Full WWE SmackDown Results - 6/3/04 - Toronto, ON (Undertaker, Cena, Eddie)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, June 4, 2004 at 12:42 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results
Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre
June 3, 2004
Commentators: Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.


One week after the abduction of Paul Bearer by the Dudley Boyz, Paul Heyman confronts the Dead Man and drops a yes or no question on the phenom that could change the face of Smackdown, forever.

Smackdown opens with the WWE remembering long time legend James Dudley, who recently passed away. We at Wrestleview.com wish to send our condolences to the family and friends of the late James Dudley.

Booker T. opens up the official festivities with a promo for his main event Judgment Day rematch with the Undertaker. He proclaims he is not afraid of the 'Taker, and will shock the world this week, but just before his completion, someone wants to speak with the Bookerman. It's the US champion, John Cena. Cena believes Booker has an issue with him after nearly costing him the US title last week in the lumberjack match. Cena, who claims to solve his issues "face to face" tells Booker to get it on right now if that's what he wants to do.

Before any fisticufs can be thrown, GM Mr. Angle comes out and stops the proceedings from getting out of control. Angle tells Cena to get out of Toronto, Cena tells Angle to do something about it, and Booker attacks Cena from behind. In the melee that follows, Cena is hit by Booker and falls in to the General Manager, who falls out of his wheelchair. He then becomes irate, and demands Cena to get out of Toronto, immediately. Angle claims he's gonna contact the Board of Directors and demand them to strip John Cena of the United States Championship for his conduct tonight.

One week after the GM demanded documentation from the WWE Champion freeing him from any legal rammifications if the champ got hurt again, the matchup set for last week took place this week. Eddie signed the document, and was on Smackdown this week to face Danny Basham. Eddie was seemingly back to near 100% form as he was able to eliminate Doug Basham from ringside with a little lyin', (throwing a steel chair to Doug, and then calling the referee), and then cheatin' to win the match against Danny (kick below the belt and a shot to the cranium with the championship). A little possum break after that, a frog splash later, and the champ celebrated in style all over Toronto, Ontario.

Eariler in the week, Toronto was celebrating as WWE proclaimed Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the Air Canada Centre the host for the 2004 version of Summerslam.

The Pale Rider, Mordecai came to the ring, and proceeded to tell the entire audience that they were all sinners, and damned them straight to hell. He told his 'father' that he would punish the audience for their sins, even if he would forgive them. He left by setting the ring posts on fire with his 'cross.'

The WWE tag team champions were backstage with Miss Jackie, who was trying on bathing suits for the Summer Break Out Bikini Contest later tonight. This was a continuation from last week's vignette. Jackie shows Haas & Rico the next suit, and the consensus is, "last week's was good, this one is 'GREAT!'. Haas and Rico smile wickedly as Smackdown goes to commercial.

The crusierweight division continued in its retro mode this week as Sho Funaki became the latest opponent for the champion, Chavo Clasic. Accompanied, and pampered by Chavo, Jr., Classic managed some good maneuvers with the younger cruiserweight, but just before things got out of hand, with Funaki set for a move off the top rope, Junior hopped out of his commentator's position, threw the challenger to the mat from the top rope, Classic covered, and the ball game was over. Classic celebrated with some females who 'ran through the ropes' to mob the champion, but, following the commercial, it appeared Classic staged the whole 'groupie' segment by paying off each of the ladies for their performance.

The Summer Break Out Bikini Contest was next with four of the hottest Divas on the market, emceed by the handpicked choice, Jamie Noble in a tuxedo. Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie, and the returning Sable competed, and after the smoke cleared, literally, the audience picked Miss Jackie as the victor. Noble tried to get the spoils of victory by demanding a kiss from Jackie, but the girls teamed up on the penguin-clad cruiserweight, dumping him in the sandbox which was in the ring, and then dumping him with water. Noble was furious, claiming the tux he wore was a rental, a $30 rental.

Smackdown's newest warrior, Kenzo Suzuki, debuts next week.

Rey Mysterio took on the French Phenom, Renee Dupree. Dupree had some visible diffiuclty with the San Diego cruiser, as most of the offense tried by the Frenchman was countered quickly. During the match, it appeared Dupree may have hurt his leg. DuPree tried for his powerbomb finisher, Mysterio countered the move into a sunset flip and got the upset victory. He celebrated up the ramp by doing Dupree's frenchman dance.

JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield came to the ring to discuss the stipulation for his matchup with the WWE champion, Eddie Guerrero at the Great American Bash. The stipulation is a texas bull rope match. The winner must drag his opponent to all four corners of the ring and touch the turnbuckles to be victorious. No DQs, No countouts, Nothing but pure brutality, Texas style.

The Main Event saw the Judgment Day rematch of the Undertaker vs. Booker T. Booker seemingly had some definite juice against Dead Man, Inc. on this night, however it is difficult to say that the resulting offense by Booker was a result of his skill, or the Undertaker's preoccupation with the abduction of Paul Bearer.

Dead Man, Inc. did manage to get Booker in the compromising position needed to finish the job. A botched last ride turned into a certain chokeslam before Paul Heyman hit the stage.

Heyman confronted the Taker in the ring, and before he could get a word in edgewise, Taker had the New York native by the throat. Bubba and Dvon hit the ovaltron and told the Undertaker that if he wanted to ever see Paul Bearer again, he should listen to Heyman.

Paul Heyman gave the Undertaker one week to decide. Join up with Paul Heyman and the Dudley Boys, or never see Paul Bearer again.

Heyman closed Smackdown by saying, "It's not the Undertaker that has Paul Heyman by the throat, it's Paul Heyman that has the Undertaker by the throat."

Eddie Guerrero defeated Danny Basham.
Chavo Classic defeated Sho Funaki to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
Miss Jackie won the Summer Breakout Bikini Contest.
Rey Mysterio defeated Renee Dupree.
The Undertaker vs. Booker T went to a no contest when Paul Heyman interfered.

Note: The spoilers said there was a matchup between Holly & Gunn vs. FBI. It did not air on Smackdown in NYC.


Ok. I wasn't gonna get in to this, but you know, a little seedling has planted in my head, and I kinda like it. What is the possibility of Heyman, being this 'rogue' without a show, trying to jump from show to show to recruit an outlaw band of talent to try and take on each show in another invasion style angle? Literally call it ECW, because it would be something to the effect on the extreme taking it to both entities, week in week out. Could you see the beginnings of that type of setup with Heyman 'recruiting' the Dudley Boyz, and now putting the Undertaker in a seemingly no win situation. I mean, Undertaker listening to Paul Heyman gives this 'group' instant credibility and down right ferocity.

Why not? You got a Raw going with a basic matchup, say, Garrison Cade vs. Tajiri. All of a sudden, the lights hit, out comes the Dudleys, and now it's a 2 on 2, the Dudleys taking on the Raw guys, who are forced to team up to avoid getting their asses kicked by the Taker standing at ringside. Come on, doesn't that make your mouth water, a little?? It's something to definitely ponder. Perhaps a long term plan is FINALLY IN THE WORKS to put a little spice back in to WWE programming.

Now, please, don't start emailing me saying this is gonna go down, and when, and how, and why. It's STRICTLY SOMETHING FROM MY SLEEP DEPRIVED PSYCHOTIC BRAIN AND IT'S MEANT ONLY FOR YOU GUYS TO CHEW ON, NOT BELIEVE, YET.

What I mean by chew on would be something like this. Heyman is obviously the head man, doing most of the grunt work. Who would he be able to recruit on the Raw side to do his recruiting there? Who would spread the word of the former ECW guru on the Raw side to begin to strengthen this 'federation' within a federation? Who /* would join up with Heyman and the Dudleys? How would the Undertaker get out of this no-win ultimatium he's got to contend with next week? Answer those questions in emails to me, and if I like them a lot, I'll publish the answers, either here or in the forum.

JBL continues to piss me off, but Eddie Guerrero is on such a roll that this feud may actually work because of the skills possessed by the WWE champion. I am actually looking forward to this bullrope match strictly from the factoid that I have never seen one. I like gimmick matches at times, just to see how they play out. I think Eddie will obviously be triumphant, but he will get hurt again. Bradshaw will hurt him in this contest, significantly.

John Cena vs. Booker T is a feud that I Hope HOPE HOPE gets developed over time. It could be an absolute show stealer. I know they got a match listed on the released card for the GAB, but there's no way you can kill this one off without multiple chapters being written. Cena is due to go to the world title picture, and Booker may be the man to take the US Strap from him, but it ain't gonna be easy, and it's gonna be through a world of pain, mark my words.

Smackdown's tag team picture is in serious turmoil at the Bash this month if the matchup between the Undertaker and the Dudleys does go down. Even though it's a handicap match, for the Dudleys, a team of their magnitude, to fall to the Taker would be a blow for the tag team division of Smackdown that would take months to recover from.

This retro-cruiserweight thing sucks. Classic is an idiot, he's acting like an idiot, and his son is a blowhard moron. Can we have Rey Rey shut these guys up for good please, and get the title back on its feet before Bruce Prichard and other WWE officials actually do what they are saying and take the title away entirely.

2 years ago, Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto. Now, Summerslam 04 in Toronto. What's so good about Toronto? EMAIL ME and tell me, I wanna know, honest.

Time for Mordecai to stop talking and start hurting people. His brief physicality with Kidman and Akio was impressive, but he talks too damn much. Start your crusade, slick, before your hair falls out.

Is Kenzo Suzuki going to be lost on Smackdown without someone to either talk for him or to fight? He would be a viable candidate for a feud with, or to join with Akio and Sakoda, and make up a new Japanese style faction, (Ah, does Smackdown miss Tajiri), yet, I fear that Suzuki will die in mediocrity quickly following his debut because I don't have a clue where he can fit in to the Smackdown picture. Mordecai eventually will go for the big dog in the yard, in my opinion, but this guy Suzuki, I don't know. I can't predict it.

Kurt. Do us a favor? Please? Go have your surgery. You SUCK as a GM. You sound like a male version of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

RVD: Do us a favor as well. Get your ass to the shows on time.. We need you on Smackdown every week, buddy. Talent here is not limitless, believe me.

Ok. that's it, I'm gone. Feedback via email is by clicking here.

Family business may pre-empt my column next week. I'll see ya all soon.