Full WWE SmackDown Results - 6/17/04 - Chicago, Illinois (Bash, titles change)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, June 18, 2004 at 12:23 AM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
Chicago, IL @ Allstate Arena
June 17, 2004
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.


Smackdown opened with the newly-demonic Dudley Boyz challenging for WWE Tag Team Gold against Miss Jackie's champions of Charlie Haas & Rico. It appeared from the onset of the contest that the unorthodox tactics of the Seton Hall All-American and the former American Gladiators champion turned whatever were not going to work on the former 17 time tag team champions. That forecast turned truthful as Charlie Haas accidentally was pushed in to Miss Jackie when she hopped on the apron to try and stop the Dudley's momentum, and when Haas was outside checking on Jackie, Bubba rolled up Rico near the corner, popped his legs on the ropes, D'von hooked a limb, and 3 seconds later, by cheating like mad, Paul Heyman's power on Smackdown grew to limitless possibilities when the Dudley Boyz won their 18th tag team championship, the WWE Tag Team titles.

Prior to the beginning of the show, Smackdown commentators Michael Cole & Tazz promoed the difficult week that John Bradshaw Layfield has had, and also the fact that a cement mixer was present in the arena near the staging area. JBL is scheduled to discuss 'in his own words' the 'worst week in his life.'

Smackdown viewers found out the reason for the cement truck a lot quicker as the newly powerful Paul Heyman went on the stage and promoted a newly signed match for the Great American Bash pay per view, a handicap match between the Undertaker and the Dudley Boyz. Footage was shown of the Undertaker bowing to the urn holding Paul Heyman last week, which Heyman called the history twisting moment in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Heyman declared that the Undertaker's conscience, Paul Bearer would be sealed in a glass crypt covered by 3 inch strong plexiglass with a cement mixer above it. If the Undertaker does not "do the right thing" in his handicap match at the Great American Bash, then via a command from Paul Heyman, the cement will flow and Paul Bearer will be buried in concrete. Heyman guaranteed that the Undertaker would do the right thing, or /*, demonstrating what could happen to Paul Bearer by overflowing a coffin with quick dry cement. Heyman also declared that a demonstration of the Undertaker's ability to 'do the right thing', saying the Undertaker will be in Chicago tonight, and will bow down to the feet of 'greatness', that being Paul Heyman.

Smackdown continues to promo the speech of John Bradshaw Layfield, to describe the feelings in his own words about the worst week of his life. However, the next competitor in to the ring is the WWE champion, Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. Eddie begins to rip on the #1 contender about JBL's sudden abscence from CNBC's programming. Eddie then says that JBL's week wasn't that bad, he did get one hell of a limo ride. Smackdown then showed the footage of the limo ride better than DisneyLand last week. Eddie then demands JBL to come out and say something directly to him right now, instead of waiting for later to say something to Chicago. Instead of JBL, though, Doug and Danny Basham arrive, claiming that they have unfinished business to complete with the champion. Doug Basham claims that Eddie cheated in his victory vs. Eddie last week, but he won't do it to him this week. The matchup commenses...the ref gets bumped, the Bashams double team the champion, the champ kicks out, Doug Basham looks stunned, triple vertical suplex on Doug, a leg scissors armdrag combo on the Bashams together, frog splash by the champion, and the victory to the champion. Danny tries to attack Eddie from behind after the contest, but Eddie stops Danny cold with a low blow, and hits a frog splash on the other Basham brother, for good measure.

Kurt Angle, Smackdown GM, Luther Reigns, and the US champ, John Cena are in the back, discussing the Bash, and the card tonight. Angle tries to stack the deck against the US champ by setting a tag match tonight, RVD & John Cena vs. Renee Dupree & Booker T. He then makes the Bash Fatal Four Way US title match an elimination match. Cena says that he's figured it out, Angle doesn't hate Cena, he wants to be Cena because Cena can stand up and get respect, & the GM can't even stand up. Cena leaves by saying to the GM, "I'm not touching you," repeatedly, "so to hell with your probation." Angle's eyes begin to almost pop out of his head, as he screams how much he hates the US champion to his assistant.

Funaki and Josh Matthews are trying to battle rap, with Funaki dressed as John Cena. Josh sounds less than stellar, and when Funaki goes, he gets the beat, gets the job done, but in the process, makes fun of the GM when the GM arrives on the scene. Angle proclaims that Luther Reigns will face Funaki later on, and the GM tells his bodyguard he wants the world to know why he hired Luther Reigns.

Kenzo Suzuki, the Bronze Warrior, appeared on Smackdown to face off with the runt of the Dudley litter, Spike. Spike doesn't get much out of the contest, and loses to the Bronze Warrior with a claw like move to the throat, and a leg sweep, bouncing Spike's head off the mat like a tennis ball.

The #1 contender for the WWE title, John Bradshaw Layfield approaches the ring in his own way, with a brand new limo, complete with the longhorns. JBL is also promoted to be on the Howard Stern radio show friday morning. Bradshaw approached the ring, tossing the texas bullrope in the ring, and looked very sullen and dejected as he entered the squared circle. JBL blames the media for the week he had last week, even with President Reagan passing away, all the media wanted to do last week is talk about JBL. JBL proclaimed the world is against JBL. Bradshaw claims the world can knock him on his ass, and he will get up, and still be successful. He claims to have a backbone, and he will not back down from anybody. 18 months ago, JBL claimed he was a guest of the US Army in Kandahar, Afghanistan, he asked the US media, where were they? He continues to rip the American media, and America itself is the reason of John Bradshaw Layfield's bad week.

Note from Mike Siciliano: I am physically sickened by the angles that JBL has been taking over the past few months, and I refuse to continue to discuss this particular segment of Smackdown, because it is not appropriate for the programming that I believe the WWE should be attempting to portray. I will boycott John Bradshaw Layfield because at this particular time in our country and world, this type of 'storyline' is repulsive. If you do not appreciate or do not agree with my opinion, then take your opinion to the forums on this website and debate me there. I will gladly listen and respond accordingly.

Following the sickening diatribe by the so called top heel of Smackdown, Eddie hit the ring, attacked Bradshaw by surprise, and nearly took Bradshaw's head off with the texas bullrope.

The WWE cruiserweight championship is on the line as Rey Mysterio takes on the retro-champion, Chavo Guerrero, Sr., or Chavo Classic. Footage was shown from last week's Smackdown when Chavo Classic botched his interference in the matchup between his son and Rey Mysterio, costing Chavo, Jr. that contest. Chavo Classic hits a moonsault early in the contest which nearly took out Mysterio by surprise. A senton sit down on Classic, take out of Chavo, set up for the 619, and dropping the dime later on the back of Classic's head, and the retro-spell the cruiserweight division was under is now over, as Rey Mysterio gets some well needed and deserved revenge from February's No Way Out by regaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Backstage, Luther Reigns is prepping for his Smackdown in-ring debut.

Mordecai is backstage proclaiming the WWE Smackdown locker room is a room full of sinners. None of them are worthy of redemption, and will all feel Mordecai's wrath. He singles out Eddie Guerrero, for what exact reason, is uncertain. But, he claims that Eddie Guerrero will suffer for his transgressions, and he will pay for the sins he has committed. Eddie Guerrero will learn to hear Mordecai, and fear Mordecai.

Luther Reigns comes to the ring, with Angle looking from his perch against Funaki, already in the ring waiting for the self-appointed ass kicking. Cross faces across the chest on the Smackdown #1 announcah, a boot to the side of the temple while Funaki's head was on the apron, three kicks by Funaki, then a one handed spine buster by the bodyguard. One more sideslam and the victory is ensured. Reigns claims this is an example of what happens when you disrespect Kurt Angle, you will have to deal with Luther Reigns. Angle then calls Luther, points to Funaki, points downward, and Reigns responds by a reverse swinging neckbreaker, basically leaving Funaki limp in the middle of the ring.

The card for the Great American Bash is promoted.

A Live Free or Die match between the Undertaker and the Dudley Boyz 2 against 1.
John Cena defends the US title in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match agains Rob Van Dam, Booker T., and Renee Dupree.
Eddie Guerrero defends the WWE title in a texas bullrope match against John Bradshaw Layfield.

Torrie Wilson comes out, dressed in the Uncle Sam outfit seen on the Great American Bash pay per view posters, proclaiming that the Divas will be 'hosting' the Bash. Wilson says the Bash will be hotter than the Summer Breakout bikini contest.

Josh Matthews is backstage with the Bookerman, asking his thoughts for the fatal four way match for the US title. Booker thinks its a joke that he has to compete in the fatal four way. He blames the clock for what happened last week in the triple play matches last week. Dupree comes to the interview stand, saying its sad that the 5 time WCW champion blames his inability to win the US title on the clock. Booker and Dupree have some tense words about what goes down last week, but agree to put their differences on the side for the upcoming tag match, even with a threat by Dupree. Booker looks shocked after Dupree threatens Booker with his patented catchphrase, 'Tell me, you didn't just say that.'

The tag match is the main event on Smackdown, John Cena & Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T. & Renee Dupree. At the onset, Booker and Dupree have some words, and hence, the momentum is in the camp of Van Dam and the US champion. Booker begins to walk away from Dupree, and Van Dam drop kicks both of them. Van Dam continues to get the better of the French Phenom until a kick to the head and a clothesline leads to a tag to the Bookerman. Booker brings the momentum solidly back to his team by beating down Mr. Thursday Night hot and heavy with multiple chops and shots to the chest. Dupree and Booker continue their onslaught on RVD with some double team maneuvers, Dupree does his little french dance, Cena breaks up the pinfall attempt, Dupree and Booker continue the momentum until RVD manages to tag in the Doctor of thugonomics. Cena takes out both Booker and Dupree, going for the FU, but stopped by Booker. RVD comes in and after Booker, Dupree and Cena go at it, RVD and Cena stand tall in the ring, then talk briefly, and begin fighting amongst themselves. Booker and Dupree get back in the fracas, and the four men continue to fight their respective teammates before the gong is heard around the Allstate Arena.

A second gong, the lights black out, the lights come back on briefly, and Booker T is in the clutches of the Dead Man. Undertaker lets go of Booker, and begins to clear the house of anything that moves, beating the high holy crap out of Rob Van Dam, ending it with a chokeslam. Taker then turns to the US champion, and drops him with a tombstone piledriver. The music starts, and Heyman hits the stage with the urn in hand. The blue mist engulfs the ring, and the Undertaker bows to the urn, and to the urn's possessor, Paul Heyman as Smackdown goes off the air.

The Dudley Boyz defeat Charlie Haas & Rico to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Eddie Guerrero defeats Doug Basham in a non title contest.
Kenzo Suzuki defeats Spike Dudley.
Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeats Chavo Classic to win the WWE Cruiserweight championship.
Luther Reigns defeats Sho Funaki.
John Cena & Rob Van Dam vs. Renee Dupree & Booker T finishes in a no contest because of interference by the Undertaker.


Some of what I have to say is going to be off topic for what my column is supposed to be, but I need to say it because it's the way I feel about this product, this business, and specifically, these shows, Smackdown and Raw.

As everyone /* who reads this site has, I have watched the first two installments of NWA TNA Impact. Now, to the hardcore wrestling fan, Impact is similar to maybe Velocity plus Heat put together, it is not chock full of the storylines that wrestling fans are expecting out of the main flagship shows in WWE, or the pay per view broadcasts on TNA.

However, the action, the pure wrestling action in TNA is, I am sad to say, light years ahead of almost anything that the WWE is bringing to the table. Is there potential in the WWE for a rebirth to prominence, yes, indeed there is, but right now, at this present point and time, I have not seen more of a low-quality wrestling broadcast ever.

WWE tries to 'lessen' the bumps taken by the talent in their shows, to hopefully prolong their careers. Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels takes a chair to the throat so he can be home with the birth of his new child. I had to sit there with my own 10 year old son and watch this debauchery unfold in front of me. It made me so goddamn angry I couldn't see straight, I nearly ripped the VCR out of my wall.

Then there's tonight, with the WWE taking this whole JBL/Munich/CNBC thing and turning it into a 10 minute promo where Bradshaw tries to get some heel heat. Bradshaw, you may hate the internet wrestling community, but, dear boy, without us, you ain't got a job, jackass. You MESSED UP TERRIBLY IN MUNICH, ADMIT IT. You pulled about the DUMBEST POSSIBLE STUNT YOU COULD HAVE EVER PULLED IN YOUR LIFE, and for the WWE to take that action, that repulsive, almost criminal action and turn it in to a storyline almost implicates the WWE as badly as it does JBL.

From now on, any recaps I do of the Smackdown broadcasts I will not air any information about any speaking segments involving John Bradshaw Layfield. I am that sickened by the angle, the attitude, and the character. As far as I am concerned, Bradshaw's career ended when the APA was disbanded. If you disagree with my thoughts, feel free to take it to the WWE forums on this site, or email me privately by clicking here to do so.

I have a lot more to discuss, and not much of it is going to be positive, so from here on, I will subdivide the remainder of my commentary.

Rest of the Smackdown broadcast

The possibility of Paul Heyman leading a rogue faction to both shows in WWE continues to intrigue me, but the more he talks, the more I can't stand him. He needs to continue to have more people drink the kool-aid, and have them spew his venom, because his presence on Smackdown is becoming a constant eyesore. His segment after the Dudleys tag team title victory tonight was down right sleep inducing.

Kenzo Suzuki looks to be a legitimate talent, but who is he going to fight? There's a guy on Raw desperate for a rivalry named Yoshihiro Tajiri.. remember him? Nah, too simple, right? So, what's Suzuki going to do? Midcard us to death by beating Hardcore Holly, Spike Dudley, and Billy Gunn until we're sick of him?

Come on, WWE, do not tell me you're going to send Mordecai up against the WWE champion in any type of feud down the line? Why is Mordecai even talking about Eddie Guerrero is beyond me, he is so far away from that level it's almost laughable.

Chavo Classic is a bonafide idiot. He had the opportunity of a lifetime, and he blew it. He blew wearing the WWE cruiserweight championship because he didn't conduct himself on a professional working level. Personally, I'm thrilled. Mysterio will bring the title back to credibility and respectability, and officials like Bruce Prichard can shutup about getting rid of that title. Also Chavo, Jr. needs to go out on his own and accomplish something without anybody's help. Viva La Raza is one thing, but viva your talent is another. Chavo, you got talent, show us before it gets swallowed by by the MONstars.

10 days to go, only 4 matches for the Bash. Really positive planning there...

Raw Thoughts

I have never been so angry in my life after seeing what Kane did to Shawn Michaels. Yes, I know why he did it. Michaels needed time off, and I respect that tremendously. Can't we figure out another way to exit a talent from a storyline without them having to wade around in a 3 inch pool of their own blood. So Shawn spends some time on the shelf, and then goes after Kane when he gets back. Do we have to see him literally laying there in a pool of his own blood? DO I have to show that to my ten year old? Is that apppropriate programming for the age that the WWE is trying to reach? Does every WWE superstar have to leave the show by literally lying in a pool of their own blood? Shawn Michaels is my six year old's favorite wrestler. I can't show that to him, it would crush him. It's ridiculous policy, and it's a total fabrication against all the so called tone down policies that WWE is trying to implement in their matches.

Eugene is a disgrace. I can't accept it anymore. I am a father of two special needs children, and Eugene's character doesn't fill me with hope, laughter, or joy. It makes me sick to my stomach that someone like that gets manipulated, pulled, and twisted in so many different directions. Yes, WWE has continuously gotten Eugene out of these predicaments, and he has come out always on top, and this week appears to be no exception, even though he is going against Satan himself in Triple H, the rumor is rampant that Eugene's best friend from Hollywood would make an appearance in his own hometown of Miami, Florida, to assist the neophyte in gaining a title shot at Chris Benoit by upsetting the Game. Does that in itself warrant a title match? Chris Benoit vs. Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore for the World Heavyweight championship? Excuse me, I need to go over the side of the vehicle, and proceed to throw up my lungs.


Please look for the relaunching of my opinion column, "The Palace Version 3.0" coming back to its home on MOPSquad.com soon. There I will discuss more in depth my disgust for the Eugene character, and my initial thoughts about the NWA TNA programming. If you'd like to debate with me, feel free to do so by emailing me. You can email by clicking here.


It's now the middle of the morning, and I needed to refresh some opinions I stated way eariler in the morning following an email I got from my friend AOL SN HBK540. His very wise statement to me was this, "I can respect your opinion, but when was the last time the WWE tried to program ANYTHING toward a 10 year old's demographic?"

I responded by saying simply, "There has been none." He actually made me speechless, without reply, and basically having to totally agree with his idea. Which I was thrilled about. :) Thanks again for the email, my friend. Let me try and re-state my opinions on the two most putrid displays I saw during the past week on WWE programming.

Starting with my brand, and JBL's diatribe: If he is trying desperately to relaunch the Ted DiBiase Million Dollar Man gimmick, do it without sounding like a crybaby. No politics. No world views. Don't bring in the war, the situation in real life around the world. Take the crappy angle, (and it is crappy), of making people do stupid things for money, and use DiBiase's patented saying "Everybody's got a price." The smattering of real life circumstances into Bradshaw's character is offensive to me because I am watching WWE programming to try and forget about some of the circumstances that are occurring around me, my town, and the world. I don't need a fat blowhard from Texas spewing it back in my face. But again, as stated before, that's just my fat headed opinion. I also will stick by my guns and not discuss any promos done by JBL on Smackdown again until he significantly changes his tune.

Now, on to the Raw side, which is two fold. First, the Shawn Michaels situation. I have to be honest with you, I wanted desperately to see Triple H and Shawn Michaels shake hands. If for no other reason but to MOVE ON. Don't bring them back together, don't bring back DX, don't do any of those things, just GET THEM AWAY FROM EACH OTHER SO they can do other things in the business. But, with the scenario that portrayed out on Raw, Kane comes out, destroys Michaels, H runs away like a scalded dog, and it looks like H recruited Kane to come out and destroy Michaels. This scenario could keep HHH vs. HBK going, and I think, I hope I can speak for the majority of Raw viewers when I say, NO! MOVE ON! IT'S OVER!

Now, the Shawn Michaels destruction: I think it's so contradictory that WWE is trying desperately to avoid massively sick bumps by its talent, and then 24 hours following the Hell in A Cell that almost put a lot of people to sleep, Michaels is forced to chew on a chair on the throat from Kane's foot. Whatever happened to just letting Michaels step away after HIAC? He and Triple H did perform well above and beyond the call for 47 minutes and change at Bad Blood, and the reason for HBK's stepping out of the spotlight for the time being is well valid, let him step out on a high note, walking out on his own power, saying thank you. Don't let him step out on a stretcher, coughing up blood, and having people wonder about his condition until his return. It leaves an aftertaste in people's mouths that nobody needs to deal with.

Now, Eugene. It makes me physically ill, and I can only explain that because I deal with special needs children daily, being the father of two. Have I enjoyed the vignettes that Eugene has done with the Rock, and Jonathan Coachman? Yes, I have, I would be lying to say I didn't, Coach is a popcorn fart, and needs his ass kicked, and I love Rock, his 'involvement' where ever he shows up puts a needed boost of unpredictability into WWE programming that it lacks desperately. But, Bischoff is always plotting to have Eugene destroyed, forcing Regal to try and take him out, then Coach, and now the Triple H thing. I have not hated Triple H more in one segment than his segment with Eugene last week since the Katie Vick thing following TLC 2002. I think Triple H is being too much of an absolute Satanic figure trying to 'befriend' Eugene prior to the match this week on Raw.

What bothers me more is, it is pretty damn predictable to figure out what could happen on Raw Monday night, and it's becoming the same bull-s all over again. Unless the Hollywood star makes an appearance in his hometown, which is not confirmed to this moment, Triple H is liable to destroy Eugene, Eugene is liable to sneak a victory away from Triple H, and then Evolution will proceed to beat him within an inch of his life until Benjamin, Benoit, and someone /* comes out to save Eugene's hide. That's too damn predictable if you ask me, and I cannot stand that.

Ok. I'm off track. Eugene is a character that the WWE does not need to portray on its programming. Parents who have special needs children who are in worse shape than my kids are liable to be screaming bloody murder from pillar to post about this character, and are probably flooding Stamford with hate mail. Nick Dinsmore is obviously a talent that needs to be displayed in the WWE immediately if not sooner, but to be portrayed as a 'special' competitor is probably taking years off his career, and that is not fair to a competitor who has been loyal to the WWE and Ohio Valley Wrestling for close to a decade like Mr. Dinsmore.

Anyway, my so called 'addition' has turned out to be a lot more than expected. Let me get out of here before the top brass of Wrestleview start yelling at me! Sorry, boys, had a lot to say this week. I just wish it was more positive.

HBK540, my AOL friend, thanks again for writing!

Kimosabe, SUMO!