Full WWE SmackDown Results - 6/24/04 - Orlando, FL (72 hours to the Bash...)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, June 25, 2004 at 1:56 AM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
June 24, 2004
Orlando, FL
Commentators: Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.


John Cena came to the ring to open Smackdown to a large amount of concern from the talent in the back. He demanded an explanation from the Undertaker as to his actions from last week. Following a heated conversation with the General Manager, instead of the Dead Man, Cena found himself in the main event tonight, against the Undertaker.

Once the smoke had cleared from the main event, John Cena had taken the Undertaker to the absolute limit, even as far as hitting 2 out of his '5 moves of doom', including the FU. However, the Undertaker continued his presence, and his dominance of the Smackdown lockerroom, and his destruction of John Cena came to a fitting conclusion when he took Cena's chain and lock, clocked him in the side of the temple, and then pinned him with a tombstone piledriver. However, in the annals of Smackdown, it is unlikely that a main event will pale in comparison to the Undertaker vs. Cena for quite some time.

In other matters to be handled during this Smackdown event, Luther Reigns was assigned to try and soften up the WWE champion prior to the Great American Bash. Even with the General Manager's newly found dexterity by leaping out of his wheelchair multiple times, Eddie manages to lie, cheat, and steal his way to a frog splash on Mr. Angle's assistant, only to be beaten down by Bradshaw. Bradshaw gets a momentary advantage on the Latino champion, but after a hotshot on the ropes, Eddie gets the bullrope, and cleans the ring of Angle, Reigns, and Bradshaw.

It appears that the pale rider, Mordecai, found his initial sinner, and that was Hardcore Holly. Mordecai and Holly fought in and around backatage and nearly to the ringside area prior to the officials separating the two superstars. Where these two physical powerhouses will continue to get it on remains to be seen, but their initial encounter was physical to the tenth degree.

Chavo Guerrero survived a ten man cruiserweight battleroyale to get a title shot at the Bash vs. Rey Mysterio. The order of elimination in that battleroyale was as follows: Spike Dudley, Nunzio, Paul London, Shannon Moore, Akio, Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, Jamie Noble, and lastly Billy Kidman. Nunzio had some problems with Paul London's elimination of him from the battleroyale, and assisted in London's own elimination as well. Could this lead to Paul London's first official feud in the WWE? Cruiserweight Division fans can only dream.

Torrie Wilson and Sable got into a conversation about fashion that turned in to an arugment that turned in to a catfight. And, with Mr. Angle being the magnanmous General Manager that he is, the two divas will settle their newly found differences at the Great American Bash.

Kenzo Suzuki suffered his first 'loss' via disqualification when Billy Gunn was nearly successful in pinning the Bronze Warrior. Following the fame-asser, the geisha girl that accompanies Suzuki to the ring blew some powder in to Gunn's eyes, and hence, gets Suzuki disqualified. Also, Rene Dupree scored a clean victory, if you call exposing a turnbuckle and ramming your opponent's head in to it, a clean victory over Rob Van Dam, even with Booker T. sitting at the commentator's table for the contest.

The Dudley Boyz continue to question Paul Heyman about whatis "the right thing" for the concrete crypt match between the tag champions and the Undertaker. Heyman continues to tell the champs, "Trust me!", which they seemed less than convinced. Other matches for the Bash at this moment are as follows: Torrie vs. Sable, Mysterio vs. Chavo for the Cruiserweight title, the fatal four way elimination match for the US title between Cena, the champion, Van Dam, Dupree, and Booker T., and lastly, the texas bullrope match for the WWE title between John Bradshaw Layfield and the champion, Eddie Guerrero.

Smackdown's final image prior to the Great American Bash was the Undertaker in the middle of the ring, following a hard fought victory over the US champion, bowing in worship to the urn. The urn was at the staging area, in the hand of a genuine maniac, Paul Heyman.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. won a 10 man battleroyale for a shot at the cruiserweight title at the Great American Bash.
Billy Gunn defeated Kenzo Suzuki by DQ.
Renee Dupree defeated Rob Van Dam.
Eddie Guerrero defeated Luther Reigns by DQ.
The Undertaker defeated John Cena by DQ.


Short version, due to mechanical difficulties.

I have to give a tremendous amount of credit to John Cena and the Undertaker. I have not seen a match on television that told a story and had all the elements of a classic wrestling encounter in some time. Both of these individuals put on a show that should be on tape and left in storage for annals to come. It was literally a how - to entertain the masses on television with a match so intense, so physically dominating on both ends, that it was almost match of the year caliber.

If you missed that match, it is not in my power to describe how good it was. The best option I can give you is, watch Velocity and Experience this week for the highlights, cause it was that good. I promise you.

Ok. I'm done. This was my second attempt to try this column, so I gotta go to sleep. Drop me an email. The link isn't working for some reason, but it's SMACKDOWN@WRESTLEVIEW.com.

See ya!