6/25 RAW Results: Three hour Benoit Tribute Show; Wrestlers speak

Reported by Tom Van Stone of WrestleView.com
On Monday, June 25, 2007 at 11:26 PM EST

CHris Benoit 1967 - 2007

The show opens to a wide angle shot of an empty American Bank Center in Corpus Christy, Texas. Vince McMahon, abandoning his storylined death, stood alone in the ring and delivered the following message:

"Good evening. Tonight this arena here in Corpus Christi, Texas would have been filled to capacity with enthousiatic WWE fans. Tonight's storyline was to have been the alleged demise of my character, Mr. McMahon. However, in reality, WWE superstar Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel are dead. Their bodies were discovered this afternoon in their new, suburban, Atlanta home. The athourities are undergoing an investigation. We here in the WWE can only offer our condolences to the extended family of Chris Bennoit. And the only other thing we can do at this moment is, tonight, pay tribute to Chris Benoit. We will offer you some of the most memorable moments in Chris' professional life and you will hear, tonight, comments from his peers - those here, his fellow performers - those here, who loved Chris and admired him so much. So tonight will be a three hour tribute to one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. Tonight, we pay tribute to Chris Benoit."

A short encapsulation of Benoit's career aired to the song "One Thing" by Finger Eleven.

- Commercial break -

RAW returned to footage from Chris Benoit's WWE produced autobiographical DVD.

Back in the empty American Bank Center are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler speaking about some of Chris' greatest professional moments. They lead us into footage of Benoit's win at the Royal Rumble in 2004.

Stone Cold Steve Austin pays his respects to Chris Benoit in a studio-shot segment.

- Commercial break -

More footage from the Chris Benoit DVD. Chris and friends talk about how, as young men, they hung around the local wrestling scene and eventually got to meet Chris' idol, Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington.

Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield speak about Chris' dedication to his family, his proper upbringing of his children and his overall respect for those around him.

John speaks about Chris Benoit.

- Commercial break -

Back from commercial, we see more footage from Chris' DVD. This time, he speaks about his time in ECW.

Joey Styles and Tazz share their thoughts on Benoit's arrival to ECW in 1994.

Styles and Tazz lead us into Benoit's final televised match ever - last week on ECW on SciFi against Elijah Burke.

CM Punk gives his thoughts on Chris Benoit.

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9:00 hour mark. Recap of Vince's intro to tonight's show.

JR and Jerry Lawler speak again about Chris' competitiveness. They introduce us to a match between Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit from WCW Hogwild in 1996.

- Commercial break -

JR and Lawler bring us back from commercial and return us to the completion of Malenko cs. Benoit at Hog Wild 96.

Dean Malenko shares his thoughts on his best friend in the wrestling business.

- Commercial break -

JBL and Cole speak to Benoit's strengths as a wrestler. While he may not have been the "best talker" according to JBL, he was phenominal in the ring. Cole mentions how fans gave Benoit standing ovations whether he won or lost. We then see the last half a cage match between Benoit and WWE US Champion JBL on SmackDown in April 2006.

Stephanie McMahon gives her thoughts on Chris Benoit. She talks about Chris' genuine excitement for her and Triple H, Paul Levesque, on their marriage and new child.

- Commerical break -

Chavo Guerrero gives his thoughts on Chris Benoit.

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Joey Styles and Tazz remember Chris Benoit's history in Japan as the Pegasus Kid. They take us to a match between Pegasus Kid, Chris Benoit, versus Jushin "Thunder" Liger in Japan from the early 1990's

William Regal shares his thoughts on Chris Benoit.

- Commercial break -

Replay of Vince's speech at the 10:00pm mark.

JR and Lawler greet the audience and set up some more footage from Benoit's DVD where he talks about how he patterned his moveset of The Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington.

Lawler and JR set up a recap of Benoit and Jericho's amazing ladder match at the Royal Rumble 2001 for the Intercontinental Title.

Lawler and JR speak again about Benoit's dedication to the wrestling business.

- Commercial break -

Edge gives his thoughts on Chris Benoit.

- Commercial break -

JBL and Cole welcome us back with more words on Benoit's leadership and professionalism backstage.

A somber tribute promo airs with more photos from Benoit's life.

- Commercial break -

Triple H gives his thoughts on Chris Benoit.

JR and Jerry Lawler set up the footage of Benoit's title win at Wrestlemania 20 with a few last words about the key theme of tonight's broadcast and a key theme in Benoit's life. One word. Respect.

Two commercial breaks later and just before the end of the match, JR and King say a few last words about Benoit.

We close the show with the conclusion of Benoit's colossal win over Shawn Michaels and Triple H at Wrestlemania 20 for the World Heavyweight Championship and the emotional post-match celebration with the late Eddie Guerrero.