Full WWE SmackDown Results - 7/8/04 - Winnipeg, Manitoba (Tag & US Titles...)

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On Friday, July 9, 2004 at 12:37 AM EST

Full WWE Smackdown Results
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
July 8th, 2004
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report By: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.Com.


Smackdown opens with promotions of two championship matches, as the United States Champion John Cena defends against Booker T., and, as a result of what happened on a recent Velocity epsiode, the Dudley Boyz will defend the WWE Tag Team Championship against Billy Kidman and Paul London.

The opening contest featuring guest commentator the French Phenom, Renee Dupree to watch the return of the Reflection of Perfection, Mark Jindrak, minus Theodore R. Long (who left on amicable differences - i.e., Rodney Mack is coming back) against Mr. Thursday Night, Rob Van Dam, Dupree's latest adversary. Jindrak spent the majority of the contest on the offensive, as when Van Dam tried one of his unorthodox high flying patented spots, Jindrak found some way to counter it.

Jindrak thought he had things in hand when he countered rolling thunder by setting up Van Dam for a superplex off the top rope, but RVD said no, knocked off the Reflection of Perfection off the top rope with punches, hit a split legged moonsault for the three count.

The next segment involved highlights from last week's Smackdown and John Bradshaw Layfield's celebration of winning the WWE championship, and his subsequent beatdown of Spike Dudley, Also shown is Eddie Guerrero getting in some shots before announcing the steel cage rematch set for next week in Providence, Rhode Island.

Josh Mathews interviewed John Bradshaw Layfield backstage. To follow from a previous column, I will not discuss the subject matter of this interview in protest of his character and the deplorable actions and words spoken by this character.

Next on Smackdown, surpisingly not in camouflage, were the tag team champions, the Dudley Boyz, set to defend the championships against the upstart team of Billy Kidman and Paul London. Highlights are shown from the recent Velocity show when the champions nearly were defeated at the hands of Kidman and London, and the subsequent beatdown by the Dudleys afterwards. Kidman & London ran in to try and get the upper hand before the start of the match, focusing their attack on D'von Dudley. London did manage to hit a missile drop kick on D'von, along with multiple, multiple pin covers to try and wear out the tag team champion.

A little underhanded tactic by the Dudleys, drop of the top rope, and Paul London ends up becoming a victim of a Dudley beatdown, focusing on the heavy knee brace of the neophyte London. London was the victim of a leg drop from the apron to the floor by Bubba Ray Dudley. Pancake city. The opening in the contest, the turning point is when D'Von tried a 2nd rope headbutt, and missed. Tags were made, Kidman and Bubba went at it, with Kidman having all the momentum, D'von tried to assist and got clobbered for his measures, double team action ensued by all four men, with the Dudleys setting up for the "Whassap!" London had some other ideas, pushing D'von off the top rope, Kidman rolled Bubba over, and Paul London hit the "Whassap!" headbutt on Bubba Ray Dudley. A crescent kick by London on Bubba, followed by the shooting star press by Kidman and we have NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, BILLY KIDMAN AND PAUL LONDON DEFEATED THE DUDLEY BOYZ!

Personal note: Probably one of the better tag team title matches I have seen in some time, it was and is a tremendous accomplishment for the neophyte team of Kidman and London to defeat the Hall of Fame caliber Dudleys. To my friends on the WV BBS, and my boss on my other place of business, congratulations to you all. I now fully understand why you all are Paul London fans. His talent is limitless, and hopefully, the WWE has finally figured that out.

Backstage, London and Kidman go through the gauntlet of celebration with the entire Smackdown locker room, Billy Gunn, Hardcore Holly, the FBI, Rey Mysterio, Torrie Wilson, and a host of others until they meet up backstage face to face with the former champions. No words were uttered, Bubba Ray was the first to extend his hand, D'von soon followed, and the former champions shook the hands of the new champs, turned and walked away. A sign of respect for the new tag team title holders.

Josh Mathews is backstage interviewing Kenzo Suzuki, with Hiroko acting as translator. He claimed Cena dishonored Suzuki and seeks revenge on the US champion. He believes that he is also misunderstood about his views on America as a whole. He then says himself, "God bless America."

The US champ comes out for his title defense, bringing Winnipeg to its feet, collectively. Cena doesn't hold back with giving Booker some significant bulletin board talk, calling Booker a "Whoopi Goldberg" lookalike. However, Booker does not come out, Kenzo Suzuki comes out, and tries to take advantage of the champion, but Cena disposes of him in very limited effort. However, Luther Reigns comes out and hits Cena in the kidney, and follows it up with a modified neckbreaker, leaving Cena laying on his face in the middle of the ring.

The US title match will remain scheduled, however, Smackdown goes /*where with the arrival of the WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield in his "champion vs. champion" match with El Gran Luchador, the champion of Mexico. The luchador tries to play the speed game against the WWE champion, but JBL stops him in his tracks, and begins the beatdown. Luchadore manages three offensive maneuvers and a pincover, a 2 count, but Bradshaw begins to up the ante and the beatdown resumes, up to a new psychotic notch.

JBL threw out El Gran Luchadore out of the ring, and then, mysteriously, Bradshaw gets thrown out of the ring by a man in the same costume. This second man throws a banana peel in the ring, goes under the ring, and Bradshaw comes in the ring to investigate. While investigating, we have a switcheroo, and the 2nd El Gran Luchadore begins the beatdown on JBL. JBL is the victim of a triple vertical suplex similar to that of Latino Heat. El Gran Luchadore gets on the microphone, sounding a lot like Eddie Guerrero, promising JBL a 20 foot frog splash from the top of the cage next week in Providence. The segment ends with Eddie's theme song playing out.

Josh interviews Booker T., confident that he is going to defeat John Cena for the US title. Booker is upset that Cena got beat down before, because he thinks Cena is going to use that as an excuse when he loses the title.

Spike Dudley is talking with Scotty Too Hotty and Rey Mysterio backstage when he is approached by the former tag team champions, Bubba Ray & D'von. Bubba told Spike that things have not gone good for their family this week, with them losing the titles. D'von said that had Spike accepted their offer last week against Bradshaw, he himself could've been the new WWE Champion. Bubba claims Spike has nothing because of his refusal to follow 'family business' from last week. Spike finishes the conversation by saying one sentence, "Last week, I didn't want your advice, and you were tag team champions, what makes you think I want your advice now?"

A six man tag team match is next on Smackdown, featuring the cruiserweight champion, Rey Mysterio teaming with Spike Dudley and Scotty Too Hotty against Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Akio, and Jamie Noble. The initial stages of the match sees Akio, Noble, and Chavo do some serious beatdown on the cruiserweight title holder. Rey tried countering out of the corner, but Chavo & Noble stopped him. Rey finally got the momentum and tagged in Scotty, and the action because hot, heavy, fast & furious between all six men. Spike hits a dudley dog walking up Chavo Guerrero's face to do it. Scotty manages to hit a full blown worm on Chavo, only to get nailed by Akio from behind.

With all the action going on outside the ring, Jamie Noble and Spike Dudley remained in the ring, Spike went for the Dudley Dog, and ended up losing the matchup entirely as Jamie Noble pins Spike with the tiger driver.

Josh is backstage with Paul Heyman, who states he couldn't care less about the Dudleys losing the tag team titles. He needs to say something to the Undertaker, publicly in the ring, and right now. Highlights are shown of the Undertaker's chilling words toward Heyman, and Heyman is in the ring to try and rebut the comments. Heyman claims to have made a mistake in taking on the Undertaker, even though he blames everything on the Dudley Boyz. Heyman tries to make amends by offering to return the urn to the Undertaker. Heyman asks the Undertaker to ignore the past few weeks, because he is all alone. "Take pity on this wretched soul, and I will cross your path no more.", the exact quote. No sign of a reply from the Undertaker.

Booker hits the ring for the US title match. Cena out, gingerly, and looking very pissed off. Before the match could begin, the General Manager's music, and the presence of the GM and Luther Reigns. As Angle comes in, Booker takes advantage and attacks Cena from behind. Angle has a tremendous smile on his face as Booker has the early momentum. Cena gets some momentum back, hitting a falling hip toss, and the five knuckle shuffle...missed the pump up, Booker missed the scissors kick, the FU is countered when Booker grabbed the top rope, throwing Cena to the outside. Angle gets up out of his chair, and begins to club Cena in the back with a cane.

Booker with serious momentum after the final commercial break, with Angle cheering from the outside, on his two feet. Booker hit a major jumping side kick that almost took the champion out, for good. On the outside, Cena accidentally clotheslined the GM. Cena hits the FU, but Reigns hits the ring to stop the match, and begin the beatdown of the US champion. Reigns is ordered by Angle to come to him to help him up, and grab the belt as well. Angle says he got warned, he warned Cena of what could happen if Cena laid his hands on Angle again. Angle officially strips Cena of the US title on Smackdown comes to a close.

Rob Van Dam defeated Mark Jindrak.
Paul London & Billy Kidman defeated the Dudley Boyz to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships.
JBL vs. El Gran Luchadore wrestle to a no contest.
Jamie Noble, Akio, & Chavo Guerrero defeated Rey Mysterio, Spike Dudley & Scottu Too Hotty
John Cena defeated Booker T. by DQ due to interference by Luther Reigns


I gotta be honest. I am pretty pleased with this week's show. It's obvious of a couple of things. Angle is going to come back and wrestle, and the first person he is going to wrestle is John Cena. Cena vs. Angle at Summerslam I can deal with. I can go with that. I'd like it to be a title match, but maybe it can be a number one contendership match for the WWE title. I am DISPLEASED that Angle stripped Cena of the US title, but let's have a tournament, no ceremonial hand over deal, and let's make some more unpredictable finishes here, and continue to liven things up.

What the hell can be said about Billy Kidman and Paul London? In anonymity forever, they get the glimmer of hope in the tag team division, and they knock the door down ten fold. I cannot be happier. I do not expect their reign to be tremendously long, but it is SO REFRESHINGLY POSITIVE for something like this to occur on Smackdown I can't stand it. It puts a prestige back on the tag titles that got lost during the Bash PPV and the handicap concrete crypt match. HUGE props to Bubba and D'von for shaking hands backstage and showing respect for their competitors backstage. They may be heels, but they can still show class. Tremendous.

RVD vs. Renee Dupree. Yawn.

Eddie vs. JBL next week should be a promising steel cage match. I will be tuning in and looking forward to it. Be advised, anyone who is wondering, I have boycotted all of JBL's promos for it's offensive subject matter.

A Mark Jindrak sighting! Almost as rare as a Chuck Palumbo sighting!

Steps are going forward on Smackdown. I hope it continues next week in Providence and the steel cage match for the WWE title. Till next week, sorry this is a short commentary,