RAW Results - 9/26/05 - Waco, TX (Tag Team Tables Match, & more)

Reported by Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 26, 2005 at 11:56 PM EST

WWE Raw Results
September 26, 2005
Live from: Waco, TX
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jonathan Coachman
Reported By: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The opening pyro hit and JR, King, and Coach ran down the card and welcomed us to the show.

Mr. McMahon’s music hit the arena and he came down to the ring.

McMahon said tonight would be a historic night on Raw. He said this would be the last broadcast of Monday Night Raw on Spike TV. He put over the growth of WWE and Spike TV and thanked Spike for being good ‘tag team partners’. He said next week WWE was returning to USA next week. He said we’d see the WWE Champion John Cena defend his title against Eric Bischoff.

All of a sudden, Kurt Angle’s music hit the arena.

McMahon said that this better be good. Angle said he was a little upset over the WWE Championship match next week on Raw and the fact that he wasn’t in the match. Then he started to think and he came out to clarify something. He said as he already knew, he beat John Cena at Unforgiven and he should get first dibs at a WWE title shot. He said whomever won, he should get an automatic crack at the WWE Championship.

McMahon said he probably did deserve another title shot. All of a sudden, Shawn Michael’s music hit the arena and HBK made his way down to the ring.

HBK said he was a little remiss over the fact that Angle is getting all the title shots. He said he won at Unforgiven too and deserved a title match. Angle said the Master Lock cut off the circulation to his brain. He said he forgot that he defeated Cena at Unforgiven and beat HBK tap out at Wrestlemania 21. HBK laughed and said that he remembered Wrestlemania. He asked Kurt Angle is he remembered Vengeance. He said they were even.

Angle said he beat HBK first before McMahon cut them off. McMahon said next week it would be HBK-Angle and would decide the championship question. He said it would be a 30-minute iron man match.

McMahon said he promised to kick off Raw with a championship match and Trish’s music hit the arena.


WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus © v. Victoria

The two stared each other down in the middle of the ring before the two exchanged forearms. Trish gained the advantage briefly before Victoria hit a knee and whipped Trish to the corner. Trish hit a hurricinranna that knocked Victoria out of the ring.

On the outside Victoria assumed the advantage, whipping Trish over the rail. Trish came rebounding off the guardrail however, hitting clothesline on the challenger. Candice and Torrie interfered on the outside but Ashley made the save. Victoria tossed Trish back in the ring and hit a summersault leg drop over the top rope and got a near fall.

Victoria put on a reverse chin lock with a bridge before hitting a huge tilt a whirl slam. She got a two count on the cover. Trish managed to reverse an Irish whip attempt but caught a boot in the corner. She went for the stratosphere but Victoria yanked her up into her lap. The two traded punches before they tumbled off the top rope and to the arena floor.

The two ended back in the ring and they traded blows. Trish regained the advantage hitting a spine buster on Victoria. She got a close two count before Victoria raked her eyes. Trish kicked Victoria and went for the Stratus-faction and scored, but Torrie and Candice jumped in to interfere, causing the DQ.

Winner and STILL WWE Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus

Trish fought off Candice and Victoria before Ashley joined in the fun, taking care of Torrie. Ashley tore off Candice’s garments. Candice realized what had happened and left the ring. The two other ladies covered her up and challenged the two to a bra and panties match next week on the Homecoming.

Big Show was in the back shaking hands with some crewmembers in the back.

Big Show-Snitsky is next!


Street Fight
Big Show v. Snitsky

Snitsky came right for Big Show but got caught in the corner. Eventually Snitsky regain the advantage and downed the Big Show with some clubbing blows. Snitsky piled a full hardware store worth of toys into the ring and began using everything he could. He hit Show with a sign, and followed it up with the trashcan but Show wasn’t phased. He lodged the trashcan in the corner and whipped Snitsky into it.

Show followed up but Snitsky ducked out of the way and Show was sent sailing into the steel can. Snitsky brought another trash can into the ring and attempted to suplex Show onto the garbage can but it was reversed. Big Show grabbed a trash can lid and bonked Snitsky with the lid several times before hitting him with a choke slam.

Big Show went outside the ring and dragged out the kitchen sink from underneath the apron, nailed Snitsky with it, and made the pin fall for the victory.

Winner: Big Show via pin fall

Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair was in the back with Maria. A clip of the Carlito/Masters/ Flair incident was shown. Maria gave Flair a kiss on the cheek and he headed off to the ring.


Flair came out to the stage with a mic.

He said it was no secret that he’s been jumped from behind more times then he could count. He said he always came back and always got even. He said that back in the day, it was the Four Horseman. Nowadays he said it just took one. He went to the back and brought out a sledgehammer. He said next week at WWE homecoming, he’d get even. He said it’d be the return of Triple H, whom he called the greatest Wrestler alive today. He pointed to the screen and a video of Triple H’s career highlights aired.

Eric Bischoff was in the back on his cell phone. John Cena walked in and yanked the phone out of his hand. He said next week, at the Homecoming, Cena made fun of him and said he knew about him, that he was a ninja in four states. He said that next week he told him he better bring all of his martial arts stuff because it would be him v. John Cena next week. He said he was going to take a picture of Bischoff’s face with the cell phone saying that it would be the last time he’d be able to look that good.


Shelton Benjamin v. Kerwin White

Kerwin was flap jacked right off the bat. Kerwin eventually reversed the oncoming Benjamin and landed a few stomps. He choked out Benjamin with a golf towel before hitting a snap mare and an arm bar. Shelton came back with some elbows and some punches. Shelton whipped White off the ropes and hit a huge back body drop. He came after White and got flipped over the top but Benji caught the top rope and skinned the cat. He whipped White into the corner and went for the stinger splash but White avoided him.

Shelton his his flying lariat which knocked White to the outside. Shelton went to suplex White back into the ring but Chavo reversed it on him and fell on him for the pin fall.

Winner: Kerwin White via pin fall

After the match Benjamin flipped out and went after White. His new caddy came to the rescue, hitting Benjamin with a nine iron.


Edge and Lita were in the ring and a ladder was set up. Lita said that Hardy proved nothing by giving her a twist of fate and that he was a loser and couldn’t move on with his life. Lita said her and Edge were moving on. Edge said the man who doesn’t grab the case will lose everything. He said he would be a career killer next week and there would be no more whining and bitching on the internet. Edge said he thrived in do or die situations. He called Hardy a loser and nothing but an underachiever. He said every opportunity that Hardy had he blew.

Edge was on the ladder at this point and out of nowhere, Hardy showed up and teased tipping Edge off the ladder. Hardy eventually knocked the ladder over with Edge taking a big fall, with his leg clipping the top rope. Hardy celebrated while walking up the ramp.

Bischoff was in the back with Smackdown! General Manager Teddy Long. Vince McMahon walked into the room and asked Long why he was there. Long said he wanted to be a part of WWE Homecoming next week. McMahon said he’d love to see some of Raw’s old superstars back on a Raw show. He told Long to put together a match and announce it for Friday Night on Smackdown. Long had no problem with it and left the room. Bischoff asked Vince if he’d re-thought his decision to have him face John Cena next week. McMahon put over Bischoff as the man who brought the WWE to it’s knees during the Monday night wars and said he was as resourceful now as he was then. Bischoff seemed very pumped up after McMahon’s pep talk.


Val Venis & Viscera v. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

The match was a quick one. Viscera hit his big splash almost immediately on Murdoch and Val Venis followed up with the money shot. As Venis tried to make the pin fall, Cade darted into the ring and yanked the referees arm, prompting a weird disqualification.

Winners: Val Venis & Viscera via DQ

Carlito was in the back with Chris Masters. Masters asked him to speak in English. Carlito said he was afraid of what would happen to him in a tables match.


Rob Conway v. Eugene

The two circled up and locked up in the middle of the ring. Conway snared Eugene in a headlock before Eugene whipped him into the ropes. Conway hit a shoulder block before strutting around a bit. Eugene sneaked up on Conway and got an airplane spin and an atomic drop. Conway went right after Eugene but Eugene crawled through his legs and bit him in the rear end.

Eugene picked up Conway’s sunglasses and put them on and Conway had a bird. He struck Eugene from behind and stomped away at him in the corner. Conway sent Eugene off the ropes and hit him with a back elbow and did a Scott Steiner like elbow drop and got a two count on the cover. Conway mounted Eugene and landed some punches before clamping on a rear chin lock.

Conway let up on the hold and rammed Eugene’s head into the buckle but Eugene hulked up. He landed some punches and floored Conway with the right hand. He went for the Rock bottom but Conway fought out of it. Eugene hit a spine buster and a people’s elbow for a near fall.

Eugene belted out a Hacksaw Jim Duggan “Hoooo” and got in the three point stance, but Conway picked up the HBK stuffed animal that Eugene carried to the ring and ripped off it’s head, stopping Eugene. Conway hit some punches and the ego trip for the three count and the victory.

Winner: Rob Conway via pin fall

The Smackdown rebound aired recapping the recent going ons between Eddie Guererro and World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.


Tables Match
Carlito & Chris Masters v. John Cena & Shawn Michaels

Bedlam broke out early with Cena working over Carlito and tossing him out of the ring. HBK chopped away at Masters on the inside. Masters gained the advantage in the ring, slamming HBK’s head into the turnbuckle. HBK reversed and chopped away at Masters some more.

Cena got Carlito back in the ring and hit a big side slam and HBK followed up with an elbow after ejecting Masters from the ring. Cena went after Masters on the outside and HBK worked over Carlito. Cena choked Masters with his shirt. Carlito gained the advantage on HBK and came out to deliver some clubbing blows to the back.

Carlito brought out the first table and set it up on the outside. They went back to work on the face team with Carlito fighting Cena on the outside and Masters working over HBK on the inside. Carlito attempted to suplex Cena through the table but failed and Cena sent him careening into the ring apron.

Meanwhile, in the ring, HBK was being dominated but countered with a flying forearm. He tuned up the band for Masters but Masters took off outside the ring. Michaels went for Carlito who was in the corner, but Carlito ducked and the kick hit referee who hit the table on the way down, but didn’t totally break it. Cena and HBK looked confused as we went to commercial.


Cena whipped Masters into the corner and he hit his arm drag take down. He picked up Masters for the FU but Masters countered into the Master Lock. HBK broke up the hold but Carlito hit a DDT. Carlito and Masters stomped away at Cena and HBK in the same corner.

Eventually Masters ended up on the outside with Cena and Carlito in the ring with HBK. Carlito landed some punches to the had and Masters whipped Cena into the ring steps on the outside. Carlito and Masters double-teamed HBK, slamming him into the ring apron. Masters brought HBK back into the ring and hit him with a military press slam. Cena took out Carlito in the ringside area.
Masters went for another military press but HBK sneaked out of the move and raked his eyes. Carlito gained the advantage on the outside and Masters eventually joined him.

He tossed Cena into the ring and hit a big scoop slam and set up a table in the corner. Carlito and Masters worked over Cena. Masters hit a standing vertical suplex while Carlito set up the table in the corner. Both men choked Cena on the mat before they whipped him at the tables. HBK speared Cena between the heels and the table to keep the match alive. The two gained momentum and the two went to town on the bad guys. HBK hit his inverted atomic drop and Cena hit his running bulldog.

Both hit the mount position in the corner and landed their ten punches before whipping both into each other. Both slammed Carlito and Masters and set up for a double five-knuckle shuffle. Cena hit the FU and HBK flew over the top rope at Carlito.

Cena set the table up in the ring with Carlito making his way back into the ring. Kurt Angle and Eric Bischoff made their way down and interfered just as Cena had Masters on the table. HBK scaled the top rope to try and make the save but Angle shoved him off and HBK went through the table on the outside of the ring.

Winners: Chris Masters & Carlito

After the match Cena went for the FU on Angle but Bischoff hit a low blow and Angle hit a huge Angle Slam on Cena through the table. Bischoff and Angle. Angle and Bischoff taunted Cena before Angle handed the WWE Championship to Eric Bischoff. Bischoff posed with the belt and held it in the air. Bischoff stared at the WWE title as we went off the air on Spike TV for the last time.


The Good-- Despite the main event match being VERY bland, the ending angle played off about as well as it could have. It screamed of the attitude era as the show went off the air on Spike TV for good.

Oh and by the way, good riddance Spike TV. Hopefully, now that Raw is back on USA, we’ll get something halfway interesting to watch.

I did however, like Edge’s mic work believe it or not. He’s coming along and so is his time at the top. If there was a time to take the risk on an Edge title reign, it’s now.

The Bad-- How bland was Raw tonight? There just wasn’t anything on there that I could’ve given a crap about. Every segment minus the last three minutes of the show and possibly the Conway-Eugene match, I was asleep for. Ah yes, and I won’t forget to give the ladies their props. Good show tonight.

The Ugly-- Just the thought of Eric Bischoff winning the WWE Championship.

Overall-C- Just not an interesting show on any level. It was just ironic how tonight’s show symbolized for me, WWE’s entire time on Spike TV. Average and Bland. Raw tonight gets a great big “who gives a “…. Yeah.

Quick Results
Trish Stratus def. Victoria
Big Show def. Snitsky
Kerwin White def. Shelton Benjamin
Venis & Viscera def. Cade & Murdoch
Rob Conway def. Eugene
Carlito and Chris Masters def. John Cena and Shawn Michaels

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. John Cena
2. Mr. McMahon
3. Big Show
4. Shawn Michaels

Most Heat
1. Eric Bischoff
2. Edge
3. Kurt Angle
4. Kerwin White

Match of the Night: Tag Team Tables Match *

Power Rankings

WWE Champion: John Cena (LAST WEEK: WWE Champion)-- Cena was Cena this week. He flew through a table and to be honest, I’m dreading the thought of him NOT being champion next week. It seems like a very real possibility especially given the reports from various news sources. It just comes down to whether or not McMahon has the nuts to put the belt on the guy whom he probably hated more than anyone in the world. I’m hoping McMahon still hates Bischoff.

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair (LAST WEEK: IC Champion)-- Another very quiet night for Flair. He was there to put over the return of Triple H and that’s it.

1.) Kurt Angle (LAST WEEK: 1)--Did very little this week other then toss Cena through a table. I can’t WAIT for the iron man match next week though.

2.) Shawn Michaels (LAST WEEK: 2)--Michaels is still strong at #2 despite losing tonight. The match with Angle next week is guaranteed to be good. I’m almost wondering if they’re flirting with the idea of a triple threat for Taboo Tuesday involving HBK. I still am going with Edge here, but it’s food for thought.

3.) Big Show (LAST WEEK: 4)-- Show has been swirling around the top of the card for a good long time now. An HBK loss puts Show firmly in position for a title shot. He’s over and it’s been a good long while since he lost. He’s the new heel champion’s first challenger.

4.) Edge (LAST WEEK:3)-- Drops down an eyelash by looking worse than Hardy tonight. Good mic work tonight though and I think after next week, he sets his sights on the title. Again, if there ever was a time to experiment with Edge as the WWE Champion, it’s now.

5.) Matt Hardy(LAST WEEK: 5)-- Doesn’t budge. I think Hardy’s on his way to the blue brand after next week. If tonight wasn’t confirmation of that, I don’t know what is.

6.) Chris Masters(LAST WEEK: 6)-- Masters gets a win back this week, but to no credit of his own. Masters has really shown improvement week to week and it’s really worth noting. He performed well tonight I felt.

7.) Carlito (LAST WEEK: 7) -- Carlito stays in neutral as well. Gets a win tonight, but really doesn’t do much of anything. No real direction.

8.) Rob Conway (LAST WEEK: 9-- I don’t know if I was the only one, but I absolutely loved his match with Eugene tonight. Conway’s character is slowly but surely catching on and he’s trying different things. He’ll be where he needs to be for now. Another big win. I’d put him in line for a title shot at Flair’s Intercontinental Championship within the next few weeks.

9.) Kerwin White (LAST WEEK: NR)-- White gets a win this week. That’s about it. What’s the point of his feud with Shelton again?

10.) Shelton Benjamin (LAST WEEK: 10)-- Shelton loses to White this week. Hey, where was Shelton Benjamin when they were handing out personality?

Dropping Out: Snitsky (LAST WEEK: 9)

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