RAW Results - 8/15/05 - Montreal, Quebec (Angle vs. Hogan, more)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, August 16, 2005 at 12:05 AM EST

Montreal, QE, Canada
August 15, 2005
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jonathon Coachman
Reported by: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

Shawn Michael’s music hit the arena and he came out to the ramp to a chorus of boos. JR welcomed us to the show as HBK climbed into the ring.

HBK asked Montreal “Who’s your daddy?”. A chorus of “You screwed Bret” chants rang out through the arena. HBK said that since all of the Montreal fans had been so respectful to him, he said he’d like to return in kind. He cleared his throat a bit before pelting out his own rendition of the Canadian National Anthem. HBK stopped finally and admitted he was no singer. The crowd was SUPER hot by now. He said what he was was the Showstoppa, the main event, etc.

He said that at Summerslam, he guaranteed.. Before getting cut off by another “You screwed Bret” chant. He guaranteed that at Summerslam, he’d give Hulk Hogan and the WWE fans something to remember. He said that all of the fans in Montreal knew what he was all about, which was giving them memories. He then said Survivor Series 1997 and the arena was ready to riot. He said then he handed Canada’s Bret Hart his most miserable defeat of all. “We want Bret” fans rang out. HBK asked them if they wanted Bret. He said they wouldn’t get him because HBK screwed him. He said he did it once and would do it again. He said if Hart had any guts and walked down the aisle tonight, step into the ring, and look him eye to eye like a man, he’d say “Hitman, I screwed you once and I’ll do it again”.

BRET HART’S Music hit the arena.

However, Hart never came out. HBK mocked the crowd. He said he would never, ever, hear or see Bret Hart inside a WWE ring again. HBK told Hogan that he did it to Hart, and that at Summerslam he’d do it to him. He said what all Montrealers hate about him is everything they wish they could be. He said he comes out with his live mic and does what he wants when he wants to do it. He said it was the very same thing Hogan didn’t like about him too. He began speaking again before HULK HOGAN’S music hit the arena.

Now Hulk Hogan didn’t come out. HBK was on his back and said Montreal was everything he ever said it was. He said, “You canucks are not the sharpest knives in the drawer”. He said the crowd didn’t like him very much. He said he knew they’d love to see Hart or Hogan give him his. He said it wasn’t going to happen; 1.) Because no one in the industry could touch him and 2.) Their heroes aren’t even at the show yet.

The crowd began chanting “Na na, na na na na, hey, hey, hey, Goodbye”.

HBK said that since they understood who was running the show, he’d continue. He said he hates the same thing about Hogan and Hart, that they stood for some moral fiber that in real life didn’t exist. He said there wasn’t a realistic bone in Hogan’s body. He said at Summerslam he wanted Hogan with his boa, sunglasses, and chin high. The crowd began chanting “shut the F*ck up”.

HBK said Montreal men didn’t do anything but “talk it” while he “Walked it”. He told Hogan that at Summerslam, he was one move away from his star being snuffed away. He said to just ask Bret Hart.

JR plugged the upcoming Kurt Angle-Hulk Hogan match later tonight. King put over the handicapped match between the team of Chris Jericho and Carlito against WWE Champion John Cena.


The Heart Throbs v. The Big Show

The bell rang and Antonio made a run at Show but got tossed into the ropes. Romeo locked up with Show as well but got thrown aside as well. BOTH Romeo and Antonio locked up with Show and he then tossed BOTH of them.

The two partners surrounded him and tried to jump him but got caught. Show took control knocking both aside casually. Antonio managed to get in a forearm but got the frying pan chop. Romeo got one as well for good measure. Big Show followed up with a chop each on both in the corner.

Show attempted to press Antonio before Romeo chop blocked the big man. The two went to work kicking and raking the big man’s eyes in the corner. Show tossed Antonio off the ropes before kicking Romeo to the outside mats. He picked Romeo up by the hair and brought him into the ring. He tossed the crumpled body of Romeo into the corner and tossed his partner on top of him and hit a huge avalanche. He hit a big double back body drop and clamped both men in a double choke slam for the pin fall victory.

Winner: The Big Show


Eugene made his way down to the ring escorted by Christy Hemme.

Eugene Gold Medal Invitational

Eugene said something awful in French but it popped the crowd. He said tonight was the third ever gold medal invitational. He introduced Rene Dupree.

Dupree came out with a new look, sporting a black and white robe and slicked back hair with a beard.

The two locked up before Kurt Angle jumped both from behind and went to work first on Dupree, tossing him out of the ring, and then on to Eugene, choking him and delivering an Angle Slam. Angle grabbed the mic and asked if the crowd thought it was funny that a ‘special’ person was running around with his gold medal. He called Montrealers frogs and said that this would be no joke. He said later tonight he’d beat Hogan’s ass and that it’d only be half of what he’d do at Summerslam. He said he’d find out why he’s the most vicious “sonovabitch’ in the WWE.


JR recapped last week’s incident with Referee Chad Patton, Carlito, and Chris Jericho.


Raw Diva Search Finale 2005

Coach congratulated each girl on making it this far. Coach summarized all of the remaining contestants, going over all of their stories. He said one story had to come to an end. He said that one of the girls must go home right here, right now. Elizabeth was cut.

Leila and Ashley were the two finalists. She said we’d find out who would win later tonight.

JR and King put over the personal love triangle between Matt Hardy, Edge, and Lita. A video recapping the saga aired.

Eric Bischoff was in the back with Carlito and Chris Jericho. Bischoff said he was looking forward to Summerslam and watching Jericho win. He said that he and Carlito could do a lot of damage to John Cena. Bischoff said tonight, he said he had a plan to get Cena booed out of the arena, they’d act like they were Canadians. Jericho said he was from Western Canada and it wasn’t like “here”. Carlito said he wasn’t from Canada either. Jericho said he could call himself “Carlito Canadian Cool”. Bischoff whipped out a Canadian flag and said they’d go to the ring draped in it.


Eric Bischoff’s music hit the arena and he came down with Chris Jericho and WWE Intercontinental Champion Carlito.

Handicapped Match
John Cena v. Chris Jericho & Carlito

Jericho and Cena started off the match. Jericho immediately tagged in Carlito. The two circled and locked up. Cena clamped on a headlock before Carlito tried to forearm out of it but got caught with a punch. Cena head-butted Carlito and knocked his head off of two turnbuckles before Jericho came in and distracted Cena. Carlito pounced landing some forearms before shooting Cena into the ropes but got caught with a shoulder block. Cena then hit a back body drop before cutting off the incoming Jericho and knocking him to the outside of the ring. Carlito came after Cena but found himself on top of Jericho in a heap on the outside of the ring.


We came back to Jericho working over a doubled over John Cena. Jericho landed some chops and some boots in the corner. He picked up Cena and slammed his head off the buckle before gathering him in the corner and choking him. Jericho distracted the ref while Carlito choked him.

Jericho hit a body slam and hit running senton. He mounted the Champion, punching Cena and slamming his head into the mat. Carlito was tagged in and he went after Cena hard, hitting him with some vicious punches. Carlito attempted a vertical suplex but had it blocked and reversed. Carlito tagged in Jericho who hit his running splash. As Jericho brought Cena to his feet the champion fought back before catching a Jericho rake to the eyes.

Jericho whipped the champion into the corner and followed it up with a clothesline. Carlito tagged in next and stomped away on Cena who was on his back on the mat. He hit a hanging neck-breaker before taunting the crowd a bit. Carlito mounted Cena and hit some punches before going for the cover for a two count. A second one followed with the same result.

Carlito clamped Cena in a rear chin-lock but Cena fought out of it with some knees. Cena came bounding off the ropes but got nailed with a Carlito spine buster. Carlito went for the cover but only got two. Carlito tagged in Jericho who hit a missile drop kick and got a two count on the cover.

Jericho choked Cena out with both feet on the bottom rope. While Jericho distracted the referee, Carlito slapped Cena with Bischoff jumping in on the action a bit later. Cena fought back but Jericho raked the eyes again and tagged in Carlito.

Carlito hit big DDT but only got a two count on the cover. Carlito stomped away frantically on Cena before tagging Chris Jericho back in. Jericho punched Cena into the corner before trying to choke Cena out.

Cena eventually caught a boot to Jericho’s face, but got nailed with a running enzeguiri. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho but got kicked off, slamming into Carlito and knocked him to the floor. Cena gained the advantage with some big right hands. Carlito got nailed with two big clotheslines and a big hip toss by Cena.

Cena hit the proto-plex before going for the five-knuckle shuffle which was cut off by Jericho. Cena tried to hit the FU but Carlito chop blocked him. Cena whipped Carlito out of the corner and Carlito tried to leap frog but got caught. Cena then clamped Carlito in the FU and hit it, gaining the pin-fall victory.

Winner: John Cena

After the match Chris Jericho ran in immediately smashing Cena with a steel chair. Cena lay out cold in the middle of the ring. JR bemoaned Bischoff for condoning Jericho’s actions as we went to commercial.


Raw Diva Search 2005 -- Finals

Ashley and Leyla were the final two contestants. Coach gave the fans one last chance to vote on WWE.com. A video recap ran down the Diva Search contest from start to present.

Coach came back and said one of their lives would be changed forever. Coach showed us the titan tron.

And the winner is...Ashley!

Ashley dropped to her knees crying and the Coach presented her with the check. She thanked the fans and said she’d see us all at Summerslam.

JR and King put over the Kurt Angle-Hulk Hogan match one on one later tonight.


Kurt Angle was in the back warming up for his match against Hulk Hogan.

Edge’s music hit and he came out to the ramp with Lita in tow.

Edge v. Val Venis

Edge took a run at Venis, knocking him down and stomping away at him in the corner. He choked Val with his boot before backing off to jaw with the crowd. Venis hit him with a big clothesline and followed it with some big chops up against the ropes. Venis hit two running knees and a good side Russian leg sweeps. He wiggled his hips before punching away at Edge’s cranium.

Edge hit the high road out of the ring but Venis chased him. Edge reversed a whip attempt into the apron and Venis crashed into it. Edge tossed Venis into the ring and whipped him hard into the opposite corner. Edge spiked Val’s head of the buckle before shooting him into the ropes and hitting a high back body drop.

Edge stretched Val’s back before hitting a big elbow. Venis tried to fight back but found himself choked out on the ropes before getting nailed with a vertical suplex.

Venis caught Edge napping on another back body drop and followed it up with some punches. Venis hit Edge with a shoulder block but couldn’t get Edge up for a back suplex and Edge decked him.

Edge went for the spear but got nailed with a knee. Venis went to follow it up but got nailed by a recovering Edge with the spear. Edge clamped on a modified version of the figure four and Venis tapped out.

Winner: Edge

Stacy Keibler was in the back looking into the mirror when she was brushed aside by Rob the “Con Man” Conway.

Rob Conway v. The Hurricane is next!


Rob “The Con Man” Conway v. The Hurricane

The two circled each other and locked horns. Conway gained the advantage with some forearms to the back followed by a back suplex and a cover attempt, which only got a two count. Conway clamped on a hard rear chin-lock which Hurricane attempted to fight out of and tossed the Con Man off the ropes, catching him in a near fall off the roll up.

Conway Whipped Hurricane into the corner and knocked him to the outside. He rammed Hurricane’s back off the security wall. Once they were back in the ring Conway hit a big running neck breaker and went for three cover attempts and got two on all of them.

Conway put Hurricane in an interesting reverse choke and then whipped one half of the tag champs into the buckles. He attempted the follow up but Hurricane countered. Hurricane hit a hip toss and a back body drop to cement his advantage. Hurricane went for the body slam and attempted to hit a shining wizard, but got caught in the ego trip. Conway hit a big elbow off the top rope and got the three count for the victory.

Winner: Rob “The Con Man” Conway

A video package aired recapping the feud between Chris Jericho and John Cena and their WWE Championship match this Sunday at Summerslam.

JR, King and Coach ran down the Summerslam card.

Kurt Angle made his way to the ring and we went to commercial. Angle-Hogan is next!


Kurt Angle v. Hulk Hogan

Hogan came out to an ape sh*t pop from the Montreal crowd.

Angle rushed Hogan who caught him with some big right hands. Angle crumpled in the corner and Hogan put his glasses and bandanna on Angle before nailing him with another right hand. Angle scurried to the outside and went right after Angle, whipping him into the ring post. Hogan brought Angle to the next corner and slammed his head off of the steps. Another whip to the ring post followed before Hogan tossed him into the ring.

Angle caught Hogan with a stomp upon entering the ring and went to work on Hogan. Angle picked him up and slammed his head into the turnbuckle before hitting a European uppercut and some right crosses. Angle drove his shoulder into the midsection of Hogan before hitting a big suplex. Angle went for a cover but only got a two count.

Angle draped Hogan on the second rope and choked him out. Hogan fought to his feet and headed for the corner but Angle followed him landing some clubbing blows and a snap mare take down. Angle clamped on a reverse chin-lock as the crowd tried to will Hogan back into the match. Angle increased the pressure of the hold putting Hogan on his side. The ref raised Hogan’s arm twice and twice his arm fell. On the third time Hogan began to fight his way back to his feet.

Hogan landed some back elbows and caught Angle in a sleeper before Angle reversed it and hit a suplex. Angle went for the cover but only got a one count. Angle frustrated, hit a suspended Angle slam and went for the cover but Hogan kicked out at two.

Hogan hulked up and went into his victory combination, landing three punches and the big boot. Hogan motioned to the crowd that the leg drop was coming. Hogan launched himself into the ropes but was met by Shawn Michaels who came in and hit him with a flying forearm.

Winner: Hulk Hogan via DQ

After the match HBK began to tune up the band but instead of hitting sweet chin music, he clamped Hogan in the sharp shooter and held it in until the show went off the air.


The Good-- Shawn Michael’s promo at the beginning of the show was possibly the best pure heel promo I’ve heard in the WWE in a very, very long time. He worked the crowd well and delivered all of the right lines. The ONE thing I DIDN’T like I’ll get into later.

And this is the last time you’ll probably ever here the Diva Search mentioned in this thread of my column...but congrats to Ashley. The right woman won.

Hulk Hogan didn’t look nearly as bad as I expected him to. HBK will still have his work cut out for him come Sunday though.

The Bad-- I’m really tired of matches on the card that serve no purpose. Big Show squashing the only real tag team on Raw is not only awful booking, it was completely unnecessary and pointless.

It’s amazing how awful WWE creative did with this Cena-Jericho feud. They ran the same exact angle three weeks in a row. The feud was running very well with good buildup until the Connecticut show two weeks ago. Now, we’ve seen the same damn thing three weeks in a row. Carlito shouldn’t be anywhere near this feud. This one lost a lot of steam.

The Ugly-- Rene Dupree gets the punt in his match. Expect him to be on the next list of WWE cuts. They clearly have no real use for him on Raw.

Here’s a shout out to the awful creative crew at WWE. They’re beyond a joke at this time. Usually I get pissed at internet smarks’ “I know better than you’ attitude when it comes to these things, but honestly, I’d pick just about anyone to take their role and assume that they’d do a better role.

Ah and thank you for completely spoiling the Bret Hart involvement at SummerSlam.

Overall: C-- I’m giving this show a C strictly based on the crowd’s reaction to just about everything. I’m surprised, Canadian fans, especially Montreal fans, are usually a little more fickle than that. Tonight stunk. It was more like Heat than a Raw.

Quick Results
Big Show def. The Heartthrobs
Eugene and Rene Dupree went to a no contest
John Cena def. Chris Jericho & Carlito
Edge def. Val Venis
Rob Conway def. The Hurricane
Hulk Hogan def. Kurt Angle

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?
Biggest Pops
1. Bret Hart’s Music
2. Hulk Hogan
3. John Cena
4. Big Show

Most Heat
1. Shawn Michaels
2. Kurt Angle
3. Chris Jericho
4. Edge

Match of the Night: Hulk Hogan v. Kurt Angle *3/4

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (LAST WEEK: WWE Champion)-- A big giant Eh. I just feel like the whole feud is so manufactured and forced for some reason. I WILL give Cena credit though, he’s willing to take any bump to get this feud over, but it’s just not happening in the way I think he or Jericho would’ve hoped for. A giant step to nowhere tonight. This Sunday ought to be interesting.

Intercontinental Champion: Carlito (LAST WEEK: IC Champion)-- As much as I’m tired of seeing him in the same angle week after week, I can appreciate his getting a ton of in ring time. A very old school worker who doesn’t get the credibility he probably deserves, He’ll come along in time. But it’d be nice if he defended his title first.

1.) Shawn Michaels(LAST WEEK: 2)-- HBK is so freaking good as a heel. I’m totally on board with his character. It’s got a shade of the past with a new driving twist. I like it. Probably the best beginning to end show put on by a heel in some time.

2.) Chris Jericho (LAST WEEK: 1)--Nothing great from Jericho tonight. He’s worked the same angle the last three weeks in a row. Did as well as he could with the script given. Jericho won’t be winning anything on Sunday, don’t kid yourself. BUT, it can be a huge opportunity for him to turn his career around. Let’s hope we see the old Chris Jericho on Sunday.

3.) Big Show (LAST WEEK: 3)-- Now that I’ve seen Show on Raw, I have to admit I’m a little surprised to see just HOW over he is with the crowd. WWE doesn’t seem to have anything for him to do, which is sad in a way, depending on the way you look at it. Another win again tonight keeps him in the three position.

4.) Edge (LAST WEEK:4)-- Edge gets yet another win tonight and looks good heading into Summerslam. With Hardy working ROH over the weekends it’s no surprise we didn’t see him tonight. The feud has had good build and I’m sure we’ll get another full month of stuff from these two. Edge deserves credit for this feud. He’s gotten it over very well. He’s every bit a part of it as Hardy.

5.) Eugene (LAST WEEK: 6)-- The medal angle gives him something to do, but he’s about as sure a bet to job to Kurt Angle as they come this Sunday. I do however, expect the Angle match to be the sleeper match of the night. It could steal the show, provided they give it enough time. Dinsmore can go. Mark my words, Angle and Eugene will have an excellent match on Sunday.

6.) Kurt Angle (LAST WEEK: 7)-- Angle did a good job of carrying Hogan for the most part this week. Yes, it seems like he’s floundering at the moment, but with a win on Sunday, he’ll gain some momentum again.

7.) Kane (LAST WEEK: 6)-- Not on TV this week. Nor is the guy even on the Summerslam card. BS

8.) Chris Masters (LAST WEEK: 8)-- Not on TV again this week. Nothing Really going on here.

9.) Shelton Benjamin (LAST WEEK: 9)-- Shelton Benjamin isn’t on the Summerslam card. He carried his weight in the ladder Match at Wrestlemania. He was the Intercontinental Champion for nearly 8 months, AND put on a Match of the Year candidate with Shawn Michaels. That isn’t good enough.

10.) Rob “The Con Man” Conway(Last Week: NR)-- Second win in a row. With No Snitsky, Viscera, Conway sneaks onto the list.

Dropping Out: Snitsky

Summerslam Predictions

WWE Championship
John Cena v. Chris Jericho

This should be decent. Jericho will have to step his game up a level or two and Cena will likely show up. Cena has been VERY good on pay per view this year. An impressive performance at the Royal Rumble, solid matches with Jericho/Christian and Angle at No Way Out, and JBL at Judgement Day, I expect Cena to show up with his lunch box. Cena is a sure fire winner here. Jericho should look at this as an opportunity to turn his career around.
Projected Winner: John Cena via pin fall ***1/4

World Heavyweight Championship— No Holds Barred
Batista v. JBL

I expect this to be FAR better than last month’s match was. I think JBL will carry what should be a sure fire decent brawl. I don’t see it going any longer than 15 minutes and Batista will get the sure fire win here as well, as I don’t see him dropping the belt in his hometown. Here’s to hoping they stick Batista in with a solid worker in the coming months.
Projected Winner: Batista via pin fall **1/2

Shawn Michaels v. Hulk Hogan
Unfortunately, I see this going 20 minutes and possibly closing out the show. I think this will be far more atmospheric than good, so I’m not getting my hopes up TOO much. Low Expectations means I’ll usually be happy with what I see. The winner should be interesting. Shawn Michaels SHOULD win this but with all the Bret Hart crap tonight, I fully expect to see Bret return this Sunday. Hogan will get the cheap win and HBK will go over the edge into heel land.
Projected Winner: Hulk Hogan via pin fall ** MAX on the match, **** on atmosphere

Matt Hardy v. Edge

This should be interesting. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a no dq stipulation and that makes me think we’ll get one more month out of this. I fully expect Hardy to get the pin fall win on Sunday with him returning the favor to Edge next month at Unforgiven. This should be interesting.
Projected Winner: Matt Hardy via pin fall ***1/4

Ladder Match
Eddie Guererro v. Rey Mysterio

This will likely be the match of the night. Story line aside, this will be cool to see. I expect Rey to win again, given the stipulation, but I’m hoping to god that Eddie wins. He needs the win…. Badly. Eddie Hasn’t won a pay per view match since February and hasn’t won a singles match on pay per view since last October. Eddie is due, unfortunately the WWE likely don’t see it that way.
Projected Winner: Rey Mysterio ***3/4

Randy Orton v. The Undertaker II

This will be good again. I don’t expect it to be QUITE as good as their Wrestlemania 21 encounter, but I fully expect it to be decent. Orton hopefully, will get the clean win here. With management becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Batista holding the World Championship, Orton is likely going to be the guy to take it from him. Expect the build to begin here.
Projected Winner: Randy Orton via pin fall **3/4

U.S. Championship
Orlando Jordan v. Chris Benoit

I don’t know how I feel about this match. Last outing was okay but pretty bland. I expect much of the same in a short match. I’m expecting OJ to win this one. Summerslam is a usual heel-fest, so I see him getting another dirty victory.
Projected Winner: Orlando Jordan by pin fall **1/4

Eugene v. Kurt Angle

This has the potential to be the show stealer. This will open the show for sure, IMO. Dinsmore can go and the match should feature a mixture of VERY good technical wrestling with a shade of comedy. Expect Angle to get the win here, but it’ll be a much better match than people are giving it credit for.
Projected Winner: Kurt Angle via Submission ***

Overall it looks like a good card, but could go either way. It’s VERY similar to the way I felt about Wrestlemania 21. Here’s to hoping to another Wrestlemania.

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