RAW Results - 2/14/05 - Cincinnati, OH (Batista/SmackDown, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 12:09 AM EST

SmackDown! Bound
Feb. 14, 2005
Results courtesy of WWE.com

After feeling that Batista cost him the World Heavyweight Championship last week, Edge demanded a match against The Animal of Evolution this week on Monday Night RAW.

Edge may not have gotten the revenge he was looking for, but he did score the victory over Batista via disqualification when Triple H tossed the official. Immediately prior to the decision, JBL's limo appeared on the TitanTron. This caused all three Evolution members to retreat to the parking lot area. Before walking out the arena doors, however, Batista told Triple H and Ric Flair that he wanted to take care of JBL himself.

When Batista finally got to the parking lot area, JBL's limo came rushing at him at a high rate of speed. Luckily for Batista, The Game was there to throw him to safety. After JBL's limo sped away, an upset Batista proclaimed that he would be at SmackDown! this Thursday.

/*where on RAW, Randy Orton claimed to be at 100 percent for his match against Christian. After suffering from post-concussion syndrome for several weeks, Orton looked great as he defeated Captain Charisma after landing the RKO. The victory did not come easy, however, as both Christian and the "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko took it to the former World Heavyweight Champion.

In an attempt to humiliate Christy Hemme, Women's Champion Trish Stratus told the world that the sultry red head would be posing nude for Playboy Magazine. Stratus continued, saying that this obviously makes her a slut. A proud Christy simply smiled, confirmed the Playboy rumor, and called Trish a slut for sleeping with half the locker room.

RAW Diva Candice Michelle joined Chris Jericho on the Highlight Reel this week on RAW. Both Candice and Y2J poked fun at the FCC by exposing her bare shoulder. The shenanigans was clearly in reference to the exposure Canidice's Super Bowl commercial received. Unfortunately the fun was cut short when Muhammad Hassan interrupted. This quickly led to a Y2J-Hassan one-on-one battle, which saw Hassan coming out on top after Daivari distracted Jericho.


Muhammad Hassan def. Chris Jericho

Shelton Benjamin def. Gene Snitsky via DQ (Intercontinental Championship)

Tajiri & William Regal def. La Resistance (World Tag Team Championship)

Randy Orton def. Christian

Kane def. Simon Dean

Edge def. Batista via DQ