RAW Results - 1/3/05 - Uniondale, NY (HHH vs. Randy Orton, more)

Reported by Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, January 4, 2005 at 12:03 AM EST

WWE RAW Results - 1/3/05
Live From: Uniondale, New York
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Mike Greenslade of WrestleView.com

- The opening WWE promo hits. A picture of GM Eric Bischoff is shown. A video package airs highlighting the events from RAW last Monday night in what was titled a Beat the Clock Night. Batista ended up defeating his opponent (Rhyno) the fastest to earn a spot as the last participant in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday at New Year's Revolution.

Eric Bischoff is shown backstage with the World Heavyweight Title. He announces that this Sunday RAW will crown a new World Champion at New Year's Revolution. Bischoff said last week the participants in the Elimination Chamber had a chance to beat the clock, but tonight they will get to face each other. He announces Chris Benoit vs. Batista, Edge vs. Chris Jericho and Triple H vs. Randy Orton. Batista's music hits and here we go for the first match.

Batista vs. Chris Benoit
The match starts with both locking up and Batista pushing Benoit down towards the corner. Benoit gets back up, locks up with Batista and Batista backs him in the corner following it up with a few knees to the gut. Batista lands a forearm to the back, but Benoit takes him down quickly and attempts the Sharpshooter. Batista fights out of it and Benoit gives him a few chops to the chest. Batista stops this quickly with a big backbreaker. Batista then exposes one of the turnbuckles. Batista comes from behind and gives him three big german suplexes. Benoit goes up to the top, but Batista rolls to the outside. Benoit gets down and gives Batista a few punches on the outside. Batista fights back nailing Benoit's head off the guard railing and then throws him back in the ring. Benoit gives Batista a dropkick to the chest in the corner, goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Batista knocks him down. Batista lifts Benoit above his head in a suplex and then falls back hard. Batista applies a half boston crab. Batista picks up Benoit's arm and helps him tap out. The referee won't allow it and tells Batista to knock if off. Benoit fights back with some chops. Batista fights back with a huge spinebuster. Benoit gets back on his feet and he takes out Batista with a big kick to the back of the head. Benoit lands a dropkick, goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Benoit gives Batista another german suplex and then goes up to the top. Benoit jumps and connects with the flying headbutt. Benoit goes for the cover...1, 2, kick out. Benoit takes Batista off his feet with a dropkick to the leg. Benoit then applies the Crossface, but Batista fights back lifting Benoit on his shoulders. Batista rams Benoit's head against the exposed turnbuckle a few times and then drops him to the mat. Batista then gives Benoit a big sitdown powerbomb. Batista goes for the cover...1, 2, 3.

Winner: Batista

- Later tonight, JR & The King will face Hassan & Daivari in the Arab-American Debate.


- Ric Flair and Triple H are backstage and Flair is raving about the match-up with Batista destroying Benoit minutes before. Seconds later, Batista walks in and Flair tells him he did a great job. Next, Flair turns to Trips and says now all he has to do is take out the other four guys and the title will be back around his waiste. They all nod and Triple H and Batista make sure they have one anothers back and then Batista asks about his $100 bet he won last week. Batista says he wants the money from Triple H since he beat his opponent quicker last week. When Flair tries to pay Batista he refuses and says he wants it from Triple H. After a staredown Trips goes to pay Batista, but Batista just smiles and says Triple H needs to lighten up as he was only joking before walking away.

- Next, Maria is backstage waiting on an interview with Snitsky as a video package of Kane's injury is shown. Snitsky is then standing next to Maria and says that he will be surprised if Kane shows up at the Pay Per View after what happened to him. Snitsky then asks Maria if she likes surprises and then whispers something in her ear that causes her to leave. Next, he says that tonight he has a surprise for Kane and tonight whatever happens is NOT HIS FAULT.

- Edge is backstage with Bischoff claiming that he don't know exactly why people keep working against him to stop him from winning the World Heavyweight Title. He complains about HBK being the special guest referee in the Elimination Chamber match-up. Bischoff said that due to the fact Edge injured HBK it costed Raw money, and the only way he could make that money back was bringing in HBK as a Special Guest referee. Bischoff says that Edge shouldn't be worried about HBK right now since his match with Chris Jericho is coming up next.


The WWE rewind is shown featuring the finish to the Taboo Tuesday Main event featuring Edge costing HBK his World Heavyweight Title shot against Triple H.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho
The two men circle the ring before locking up. Edge goes behind on Jericho, but Jericho reverses and takes Edge down to the mat with some technical wrestling. He then toys with Edge and ends up hooking Edge in a surfboard type submission hold, but broke it after he realized the ref was counting against him. Edge takes control and slams Jericho's head off the turnbuckle, but Jericho comes back with some chops out of the corner followed by a back elbow. Edge takes control with a right hand, but is sent to the outside of the ring with a back body drop after an attempted right hand. Jericho attempts to take out Edge with a baseball slide but ends up on the outside where he and Edge hit each other with a double clothseline.


As Raw comes back into air Edge had Jericho in the ring on the mat hooked with a back armbar. Jericho managed to get to his feet while still in the submission, and then breaks free with a back hand chop. Jericho bounces off the ropes, but Edge kicks him as he ducks down and sends him to the mat with a single armbar takedown. Edge keeps control with another armlock, but Jericho fights out of it again. This time he follows it up with a flying forearm smash and then his trademark bulldog. Y2J attempted the LionSault but landed on his feet and then connected with a hurricanrana. Seconds later Edge was tied up in the ropes and Jericho taunted to connected with a knee to the back, but Edge reversed with a big boot and a two count. Jericho and Edge exchange punches, but Jericho takes him down with a Northern Lights supex. Jericho attempts the WAlls of Jericho but Edge doesn't allow it. Jericho connects with a Enziguri for a two count and then goes to the top rope. Edge goes to the top with Jericho and tries a superplex, but Jericho blocks it for a from suplex. Jericho soars from the top rope for a cross body block, but Edge moves. As Jericho gets to his feet Edge charges in for a spear but Jericho jumps over his head and tries for a victory roll but Edge stops in mid move and grabs the ropes while Jericho was in a pinning position. Edge steals the victory.

Winner: Edge

- Coach is backstage recapping Jericho/Edge and Batista/Benoit. He then asks Orton if he is going to beat Triple H. Orton is hyped and says that tonight is the first chance in a long time that he has got the chance to get in the ring with Triple H. He relives his World Title reign and says tonight he is going to start his journey to the top by beating Triple H with the RKO for the 1...2..3.


The King and J.R. announce that in a matter of seconds Grenier will be taking on Shelton Benjamin. However, as Benjamin goes to enter the ring Maven inturrupts and steps out from the backstage area allowing Grenier to hit Benjamin from behind.

Sylvain Grenier vs. Shelton Benjamin
Grenier tosses Shelton in the ring and goes to work on him with some right hands and kicks to the gut. Eventually, he chokes him out in the corner with a big boot to the throat and then takes him down with a suplex. Next he drops Benjamin with a back drop. Grenier then blocks a right hand and puts Shelton in a full Nelson, but Benjamin runs him backwards into the corner. Benjamin takes control of the match-up for the first time and in a matter of seconds connects with a huge splash in the corner. Conway then gets involved and makes Sylvian gets the advantage. After flooring Shelton, Sylvain talks with Conway, but Shelton charges in and jumps over Sylvain's head and knocks Conway off the apron. Shelton then connects with his trademark kick followed by his T-Bone suplex for the victory.

Winner: Sylvain Grenier

- A video package highlighting the Elimination Chamber plays followed by Jerry Lawler and J.R. hyping the Elimination Chamber match-up.

- The Arab American Debate is up next.


- Todd Grisham announced that the debate will be on the treatment of Arab-Americans in today's society. Diavari and Hassan enter the ring and look at J.R. and the King from across the ring. Hassan answers Todd's first question after being stopped twice by boos by saying that American is a racist nation afterall the country was founded by slavery. He says that Arab-Americans were discriminated against both before and after 9/11. He said he can remember when people in the USA could at least pretend to be polite, but after 9/11 everything changed since Americans used it as an excuse to show their true colors for Arab-Americans. A huge USA chant ensues upsetting Hassan and Diavari HE said if they went to Times Square for New Years if he wanted to take part in the party he would have been searched and harrassed. He said arrogence is blamed for the American Culture's views towards his people.

The King answers the question saying that there are racist in the USA, but that is true for every country. He says that if Hassan thinks he is treated unfairly he don't mind him expressing that, but calling the USA troops gutless cowards is unacceptable. HE said the people don't hate them two because they are Arab-Americans, but because they are obnoxious Jackasses. Hassan gets back on the mic and says that most Arab-Americans are not like him because most Arab-Americans MAKE HIM SICK. Hassan said most Arab-Americans sit back and take the abuse trying to hide their heritage instead of displaying it like he does. He says he will no embrace a racist nation. Hassan then gets on JR for disagreeing. Deep down inside Hassan said it sickens JR that he is just as American and he is. Hassan continues to verbally assault JR until JR gets on the mic. JR says no country is fair, but when Hassan bad mouths the USA he can LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

Hassan then gets up in JR's face and punches JR in the gut. Next, the two men physically assault Jerry Lawler with the belt Hassan was wearing. Next, they focus their attention back on JR and choke him with the belt as the fans chant USA in the background. Outside the ring, Jerry Lawler takes off his belt and re-enters the ring but collapses before he can do anything. The two Arab-Americans exit the ring to a series of boos and Jerry Lawler is busted open badly.


- Raw comes back to the air with the Coach sitting alone at the announce desk. Coach recaps what had just happened between the Arab-Americans and the King with JR. He says that JR and The King are being attended to backstage as TRish's theme hits.

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
Trish kicks Victoria in the gut and then clubs her with some right hands. Next she tosses Victoria into the corner and connects with some kicks to the gut and then flips her to the mat with a hair whip. Trish slams Victoria to the mat by her hair a few times before getting a two count and then mounting her with some right hands. Victoria starts to gain some defense with some right hands but Trish takes control back and eventually chokes Victoria out in the corner. Trish then drops Victoria to the mat and uses the bottom rope with a slingshot type move. As Trish goes for her trademark bulldog Victoria connects with a back drop and seconds later a roll up for a two count. The two Victoria connects with several fists and then a headbutt that floors Trish. After a scoop slam Victoria tries for a moonsault that comes up short when Trish puts up her knees. Trish hits Victoria with a CHICK KICK for the win.

Winner: Trish Stratus

Afterwards Trish gets on the mic and tells Lita to take a look because she is next because she is going to beat Lita and become the SIX TIME women's Champion. Lita makes her way to the ring with the Women's Title aroun her waiste. Lita enters the ring and then slaps TRish in the face. The two then exchange right hands until Lita sends TRish into the corner. Lita monkey flips Trish and connects with some punches until Kane's fireworks hit leaving Lita stunned but only for a few seconds. Lita then chokes out Trish, but Snitsky runs down to the ring and distracts Lita long enough for Trish to connect with a CHICK KICK.

Snistky re-enters the ring and places a steel chair over Lita's throat and goes to the top rope until Kane's music hits again. Kane makes his way towards the ring and Snitsky meets him half way and they exchance punches. Kane sends Snitsky into the crowd, but security gets involved stopping the two from brawling anymore. Kane enters the ring and helps Lita up to her feet. Lita and Kane seem to be comfortable in the ring with one another as Lita smiled at Kane following the save.


- Another video hyping the Elimination Chamber match-up this Sunday on Pay Per View is shown.

- Coach announces that Jerry Lawler will be taking on Hassan at New Years Revolution in six days. Coach then goes over the entire card.

- Eugene is backstage with Christy Hemme and he is listening to a CD player. Obviously he is singing and listening to Lindsey Lohan as he states that Christy has pretty red Hair like her. Regal then comes into the room as says Eugene needs to get ready for his match-up with Christian that is up next. Christy and Eugene leave and Regal grabs the CD player and starts singing and dancing to the music before Eugene and Christy come back and laugh at Regal. Christy wishes the two good luck and the show cuts to commercial.


Eugene vs. Christian
They lock up in the middle of the ring which leads to Eugene putting a headlock on Christian followed by an irish whip and a shoulder block. Christian gets up quick but is sent back down with a military press followed by an Ulimate Warrior type splash. Eugene bounces Christian off of the corner and then goes to the top, but due to Tomko's distraction Christian pulls him off the top sending him crashing to the mat, Christian sends Eugene outside where Tomko works him over and sends him back in the ring. Christian wrenches the head of Eugene, but Eugene manages to get to his feet. After some elbows Eugene attempts to bounce off the ropes but is sent back to the groun with a hair takedown. However, Eugene gets to his feet quickly and connects with a ROCK BOTTOM for a two count. Eugene hypes himself up and connects with an airplane spin but Christian gets away and takes Christian up with a double chicken wing untik Tomko gets involved again. Inside the ring Eugene gets rolled up with help from the ropes Christian gets a two count, but Eugene reverses and gets a two of his own. Seconds later, Christian rolls Eugene up again with help from the ropes and this time he got the victory.

Winner: Christian

- Backstage Flair hypes Triple H for the upcoming match-up. Triple H says that he wants Flair out at ringside with him and that will be Flair. He says Batista should hang back tonight and let Triple H run solo. Batista promises that he won't go rinside unless Orton starts kicking Triple H's ass. Triple H gets a serious look on his face, but Batista tells him to lighten up again as camera cut away.


-JR joins Coach at the announce table as Triple H's music hits.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton
After a staredown the two lock up and Triple H puts on a headlock which leads to an Irish whip and a shoulder block. Orton is right back up and connects with a dropkick. Triple H is back on his feet and sends Orton to the corner, but ORton reverses into a roll up for a two count. Seconds later Triple H blocks a hip toss for one of his own. The two exchange punches for a few minutes until ORton takes Trips over with a back body drop. Orton goes for the RKO but Triple H bails to the outside and regains some composure with Ric Flair as the show cuts to commercial.


Raw continues with Orton pounding away Triple H in the corner with right hands. He then sends Trips to the opposite corner and Triple H ends up on the outside. Trips is sent back in the ring and Ric Flair taunts Orton a bit. As Orton goes to enter the ring Triple H ties him up in the ropes and Orton fights to his feet. Orton connects with a shoulder to the gut but Triple H bounces of the opposite ropes and sends Orton back to the outside of the ring with a high knee. Outside, Flair takes advantage of the ref being distracted and stomps away at Orton for a few seconds. Triple H exits the ring and drops Orton ribs first on the security railing. Trips then re0enters the ring again and waits for Orton.

Orton enters the ring and is stomped soem more. TRiple H continues the assault with several shots to the ribs with his boot. Triple H connects with several shoulders to the ribs of Orton and then goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Trips continues to assault on the ribs with a high knee to the gut and another near fall. Again, Orton is sent to the outside of the ring. Trips tried to send Orton into the steps but Orton reversed and Triple H was sent head first into the steel ring post. Seconds later Trips re-entered the ring but ran into a boot by Orton. The two exchange punches until Orton floors Trips with a European Uppercut and then a powerslam for a two count. Next, Orton connects with a modified backbreak for another two count. After a scoop slam Orton climbs to the top rope, and comes crashing down with a crossbody for a third consecutive two count. Orton goes for the RKO but Triple H reverses into a sleeper. The two go back and forth applying sleeper holds to one another over the next few seconds. Triple H then "accidentally" caused Orton and the ref to ram heads. Flair tossed in the ring bell to Orton, but Triple H was countered and Orton hits Triple H with the bell.

Batista entered the ring and floored Orton followed by Benoit who took out Batista. HBK came out as a ref, but is followed by Edge who goes to spear him but Jericho jumped in the ring and stopped it. Jericho flies to the outside and takes out everyone who was out there. In the ring referee Shawn Michaels starts the mandatory ten count. Triple H gets on his feet and yells at HBK. With Triple H distracted Randy Orton goes for the RKO but Trips pushes him away. Orton flips out of the pedigree and then hits the RKO for the 1....2....3 - Orton wins.

Winner: Randy Orton

Quick Results
* Batista def. Benoit
* Edge def. Jericho
* Trish def. Victoria
* Christian def. Eugene
* Orton def. Triple H