Full WWE Smackdown Results - 2/19/04 - Fresno, CA (Eddie vs. Chavo & more)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, February 19, 2004 at 11:41 PM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
Commentators: Cole & Tazz
Fresno State University
Reported by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.

The HIGHLIGHTS from the Matches

Match #1 - Angle & Cena vs. the Basham Brothers

This match was in direct result to Heyman sticking his nose in a confrontation between Angle and Cena. They were forced into this tag match instead of being allowed to kick each other's asses, which is what they initially challenged each other for. The matchup was a strong back and forth affair on both team's parts, with some tension being thrown toward Angle & Cena when Cena thought some of the 'accidents' that were happening during the match were a little too suspicious. The victory for this contest came down to when the Bashams were being set up for the Angle slam and the ankle lock. Angle proceeded to interject his will on the situation, hit the angle slam, but, Cena tagged himself in when Angle was setting up for the ankle lock submission. He hits the FU on Doug Basham for the 3 count and the victory for his team.

Winners: Kurt Angle & John Cena

Match #2 - US Championship - Hardcore Holly vs. Big Show

Holly tries to get the jump on Show from behind, but he is able to reverse it. Holly gets some shots on the Show, who seemingly shows a touch of a hurt knee, but the Show quickly ends the contest with a 3 count victory for the Big Show in his title defense over Hardcore Holly. The chokeslam came out of nowhere, and the job was completed.

Winner: The Big Show

Match #3 - The WWE Championship - Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero (Special Ref: Kurt Angle)

Initially, the special ref was assigned to Chavo, Senior, but he was mysteriously assaulted backstage. Heyman gave the job to Kurt Angle, and he seemingly called a match right down the middle until the very end of the contest. Some highlights of the contest were Chavo hitting the Eddie Guerrero trademark triple vertical suplex on Eddie, but missing the frog splash, Eddie getting the triple vertical on Chavo after Senior comes out, distracts Eddie, forcing Eddie to knock him out, he hits the 3 verticals on Chavo, and then misses the frog splash himself when Senior pulls Junior out of the ring and out of harm's way. Mysterio comes out to help even the odds, and beats on Chavo, Sr., until Senior and Junior are able to hold him off. The intensity of the matchup continued until the very end when Eddie countered a Chavo powerbomb, hit the frog splash, but the referee did not count the pinfall. Angle turned on Eddie Guerrero, and when the smoke clears, Eddie was left in a pool of his own blood, bloodied, beaten, and demoralized following the emotion of his first Smackdown as WWE Champion.

Mysterio came in to try and save Eddie from the beating, but he is powerbombed and press slammed out the ring by the Olympic Referee.


Truthfully, an awful lot of talking. Here are some of the highlights of the show.

John Cena's initial freestyle on Kurt Angle, who seemingly came out in the beginning of the show to celebrate Eddie's victory over Brock Lesnar.

Rey Mysterio simply saying to Heyman, "Rematch, please". Heyman, seemingly surprised by Rey's professionalism, grants him the rematch, and the gem that it could be for two titles if Chavo wins the match against Eddie later in the night, provided he took the rest of the night off. As said before, he did get involved in the last match of the night, so what happens here remains to be seen.

Eddie Guerrero's reception and introduction as WWE Champion, lasting close to 7 minutes long.

Chavo says Eddie has been lying, cheating, and stealing his whole life, and Eddie practically laughed in his face.

Cena freestyles Show into a corner, and gets Show to accept the dangling carrot of a US title defense at Mania against the doctor of thugonomics.

Show claiming he is the most dominant US title holder in history.

Josh Mathews running through the building saying Brock Lesnar is loose in the building, Brock Lesnar is loose in the building.

The so called Next Big thing, Brock Lesnar, reduced to being on his knees asking the chairman of the board for a matchup against a man who is liable to be gone from the company as of March 15th, Bill Goldberg.

Brock claiming Eddie doesn't respect the WWE title, that he is liable to 'pawn it' off as soon as possible.


I mean, really, how bad can you get coming off a pay per view in the road to Wrestlemania? I think pretty damn bad that you can only pull off THREE MATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much talking is necessary for the wrapping up of No Way Out, and the eventual buildup to begin for the big one. I spent most of the time trying to watch this show just stretching my leg, and wondering when the show was going to end. It was like the WWE thought we had been left back in education from college graduates to kindergarten snot eaters. This one was truly disgusting. Let's go through a couple of the points that I think were especially gross.

Big Show is the most dominanting US title holder in history. Yeah? And Brutus Beefcake has a viable, respectable career. Get a grip, you fat toad.

Brock Lesnar is begging for a match with Goldberg. You are supposed to be the next Goldberg, aren't you?? Can you stop, for one minute, stop sounding like a pussy?

John Cena and Eddie Guerrero are the current leaders of Smackdown when it comes to pure momentum. Both individuals are taking the bar and rolling it to a height that I believe Raw will have a tremendous amount of difficulty in aspiring to.

Josh Mathews running around saying "Brock is loose, Brock is loose..." Is Brock an animal? Or is Brock just a ravenous rabid dog? Or is he a skunk? My personal thought, SKUNK.

Is it a slap in the wrist yet to Tajiri that he was edited out of Smackdown twice in the last three weeks? And the one time that he made Smackdown, he was made a sacrificial lamb to Rey Mysterio right before the pay per view? What's going to happen next, I wish to God I knew.

This show stunk. SKUNK stunk. I am not giving it the pleasure of a feedback. You want to tell me more about it, email me. If I like your comments, I'll post them in the forums, and mention them here.

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