Full WWE SmackDown Results - 3/11/04 - Atlantic City (RAW Invades!)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, March 11, 2004 at 11:06 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results
Atlantic City, New Jersey - 3/11/04
Commentators: The Bickersons: Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.


Monday night, Stone Cold Steve Austin promised to come to Atlantic City and Smackdown to pick up his property, namely, his four wheeler, and dole out any knuckle sandwiches to anyone and everyone who would get in his way. Paul Heyman tried valiantly to get people to stand in the Rattlesnake's way, by lining the walkway with Smackdown talent, but the superstars made a pathway for the sheriff to approach the ring and its occupants, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. One confrontation later, Austin left the stage area with his ATV, Heyman got a Stone Cold Stunner, and Lesnar was busted open following a shot to the steps.

Other action, in the cruiserweight division, saw the rivalry renew between Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble. At least, we thought so. Noble was set up for the 619 when Tajiri, Akio, and Sakoda interfered in the contest. Rey got some help from the back in the form of Funaki, Ultimo Dragon, and Billy Kidman, and in a strange twist, referee Charles Robinson restarted the contest as an 8 man tag. After a significant beatdown on Sho Fun, Rey got Noble reset for the 619, hit it, and scored the pin with a hurricanrana off the top rope.

WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero challenged Kurt Angle to face him, face to face, prior to his non title match with Shelton Benjamin. Angle did not answer the call, Eddie won his match, and then a stare down ensued following the contest as Angle appeared on the stage area, after being rumored to not be in the arena throughout the segment. No punches thrown, but the intensity was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Big momentum can be said for two superstars heading in to their confrontation for the US title at Wrestlemania 20. John Cena scored a convincingly opening segment victory over the man-beast Rhyno, and the Big Show defeated two local wrestlers in a handicap match. Cena, however, showed his true colors by attacking Show following his match, leaving the Giant even angrier than before, if its at all possible, and making Sunday's outcome even more unpredictable.

Lastly, the tag team division is crowded at the top with the fatal four way set for Wrestlemania. The champs had a non title contest with the Basham Brothers. The Bashams tried their switcheroo routine when Doug was set up for a stinkface, but the Big Kish saw it, sabot kicked Danny right in the mush, and picked up the momentum and the dupe in the non title contest.

Match Results
John Cena defeated Rhyno.
Funaki, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, & Kidman defeated Tajiri, Jamie Noble, Akio & Sakoda.
Eddie Guerrero defeated Shelton Benjamin.
Big Show defeated Arch Kincaid & John Walters.
Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty defeated the Basham Brothers.

I got to address the Brock Lesnar situation. Here is my address.

Get lost, you piece of garbage.

Burnout, fine. I can accept that. Injury, fine, respectable, I can accept that too. I cannot accept a man who turns around, goes to SOUTH AFRICA of all places, wrestles Hardcore Holly, and in turn, insults every man and woman in the roster when he doesn't get the appropriate 'push' while on the extended tour. Because of his not being champion at this time, already a 2 time champion, Lesnar complains of burnout, and decides to leave the WWE for the NFL. I would be absolutely shocked to see any team in the NFL take a shot at Lesnar. If he's not tough enough to take the shots in the ring, how is he going to be able to take the shots in the football arena?

The WWE would and will survive a long time without Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar will figure this out. He is going to need the WWE a lot more than the the other way around.

Smackdown seems to be taking some pretty serious lumps lately. Edge is scheduled to go to Raw. Rock apparently is an exclusive Raw property, Lesnar is leaving, Benoit snuck through a loophole only to get the opportunity to get squashed on the other side. Smackdown is missing some pretty significant talent at this moment, and it's going to notice in the ratings, soon. Cena, who I think is liable to be a talent on a par, if not equal to Austin, H, and Rock, cannot hold the brand together by himself this quickly. Every diamond needs seasoning, and this one has not hit its full shine yet. I would suspect, and hope, that VKM and the powers that be in the WWE get set with some possible trades or some more actions with the rosters that will spice up the Smackdown roster. It is becoming imperative.

WWE is trying to keep its talent injury-free, but in the process, I think their talent is becoming almost lethargic from the pace of the shows. I think you're liable to see more creativity in a 10 minute house show bout than a 20 minute television contest. Both shows need a little pick me up. They both seem tired. Literally.

Bottom line from this show, its a decent push to Wrestlemania, but the show is going to be a lot more of a big show atmosphere for Smackdown to get some of the momentum that it had prior to the beginning of the new year.

No feedback forum this week, as I am going to Florida for a week's vacation following Wrestlemania. I will be away from Wrestleview for the following 2 weeks. Please do not hesistate to drop me a line at SMACKDOWN@WRESTLEVIEW.COM

See ya in April!