Full WWE SmackDown Results - 12/11/03 - San Diego, California

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, December 12, 2003 at 3:11 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results
Live from: San Diego, California
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com

A new Format to try ladies and gentlemen: Let's see how you like it.

Smackdown opens with Heyman saying Benoit will never get another title shot as long as he remains General Manager of Smackdown. He plans on Smackdown being built around Brock Lesnar. Lesnar comes out, demands respect, puts people down, like always, bringing out the hometown boy, Rey Mysterio. Mysterio challenges Lesnar to a match, to which Lesnar snarls ok. Lesnar agrees that if Mysterio wins tonight's non title affair, he would get a title shot next week on Smackdown.


Match #1 - Rhyno vs. Bradshaw

A rematch from a recent Velocity. It seemed to be a velocity responsed match, as the crowd was not in this match whatsoever. A Last call from the 2nd rope was the only highlight of the entire match. Bradshaw hit a superplex, stunning both of them briefly. As he begins to float over for a cover, Rhyno hooks him in a small package for the victory.


Heyman is in the back yelling at A Train for betting on Benoit last week. He claims to have taken care of Nathan Jones already, and that Lesnar took Train's actions last week personally. In order to fix his status on team Lesnar, Train's got a match next, with Shannon Moore. Morgan tells Train there's a lot of money on the line in this match, don't blow it.


The FBI is taking bets in the back. The Bashams put $1,000 on themselves for their match next week for the tag team titles against Rikishi and Scotty. Morgan plops down a huge wad of cash on A Train after finding out that the odds on the match are 10 - 1 in A Train's favor.

Match #2 - A Train vs. Shannon Moore

During the match, it's noted that Nathan Jones was homesick during the overseas tour recently, and decided to stay home in Australia. Train destroys Moore throughout this match, goes for the derailer, but Moore slides down, grabs a set of trunks, and gets the surprise dupe in this contest.


Morgan and Big Show come out after the match seemingly to put Moore into the hospital. They set up Moore for Train to nail him, but instead, Morgan boots Train in the face, and Show chokeslams A Train almost through the mat. Obviously, someone lost some money in this deal.

The Cat is next.


A promo of the recent Passport to Smackdown tour overseas last week was shown.

The Cat comes out, demanding to dance, and wants to go with Sable. Sable comes out, teases the crowd about her dancing, and says the only person she will dance for is Vince McMahon. Cat grabs Sable, kisses her, and proceeds to go ballistic, stripping down to his boxer shorts. Sable looks geniunely pissed off as she storms out of the ring.

The Guerreros tease the breakup again, Chavo telling Eddie not to steal the spotlight, Eddie saying he's gonna steal a victory, and that he likes Chavo as nasty as he's been recently.


Match #3 - Los Guerreros vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

It was reported on Wrestleview that something transpired between Charlie Haas and Eddie Guerrero. Something did happen, according to how sloppy this match was. Nothing was executed properly, outside of the kick combo on Chavo just before the end of the match, a sick sound on Chavo's skull with Shelton's boot. Eddie steals the victory with an air filter to the head on Shelton Benjamin.


A piece is shown on the collaboration of the WWE and the USO setting up a WWE performance in Iraq and Kuwait for the entertainment of our troops.

BATTLE RAP: Big Show vs. John Cena

Show comes out in a Black Sox jersey, and tries to battle rap Cena. For being a graceless giant, Show doesn't do too bad. Nothing really to note, however. Cena, though, calls Show a 500 pound walking tub of , low blows Show and splits, obviously, to a huge pop.


A piece is shown of last week's highlights between Benoit and Lesnar.

Benoit does a promo saying his dreams will not die and he will one day become the WWE champion.

A tale of the tape for the main event is shown.


MAIN EVENT: Non title
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio

NOTE: I made a mistake when I initially posted this result, and I was corrected by one of the readers. He told me that Mysterio had a tremendous amount of offense during the match, and managed to tick off Lesnar pretty badly. Mysterio did end up tapping to the Brock lock, (nice name), prior to Holly coming out. I appreciate the correction, and apologize for my error. In a small defense, it was the middle of the night when I wrote this.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar


It is inherently obvious of one thing. Typing a column at 3 in the morning is not easy to do. This is my third attempt to write the column, and if I don't succeed here, Nemer is liable to put me in a straight jacket, literally.

Heyman needs a Co-GM. To stop Benoit here and now from getting more shots on Smackdown is a waste of a good feud. Heyman needs to have someone there to help out the babyfaces of the world of Smackdown.

Is it me, or was Sable really pissed?? She looked mad as hell after what Cat did. Cat ain't gonna be around much longer if he pulls these antics.

Haas and Eddie definitely had a problem this week. It was by far the sloppiest tag match I have seen TWGTT and Los Guerreros perform. I won't mention Chavo's heel turn, because obviously, he ain't gonna. He's just gonna be a jerk from day one.

No Vince, good work. Thank you very much.

Could Bradshaw and Rhyno get less of a reaction? I mean, you could hear a pin drop in the entire arena. Sad, Bradshaw I happen to like, a lot.

What's the purpose of putting Rey in a squash with Lesnar, outside of his being home. It doesn't propel his status in the rankings losing and getting clobbred like he did. When are we gonna see Holly actually wrestle, or is he still that hurt that the WWE is gonna continue to see this suspension angle?

Did Noble, Tajiri, Nidia and the henchmen get fired?? They sort of disappeared.

I don't like the Shannon Moore punishment angle anymore. I am glad to see he steal a win, but it's over there, ok? Please.

My fingers are starting to play tricks with me, so let me go. I'll talk to anyone who wants to talk. Email me here.


Be sure to check out the forum. I will post that later today. If I can, I will add the link here, but please check it out. It'll be there later for everyone to rant and rave.

Till then...

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