Full WWE Smackdown Results - 2/12/04 - Tacoma, WSH (No Way Out BuildUp)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, February 13, 2004 at 12:10 AM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
February 12th, 2004
Tacoma, Washington
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.

A highlight package is shown from Raw last week to open festivities tonight with Heyman threatening Goldberg if he inteferes with the main event on sunday night at No Way Out. Goldberg's response, simple, "Brock Lesnar is next."

A promo of the main event tonight, a tag match with Kurt Angle teaming with Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero as they will face the WWE champion Brock Lesnar, and the WWE US Champion the Big Show.

Rey Mysterio hits the ring with Jorge Paez in his corner for a non title match. Paez will be in Rey's corner sunday for the title match vs. Chavo Guerrero on sunday in San Francisco. Tajiri comes out for the matchup against the cruiserweight title holder. Mysterio beat Tajiri for the strap a few weeks back.

Match #1
Non Title Affair
Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri

Chavo Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero, Sr. enter the staging area at the beginning of the match following a Mysterio bulldog on Tajiri, allowing Tajiri to get the advantage, and begin a beatdown on the cruiserweight title holder. Tajiri put Mysterio in a camel clutch which Mysterio broke up, following getting the grip released with a drop kick to the face on the Japanese Buzzsaw. One missed 619, but a kick to the face set up for the 619 connection on Tajiri, followed up by a senton splash for the 3 count. Immediately after the three count, Chavo Guerrero ambushes Mysterio. Chavo begins trash talking Mysterio when Jorge Paez comes in to the ring questioning what's going on. Chavo runs for cover, but Chavo, Sr. enters the ring, and challenges the featherweight. Paez does some dancing around, jumps around like a reverse worm, and then cold cocks Chavo, Sr. right in the face with a left hand, BAM, down goes Senior, and he ain't gettin' up. Chavo, Jr. tries to go to his father's aide, but Paez stays in the way, motioning for Chavo to come get some. Chavo wants no part of the featherweight boxer.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

Cole and Tazz are admonishing Goldberg for his treatment of Paul Heyman Monday night on Raw. The highlight package is shown of Heyman getting speared by Goldberg, then we immediately switch to the back, where Lesnar is pacing in Heyman's office.

Lesnar tries to understand the events of the past few days. Lesnar wants to know the message Goldberg is sending. Heyman says Goldberg is trying to intimidate Lesnar. Lesnar says Goldberg does not intimidate him. Lesnar repeats Heyman's statement from monday night, when he's done with Goldberg, they'll not be chanting "Who's next?", they'll be chanting, "Who's Goldberg?"


Match #2
Scotty Too Hotty (w/Rikishi) vs. Danny Basham (w/Doug & Shaniqua)

Last week's highlight package is shown of Kish and Scotty winning tag team gold after five years of tagging together. On Sunday, they put the gold on the line in a handicap match against the Basham Brothers and Shaniqua. Cole asks if Shaniqua gets the pinfall in that match, who would become the tag team champions.

Back and forth action begin the contest with Scotty getting a brief advantage following a countered backdrop. Back and forth action continue, little momentum until Doug pulls the rope down, throwing Scotty outside. Shaniqua clotheslines Scotty, throws Scotty back in for a two count by Danny. Kish never got to the scene to equalize the odds in time.

A spinning back suplex by Danny Basham, and a cover on the neck is the focus of the challengers on sunday night against the worm. Worm gets some momentum back with a jawbreaker and a backdrop. He goes for the worm bulldog, misses it, and in the corner gets clotheslined by Danny, and pinned with some help by Doug. Rikishi comes to the aide, clobbers Doug and Danny, Shaniqua runs in to the ring, gets bulldogged by Scotty, and misses a banzai drop by inches before the Bashams save her from certain doom.

WINNER: Danny Basham


Highlights from eariler in the night when Jorge Paez was in the ring and knocked out Chavo Guerrero, Sr. In the back, Josh Mathews is interviewing Mysterio and Paez. Rey calls the Chavos a bunch of cowards. He says Paez is watching Rey's back. He tells Josh that he's earned everything he's gotten in 10 years in the business, and that on sunday night, it's on with him and Chavo. It's on.

In the back, Chavo, Sr. is being attended to, as Chavo, Jr. is going nuts claiming his father wasn't ready for that punch. Chavo claims he's gonna take Rey's title and mask, and that Senior will beat up Jorge Paez. Chavo, Senior stops Chavo in his tracks, and says "WHAT?", as the segment ends.

Promo of the triple threat match at N.W.O. to determine the #1 contender for the WWE title at Wrestlemania 20 between Kurt Angle, John Cena, and the Big Show. Josh Mathews is in the back interviewing Kurt Angle. He asks Angle how confident he is in winning at No Way Out. Angle says he will do whatever it takes to be on top. Angle says Cena and Big Show have two things in common, Cena thinks he's Eminem, the Show eats a lot of them, and they both are going to lose to him on sunday night. A promo again of the main event tonight, Angle & Guerrero vs. Show & Lesnar, later tonight.


Match #3
Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno

Cole applauds Holly for his effort against Kurt Angle last week. Rhyno piefaced Holly to get him pissed off, but Holly hit him with a go behind and took Rhyno off his feet. Rhyno piefaced him again, and Holly began chopping the man beast down. Holly chops down Rhyno repeatedly like he was a cherry tree. Rhyno goes for a powerbomb position, Holly tries to stop it by blocking his legs with the turnbuckles, but Rhyno drops Holly on the top turnbuckle, head first. Rhyno has Hardcore Holly in a full body scissors (yes, a full body scissors), in the middle of the ring. Crowd reaction for this match is minimal at best. Holly rolled Rhyno on his back to break the hold, and get a near fall. 2 chops, and then Rhyno hits Holly with an Arn Anderson-esque spine buster. Rhyno sets up for the gore, and it gets countered with a standing drop kick. 2 count by Holly. Rhyno gets Holly in the corner, beats on him, throws the referee away, which causes the referee to ring the bell. Rhyno jawjacks with the official, and then Holly throws Rhyno and himself out of the ring as they begin to beat on each other some more. Cole and Tazz suspect Rhyno was disqualified as they just rip and tear at each other until the cameras run to the back where the EMTS are running toward someone.

The EMTs arrive at a prone, motionless Kurt Angle, with Orlando Jordan standing above him. They begin to work on the olympic gold meadlist as Smackdown fades to break.


In the back, Angle is being worked on, as a ton of questioning superstars try to figure out what happened to him. In the ring, a mariachi band begins playing. Brock Lesnar is introduced as the band leader, coming out wearing a sombrero. Lesnar says he owes the fans and Eddie an explanation. He is throwing Eddie a celebration tonight, because on sunday night, he will not have anything to celebrate about. He calls out Eddie Guerrero, as the mariachi band continues to play. Guerrero speeds to the ring, the mariachi band goes flying, and Lesnar ducks for cover as the equipment goes flying.

Brock tells Eddie to relax, that he is throwing a celebration for him tonight. Lesnar claims Eddie is always fighting the odds, that he is a fighter. He stops the cheering for Eddie, and says, "Listen here, addict." He claims that sunday night, Eddie is not fighting the odds, he's fighting Brock Lesnar, and that he is going to torture him. Lesnar says that when Eddie was a recovering addict, he was on the way to becoming the youngest WWE champion in history. Lesnar hopes Eddie is addicted to losing.

Eddie says you want to go down the addiction road, fine. Let's go straight up, according to Latino Heat. Truth is, Eddie says, I am an addict. 3 years ago, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the locker room shower, Eddie was high, high, high. He doesn't remember much about that night, except about getting carried out of that arena, and straight in to rehab. Eddie says he was the one who did that to himself. In that three years, he lost his job, wife, kids, and himself. He came to a point, Eddie did, of either do or die. And he has succeeded, he has earned his way back in this ring. Day by day, he has earned his life back. He looks at the WWE title, and says that the belt is a symbol of saying he's sorry to his family. The title is his new addiction. He is addicted to the high he gets from the fans and his family. Eddie is addicted to the do or die feeling he is going to have on sunday night at No Way Out. He will do anything, because he is an addict, and run over anybody to get the job done, and get the high of the WWE title around his waist.


A promo again of the tag team main event, hopeful that it will go down, with Angle being severely attacked eariler in the evening.

Match #4
Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas) vs. Bradshaw (w/Faarooq)

On sunday night at No Way Out, a new match is added, the World's Greatest Tag Team will square off against the APA. Bradshaw tries to start wrestling Shelton, Shelton retaliates with a few shots, throws Bradshaw out of the ring, Bradshaw gets up and clocks Haas in the face on the outisdee. Bradshaw then hits the ring and last calls Benjamin. He sets up Shelton for a powerbomb, Haas hits the apron, Benjamin firemen carry's Bradshaw down, tries for a run to the ropes, but Faarooq drops the rope, and Benjamin flies over the top rope. Bradshaw hits a delayed back suplex for a 2 count. Bradshaw went for the clothesline from hell, but Benjamin blocked it, and Bradshaw began showing effects of an injured arm.

Benjamin throws Bradshaw's shoulder in to the buckle, and then sinches in an armbar on the arm and shoulder of the big texan, Bradshaw. Bradshaw finds the ropes to break the armbar. Bradshaw gets some more offensivce maneuevers in on Shelton Benjamin, and one of those moves is a standing powerslam. Bradshaw continues to sell the arm injury. Shelton hits a huge sabot kick to the jaw on Bradshaw. Bradshaw gets out of trouble after the sabot kick, Benjamin hits a elbow in the corner, then Bradshaw contacts Shelton with the clothesline from hell for the 3 count.

WINNER: Bradshaw

Josh Mathews is in the back, saying Angle has limited conscisousness. He claims three suspects, Cena, Big Show, or Brock Lesnar. More updates will come as they are deemed admissible.


Jamie Noble is in the ring, last week's highlights of Nidia throwing Noble's money in to the crowd, right out of his wallet. Noble says he should've dumped Nidia right away because he could've had any woman he wanted. He wants all the fancy stuff that Noble has purchased for her all the way back, returned. He wants all that stuff, and her things, out of his house, and he'll cancel the match.

A woodchipper's truck comes to ringside, and Nidia pops out of the truck. Nidia tells Noble that he will experience what Nidia did for two months, she just came from Heyman's office, and he will wrestle her on sunday night, blindfolded.

Noble sees a demonstration of the woodchipper. Nidia claims Noble doesn't have a log big enough to fit in the woodchipper, and then proceeds to throw her mink coat in to the woodchipper. Nidia tells Noble she'll see him on sunday.

A promo of the main event, or is it?

Up next, a special interview, Rue DeBona with the Playboy covergirls, Sable & Torrie Wilson.


Rue has a basic interview with Torrie and Sable, with some provocative pictures being shown. The divas make some noise about Stacy and Jackie's claims on Raw, claiming that they would be much more mature than anything that could be done by the Raw Divas. Torrie claims Sable is now fun to be around, and that they have become good friends since the phpto shoot.

Still no condition update on Kurt Angle, as the main event approaches. Here is the complete card for No Way Out:

Triple threat for the #1 contendership for the WWE title at Wrestlemania
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena vs. the Big Show

Blindfold Match - Noble is blindfolded for this contest
Jamie Noble vs. Nidia

WWE Tag Team Championship - 2 on 3 Handicap Match
Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty (c's) vs. the Basham Brothers & Shaniqua

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio(c) (w/Jorge Paez) vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/Chavo, Sr.)

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

AND, in the front row, thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Raw superstar Bill Goldberg.

Lesnar hits the ring for the main event, followed by the US champion, the Big Show. The main event is next.


Latino Heat comes out, low rider style, royal blue. Lesnar and Show together are jawjacking that Eddie doesn't have a partner, and that he is in significant trouble for this upcoming contest. Angle's music plays, but Angle is no where to be found.

Eddie's concern turns to a smile when "Basic Thugonomics" starts blaring, and here comes the doctor, in a Steve Largent Seattle Seahawk jersey, setting up for this main event bout, now Cena and Eddie vs. Lesnar and Show.

Match #5
Eddie Guerrero & John Cena vs. the Big Show & Brock Lesnar

Cena starts jawjacking with the Show, who replies with a boot to the stomach. Cena hits and moves with the Big Show, getting him a little upset when the Show gets caught over the top rope with his leg. Lesnar tagged in, and he tells Cena to bring Eddie in to the ring, and the preview is on. Eddie and Lesnar begin exchanging, Lesnar wins that exchange, tries to press slam Eddie, but Eddie drops down for a sunset flip and a 2 count. The pace of the match is fast and furious at the beginning of the contest. Lesnar being turned three ways to sunday, until Lesnar takes Eddie out with a spine buster that would make the Rock proud.

Eddie begins to get beaten down by the Show and Lesnar in their corner. Show goes for a powerbomb on Eddie, Eddie drops for a sunset flip, barely gets out of the way of Show dropping his weight on Eddie's chest, and tags in the doctor of thugonomics. A brief spurt by Cena, stopped by a massive headbutt by the US champion. Eddie drops the rope when Show goes for a leg drop, Show falling out of the ring. Lesnar charges Eddie, who ducks, and the WWE champ as well flies out of the ring.


Show was taking Cena apart with an abdominal stretch when the show comes back on. Show and Lesnar continue in the driver's s seat for the bulk of the contest. Lesnar keeps Cena on the match with a gutwrench waistlock. Show continues the onslaught, some brief punches by Cena, but a size 22 5 E boot to the face of Cena's stops the offense, in a hurry. 2 count. Cena gets caught by the Show in midair, but drops down, and after a couple of shots, got the Show off his feet. Cena hits the throwback. Show gets some momentum back, but Cena hits a DDT in the center of the ring on Show. Lesnar stops Cena from taggging Eddie, but a whip is reveresed, and Cena tags in Eddie. Eddie goes for the triple vertical, hits two, and then drop kicks Show in the leg to take him off the apron. A drop kick off the top rope on Lesnar gives Eddie a two count. Cena and Show begin battling outside the ring. Show has Cena on the outside by the throat, and Angle comes to the ring, and steel chair shots both the Big Show and Cena. He then jawjacks with Lesnar, allowing Eddie to pick up the chain and lock of John Cena, and get the three ocunt on the WWE champion, following a low blow.

WINNERS: Eddie Guerrero & John Cena

Eddie is celebrating, holding Cena up, as Smackdown goes off the air.


I gotta admit, even after the shiner I woke up with clocking my eye on my table at around 9pm, I was pleased with this week's Smackdown. Action packed, emotional, funny, and dramatic. A show that I cannot say had a bard part to it. Let's go down the pike, briefly, and talk about, what I may have to consider, one of Smackdown's best p.p.v. prep shows I have seen since I started doing this gig.

First of all, the commentators disdain for what Goldberg did to Heyman is laughable. These two guys are the same idiots that weeks ago loved it when Heyman was getting F5ed all over God's creation. The spear by Goldberg on Heyman was a dream come true, and it can't happen again, soon enough, to suit me. Heyman may be a genius, a mastermind, and a creative landmark, but he's still a prick and a heel, and I cannot enjoy seeing him get abused enough.

How sorry do we feel for Tajiri? Tajiri is currently THE former cruiserweight champion, and he is forced into literally a squash match with Mysterio leading up to the pay per view? I think Tajiri is better than this, and I think Tajiri ought to show some people how much better he is than what WWE showed the world tonight. If I am the buzzsaw, I start making out stretchers with people's names on it, and I start with Mysterio and Chavo together as soon as that match is over sunday night. HOWEVER,

on the other end, I didn't know Jorge Paez from a police lineup prior to his involvement with Rey Mysterio, but how cool was what he pulled on Chavo, Sr? I mean, one pop, BOOM, AND THAT DUDE WAS OUT COLDER THAN MY, WELL, nevermind. Hey, Senior. Challenge that dude to a boxing match, why don't you, it'll be the next best thing to Butterbean, you fat bastard. Get out of being involved with your kid's career, it's embarassing to you and your family's name.

I don't want to hear it, Rikishi and Scotty being tag champions are more pleasing to my eyes than the Bashams. I'd like to know where Kish was when Scotty was getting his head ripped off by the Amazon princess, however, during the match, but how fun would it have been to see Shaniqua have that ass dropped on her? I mean, it would've been sweeter than, well, Rikishi's effort on WWE Orginals! Anyway, the 2 on 3 handicap match on sunday is a unique twist to the tag team title contest, and I think it will be an enjoyable one. I do not think, however, I'll go out on a limb, that rookies like the Bashams are Mania championship material.

Chavo saying his father is going to knock out Jorge Paez. PLEASE! Don't make me throw up my drink! LAUGH RIOT!

Hardcore Holly and Rhyno had a good smash mouth heavy hitting contest, but I want to know something, did the entire crowd during that match either get up and go to the concession stand or the bathroom? There was no involvement whatsoever from the crowd that entire match. Both of these individuals need a direction within the company, and fast. Rhyno I think is in serious danger of losing his job, and if Holly hasn't been with the WWE forever, I think he would be in trouble as well.

I hope the matchup with the WGTT and the APA elaborates who would be the #1 contender for the tag straps for Wrestlemania. Haas & Benjamin already have proven they can do it on the stage from last year, and it would be a proper respectful present for Faarooq and Bradshaw to get a title shot on that grand stage. Even without the buildup, this contest should be a barnburner sunday, and I look forward to it.

Another intergender match. How boring. Wait, hold on, there's some emotion, there's actually some talent on Nidia's part, and now, there's a blindfold! I can't wait to see Noble running around like a scalded dog getting whipped periodically by the Tough Enough 1 champion. Nidia should get a high element of revenge during this contest, and she better enjoy it, her future doesn't look too promising, I mean, where to from here?? Managing someone /*, or finding a way to get to Raw to compete for a title? Who knows? But, Noble should get some retribution sunday night from one angry little lady. And how cool was the mink coat bit. Any of you animal lovers, that HAD TO BE FAKE, because WWE is not going to put themselves in a setup where someone like PETA can go and scream about the WWE putting mink coats in woodchippers, but you gotta love the creativity there, it's just damn priceless.

On the Playboy thing, if we do not see Sable & Torrie face off with Stacy and Jackie in a wrestling ring, bra and panties match, and it doesn't happen soon, then someone's gotta answer to me. Cuz it's gotta happen, and it's gotta happen immediately. Can someone say MANIA 20? HRM!!!!!!!!!!

Why take out Angle tonight? What's the sense? Is he still hurt? It didn't make any sense to take him out of action for the main event, but seeing Cena show up out of nowhere and take the spot was dramatic and fun to watch. Also, one other thing.


This dude is becoming one of the best promo guys in the business, ever. I was SO PISSED OFF when Brock brought up the drugs thing again, because its so redundant, its so over done, and it's so OFFENSIVE. But, Eddie, like a master, like a Picasso painting, took the offensiveness of dealing with the demons he has dealt with throughout his life, and turned it into an absolutely emotional, spine-tingling promo that, when it was done, if you were not screamin' "VIVA LA RAZA!", you needed to have your heart checked out to see if it was beating. That's how impressive Eddie was in his spot with Lesnar.

The main event match, the doctor of thugonomics, and the uncrowned WWE champion vs. the Pussy and the Ass (credit to my wife for that tag team name). Show and Lesnar need to stop tagging. It's boring. The match was impressive, and enjoyable from a back and forth standpoint, and the victory was classic Eddie. Will we see a repeat performance? WHO KNOWS? Check me out sunday with the rest of the WV Staff to find out what I think on that regard.

No Way Out is shaping up to be pretty impressive. I had intended on taking this month off from pay per view to prep for Mania prior to my vacation, but I gotta be honest with you peeps. I'm getting it. I want to see what goes down, and if you want to know what I think will go down, check me out sunday in the predictions column.

Last little piece I want to mention, is the talent departures recently of Kanyon, Zach Gowen, and Ernest Miller, and the disappearance of Bill DeMott.

I feel very sorry for Chris Kanyon out of that bunch, I felt he was a soldier throughout the transition of the WCW being absorbed in to the WWE, but when he got hurt, he got put in the worst possible scenarios known to man, i.e. Boy George in a box to be killed by the Undertaker. His offensive prowress was never developed or discovered in WWE, and it is really sad to see someone who had enough balls to do that skit, as well as get into a steel cage with both Undertaker and Kane when he had a belt in his hands, well, that type of guts don't grow on trees, and it should've been developed more on Smackdown, imho.

The Cat should've never left the broadcast booth. NOBODY CAN TELL ME that the Cat had any talent or a shot in hell to carve a nitch in WWE. How many segments did he get, 4? How much time in the rumble? 30 seconds?? Andy Warhol is more noticeable than the Cat's career in the WWE.

Where is Bill DeMott? I thought he had all the tools to be the next Tazz in the broadcast booth, but he has disappeared. Anybody with that information, or wants to generally talk with me on Smackdown or other wrestling stuff, drop me an email at SMACKDOWN@WRESTLEVIEW.COM

My last comment is about Zach Gowen. Zach Gowen's ability to compete in a professional wrestling ring is nothing short of a miracle. Zach Gowen's ability to be a superstar in professional wrestling on one leg is also a miracle. But, Zach Gowen may be a superstar in wrestling, but he is a miserable failure in life. To EXPECT the breaks that a handicap person gets because you're famous, and you're wealthy, well that's just plain obnoxious. Nobody expected Zach Gowen to get where he has gotten, but he hasn't done that by hard work, or perserverence. He has done that by the sympathies and the breaks given to him because of his condition. I regret him having his condition, and having to live on one leg. But, as the father of a handicapped child myself, I will not demand any extra treatment for my son, no matter what he does. And he will be as respectful to everybody /* for whatever they are, no matter what. HE will not expect anything from anybody because of the past he has gone through, to this moment, 26 surgeries, 14 neurosurgries. He will be a good natured, mature young man when all is said and done, and in this person's opinion, my own flesh and blood at 4 years of age right now, is 100 times more tougher than a primadonna crybaby like Zach Gowen. Go home to mama, you little baby. Learn to live and survive on your own before you demand anyone to respect you on your so called laurels.

Due to cirumstances, I won't be putting up a feedback forum this week. It's been a long few hours here, and I need to do some soul searching. I will be back next week with a feedback forum, but I do welcome your emails and your comments. I'll see everyone next week. Take care.