Full WWE Smackdown Results - 4/29/04 - Oklahoma City (Guerrero, UT, RVD)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, April 30, 2004 at 12:47 AM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
April 29th, 2004
Oklahoma City, OK
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.


Smackdown from Oklahoma City saw Kurt Angle's return to the General Manager's post, in a wheelchair with a huge cast on his leg and a bandage on the back of his head. He was accompanied to the ring by a man named "Luther".

An emotional Angle proclaimed that due to his injuries, his career as a wrestler was over. He then blamed the fans, and the talent in the back for what happened to him. He called out Torrie Wilson to confront her personally about the events of the past week.

Wilson came out, sheepishly, to no music at Angle's demand, and listened to Angle berate her, blaming her for what happened to the GM. He said that he was going to get the last laugh on her, making her inter-gender match with Rene DuPree no disqualification. Torrie seemed horrified as the match was set for the next segment.

Torrie did try and survive against DuPree, but DuPree was able to toss Wilson around like a rag doll for about two minutes before the US Champion, John Cena made the save, attacking DuPree, and then fending him off when he checked on Torrie's safety. Following the attack, DuPree complained to the GM, who awarded the French Phenom a US title match at Judgment Day against the Doctor of Thugonomics.

The WWE Cruiserweight title was on the line, but prior to the match between Nunzio and Chavo Guerrero even starting, the familiar BONG of the Dead Man sounded throughout Oklahoma City, and a fog lifted over the ring. Nunzio was dramatically shaken up, but no sign of the 'Taker himself at this time as Chavo came out for the title defense. Chavo's usual tactics of attacking from behind gives him the initial advantage, and, although limited offense from Nunzio throughout the contest, Chavo gets the dupe following a shot to the head by the champion's father on the member of the FBI.

After the match, Chavo claimed he was bored, and asked where the competition was. He made an open challenge to any competitor, cruiserweight around the world, for next week on Smackdown, proclaiming it, "Chavo vs. The World."

Rob Van Dam attempted to get some retribution against the newly evil Dudley Boys when he hit the ring, and demanded Bubba & D-Von's presence. Heyman came out instead, and said that RVD, who didn't take the initiative last week from Heyman, would get what he wanted, but he wasn't getting the happy go lucky Vince McMahon Dudley Boys, he was getting Paul Heyman's Dudley Boyz. Bubba & D-Von came through the crowd and beat on RVD for a time before the WWE champion made the save. Following the segment, Heyman was back with the GM, and got a match for the end of the show, Eddie Guerrero vs. "The Dudley", with nobody allowed at ringside except "The Dudley", and the VIP guest for the evening, Paul Heyman himself.

The self-proclaimed greatest superstar of Smackdown, the five time WCW champion, Booker T. met Billy Gunn. A back and forth contest which saw multiple uses of the scissors kick by the Bookerman saw Book take the victory following a botched fame-asser attempt by Mr. Ass.

Immediately following this contest, the lights dimmed again, and the fog returned, and the familiar GONG and BONG of the Dead Man. Booker did not move, thinking it was another false alarm, but this time, for the first time since Wrestlemania, Paul Bearer and the Undertaker appeared on television. The Dead Man hit the ring to a huge pop, with fog draping the canvas. Booker said Taker had no business coming out here after a grueling match, and he wasn't going to have any of it. Booker told Taker to get out of the ring, but he'd do one better, and take off himself.

As Book gets set to leave, he swipes the urn out of Paul Bearer's hands and clocks Taker with it. Taker goes down in a heap, but in less than 10 seconds, sits right back up. Booker sees this, and flees through the crowd like a shot. Angle again is furious about what has transpired, and makes a match for Judgment Day, Booker T vs. The Undertaker, because "Booker wasn't afraid of the Undertaker at all." Angle also claimed he had something in common with Taker, that neither of them had wrestled since Wrestlemania. Well, Angle said Taker would not get a paid vacation till Judgment Day. Angle proclaimed Taker would compete in action next week in Tucson, Arizona.

Charlie Haas is off camera complaining to his tag team championship partner, Rico & Miss Jackie that his tights have been stolen. Rico & Jackie are laughing under their breath as they hold up Charlie's trunks. Rico says to Charlie to borrow a pair of his trunks, or /* I'm going to be forced to defend our titles myself. Charlie reluctantly agrees.

The Basham Brothers received a shot at the dysfunctional tag team champions of Charlie Haas and Rico. Rico was able to do his usual flamboyancy and oddities to get the Bashams off balance. Haas ended up taking a beating on his arm from Doug and Danny, but, following a tag, Rico was able to get the Bashams set up for the fall with a kiss on Danny Basham, he falls back into Charlie for a German Suplex pinning combination, and a successful title defense for the WWE tag team title holders.

Prior to the main event, a public service announcement is shown for the #1 contender for the WWE title, John Bradshaw Layfield. He is discussing how he becoming the WWE champion would benefit everyone.

The main event saw Bubba Ray Dudley take his shot at the WWE champion in a non-title match. Paul Heyman and D-Von were at ringside. Eddie took a tremendous beating in this contest, and was barely able to hit two out of three of his patented triple vertical suplexes before trying to put Bubba Ray down for the three count. Bubba and D-Von though had other ideas, setting up Eddie in the Doomsday device. Eddie however, ducked out of D-Von's way, rolled up Bubba for the three count.

Bubba & D-Von didn't accept this too well, and began pummeling the WWE champion until RVD came to assist him. RVD and Eddie took out the Dudleys and set them up for dueling frog splashes. Rob on Bubba with the five star, and Eddie on D-Von with his own frog splash.

Angle was at ringside for the entire main event segment, and proclaimed he would get the last laugh yet. He made another match for Tucson next week, Eddie Guerrero & Rob Van Dam vs. the Dudley Boyz.

Rene DuPree vs. Torrie Wilson ended in a no contest.
Chavo Guerrero defeated Nunzio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
Booker T. defeated Billy Gunn.
Rico & Charlie Haas defeated the Basham Brothers to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Eddie Guerrero defeated Bubba Ray Dudley.


A much better program, all together. I did not like the Rene vs. Torrie angle, but bringing Cena in was the right way to get the match set up, and get Torrie out of the picture. Torrie's involvement in these storylines never work, and it always leads to something uglier.

Angle's demonic personality is a nice touch. I can get used to it pretty quickly. He goes nuts, the plan backfires, and he goes nuts even more. It gives Angle the edge that Heyman had when running the show, or even with Stephanie. Angle didn't have that edge, but this little personality 'alter' can give it to him, quickly. I can get used to this 'blame the world' attitude from our olympic general manager. Let's see more of it.

Chavo Guerrero is a boring cruiserweight title holder. Chavo, Senior makes me ill. Enough said. Someone beat him. Let's get someone /* with the title belt that can bring some needed freshness back to the cruiserweight division.

FINALLY. An UNDERTAKER sighting! I'm thrilled! Undertaker vs. Booker T can be a decent contest, whether it's squash or not. Before anyone bitches, Undertaker deserves a squash run as the Dead Man before hanging it up, and we all know that will happen sooner or later, so don't sit here and tell me it's not fair to the other guys. The 'other guys' in the back oughta just take what Taker does and file it away in pertinent information. What he is doing is working, and it should be repeated, multiple times.

The heel turn of the Dudleyz bothers me, but I can get used to it. I'd like to see them get more involved in taking apart the tag team division again. Heyman in their career will assist them in this heel turn, but constant fighting for Kurt Angle will get them nowhere fast. They need to go into business for themselves.

Rico makes me ill. Charlie Haas's respectability as an athlete is going out the perverbial door teaming with Rico. I hope that this championship pair does not last much longer, for Haas' sake.

I am beginning to hate JBL's character more and more. I am glad he is getting the push, but I think this match has the possibility to be a real stinker. I hope VKM knows what he's doing putting Layfield down our collective throats. It's not digesting very well with me.

The card for Judgment Day, to this point is Eddie vs. Bradshaw for the WWE title, Cena vs. DuPree for the US title, and Booker T. vs. Undertaker. For now, I see no title changes, and a squash victory for the Dead Man. Dispute that, if you dare! :)

Please understand something, ladies and gentlemen. I am not here simply to come to this site each and every week and bash every parcel of WWE programming. I watch it religiously for a reason, and that's because I love it. It's become a little more difficult to write about since Wrestlemania 20 because it's been DULL! BORING! NOT FUN TO WATCH! It's just been my opinion. It may be a little racy, distasteful, and even down right annoying, but it is this person's opinion, and I happen to be fortunate enough to be able to share it with a lot of people.

Now, saying that, if you disagree with what I have to say, then please tell me. I am not 'above' everybody /* who can't take criticism, or a simple, "You got no damn idea what you're talking about." Perhaps if I see the programming from YOUR eyes, it may allow me a different perspective that will turn this column more positive in nature, and my own outlook on the programming more positive.

That's it for now ladies and gentlemen. Like I said before, feedback is WELCOME, and a REPLY IS VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED. You can write me byclicking here to do so.

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