Full WWE Smackdown Results - 4/8/04 - San Antonio (#1 contender named...)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, April 8, 2004 at 11:18 PM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
SBC Arena @ San Antonio, TX
April 8, 2004
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com


Last week on Smackdown, GM Kurt Angle was searching for someone to help bring Smackdown to new heights. He arranged a series of matches to produce nominees for the 1st ever Kurt Angle Great American Award. This award would also grant the recipient the #1 contendership for the WWE title. When the smoke cleared, Big Show, Charlie Haas, Booker T., & John Cena had won their way into nominations for this award. John Bradshaw Layfield had been granted a verbal nomination by the General Manager. Determining the winner of this award was supposed to be up to the fans via a poll on WWE.com.

Well, the voting showed John Cena to be the victor in an absolute landslide over Booker T by nearly 225,000 votes. The question then remained on the table, will the general manager of Smackdown listen to the fans response?

Prior to announcing the award recipient, Bradshaw hit the ring for an EXTENDED segment as to how he will win the award, and how he will prove to the world that he is the Great American that nobody /* could possibly be. He then attempts to curry favor to the crowd by offering $1,000 to a fan to wax his limousine in 60 seconds. Obviously, this was a setup, as the 'fan' was duped by Bradshaw into being embarassed on national television when he was unable to properly clean the white longhorn limo's hood in 60 seconds or less.

Other action on Smackdown involved a couple of non title matches, first involving the WWE tag team Champions, Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty. The champs went into this contest with the Dudley Boys, unbeaten since their transfer to Smackdown from the draft lottery. Bubba Ray & D Von kept the momentum going with a tremendous amount of extra intensity during this contest, and eventually were able to upset the champions when D'Von blocked the worm just before it dropped on to Bubba Ray, and Scotty then bounced into a 3-D from the 18 time tag team champions.

The other non title matchup was involving the former tag team champions, Doug & Danny Basham. Danny had a singles contest with the Doctor of Thugonomics, the United States Champion, and, to everybody's thoughts, the eventual Great American Award winner, John Cena. Doug & Danny tried the switcheroo on the doctor, but Cena had none of it. Following a brief offensive spurt by the Bashams, Cena got his triple combo, the throwback, the five knuckle shuffle, and the FU for the pinfall victory.

Smackdown did have a title matchup, as WWE Cruiserweight champion Chavo Guerrero, escorted to the ring by his father, Chavo, Sr., met Jamie Noble. Noble did not have much of an opportunity in this match as Chavo whined, cried, and eventually cheated to a victory by holding the ropes following a roll up pinfall attempt on Noble.

A tag team match on Smackdown pit the newly formed team of the Big Show and Charlie Haas against former Raw tag team champions Rob Van Dam and Booker T. Book told RVD in the back he was still very angry about being on Smackdown and continued bashing everybody and everything about the show. Van Dam said they could be champs, and that he would have Booker's back here, just like he did on Raw.

Well, the matchup showed something different, as after two missed tag attempts, Van Dam was the unfortunate recipient of his partner walking out on the match. Booker is heard saying "I didn't want to do this", as he went to the locker room. Van Dam nearly pulled off the upset, knocking Big Show off the apron, hitting Haas with the five star, but before covering the All American, Show came back, chokeslammed Mr. Thursday night, and Haas got the win.

Following the contest, a livid Van Dam got right in Angle's face until Angle gave him what he wanted, next week in Indianapolis, it's Booker T. vs. Rob Van Dam, one on one.

Some debuts on Smackdown are happening, as Rico & Miss Jackie will debut on the 'runway' next week. Also, Theodore R. Long continued his search for his next superstar. Following a conversation with Shannon Moore, Orlando Jordan, and Spike Dudley, to which he and Spike got into an argument, Long accepted Spike's challenge to a matchup in the ring.

What Spike didn't realize is Long had the odds stacked against the runt of the Dudley litter. Long ordered a warmup for Spike, against Johnny the Bull Stamboli. Believe it or not, after getting pummeled for a few minutes, Spike managed to hit the Dudley Dog on the Bull, and pull the miraculous upset. As Long prepared to go to war with Dudley, out came Mark Jindrak and took out Spike with a scintillating slam. Soon enough, from the embrace between Long and Jindrak, it's quite clear that Thuggin' & Buggin' Enterprises has its newest superstar, the former WCW Power Plant graduate, Mark Jindrak.

Renee Dupree and Fifi made an appearance on Smackdown for a matchup with Orlando Jordan. This was nothing short of a squash match for DuPree, who won the contest with what appeared to be a sit out body slam.

Before the presentation of the Great American Award, Angle summons the WWE champion, and tells Eddie he's got the night off. Eddie grumbles, but goes out of the office, and apparently heads out of the arena.

However, the champion does make an impact during the presentation of the award. Just as Angle is about to present the award to the fan's choice, John Cena, Bradshaw interrupts and shows footage of him at the Mexican/Texas border 'allegedly' throwing out a batch of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. Immediately following this piece, Angle awards the trophy to Bradshaw. However, when he presents the trophy, it's obvious from the mockery under the tarp that Eddie stole the original trophy.

Eddie comes out with the original Great American trophy on the hood of his low rider. He brings it in to the ring, breaks the wing of the eagle by leaning on it, then proceeds to hit JBL in the stomach with it, prior to destroying it completely with a steel chair. Angle is livid around the ring screaming at Eddie that he's gonna pay as Smackdown went off the air.

The Dudley Boyz defeated Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty in a non title match.
Chavo Guerrero retained the Cruiserweight title with a victory over Jamie Noble.
John Cena defeated Danny Basham in a non-title contest.
Charlie Haas & the Big Show defeated Booker T. & Rob Van Dam.
Renee DuPree defeated Orlando Jordan.
Spike Dudley defeated Johnny the Bull Stamboli.
Spike Dudley vs. Theodore R. Long went to a no contest when Mark Jindrak interfered.
John Bradshaw Layfield was awarded the Kurt Angle Great American Award and the #1 contendership for the WWE title.



You know, it's damn good that SOME of the wrestling in this show was decent, because I have to think that this could've gone down in history as one of the worst Smackdown's ever. Let's dissect this piece of garbage.

1. BRADSHAW IN THE RING FOR 15 MINUTES AT THE OPEN OF THE SHOW. COME ON, HOW DUMB IS THIS? WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO PROVE? THAT Ted DiBiase was better at this gimmick than Bradshaw is? I am grateful and glad to see that Bradshaw is getting a shot at the big time, but come on, this gimmick is stupid, HIS CHARACTER IS STUPID, and he doesn't make me angry when he is in the ring talking, he makes me either want to puke or fall asleep. I DON'T THINK WWE WANTS ITS FAN BASE TO FALL ASLEEP 15 MINUTES IN TO THE SHOW, AND I DID. MY WIFE HAD TO WAKE ME UP TO MAKE SURE I DIDN'T MISS THE NEXT MATCH!

2. The tag team non title match was a good clean emotional wrestling match which I was pleased to see. I cannot say anything bad about any of the four competitors in that contest, because they give 1000 percent every night out, night in, night out. I want more of these guys before the title shots....one on ones, whatever. Let this rivalry go a bit, guys, it's worth it.

3. WHEN WILL THE ******* BIG SHOW GO AWAY?? COME ON!?!?!?! I AM SICK OF THIS GUY BEING INVOLVED IN THE TITLE PICTURE. And, I can say with a lot of certainty that each of you on this site are sick of him too. The poll I did last week for the WV.com Great American Award, which Cena won by over 20 votes, Big Show finished last, with how many votes? ONE! ONE VOTE! Someone should get this through to Vinnie Mac's thick skull and send this boy off to get healthy. He needs to go away, NOW! HE IS NOT ENJOYABLE TO WATCH ANYMORE.

4. If Chavo wants to be a heel, fine. Be a heel, but STOP WHINING. JESUS, I AM BEGINNING TO WONDER IF HIS LAST NAME IS LESNAR. Oh, yeah, and one other thing, can we get rid of Chavo, Senior, please? His little antic with Eddie is over, he is over, he is not part of the new generation of the WWE, and he is ridiculous at ringside acting as a cheerleader. Senior is doing more to damage his career now than what he did when he was the legend in the ring back during his prime. Also, can we see a matchup in the cruiserweight division with a clean victory? How many more cheats do we need? It's enough. Why is Noble getting a shot this week when Spike pinned Chavo last week in the tag match, which leads to my next thing.

5. Ok, I can accept the spin with the Spike Dudley/Teddy Long thing to introduce Jindrak as Long's new protege, but one week ago, I was saying right here how enthused I was that Spike was involved in wrestling matches with legit opponents, and holding his own in the cruiserweight division. Now, one week later, he's back to the gimmick garbage that ruined him on Raw, and which will eventually cost him any chances of succeeding on Smackdown. Yes, he did beat the Bull, and that probably will get him back in the contendership in the cruiserweight division, I HOPE. But, who knows anymore?

6. Smackdown as the minor league gimmick, whoever came up with that one and stuck it in Booker's craw oughta be fired. It's ridiculous, it's a shot to each and every wrestler who laces the boots every tuesday night and goes out to peform for the fans. Yeah, it's a gimmick, but its dumb. It's not funny. It's not appropriate. You want to make Booker a heel, fine, but find a gimmick where people will hate him, not loathe him for being an obnoxious jerk, like what's going on now.

7. Charlie Haas. Shutup, Charlie. Take your matches, and earn your stripes. Don't go nuts because of what Raw is doing with Shelton Benjamin. You know just as well as the rest of us that eventually, Benjamin is going to pay the piper. It's up to you to hold your end of the bargain until your time has come. But, for you to be in Angle's office looking like Christian with a temper tantrum doesn't do it for you. You're too good a talent. Get out there and beat people up. Bottom line.


9. I am looking forward to Booker vs. RVD next week. RVD got some good emotional heat in his matchups with Haas, and he damn well better bring some major heat to this contest with Booker, or this heel turn for Book is going to be a waste of everybody's time.

10. John Cena continues to be the one light on Smackdown that I cannot tarnish. He comes out and performs at 150% every night, makes his opponents look good, and continues to hold the crowd in his hand night in, night out. I can't wait for his shot at the major brass ring, that being the WWE title. He could even be more of a popular champion than Eddie Guerrero.

11. I can pretty much predict the pay per view card already, and we've got over a month and a half before Judgment Day. Isn't that sad as hell? But, come on, here we go, Eddie vs. Bradshaw for the WWE title. Cena vs. DuPree for the US title. Dudleys vs. Scotty & Rikishi for the tag straps. Chavo vs. Spike for the Cruiserweight title. Booker vs. RVD. That's it for now, they haven't developed anything /*, but those matches, I bet, will be on deck for Judgment Day. When we get closer, someone dispute it with me, I dare ya.

12. Why put the Basham brothers in singles matches?? They're still too green around the gills to get the job done as a tag team, is Smackdown that desperate for talent that they need to bring these guys in for matchups with guys like Cena?? Why don't we make a non title match, say Cena vs. Paul London?? HRM? Wouldn't that be a shame.......new talent.. wow.. isn't that what the draft lottery was supposed to do?

13. I am sick of Kurt Angle as GM. He does nothing for me. He doesn't stick out like Bischoff does on Raw, he doesn't let the wrestlers do the job like Stephanie did just before her untimely end as GM. He's like a mish-mash type of setup. We all know that Angle is GM as a patchwork setup because he's injured. Do us all a favor, Jimmy Angle Swaggert. Go get healthy, and leave us alone.

14. Why, why, WHY didn't we see a brawl between the five nominees for the award tonight after Bradshaw was given the dupe? I know they had the angle with Eddie, but come on, Cena wasn't available to pop Bradshaw in the face with DEEZ NUTS? It was the perfect opportunity for a little controlled chaos, and that I think WWE needs, desperately.

This show was horrible. It really was. I don't even want to waste anyone's time with clicking to the forum to talk about it. If you got a beef with what I said here, well, here's where you can email me.

Click here to email me with any feedback you got from this week's garbage, I mean, Smackdown.

See ya in a week, I hope, with some better material.