Full WWE SmackDown Results - 7/15/04 - Providence, RI (WWE Title Match...)

Reported by Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com
On Friday, July 16, 2004 at 12:46 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 7/15/04
Taped From: Providence, Rhode Island
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com

Tonight's Smackdown opens with a video package of the US Title controversy from last week's Smackdown, in which John Cena inadvertently hit Kurt Angle in his wheelchair and was stripped of his US title.

The show begins with Booker T coming to the ring for an interview. He reminds the fans that he is the 5 Time WCW Champion, and after admonishing the crowd for chanting along with his "5 time, 5 time" spiel, he claims he's all about the championships. He continues to say that since he didn't lose the US Title match last week against John Cena, he should rightfully be the champion and asks Angle to come out to the ring and present him with the vacant title. Instead of getting Angle, he gets Rene DuPree and Fifi. DuPree grabs a mic and proceeds to claim that Americans should not hold the US Title, because they have no culture, and that the title belongs on a Frenchman. This starts a confrontation between DuPree and Booker T, which is interrupted quickly by Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroko. Suzuki speaks to the crowd in Japanese, which Booker translates to mean "Booker T should be the champion". Hiroko quickly corrects him, saying what Suzuki actually meant was that the US champion should love the USA, and no one loves the USA more than than Kenzo Suzuki. This, of course, leads to a chorus of boos from the Providence fans. Booker T is aggravated by Suzuki's lack of English skill and requests that he say something in English. Suzuki's response? "Now can you dig that, sucka?!" Booker is obviously unimpressed. All 3 men in the ring start arguing, until John Cena's music hits. Cena strolls out amidst huge cheers from the crowd. He throws out some insults about the 3 men's hair, and then proceeds to characterize all of the people in the ring as the cast of the Wizard of Oz: Fifi was Toto, Hiroko was Dorothy with too much makeup, Booker T was the Scarecrow without a brain, Suzuki was the Tinman without balls and DuPree was the Cowardly Lion. All 3 men are irate. Cena then proceeds to addressing Angle and the title-stripping situation last week. He is obviously very upset with Angle's decision, and he says that if Angle isn't going to come give him his title back, Cena is going to go TAKE it back.

Cena is then shown walking backstage, looking for the General Managers Office. He finds it quickly, and starts pounding on the door. No one answers, so he kicks the door in, to find Angle in his wheelchair. Angle asks Cena if he'd really hit a man in a wheelchair, to which Cena responds by grabbing Angle up out of the chair and almost pummeling him until Luther Reigns steps in. Luther gets a few shots in on Cena, and the two men brawl around the office until Cena throws Luther through the office wall. Angle screams for security, who quickly rush Cena and escort him out of the office.

*commercial break*

Rey Mysterio & Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble
The first match of the evening is a bit of cruiserweight action, with Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley going up against Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerrero. The match starts off with a very fast pace, Spike Dudley seems to be on fire, clearing the ring with ease. But in usual Noble/Guerrero form, they use some devious tactics to regain the upper hand for a short time, until Mysterio and Dudley team up for some tandem moves on both men and retake control of the matchup. Noble and Guerrero try their underhanded tactics again, but are met with a double bulldog from Mysterio to switch the momentum back Mysterio and Dudley's way. While Spike cleans house yet again, Rey hits the 619 on Chavo. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to keep Noble and Guerrero down. Noble climbs back into the ring and hits the double underhook powerbomb on Spike. The referee goes to count the pin, but the ring is suddenly rushed by the Dudley Boyz. Bubba low-blows Noble and this allows Spike Dudley to get the 3 count on Noble. Spike is obviously upset, saying that he doesn't need any help from his brothers.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Spike Dudley

Up next is a Raw recap, highlighting the situation between Eugene and Evolution from last week's episode, in which Evolution severely beats Eugene for costing Triple H his World Title Match at Vengeance.

*commercial break*

The show resumes with a short recap of the JBL/Eddie Guerrero feud, from the Great American Bash Bullrope Match where JBL won the title, up until last week's incident with El Gran Luchadore.

Backstage, Luther is shown being attended to by paramedics. Angle complains of a tweaked knee, reminding us that he will never walk or wrestle again. He vows revenge on Cena, and using his powers as General Manager, he books Cena in a 3-on-1 handicap match against Booker T, Rene DuPree and Kenzo Suzuki.

3 on 1 Handicap Match
John Cena vs. Booker T, Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

The handicap match happens right after that segment ends. Rene DuPree, Booker T and Kenzo Suzuki all come to the ring and await Cena's arrival. Cena's music hits and the Dunkin' Donuts Center erupts with cheers. DuPree and Cena start the match, and after a few seconds of grappling, the show goes to a commercial break.

*commercial break*

When we come back from the commercial break, we find Cena and DuPree still battling it out, but DuPree quickly tags in Suzuki. Suzuki gets the better of Cena for a while and finally hits him with a Shining Wizard. Suzuki then ties Cena up in the Tree of Woe in the corner, and uses the sash from his robe to blantantly choke Cena from outside the ring. The referee gives him a 5-count to break the hold, but Suzuki ignores his warnings and is rewarded by being disqualified. Rene DuPree inserts himself back into the match, where he proceeds to dance and be merry, until Cena catapults him into the corner, rolls him up and pins him for the 3-count. It is now down to just Cena and Booker T, who has yet to be in the match. He is obviously much fresher than Cena and takes advantage of Cena's weakened state early. Booker showboats a lot as he beats Cena, and he spends a great deal of time on offense, pummeling Cena. Cena tries to mount some offense of his own with some shoulder blocks and a wicked side slam, but only get a 2-count. He follows up with a bulldog into the 5 Knuckle Shuffle on Booker, but again gets only a 2-count. As he goes for the pump up, Booker throws him out of the ring through the ropes, at which point Luther Reigns comes down to ringside and throws Cena into the ringpost, then rolls him back into the ring. Booker takes advantage of the situation and hits Cena with his scissor kick and gets the 3-count and the victory.

Winners: Booker T

*commercial break*

The next segment opens with a hype video for John Heidenreich, who appears to be Heyman's new protege. He says that he is forever in debt to Heyman, and will repay his debt for the rest of his life, presumably by doing Heyman's dirty work.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero is being interviewed. He denies being El Gran Luchadore, saying that they're just very good friends, and El Gran Luchadore is who he has patterned his style after. He hypes the upcoming cage match and says that he will indeed win his title back tonight.

*commercial break*

Next we see a video recap of last week's Tag Team Title switch, in which Billy Kidman and Paul London upset the Dudleys to take the titles.

D-Von Dudley vs. Paul London
This leads into the next match-up, which pits Paul London, with Kidman at ringside, against D-Von Dudley, who has Bubba Ray Dudley at ringside. D-Von starts the match with fists of fury, absolutely laying everything into London. London attempts to offer token resistance, but D-Von is just outpowering the smaller London. D-Von gets a series of quick 2-count pin attempts. London counters with a jawbreaker and a few more quick offensive moves, but D-Von dumps London to the outside where he is met with a BRUTAL lashing from Bubba's belt. As London gets back into the ring, Bubba hops up on the ring apron, presumably to double-team London from the outside, but Kidman makes the save and pulls Bubba's legs out from under him. This distracts D-Von just long enough for London to get the roll-up and gets the win with a back bridge to keep the big man down.

Winner: Paul London

Backstage we see Angle and Luther Reigns talking in their office. Luther is still very upset about what happened earlier, and says that he wants a piece of Cena. Angle tells him that he'll get that piece, but it won't be until next week. He goes on to promise that tonight will be a night that no one forgets.

Back out in the arena, we see the cage being lowered around the ring. Tony Chimel informs us that the cage door will be chained shut at Eddie Guerrero's request, and that the only ways to win this steel cage match are through pinfall, submission or climbing out of the cage. JBL gets the first entrance, and as he comes down to the ring, he shakes hands down the entranceway. We are then treated to our first commercial break of the matchup.

*commercial break*

WWE Championship - Steel Cage Match
John Bradshaw Layfield (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

The show returns from commercial just in time to see Eddie Guerrero making his way to ringside. The crowd is very strongly on Guerrero's side, as evidenced by the huge reaction to his entrance. As both men are locked inside the cage, JBL makes it obvious through his body language that he does not want to brawl with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie doesn't care. He mounts the first offense of the match, but not for long. JBL is quick to toss Guerrero into the steel cage with little effort. JBL quickly goes to the top rope to try to climb out of the ring, but Eddie follows him up and knocks him back to the mat. Eddie then goes for a frogsplash from the top, but JBL rolls out of the way and Eddie hits nothing but the mat. JBL again climbs to the top rope and attempts to climb out of the cage, but Eddie knocks him down and he crotches himself on the top rope. As he rolls onto the mat, Eddie goes for the quick pin but gets only a 2-count. He then sets JBL up and gives him the 3 Amigos. Now it's Eddie's turn to attempt to get out of the ring. He goes too slowly for JBL though, who meets Eddie at the top turnbuckle and puts him back into the ring with a huge superplex from the top. Time for commercial break #2.

*commercial break*

Returning from commercial, JBL appears to be on top offensively, until Eddie hits him with a devastating dropkick. He mounts a token offense until JBL takes back over with spinebuster. He climbs the ropes to attempt to leave the cage, but Eddie follows him to the top and delivers a Russian legsweep from the top rope. Both men crash to the mat. They are slow to get up, but when they do, JBL uncoils a bit of tape from his wrist and chokes Eddie with it while he applies the sleeper hold. Eddie counters by whipping JBL into the cage several times, but it's not enough to keep the champion down. He sends Eddie crashing into the cage with a back body drop, and as Eddie gets up, trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head, he's met full-on with the Clothesline from Hell. JBL goes for the pin and gets oh-so-close to a 3-count. But what do you know? Time for commercial break #3.

*commercial break*

The show resumes with JBL again going to the top to try to leave the cage. Eddie thwarts his efforts and puts him back onto the mat, but JBL isn't discouraged. He goes for a fallaway slam into the cage, but Eddie reverses it with a beautiful DDT. He goes for the cover, but only gets the 2-count. Once again it's Eddie's turn to try to get out of the ring. He climbs up and appears to be almost over the top when JBL pulls him back in. JBL then sets Eddie up for a powerbomb, and while Eddie is bent over between JBL's legs, JBL mimicks smoking a cigar and extinguishing it on Eddie's back. He then proceeds with the powerbomb. JBL goes to the top in yet another attempt at exiting the cage, but Eddie pulls him back down. JBL is hurt and is laying in the middle of the ring. Now Eddie goes up and actually gets to the top of the cage. But, instead of climbing out, he looks around for crowd support, and everyone knows what's coming. He delivers a huge frogsplash from the top of the cage onto JBL. Unfortunately, this spectacular move hurts Eddie just as much as it hurt JBL, and Eddie is slow to make the cover. When he does, he gets only a 2 count. Both men are rolling around on the mat in obvious pain. They are both very slow to get up. When both finally get to their feet, JBL strikes first with a DDT. He then makes his move to the top of the cage. Eddie follows behind, and both men sit on top of the cage and exchange blows.

As this is happening, El Gran Luchadore comes out to ringside. He scales the cage, gets inside and pulls Eddie down into the cage with him. This leaves JBL alone on the top of the cage. He seizes the opportunity and climbs down the outside of the cage. Both feet touch the floor, and JBL is declared the winner.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield

Meanwhile, El Gran Luchadore is attempting to make his escape from inside the cage. He is very upset to learn that the cage door is chained shut. He tries to climb up and out of the cage, but as he is going over the top, Eddie grabs his mask and pulls it off. El Gran Luchador's shirt comes up with the mask, and he uses it to hide his face until he gets over the cage and to the floor, where his true identity is revealed: El Gran Luchadore is Kurt Angle! His injury has been a farce. Eddie is irate. The show ends with Kurt Angle leaving to the back, upset that he lost his mask.


Match Results:
- Spike Dudley and Rey Mysterio d. Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble; Booker T d. John Cena; Paul London d. D-Von Dudley; JBL d. Eddie Guerrero