announced that later tonight, the fans will see something better than a wrestling match between the two ladies.

- JR & The Coach plug the World Heavyweight Championship Match later tonight with Triple H defending against Chris Benoit and Edge in a Triple Threat.

- WrestleMania Recall: Chris Benoit defeating Triple H at WrestleMania XX to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


- Another promo detailing Shelton Benjamin's past is shown. He brings up how he was surrounded by many crack addicts in his neighborhood. His past with sports in high school is shown as well.

In-Ring Segment: RAW Lingerie Show
In the ring, Randy Orton is with Maria, Melina and Candice. He said as the acting GM for the night, he is required to provide the hottest show possible. Orton said he invited some of the most beautiful women down to the ring tonight, but said something is missing. He said more hot women are missing. Orton said he asked for two more of our RAW Diva's to come out to the ring. He introduces the winner of the RAW Diva Search Christy Hemme and Baltimore's own Stacy Keibler. A big "Stacy" chant breaks out. Orton said he knows the girls have no idea why they are out here. He said since it is the holiday season, it is a time for giving. Orton said because of the holiday season, he will provide the first ever RAW Lingerie Show. He said he asked Spike TV for some extra time, but they denied it. Orton said because of this, they must undress right now. All the girls involved agree. Orton lines them up against the ropes. Melina is up first and she is nervous. Orton asks for help from the crowd to encourage her. She takes off her dress and dances up against Randy Orton. Candice is up next and she takes off her dress. Maria is up next and she took off her dress as well. Orton wants to know why Christy won the Diva Search and calls her up next. Christy allows Orton to take off her dress for her. And finally, Stacy is up next. She allows Orton to unzip her mini-skirt. Stacy takes off her shirt and gives Randy a kiss. Orton said that is the best fashion show he has ever seen. He asks for a group hug and has everyone give it up for the RAW Diva's.

- Up Next: William Regal & Eugene will defend the World Tag Team Titles against La Resistance.

- WWE SLAM OF THE WEEK: William Regal & Eugene defeating La Resistance for the World Tag Team Titles two weeks ago on RAW.


- A video showing Triple H in the new Blade: Trinity movie is shown. It comes out on Wednesday, December 8th.

World Tag Team Championship Match
William Regal & Eugene (c's) vs. La Resistance

The match starts with Eugene and Rob Conway. Eugene applies a headlock and takes out Conway with a big shoulder charge. Eugene imitates Hulk Hogan, taunting at Conway. William Regal gets the tag and both Regal/Eugene double team Conway. Sylvain Grenier gets the tag and gives Regal some hard rights on the mat. Conway gets the quick tag and gives Regal some hard forearms to the back. Conway knocks Eugene off the ring apron. Regal gives Conway a quick suplex, Eugene gets the tag and starts to go after Conway. Eugene tosses Grenier to the outside and puts Conway on his shoulders, doing an airplane spin. Eugene connects with the sledgehammer off the turnbuckle on Conway. Grenier breaks up the cover and hits a big boot on Eugene in the corner. Regal pulls Grenier to the outside. In the ring, Eugene connects with the Stunner on Conway for the pinfall.

Winners & STILL World Tag Team Champions: William Regal & Eugene

After the match, Eugene calls kids into the ring. They jump on Regal in celebration. Maven runs down the ramp and pulls Eugene out of the ring. Maven throws Eugene head first into the steel steps and walks up the ramp. Regal checks on Eugene at ringside.


- Back live, JR is with The Coach. They show the current leader board for RAW Interactive on WWE.com.

- Backstage, Trish Stratus walks up to Chris Jericho. She bets he thinks it is funny she has to wear a mask on her face. Jericho said he finds it more funny that she lost to Lita tonight. Trish said she didn't care becuase she is still the WWE Women's Champion. Jericho reminds her that he will be the GM next week. He said she will defend the WWEWomen's Title next week on RAW against Lita.

- Backstage, they show the autographed lingerie used earlier tonight that is available for auction on WWE.com.

- Backstage, Ric Flair is with Batista. Batista said it was an accident that he eliminated Flair. Flair said they should have planned out the Battle Royal earlier tonight much better than they did. Triple H walks up and said he can't believe he has to defend the World Title against both Benoit and Edge tonight. Flair said they have his back tonight. Triple H looks at Batista and he doesn't say anything. Batista then says oh, don't worry, I got your back. Triple H and Flair leave as Batista stares them down.

- A promo for the new "Rise & Fall of ECW" DVD is shown.


- A promo for WWE 24/7 On Demand is shown. The new slogan is Play, Rewind, Relive.

World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match
Triple H (c) vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge

The match starts with Benoit giving Edge some hard rights as Triple H looks on. Edge gives Benoit a hard knee to the gut and gives him a baseball slide to the outside. Triple H continues to look on from the corner as Edge gives Benoit some stiff kicks on the outside. Edge throws Benoit back in the ring. Triple H knocks Edge off the ring apron and then launches Benoit into the corner with force. Triple H goes for the cover two times, but only gets a two count. Benoit comes back with some chops to Triple H's chest followed by a big German Suplex. Benoit attempts another German Suplex, but Triple H holds onto the ropes. Edge gives Triple H some hard rights and gives Triple H a boot to the face following a charge in the corner. Benoit takes out Triple H with an elbow and does the same to Edge. Benoit gives Triple H a snap suplex and then clotheslines both Triple H and Edge over the top rope. Benoit goes off the ropes and dives through the second rope taking out Triple H and Edge as we head to a commercial break.


We are back live and Triple H is on the outside by the steel steps looking on in the ring. In the ring, Benoit gives Edge a few knees to the gut followed by throwing him up on the top rope. Benoit suplexes Edge back in the ring from the apron and then applies the Sharpshooter. Triple H tries to break it up, but Benoit applies the Crossface. Ric Flair and Batista run down. Flair distracts the referee as Batista pulls Benoit out and knocks him out. Randy Orton runs out and sends Flair and Batista to the back right away. Batista is shown smiling as he walks up the ramp. Back in the ring, Edge rolls up Triple H and gets a two count. Triple H comes back with a big spinebuster on Edge and gets a two count. Orton stays at the ringside area watching the match. Edge gives Triple H a quick DDT after countering a suplex attempt. Edge looks to hit the Spear, Triple H gets on his feet, Edge runs, but Triple H counters with a knee to the face. Triple H grabs Edge, Edge counters the Pedigree and catapults Triple H into the corner. Benoit gets back in and gives Triple H a big Release German Suplex. Benoit gives Edge a suplex, allowing Edge to land on Triple H. Triple H rolls outside of the ring as Benoit applies the Sharpshooter again on Edge. Orton gets up and starts to cheer on Benoit. Benoit pulls Edge into the middle of the ring. Triple H grabs Orton and nails his head off the ring post. Triple H gets in the ring and breaks up the Sharpshooter, knocking out Benoit. Benoit throws both Triple H and Edge into the same corner. He launches both into the opposite corner, with Edge moving out of the way when Triple H was thrown. Benoit gives Edge three big German Suplexes and signals the end is near. Triple H comes in and attempts a Pedigree, but Benoit throws him over the top rope to the outside. Benoit goes up to the top, Edge gets on his feet and gives Benoit some hard rights. When Edge climbs up, Benoit gives him some headbutts. Edge falls off, but takes out the referee. Triple H throws Benoit off the turnbuckle and then gets a steel chair. Triple H tries to use the steel chair, but Orton breaks it up and knocks out Triple H over the ring barricade. In the ring, Benoit gets on his feet, Edge goes for the Spear, Benoit counters into the Crossface, Edge tries to fight out of it, Edge rolls over onto Benoit's stomach, Edge starts to tap as the referee counts the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: No Contest

The referee calls for the bell as Edge grabs the World Title, starting to celebrate. The referee takes the belt away from Edge and gives it to Chris Benoit. Benoit starts to celebrate when the referee takes it away from him, giving it back to Edge. Randy Orton gets in the ring and starts to ask the referees what happened. Both referees start to argue over who the winner is. Triple H is shown just starting to recover on the outside as the show goes off the air with no clear winner announced...

* The Battle Royal ended in a No Contest.
* Lita & Victoria defeated Trish Stratus & Molly Holly.
* Ric Flair defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler.
* William Regal & Eugene defeated La Resistance to retain the World Tag Team Titles.
* Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge ended in a No Decision when a pinfall was counted as Edge tapped out to the Crossface. A winner was not announced.