Full WWE Smackdown Results - 4/15/04 - Indianapolis, IN (Show goes nuts!)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 11:30 PM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
April 15, 2004
Indianapolis, IN (Conseco Field House)
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of Wrestleview.Com.


Smackdown from Indy opened with the WWE champion, Eddie Guerrero looking for a piece of the #1 contender, John Bradshaw Layfield. However, due to some political handjiving on the part of Layfield and GM Kurt Angle, Eddie was given the mountain of a task of a non-title contest against the Big Show. Show told Bradshaw and Angle he was so confident of his impending victory over the champion, he would quit if he lost.

Revenge was on the mind of the newly donned "Mr. Thursday Night" Rob Van Dam as he went up against his former tag team partner, Booker T. This match was emotionally charged from the word go, but it seemed like Booker got the better of Van Dam from a physical standpoint. Yes, RVD got his hand raised in a token of victory via disqualification, but Booker got DQed for beating Van Dam into a pulp while RVD was tied up in the ropes.

Champion vs. Champion was the theme for this contest between the cruiserweight title holder Chavo Guerrero, and the US Champion John Cena. Chavo held his own with the Doctor, courtesy of a cowboy boot to the back of Cena's head, but eventually, the attempted double team manuevers of the Guerreros backfired, and Cena got the pinfall on Chavo with his triple combo, the throwback, the five knuckle shuffle, and the FU.

Theodore Long's "Reflection of Perfection", Mark Jindrak began his career on Smackdown with a contest against the runt of the Dudley litter, Spike. Although Spike's effort was valiant, his attempted Dudley Dog was countered in to the Jindrak slam, or whatever he calls that slam he uses as a finishing maneuever for the victory.

Smackdown from Indy saw the debut of Rico and Miss Jackie in a contest with Charlie Haas. Haas was warned about Rico's antics from Jamie Noble prior to the contest, but he didn't pay much attention to what Noble had to say. Pity. Haas lost the match via countout when Rico planted a kiss on Haas's lips, and then showed him his 'thong'. Haas proceeded to vomit right in front of the broadcast position.

A new character was introduced tonight on Smackdown, a character similiar in theme to the Undertaker, called Mordecai. He said the day of reckoning will soon be at hand. Also, Renee DuPree apparently will begin an interview segment next week on Smackdown, and his first guest on "Cafe de Renee" will be Torrie Wilson. Torrie should be in rare form next week because of the involvement she had in the Eddie/Big Show situation.

The champion's match with the Big Show was a hard fought contest from start to finish. Big Show dominating the majority of the contest, with very little flares of offense by Guerrero. Unfortunately for the Show, Eddie got in the position to, and struck a heavy duty blow south of the border, and then was able to pin the giant with the frog splash. Based on his words eariler in the locker room to Angle and Bradshaw, Show proclaimed he would quit if he lost to Eddie tonight.

Show was walking through the backstage area with a glazed look in his eye when he heard Torrie Wilson and someone /* laughing. He began to think Torrie was laughing at him and confronted her about it. Show left it alone, briefly, after Torrie repeatedly said she wasn't laughing at him. Torrie decided after that scare that she should get out of the Conseco Fieldhouse, right now.

She didn't make it, though, as Show confronted her again by her vehicle and began destroying it, even going so far as to flipping it over. Torrie continuously tried to reason with the distraught monster but to no avail. Finally, once Show tipped the car over, she ran out, only to get cornered by the Big Show on an elevated platform close to 30 feet in the air.

Kurt Angle was made aware of the predicament Torrie was in, and tried to talk to the Show to reason with him. Show would have none of it, and proceeded to chokeslam Angle instead of Torrie down the entire 20 to 30 feet area to the floor. Angle's head began to bleed after he took this sick bump from the monstrous Big Show, his body lifeless with one leg tucked in underneath his torso.


John Cena defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Rico defeated Charlie Haas by countout.
Eddie Guerrero defeated the Big Show.
Mark Jindrak defeated Spike Dudley.
Rob Van Dam defeated Booker T. by DQ.


I'm disgusted with this product right now. I really am. I can't sit here tonight and explain to you what I am generally disgusted at because it's going to be the same junk all over again. No new talent, no fresh storylines, just the same stale bullcrap all over again.

I am glad Show is going out, but does he have to look so goddamn insecure in that vignette. He looked like a crybaby instead of someone who should've sucked it up, taken his medicine like a man, and walked out on his own strength.

JBL's promo skills could honestly be a cure for insomnia. I mean, really, he has not spoken in one segment yet that I haven't considered boring or began yawning in. He really needs help. Big time in the promotion department.

Charlie Haas is not Christian. Christian is not Charlie Haas. Can WWE get that straight?

Is Rico supposed to be comedic or flamboyant? His character is being severely misrepresented to be almost clown-like, and I don't think that is what WWE wanted to do with him. I'm dying to see who they put him up with next. Should be a real slobberknocker. YAWN.

Book's an official heel now, I guess. I gotta live with it. OK. I can dig that, sucka. Now, let's have Book and RVD go at it in ladder matches, cage matches, and a few other matches to get some major chaos back on these programs. I am watching WWE to see the atheletes take each other apart in matches where it is difficult to predict who wins, not to see 500 pound gorillas take out 120 pound women.

Eddie vs. Bradshaw for the belt at Judgment Day. My predictions are already starting to come to light. Email me and I'll give them back to you, or check my archive from last week to find out what I mean.

This program is boring me to tears, lately, and I am having trouble staying awake again for it. Who here agrees with me? Let me know what you think by clicking here to email me with your thoughts.

Till next week, maybe. If this product doesn't improve, I'm gonna have to go back on vacation to get my blood flowing again.

To quote George Clooney and Brad Pitt from Ocean's Eleven.

"God I'm bored." "You look bored."

Well, WWE.

I'm bored.

Fix it.