Full WWE Smackdown Results - 12/18/03 - Jacksonville, FLA.

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, December 18, 2003 at 11:17 PM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
Live from Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.


The Big Show defeated Orlando Jordan.

The Basham Brothers defeated Los Guerreros, Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty, and the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team in a fatal four way match to retain the WWE Tag Team championship.

Rey Mysterio defeated Jamie Noble to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight championship.

Chris Benoit defeated Chuck Palumbo.

Faarooq defeated Rhyno by DQ.

Brock Lesnar defeated Shannon Moore to retain the WWE Championship.

Hardcore Holly & Shannon Moore defeated Matt Morgan & The A Train.


Smackdown opens with highlights from last week, and the effort put out by Rey Mysterio in the main event vs. the WWE Champion. It is also shown how the champion met up with a superstar bent on revenge who interfered in that matchup, Hardcore Holly.

They promo the tag team title match, originally announced as the Bashams vs. Scotty & Rikishi, it is now a fatal four way with the Guerreros and Haas & Benjamin also involved.

John Cena comes out and does a very explicit, almost adult content rap about the holiday season, and, well, I can't go further. A promo for next week's show is done, the show to eminate from Iraq for the US Armed Forces. One of the matches for that show will be John Cena vs. the US Champion, the Big Show. Show comes out for the opening contest against Orlando Jordan.

Jordan gets some decent offense in after getting the jump on the giant. Cena puts over Jordan's development, as to how good will be someday. Show hits his usual spots, including this variation of the final cut I guess they're calling the HOG LOG, (I can't go further with that.) Show wins the opening contest following a chokeslam of Jordan. Jordan tries to and successfully blocks the first chokeslam attempt, but Show was and is just too powerful.

Hardcore Holly is walking in the building, and he is told by security he's got to go. Someone /* from the back says that he is Heyman's special guest, and for the security detail to take him to his room. Holly follows the security detail, reluctantly.


The A Train is in the ring. He is soon to be joined by Team Lesnar, the champion, Matt Morgan, and GM Paul Heyman. Lesnar wants to know what happened last week against Shannon Moore. Morgan says that Train lost a lot of Team Lesnar's money. Highlights are now shown of Moore's upset victory of the Train last week on Smackdown. Train gets right in Lesnar's face, teasing a major face turn, and apologizes for his misdeeds over the past two weeks. Going back to betting on Benoit to losing to Moore, he apologized for. Heyman sees a way to make things right. He is forced to lift Hardcore Holly's suspension at the behest of the WWE Board of Directors, however, tonight, Heyman sets up an all or nothing tag team match, Morgan and Train vs. Bob Holly and Shannon Moore. If Holly's team wins, Holly is reinstated permanently, and gets a title shot vs. Brock Lesnar. If Morgan and Train win, Holly is fired.


Los Guerreros come out for the fatal four way WWE Tag Team Championship matchup. During the introductions, it is mentioned by Cole & Tazz that there were some backstage antics after the show involving the Guerreros and the World's Greatest Tag Team. Also, highlights of the non-title win 2 weeks ago for Rikishi and Scotty are shown.

The match was terrific. Extremely high intensity and high levels of action. Too many tags to mention or attempt to describe. Here are some of the highlights of the matchup. Rikishi double suplexing the Guerreros, Haas surprisingly stopping Rikishi from stinkfacing the Guerreros. Next, the tag champs were set up for the stinkface. The fans screamed for Rikishi, Eddie & Chavo complied, and Rikishi began to raise the roof. Haas & Benjamin stopped Rikishi, looked around, saw what was about to happen, and said, go ahead! So, Rikishi stinkfaced both of the tag team champions, causing everybody to laugh for a moment, before Eddie and Chavo threw Haas and Benjamin out of the ring. Shaniqua on the outside is screaming at the Bashams as the show goes to break.


After the commercial, Scotty Too Hotty takes a blind tag from one of the Basham Brothers, and ends up taking the worst beating during the match, being in upwards of 5 to 7 minutes taking punishment from both the tag team champions, as well as the other competitors in the matchup.

Beginning with Eddie's triple vertical suplex on Scotty, multiple finishers and trademarks were hit almost in a row, and almost simultaneously. It all ends when Chavo superplexes Danny Basham off the top rope, yet, Doug Basham frogsplashes Chavo and gets the three count while Nick Patrick, the referee is busy trying to take care of something /* and was out of position when the splash ocurred. He never saw that the Bashams switched, and the victor was not the legal man.

Heyman is in the back with Dawn Marie, and proclaims that Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE title against a comeptitor that will be drawn out of the hopper in front of him filled with about 30 pingpongballs. Heyman makes sure to note that Chris Benoit's name will not be on one of these lottery pieces.


Cole and Tazz promo the main event tag team matchup, Hardcore Holly & Shannon Moore vs. A Train and Matt Morgan.

Ernest Miller comes out. He begins to dance and convulse like a maniac, but Sable interrupts his music, and comes out walking with a purpose. She demands an explanation as to what Cat did to her last week, and when Cat sasses her, she tries to slap the Cat. Cat tries to kiss Sable again, but the music of "No Chance In Hell" plays, and for the first time since Survivor Series, Mr. McMahon hits the ring. He demands to know what the Cat is doing. The Cat says he's the greatest. McMahon proceeds to beat on his own egotistical drum for a few minutes, then tells Cat to turn up his music, and begins to dance like the Cat, or as I said before, convulse like a maniac. Cat starts dancing in front of Vince for a brief time, because Vince punted Cat's jewels all the way to Lambeau Field, the field goal was slightly to the left. Cat is not happy.


Next up is a #1 contender's match for the WWE Cruiserweight title between Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble. The match is a virtual stalemate for the first three to four minutes, with then the momentum darting back and forth to each comeptitor with a great deal of ease. Rey hits a beautiful moonsault for a 2 count, sets up Noble for the 619, and misses, badly, landing on the outside, just outside of Nidia. Noble goes outside, throws Rey in, and then throws Nidia back in as well. Noble drop kicks Nidia in to Rey Mysterio, sets up for the tigerbomb, which is reversed into a headscissors for a 3 count.

Hardcore Holly does an interview with Josh Mathews, obviously upset, but says he has no other way. HE is gonna fight for his job, and then when he wins, he's gonna get what he wants, a match with Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship.


Next up is the Wolverine, Chris Benoit vs. Chuck Palumbo of the FBI. Obviously, Stamboli and Nunzio accompany Chuckie P to the ring, and Benoit tries to fight them all off, but the numbers game gives the advantage to Palumbo off the beginning. Palumbo puts a beating on Benoit's neck, but Benoit survives it, gets Palumbo in the triple german, and finally the crossface for the tap out victory. Unfortunately, the FBI hit the ring and proceed to beat down Benoit.

Rey Mysterio visits Nidia in the trainer's room, and tries to talk to her in Spanish. Nidia sounds scared to death.


Footage is shown of the preparation for next week's show in Iraq. It is also shown that recovering superstar Kurt Angle is already in Iraq signing for the troops.

Rhyno comes out and calls out Bradshaw. Cole & Tazz both say that Bradshaw is in Iraq, but the APA music hit, and out returns Faarooq. Rhyno gets pounded from pillar to post throughout this so called match, and gets low blowed for his effort. DQ win for Faarooq.

Heyman hyping his lottery match for Brock Lesnar with Dawn Marie. He says everything is next.


Brock hits the ring and draws from the hopper. He demands a re-draw, and says he can't defend the title against a hot competitor like this guy. He points to the pingpongball, and insists to go against Shannon Moore, the name on the ball, asap. The match is en route, now.

Moore maybe gets 2 clotheslines in, runs for his life for five minutes, and then gets trapped in the brock lock. His neck almost breaks, it torques so badly, and Brock makes Shannon Moore tap out. Moore is motionless throughout the transition to the next impact.


Brock stays at ringside and distracts an apporaching Hardcore Holly to allow his team to have Shannon Moore start the match. To say the least, by having Moore start, Holly's chances of winning are slim. A Train and Matt Morgan beat on Shannon Moore for upwards of 4 miutes from one side of the ring to another. Train hits the derailer after any attempts to gain my children back. The match continues as Holly saves Moore from certain defeat following the derailer. Morgan gets Holly in a precarious position by beating on him, and with the help of a illegal chairshot by Lesnar, Morgan sit out powerbombed Holly, and beat on Holly just about as bad as they beat on Moore. The match concludes when Hardcore Holly manages to hit Matt Morgan with the Alabama Slam for the 1, 2, 3.

Smackdown goes off the air with a bewildered look on the WWE Champion's face.

PROMOTED MATCHUPS for next week: Christmas in Iraq
John Cena vs. the Big Show
The APA vs. Haas & Benjamin


First of all, let me say Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to each and everyone of my readers from Wrestleview. I have a lot to say, so let's get down to business.

On the show itself, Vince is back, defending Sable from the Cat. Isn't it funny? Here is a 40 year old woman who can kickbox her way straight to hell, and she's got this 50 plus year old freakazoid roided out poppin' rage burstin' billionaire to play the jealous boyfriend type. (credit on quote to KIMOSABE, SUMO, me best buddy). McMahon can turn Cat in to pea soup, literally, not to mention he is well aware, Vince believes, of not messing with his woman.

The Fatal 4 Way match was the match of the night by far. Can Demolition 2003 lose the titles? I can't stand them, they're blah, they're boring, they're dumb. I would've like to see any of the guys on that match win the titles...just for some refreshment.

Noble's heel turn is happening a little too quickly, ya think?? Chavo has been teasing a heel turn for months, and not done it yet, yet Noble is throwing Nidia around. Can we give her her sight back, please?? At the rate we're going, at Wrestlemania, we can have a match of characters that don't know what side of the fence they're on, how's this, Rhyno, A Train, Chavo and Noble vs. Haas, Benjamin, Jericho, and Christian. Make these guys go on one side of the fence or the other. None of these names are Austin, they can't hop the fence like he did.

Why, why, why can't the match next week between Show and Cena be for the US title?? That title is dying a quick death on his shoulder, and it doesn't look to be on life support, to say the least.

I'm curious to know where they would put the shot Hardcore earned. PPV? Smackdown? I'd say probably a SD after the new year, prior to the first SD ppv of the year, whatever that may be.

The squash matches are getting offensive. What is the point of having a 400 pound athlete beat the bejesus out of a 175 pound athlete, to show that size does matter? I swear to God, I want Shannon Moore to succeed, not end up in the hospital like a Spanky or Paul London did after going up against the champ.

I'm starting to falter. So, let's do a couple of things.

1. Next week's column may be very brief, or non - existent, depending on what goes down during the Christmas holiday for my family and I.

2. Please visit Brian Farmer and the chat boys and girls back in the Wrestleview.com chat room, available through the main page of the site. If you experience problems with accessing this room, drop me an email, and either I will help you, or I will point you in the direction of someone who can. Chats are mondays and thursdays one hour before showtime to one hour after the show is over.

3. I would love to talk wrestling with anyone and everyone. I try to keep a penpal relationship with anyone who takes the time to email me. Please, if you are looking to talk to me about Smackdown, the WWE, or any other wrestling topics, don't hesistate to drop me a line at SMACKDOWN@WRESTLEVIEW.COM.

4. I am still tinkering with the column to try and make it as enjoyable for anyone and everyone. I welcome suggestions to the column, as well as CORRECTIONS if I make a mistake or omit something that you may have seen that you feel should've been added to the column. Do not hesistate to talk with me about it. I will provide my IM SN to anyone who asks for it via email requests. I will ask, if you do email me, to answer this brief poll question, which version of the column do you like more, last week's insertion of the matches into the column itself, or this week's skinny/fat version, like I have been doing from day one. I would be grateful for anyone who would be willing to share their opinion with me.

5. Happy Holidays to each and everybody who visits this site, and reads our work. Speaking for myself, it is still a tremendous buzz to know that my work is being seen all over the world, and I will continue to work as hard as I can to make this as interactive a forum as I possibly can for you, the reader. This is not, I talk you listen, this is we talk together about our collective passion, pro wrestling.

6. Now, on to the last thing, the interactive thing. I apologize for not having the forum up last week, but as I said in the forums, I was having some difficulties with a new method of posting this column. SO, be that as it may, I gotta try and set this up this week, and hope it works out the way I want it to. Bottom line is, Feedback is back. The link is below.

Happy Holidays!

KIMOSABE, SUMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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