Full WWE SmackDown Results - 12/04/03 - San Jose, California

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, December 5, 2003 at 2:38 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results
San Jose, California
Commentators: Pencil Neck Geek & Orange Crush (Cole & Tazz)
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com


  • Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty defeated The Basham Brothers in a non-title affair.

  • The Big Show squashed Shannon Moore.

  • Jamie Noble defeated Sakoda.

  • Chris Benoit defeated John Cena to become #1 contender for the WWE title.

  • Chavo Guerrero defeated Shelton Benjamin.

  • Brock Lesnar defeated Chris Benoit to retain the WWE championship.


    Smackdown opened with a recap of last week's battleroyale, and the subsequent matchup tonight for the title shot. A Tale of the tape for Benoit and Cena is shown.

    The WWE champion comes out. He tells the crowd to continue to yell, "You Tapped Out", because Lesnar claIms that after tonight, nobody will be able to say that, again. He proclaims himself the greatest WWE champion of all time, thinks Benoit and Cena are both scared of him, and he proclaimed quite intensely that "Brock Lesnar will make someone tap out."


    Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty are in the ring setting up for their non-title affair against the WWE Tag Team title holders, Doug and Danny Basham. Danny attacks Rikishi from behind to start the match, but is rewarded for his efforts with 350 pounds of the Big Kish landing right on his face. Rikishi & Scotty maintain control until Shaniqua decides to exert her influence in the matchup. The Bashams try their patented talent switch when RIkishi is about to execute the stinkface, but this time, it backfires, as Rikishi gets the 3 count with a a samoan drop.

    A timeline of Hardcore Holly vs. Brock Lesnar, that particular feud, is shown.

    Dawn Marie is in Paul Heyman's office, applying for a job. Heyman claims he doesn't 'do the help,' However, he makes Dawn assist him in communicating two specific mantras for the next few moments. Hardcore Holly's suspension remains in tact, and Shannon Moore is to be prepared to come to the ring at Heyman's request, next.


    Happy Heyman is in the ring, flanked by Scooby and Scrappy Doo, alias Nathan Jones & Matt Morgan. He describes the action the past few weeks for these two superstars, and how both men have basically destroyed one superstar, who continues to get up and come back for moore. Shannon Moore. Out comes the former MFer. Heyman says he wants Moore to be a part of Smackdown, and is offering him another big opportunity. A match with the Big Show.

    Show dominates Moore, minimal offense from Shannon, but an absolute walk over match for the Big Show, picking up the win with the chokeslam.


    Jamie Noble & Nidia are in the back arguing about whether or not Nidia, who's eyesight has not restored yet, should accompany Noble to ringside for his upcoming match with Sakoda. Noble says that because of Nidia's frailty with her condition, he has lost the last two weeks because he was distracted with her safety. Noble claims that if he loses to Sakoda tonight, he may never get another WWE cruiserweight championship shot. As Nidia agrees to listen to Jamie, Noble changes his mind, says he has another idea, and we go to the ring where Sakoda is coming in to the arena dressed for battle. Noble comes out with Nidia and the match is underway.

    Noble is decidingly trying to end the match quickly, going for multiple covers. Noble works on Sakoda's arm, until Sakoda gains momentum with a huge clothesline leg sweep combination move on Jamie Noble. Noble gets the victory in this match by literally using Nidia as a shield, throwing her in to the ring, and then in to Sakoda, rolling up Sakoda for the victory. To add the icing to the cake, Noble lies to Nidia, claiming that one of Tajiri's men attacked her, and he managed to fight them off, and get the victory.

    Cole & Tazz are visibly upset about the turn of events involving Jamie Noble, and then they describe the scenario from the battleroyale last week. After reviewing the tape, both Cole & Tazz claim that it was an absolute dead heat. Cena is in the back, beginning a freestyle, giving Benoit some credit, but Benoit comes in to the interview area, and a very intense staredown happens as Smackdown hits a break.


    John Cena comes out, gives a great freestyle, continuing his face turn, putting over the Wolverine in the rap in a big way. Benoit comes out, and the matchup is underway. Again, like in the Noble match, both men are desperate to get this match over early, with a tremendous amount of attempted pinfalls. Cena hits an absolutely beautiful delayed vertical suplex, looked like an exact British Bulldog original. Cena hits his '5 knuckle shuffle' fist drop on the Wolverine. The intensity was off the chart for this entire match. Cena goes for a move with his patented "You can't see me" taunt, but is rewarded for his volume with a set of german suplexes by Chris Benoit. Benoit goes for the headbutt off the top rope, but missed.

    Cena and Benoit get to their feet, Cena sets up for the FU, and hits it. Benoit is close to the ropes as Cena covers for the apparent three count. However, Brian Hebner comes to the ring, a fellow referee, after Benoit begins screaming about how his foot was under the rope after the FU. Hebner shows Nick Patrick the referee, and the decision is made to restart the match, because the replay is obvious that Benoit's foot is clearly under the rope.


    Benoit hits a northern lights suplex following the break which does a number on Cena's right arm. He continues to sell the problems of that arm for the remainder of the match. A Throwback, a modified FU, and multiple more covers by Cena could not keep the Wolverine down. However, the Wolverine was not able to finish off the Doctor of Thugonomics quite so easily as well. It took the US champion coming to the ring to distract Cena to give Benoit the chance to slap the cross face on Cena for the tap out victory.


    Los Guerreros are in the back, and Chavo continues to yell at Eddie for not being a team player, for not responding quickly enough when Benjamin attacked his knee last week. Eddie tried to understand the situation, but continued to say he was coming to ringside to protect his nephew's back. Chavo gets angrier and angrier, and demands Eddie stay back, that Chavo will get his revenge against Benjamin, alone.

    The World's Greatest Tag Team come out preparing for the next matchup, when Chavo hits the ring, wihout Latino Heat, we think. Soon after Chavo's arrival, Eddie comes out in a low rider, and sets up shop on the outside, with a hat of YJ Stingers and a lawn chair. Chavo is distracted by Uncle Eddie as the match starts. Back and forth action dominates this contest until Chavo lands roughly on his knee. Benjamin beins dissecting Chavo's injured knee until Chavo is able to hit a tornado DDT. Haas hits the apron following that move, Eddie jumps, frog splashes Benjamin, allowing Chavo to come up in the end and pick up the pinfall victory.

    Chavo is really upset with Eddie for coming to ringside, and doesn't want to ride with him anymore. He walks away screaming that Eddie doesn't even let him drive the low rider.


    A special musical performance is scheduled for next week featuring Sable and The Cat. Somebody call my momma!!

    A piece describing the history of the WWE champion, Brock Lesnar is shown, illustrating his victims, and laying claim to the notion that he very well could be one of the greatest WWE champs of all time.

    Benoit is in the interview area, giving Lesnar a huge pop in credit, but he reminds Brock of what happened at Survivor Series, which is shown on replay, as Brock taps out to Benoit's crossface.


    The FBI are in the locker room, holding bets for the title match. A Train comes up out of nowhere, and forks over 10 grand, picking Benoit to win the match.

    Lesnar hits the ring for the first Smackdown televised WWE title defense in 3 months, not since the Iron Man Match vs. Kurt Angle was the WWE title defended on Smackdown.

    Benoit out, and the match starts quick. The intensity continues to be thick enough that it could be cut with a knife. Some back and forth action, Lesnar knocks Benoit out of the ring temporarily, tries to slap on the crossface on the outside, but Lesnar squirms his way out of danger.

    The onslaught by Benoit was brief because Lesnar got his momentum to cease with a hotshot on the ropes. Lesnar then executes a delayed perfectplex (cradle suplex). Some more back and forth action, Benoit got knocked outside, allowing Lesnar to military press Benoit, dropping the wolverine on the announce table, head first.

    Lesnar is trying to make Benoit tap out. A speed exchange between both athletes is transitioned in to a nice powerslam by the champion for a 2 count, as Smackdown goes to black. Before commercial, it's noted that there is some blood coming out of Lesnar's nose.


    Lesnar has a body scissors and a rear naked choke on Benoit, desperate to try and make Benoit tap out. Brock throws Benoit out of the ring, and in to the steel steps. Benoit reverses the issue, and beats Lesnar down outside the ring, whipping the champion in to the steps as well, to return the favor from eariler.

    Lesnar misses a charge in to the turnbuckle, which leads Benoit to hitting his triple german suplex. A shoulder block as well, then the top rope headbutt is hit for a 2 count. Benoit is getting visibly frustrated. He tries repeatedly to nail the crossface in on the champion, to no avail.

    As Benoit manages to get the crossface locked in, Lesnar's legs hit the referee in the side of the head. Lesnar taps out to the crossface with no referee to count the victory. Benoit checks the referee, and gets an F5 for his effort. Lesnar crawls to the prone Benoit, but gets only a 2 count.

    The ref is still out, a chair is introduced to the ring, and Lesnar cold cocks Benoit's knee with it. He then throws it out of the ring, hits the deck as the ref comes to. Lesnar then implements a very unique leglace submission hold that is impossible to describe the torque put on Benoit's knee. Benoit never tapped out, but he did pass out from the pain of the hold. Lesnar is declared the victor due to Benoit's loss of consciousness.

    Lesnar goes slightly nuts, putting an unconscious Benoit in the crossface, and then mocking Benoit tapping out, laughing his head off as Smackdown goes off the air.


    Another week of Smackdown without the McMahons. I have to say, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Heyman is settling in beautifully to the role as GM, and the talent is beginning to show its colors properly throughout the roster. Benoit is a true horse, a master of his craft, and damn well better be the WWE champion, sooner rather than later. Cena is, by far and away, the future of this company, and in this reporter's opinion, has a higher potential than Lesnar even does.

    I am sick of the Basham brothers. Hopefully, their loss tonight leads to a quick departure of that tag team as champion. Not deserving. Smackdown's version of 'La Resistance'. 'Nuff said.

    Dawn Marie is an absolute bomb. Atomic style bomb. I'd have her stamp my mail, any time, any place, any where.

    Jones and Morgan need to team up, and start beating people up, instead of being Heyman's lunkies. As a tag team, potential exists. As Heyman's flunkies, it's over, quickly.

    Is Noble nuts? Where's this blind angle going? Noble basically throws Nidia around like a rag doll to win a match against a guy nobody knows a thing about. Tell me the value of this? Where did Mysterio disappear to?? Why isn't Ultimo getting some airplay in the cruiserweight division? Hell, is Kidman still hurt, or recovering from his honeymoon with Torrie? Come on, the cruiserweights used to rock, now they just plain suck.

    You can't tell me anything negative about Cena. Cause I'll dispute you to the end, and until there is no breath left in my body.

    Haas and Benjamin. Talk about a team in absolute nowheres ville. Can Smackdown figure out whether or not to make these guys faces or heels?? They're just nowhere, and they seem to have company now, that being Eddie and Chavo, Los Guerreros. If we're going to break up the family, can we do it please?? This has been the absolute longest teased heel turn I have ever seen, and frankly, it's not enjoyable anymore. TURN, ALREADY, CHAVO. Eddie will kill you.

    What is A Train doing putting 10 g's on Benoit?? Benoit going to get a new partner, and go back in to obscurity? God, I hope not.

    The FBI on Smackdown. A miracle happens. Now, if they could only wrestle! A viable tag team in a vignette only. *sigh*

    Lesnar is a incredible athlete, has a tremendous amount of talent and potential, but he just pisses me off every time he comes to the ring. Not because he is a 'heel', and I'm supposd to hate him, but because he acts like a primadonna, and I can't stand those types of champions. Whatever happened to the monster that Lesnar was supposed to be? No complaints, no remorse, no questions, just bodies hitting the floor, hard as hell? What happened to that Brock Lesnar?? I wish to God I knew.

    Don't get me wrong, guys, this week's show was enjoyable. It was, in my opinion. But, I think a lot can be done to make Smackdown even more enjoyable to watch, week in, week out. They have done the first right thing, leaving Vince off. Keep it up. And let's keep restoring Smackdown to the heights we know it can attain.

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