RAW Results - 1/10/05 - Fort Lauderdale, FL (#1 Contenders Match)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 10, 2005 at 11:10 PM EST

WWE RAW Results - 1/10/05
Live From: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report By: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The opening WWE promo hits. A picture of GM Eric Bischoff is shown.

In-Ring Segment: Triple H celebrates, heat with Batista
Triple H's music hits. Triple H appears in the entrance way with the World Heavyweight Title in hand, raising it high in the air. Ric Flair appears behind Triple H soon after. Triple H gets in the ring and shows off the World Title to the crowd in attendance. Triple H, whose face is covered in bandages, grabs the mic and says, "Go ahead, let me hear it, let me have it. Go ahead, make all the excuses you want." He asks the crowd to pick politics or favoritism. Triple H said the truth hurts and said there isn't a man alive on God's green earth that can do what he does. He said they can be on any show or hold any title they want. He points to a sign that says "Triple H Is God" and says "in this very ring, I might just be that." Triple H said despite what was thrown at him last night in the Elimination Chamber, he stands tall as the World Heavyweight Champion. He said not just again, but for the tenth time. Triple H said a lot of people thought at WrestleMania last year he hit his peak in 2004 when he lost to Chris Benoit. He brings up one hit book, one hit movie and another World Championship a year later...The Game is far from over in his opinion. Ric Flair gets on the mic and said being the man and staying the man are two different things. Flair says Triple H is both of those things and demands respect from the audience. Triple H said the hell with them. He said they never supported him in the past and he never cared. He said as far as he is concerned, every fan is useless. Triple H said there is one man that is far from useless, the ultimate team player, the most dominate guy in the Elimination Chamber last night defeating both Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho...Batista.

Batista's music hits and he appears in the entrance way decked out in a suit and sunglasses. Triple H and Ric Flair clap for Batista as he gets in the ring. Batista hugs both Triple H and Flair. Triple H raises Batista's arm in the air as Randy Orton's music hits. Orton appears on the ramp and gets on the mic. Orton said he is sorry to interrupt Triple H's love fest, but as usual he is only telling one side of the story. Triple H says, "Look guys, it's the Legend Killer." He tells Orton this is a celebration and he doesn't belong since he is a loser. Orton said last night Triple H only beat him with Batista's help after he eliminated Batista before. He said he brought footage to prove that Triple H doesn't have Batista's back. Triple H asks what footage. Orton said the footage from last night at New Year's Revolution when Triple H had the opportunity to have Batista's back when he had him pinned after the RKO. Triple H said the only thing his footage will show is Orton cheating with a low blow. Triple H said they should just leave when Batista stops Triple H. Batista gets on the mic and tells them to wait as he would like to see the footage. Orton tells the crew to roll the footage. They show Orton giving Batista a low blow, hitting the RKO, covering, Triple H gets up and sits back down - not stopping the pinfall. Batista takes off his sunglasses and stares down Triple H. Triple H gets on the mic and said that is his own version of the story. He said the truth is that he had been in that match for 45 minutes and was physically drained. Triple H tells Batista he tried to get up, but his knees buckled. Orton said he doesn't buy that. He said minutes later, Triple H had plenty of energy when Batista hoisted him up on his shoulders. Orton points out in the footage that Ric Flair did the famous "thumbs up" and warns Batista that it could come his way down the line as he speaks from experience when he was kicked out of Evolution. Orton then tells Triple H that he demands a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Eric Bischoff's music hits. Bischoff gets on the mic and points out that Orton defeated Triple H last week on RAW. He said given his performance last night in the Elimination Chamber, he deserves a chance to face Triple H for the World Title. Triple H tries to bring up the stipulation that as long as he is champion, Orton couldn't get a shot. Bischoff said it is a new title reign, new year...end of story so it doesn't count. He said after seeing the footageprovided, Batista also deserves a shot at the World Title. Bischoff said he has a problem and would like to solve it. He announces Batista vs. Randy Orton in a #1 Contendership Match for later tonight.


- Footage from last Friday in Tokyo, Japan with Shane McMahon announcing that TV tapings for both RAW & SmackDown would be taking place in February is shown. Trish Stratus,Stacy Keibler and Shawn Michaels are shown as well.

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Maven

The match starts with Maven charging at Benjamin and giving him a few forearms. Benjamin misses a splash on Maven and Maven gives him a low blow without the referee seeing. Maven goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Maven starts to choke out Benjamin. A big "MAVEN SUCKS" chant breaks out as Benjamin starts to fight back with some elbows and an arm drag takedown on Maven. Maven dropkicks Benjamin in the knee, misses an elbow and Benjamin gives Maven some hard right hands. Benjamin gives Maven a big back body drop followed by a clothesline. Benjamin hits a Stinger Splash (as JR called it again) in the corner, Maven counters a T-Bone Suplex attempt, Benjamin comes back with a spinning heel kick, Maven bounces off the ropes and Benjamin gives him a T-Bone Suplex. Benjamin covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

- Later tonight, Lingerie Pillow Fight between Christy & Maria. Also, we will see Randy Orton vs. Batista in a #1 Contendership Match.

- The Royal Rumble commercial is shown.


- WWE REWIND: Muhammad Hassan defeating Jerry Lawler last night at New Year's Revolution.

- Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari come out to the ring. Hassan gets on the mic as the crowd chants "USA." Hassan said they can chant what they want, but his victory last night over Jerry Lawler dealt a blow to the biased media. He said last night was just the beginning and tonight his personal revolution will continue. Daivari gets on the mic and starts to translate as The Hurricane's music hits. The Hurricane comes down the ramp with Rosey behind as well.

Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari vs. The Hurricane w/ Rosey
The match starts with both locking up, Hassan backs up Hurricane and Hurricane counters into an elbow. Daivari distracts Hurricane quickly and Hassan takes advantage hitting a big clothesline. Hassan goes for a quick cover, but only gets a two count. Hassan applies a modified version of the cobra clutch on Hurricane. Hurricane fights back dropping Hassan's jaw on his head. Hurricane takes down Hassan with a spinning heel kick, clothesline and a big reverse neckbreaker. Hurricane misses the Shining Wizard, Hassan gets up and hits a dropping facebuster. Hassan covers Hurricane and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Muhammad Hassan


- WrestleMania Recall: Kane giving Pete Rose a Tombstone at WrestleMania 14 in 1998.

- Backstage, Triple H approaches Batista. Triple H tells Batista that despite what was said by Randy Orton, he just wants him to know that he has his full support tonight against Orton in the #1 Contenders Match. Triple H said he would consider it an honor to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against him and says he deserve it. Batista asks if he really means that. Triple H says he does. Batista said eventually, we all get what we deserve.

- Edge is shown making his way to the arena.

- A promo for the Casket Match between The Undertaker & Heidenreich at the Royal Rumble is shown.


Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Edge vs. Rhyno

The match starts with Edge hitting a boot followed by a few forearms to Edge's back. Rhyno lifts Edge to the corner, hitting a few hard rights and then gives Edge a back body drop. Rhyno nails Edge off the turnbuckle on the ring apron, goes off the ropes and Edge knocks him out with a hard right hand. Edge gives Rhyno a baseball slide and then wraps him around the ring post until the referee breaks it up. Edge chokes Rhyno on the second rope. Rhyno gives Edge two punches to the ribs, but Edge fights back with a hard right. Rhyno takes Edge off his feet with a big shoulder tackle followed by an elbow when Edge charges at him in the corner. Rhyno gives Edge a big powerslam, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Rhyno gives Edge a back body drop and once again gets a two count. Rhyno looks to hit The Gore, runs, but Edge takes him off his feet with a big boot. Edge then looks to hit the Spear, runs and connects. Edge then applies a modified Sharpshooter and Rhyno taps out.

Winner: Edge

After the match, Edge gets on the mic. He said the fans must think he is happy since he just qualified for the Royal Rumble. Edge said what would have made him really happy was if he didn't get superkicked by Shawn Michaels in the Elimination Chamber last night, causing him a chance to win the World Title. Edge calls out Michaels to the ring to settle it once and for all. The crowd chants "HBK" as we head to a commercial break.


In-Ring Segment: Edge calls out Shawn Michaels
We come back from commercial break. Edge said everyone knows Michaels wouldn't come out unless the cameras were rolling. He calls Michaels the most selfish man in wrestling history. Edge runs down his problems with Michaels, all starting at Taboo Tuesday. He brings up being screwed in the Battle Royal, the Triple Threat involving Triple H & Chris Benoit and last night at New Year's Revolution. Edge begs Michaels to come out as his music hits. HBK gets in the ring and gets on the mic. HBK calls Edge bitter. Edge asks if what he is saying is a joke to him. HBK said it isn't and said Edge complains about everything. He brings up how he was the same way at one point in his career. HBK starts to talk when a "YOU SCREWED BRET" chant starts. He said the Canadians need to stay in Canada where they belong, telling them not to mess with his TV time. (News Flash Shawn - It's not only Canadians who feel that way. You've heard about other countries.) HBK gives Edge some advice and tells him to stop complaining about the place and look forward to the future. He said Edge shouldn't just win a spot in the Royal Rumble, he should win the whole thing like he did twice. HBK said from that point on, he can go to WrestleMania and earn a shot at the World Title the right way. Edge gets on the mic and admits he does have to look into the future. He said he likes this idea better. Edge slaps HBK and they both start to brawl. They roll around giving each other hard rights as WWE referees and officials break it up. They start to brawl into the crowd as officials still try to break it up.


- We are back live and both Edge and Shawn Michaels are continuing to brawl throughout the arena in the lobby area where the t-shirts are sold.

- Simon Dean comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. He said Florida is known for great weather, great beaches and now ugly fat people. Dean said you can see examples of beached whales on beaches all around the state. He plugs his Simon System Fat Burning Pills and points out he doesn't have enough for everyone in attendance tonight. Dean offers to give a sample to someone in the back that is over 300 pounds and is known to wear a mask. Pyro goes off and Kane comes out instead. Kane gets in the ring and asks for the pills. He takes one out and eats it, but has a bad aftertaste. Kane forces Dean to eat some as he gives him some uppercuts soon after. Dean attempts a forearm, but Kane takes him off his feet with a big boot. Kane gets Dean's weight belt, Dean kicks Kane in the gut, Kane drops the belt, but Kane grabs Dean and looks to give him a chokeslam when Gene Snitsky hits the ring. Snitsky knocks out Kane with a steel chair. Snitsky grabs Dean's weight belt and starts to slap it over Kane's back. Kane starts to bleed from his throat as Snitsky smiles at what he just did.


- Backstage, Ric Flair approaches Triple H. Flair tells Triple H that he feels Batista is leaning towards Orton's side. He said they need to feel the energy from Batista tonight in that #1 Contendership Match. Triple H tells Flair that he should go tell Batista that is record against Orton hasn't been good. Flair asks why he would ask that. Triple H assures him it will work and not to worry about it.

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
The match starts with Chris Jericho and Christian. Both lock up and break quickly. Christian gets in a kick followed by a few forearms. Christian hits a shoulder block on Jericho, but Jericho attempts a Walls of Jericho that is countered by Christian. Jericho nails Christian's head off the turnbuckle and then presses down on his head with his boot. Jericho hits a running kick to the back of Christian's head, covers, but only gets a two count. Chris Benoit gets the tag, chops Christian, sends him into the ropes and takes him down quickly with a quick elbow. Christian fights back with a scoop slam and then chokes Benoit. Christian misses a splash on the ground as Benoit gives him a big snap suplex. Tyson Tomko gets the tag and chokes Benoit against the ropes. Benoit gets in a chop on Tomko, ducks a punch, adds on another chop, but Tomko gives him a knee to the gut. Tomko gives Benoit a bodyslam, but Benoit fights back with a charge to the gut. Tomko knocks Jericho off the ring apron. Benoit goes after Christian, but Christian nails him into the guard railing on the outside of the ring. Christian puts Benoit back in the ring, Tomko covers, but only gets a two count. Tomko gives Benoit a running powerslam, but only gets a two count when Jericho breaks it up. Christian gets the tag and gives Benoit a quick suplex followed by some punches to Benoit's ribs. Christian applies a neck submission as the referee checks on Benoit. Benoit fights back, but Christian stops the momentum with an elbow. Christian taunts at Jericho, the referee walks over to break it up as Tomko chokes out Benoit. Tomko gets the tag, covers Benoit, but only gets a two count. Tomko applies a neck submission on Benoit as the crowd cheers for a Benoit comeback. Tomko stops a comeback from Benoit with a big clothesline. Tomko misses a big boot and Benoit gives him a release german suplex. Jericho gets the tag, gives Tomko some chops followed by a big takedown. Jericho knocks Christian off the ring apron and drop toe holds Tomko on the second rope. Jericho drops his weight on Tomko's back and then springboard dropkicks Christian off the ring apron yet again. Jericho gives Tomko a bulldog, lands on his feet after a Lionsault, Christian gets in a cheap shot, Tomko takes down Jericho, covers, but Benoit breaks it up. Benoit then applies the Crossface on Christian as Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Tomko. Tomko, the legal man, taps out to the Walls of Jericho as Christian taps out to the Crossface as well.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho

- Backstage, Ric Flair comes back to Triple H. Flair said it did not go well with Batista. Flair said Batista did not like that type of a motivational speech. He tells Triple H that he almost knocked him out. Flair said Batista is actually questioning if they will support him tonight. Triple H said of course they are, they are Evolution, they are a team. He said he would prove he supports Batista tonight.

- SmackDown Rebound: The Undertaker defeating Heidenreich & Paul Heyman on SmackDown last week. Heidenreich tags in Heyman and leaves the arena at the end, allowing Undertaker to Tombstone Heyman and put him in a Casket at ringside.

- Up next is the Lingerie Pillow Fight between Christy & Maria.


- WWE SLAM OF THE WEEK: Trish Stratus defeating Lita last night at New Year's Revolution to become the new WWE Women's Champion.

Lingerie Pillow Fight Match
Christy vs. Maria

Candice is the special guest referee for the match. Maria starts off the match hitting Lilian Garcia with a pillow. Lilian gets in on the match, hitting Maria with a pillow. Christy then starts to hit Lilian. Christy gets on all fours, tripping up Maria when Lilian hits her with a pillow. Christy pins Maria and it's over. Don't get me wrong, they all looked great, but it seemed really goofy.

Winner: Christy Hemme

- Both Batista and Randy Orton are shown making their way to the arena. The #1 Contendership Match is up next.


- A promo for "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters is shown.

- Next week on RAW: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho and Kane vs. Gene Snitsky live from Toronto.

- Triple H's music hits as we await the start of the Main Event between Batista and Randy Orton. Triple H and Ric Flair both appear making their way down the ramp. Both Triple H and Ric Flair put up chairs at ringside to watch the match.

#1 Contendership Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Batista vs. Randy Orton

The match starts with both locking up and Orton getting the advantage first. Batista responds with a shoulder block, but Orton wastes no time and gives him a few rights and lefts. Orton continues with some more hard lefts and rights. Orton charges at Batista, but gets taken down once again with a big shoulder block. Batista gets in a few elbows on Orton in the corner and then chokes him on the bottom rope with his boot. Orton fights back with a few punches and kicks. Batista responds with a stiff elbow as Orton came off the ropes. Orton gives Batista a big standing dropkick, knocking him to the outside. Triple H and Ric Flair attend to Batista as we head to a commericial break.


We are back live and Orton is giving Batista some hard rights in the corner. Orton knocks Batista outside of the ring. Once outside, Batista grabs Orton and nails his head off both the guard railing and ring apron. Batista puts Orton back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Batista puts Orton on the second rope and gives Orton some knees to the back. Batista then chokes Orton with his boot until the referee breaks it up. Orton then slams into the ring post with direction from Batista. Batista then pushes Orton's head against the ring post until the referee breaks it up quickly. Batista then works on Orton's neck on the ring apron. (Funny Note: Fans started chanting "You Screwed Chyna" at Triple H) Batista gives Orton a big neckbreaker in the middle of the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Batista applies a headlock on Orton as he reaches for the ropes. Orton eventually gets the ropes and Batista starts to give him some hard forearms in return. Batista gives Orton a big powerslam, covers, but only gets a two count. Orton tries to fight back with some rights and lefts, but Batista stops the comeback with a huge spinebuster. Batista then picks up Orton, lifts him up, Orton gets in some punches, comes back down and gives Batista a big DDT. Orton drop toe holds Batista face first into the turnbuckle when he charges at him. Orton gives Batista some hard kicks in the corner when Ric Flair gets up on the ring apron. Orton knocks him off, but Batista gives Orton a low blow. Orton counters an attack from Batista and hits a reverse backbreaker. Batista gets back on his feet, Orton jumps, but Batista counters the RKO. Flair distracts the referee as Triple H tries to give Batista a steel chair. Batista tells Triple H he doesn't need it. Orton knocks Batista into Triple H, who hits the steel chair in turn. Triple H falls off the ring apron, Orton rolls up Batista and gets the pinfall.

Winner & New #1 Contender: Randy Orton

After the match, Orton celebrates on the entrance ramp. Batista grabs the steel chair and can't believe what just happened. Batista is upset, staring down both Triple H and Randy Orton as RAW goes off the air...

Quick Match Results
* Shelton Benjamin def. Maven in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match.
* Muhammad Hassan def. The Hurricane.
* Edge def. Rhyno in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match.
* Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def. Christian & Tyson Tomko.
* Christy def. Maria in a Lingerie Pillow Fight Match.
* Randy Orton def. Batista to become the #1 Contender for the World Title.