Full WWE SmackDown Results - 5/20/04 - Las Vegas, NV (Post-Judgment Day)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Friday, May 21, 2004 at 12:10 AM EST

May 20, 2004
Results courtesy of WWE.com

Four days removed from Judgment Day, the health of Eddie Guerrero was on the minds of everyone. Unfortunately, Guerrero's health became an even greater issue by the time SmackDown! went off the air on Thursday night. A backstage attack on Guerrero, presumably by John Bradshaw Layfield, left the WWE Champion unconscious just prior to the start of his match. By order of Mr. Angle, the match Guerrero was scheduled for started without him. Down a man, Guerrero's partners Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam battled the Dudley Boyz and JBL as best they could. Then out of nowhere, the relentless Guerrero made his way to the ring. Eddie looked to be fully recovered from the attack backstage, as he mounted much offense. Just as it looked like Eddie, Mysterio and RVD were going to pick up the win, Eddie turned pale white. Unable to support himself any longer, the Champion dropped to his knees, then his back. While down, Guerrero's eyes began to roll into the back of his head. With the exception of Layfield, concern was on the face of everybody involved. JBL, on the other hand, simply dropped on top of Guerrero for the pinfall victory. Paramedics tended to the fallen WWE Champion, as SmackDown! drew to an emotional close.

Chavo Guerrero reclaimed the Cruiserweight Championship on Sunday night at Judgment Day. However, he had little time to celebrate, as he defended the title in a Triple Threat Match on SmackDown! against Spike Dudley and his father Chavo Classic. Remarkable, the elder Guerrero walked away with the win and the Cruiserweight Championship after he inadvertently pinned his son. After the match, both Guerreros' faces wore looks of complete shock.

The man that refers to himself as the right hand of the father, Mordecai, was hell bent on making his presence felt this week on SmackDown! The mysterious man in white attacked and destroyed both Billy Kidman and Akio prior to their scheduled match.

Also on SmackDown!, John Cena defended the United States Championship against Rene Dupree in a rematch from Judgment Day. The match ended in controversy when Dupree delivered a low blow to Cena outside of the ring. The dirty tactic caused Cena to be counted out of the ring. Dupree went home with the winner's portion of the purse, however, he was unable to claim the gold.

Next week on SmackDown!, a count out victory will be nearly impossible as Cena once again defends the United States Championship against Dupree. This time, the match will be contested under Lumberjack Match rules.

Match Results:

-WWE Tag Team Champions Rico & Charlie Haas defeated the F.B.I.

-Chavo Classic defeated Chavo Guerrero & Spike Dudley for the Cruiserweight Championship

-Rene Dupree defeated United States Champion John Cena by count out

-Booker T defeated Funaki

-John Bradshaw Layfield & the Dudley Boyz defeated Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam