Full WWE Smackdown Results - 12/25/03 - Baghdad, Iraq

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, December 26, 2003 at 2:24 AM EST

Dec. 25, 2003
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Match results:

  • APA defeated the Self-Proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team

  • Rikishi defeated Rhyno

  • Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Benoit

  • Torrie Wilson won the Santa’s Little Helper Contest over Sable and Dawn Marie John Cena defeated the Big Show in a non-title match

    They stand on the frontlines and risk their lives on a daily basis to preserve the safety and freedom of the American people. They are the real heroes, who have not been home in many months, and spent Christmas away from their loved ones. They are the Armed Forces of the United States, and on a special Christmas SmackDown! from Baghdad, there were four matches. But by evening’s end, it was clear that there was only one winner … the very men and women who risk so much to keep us free.

    More than 5,000 servicemen and women packed Baghdad’s Camp Victory for the action and excitement of SmackDown! … a special event in the middle of an active war zone. As Mr. McMahon proclaimed during a speech to open the event, the troops were treated to a “slice of Americana” as a special thank you for their heroic efforts. SmackDown! featured not only the action and excitement that is World Wrestling Entertainment, but it even featured a visit from Santa Claus and his "little helpers" who paid their visit to the troops for Christmas.

    But in a truly stunning turn of events, Santa turned out to be perhaps the biggest gift of all to those in attendance. After being attacked by Mr. McMahon for not having a gift for the WWE Chairman, Santa revealed himself to be none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin, who made a surprise return to WWE for the first time since Survivor Series. And if the site of the Rattlesnake was not enough to send the troops into a frenzy, Austin’s stunner to Mr. McMahon surely was! Austin may have been away since Survivor Series, but his Stunner has not lost its touch, as both John Cena and the Big Show would later find out!

    In action on SmackDown!, John Cena and the United States Champion, the Big Show, have been jawing at each other for weeks and they finally had a match to help settle their differences, albeit a non-title affair. Despite being dwarfed by the enormous Big Show, Cena escaped an attempted Choke Slam, and hit the FU to score the pinfall victory. After the match, Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the ring to have a discussion with Cena, a conversation that turned into a Stunner for both Cena and Big Show!

    In other action, Eddie Guerrero – despite the absence of a low-rider – and Chris Benoit, who have both engaged in their fair share of classic matches as of late, had the chance to do the same against each other … and they did not disappoint! Guerrero promised he would lie, cheat, or steal to gain the win, and he did just that when he used the ropes for leverage to gain the pinfall victory. After the match, Guerrero reentered the ring dressed in a flack jacket and helmet to try to fend off the angry Benoit, but the Christmas spirit was in the air and instead of trading punches, the two shared a Christmas hug to celebrate a job well done.

    And if the site of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the SmackDown! were not enough to keep the troops completely entertained, the Santa’s Little Helper Contest surely was. In an event that featured two former Playboy Covergirls, Torrie Wilson was declared the winner over Sable and Dawn Marie when her Little Helper costume was removed to reveal a special holiday bikini!

    SmackDown! from Baghdad brought out the best from the SmackDown! Superstars who were so eager to share in the holiday spirit, but when they return next week to the United States, chances are that many will not be in a giving mood. Fresh off his victory over the United States Champion, will John Cena seek the opportunity at his first Championship? Will Hardcore Holly continue his crusade to gain the WWE Championship and revenge on Brock Lesnar? Only one way to find out … spend New Year’s Day with WWE and watch SmackDown! at 8/7 CT on UPN!