(2nd Report) WWE SmackDown Results -- 7/15/04 -- Providence, Rhode Island

» Reported by Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, July 16, 2004 at 1:15 AM EST

WWE SmackDown Recap: July 15, 2004 (2nd Report)
Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, RI
Report by: Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com

Before I begin this week’s recap, I would like to thank Paul Nemer and Mike Siciliano (Smackdown’s regular recapper whom I am filling in for this week) for giving me the opportunity to be part of Wrestleview, albeit temporarily. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, I’d also like to say hello to all my friends on the Wrestleview Forums, including Sci2k, Matt, ozzy, PrincessErica, SoulPlaya, HHHermy, and super banner maker Just_Bring_It, among all the other cool members of the board, as well as moderators Ryan Allen, Savage Mark, Cobra_R and Adam Martin.

Now that the greetings and thanks are out of the way, time to get down to some serious wrestling business, this one named this week’s episode of Smackdown:

This week’s show kicked off with scenes from last week’s main event ending, showing Cena being stripped of his US Title. From there, we come to the opening of this week’s show, with Booker T entering the ring (and the pyros are back--did anyone /* notice?!), saying he should be the United States champion because he is a former five time WCW champion. Fans are chanting "five time" with him, and he tells them that he is the five time champion, not they, and to show some respect and shut up when he is in the ring. This is received by many boos. He then goes on to say that he was the one in the ring with John Cena when Kurt Angle stripped him last week. Rene Dupree came out and said that he should be the champion because they need a champion with class, a champion that needs to be French. Dupree also made a snide "lack of class example" remark about the arena being named for donuts, and chants of "USA" came from the fans.

Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroki came out, and Suzuki spoke something in Japanese. Booker said that he is fluent in Japanese and stated that Suzuki said that Booker himself should be US Champion, but Hiroki stepped in and corrected him and said that Suzuki should be the champion instead; the United States is represented by someone who loves the U.S, such as Kenzo, while Suzuki gave a weird grin. Booker insulted Suzuki, saying he doesn't even know how to speak English and dares him to say something in English. After a short conference of sorts with Hiroki, Suzuki did a Booker imitation of sorts, then said, "Can you dig that Sucka?" which Booker then responded in his usual "Tell me you didn't just say that?!"

Just as the three in the ring appear to be coming to blows with each other, Cena’s music hits to loud crowd cheers. Cena came out and insulted everyone in the ring, using Wizard of Oz references, another long boring rap--and even including Cole in this one. He then went on to say that he's going to go down the yellow brick road to the GM’s office and he's going to get his title back. We then cut backstage to see Cena angrily stomping down the corridor, coming to the door of Angle’s office, before kicking in the door and confronting the GM in a threatening manner.

Angle asked Cena if he'd hit someone in a wheelchair. Cena pulled him out of the chair and told him "You’re in no wheelchair now!" Luther Reigns tried to attack Cena while Angle goaded him on and yelled for security in the process, but Cena attacked Reigns instead and threw him through the wall, knocking Reigns unconscious Angle has security drag out Cena and warned him it's going to be a night he never forgets. What did he mean by that?, we wonder.

Needless to say, this entire segment lasted a total of fifteen minutes that many of us will never get back.

Match #1: Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble
Before the match began, we saw a recap of last week’s match of Noble getting the better of Spike. Would Spike get his revenge this week? We were about to find out.

The usual cruiserweight action here, high-flying, plenty of mat action, Chavo getting some cheating in here and there. A few misses from Rey now and again and a thwarted 619 at one point. Toward the end of the match, Noble had Spike defeated when big brother D-Von distracted the referee and Bubba Ray gave Noble a low blow before, pulling Spike on top for the pin. Though the older Dudleys were happy with the actions they took to help the runt of the Dudley litter, Spike was less than thrilled with their interference and kept shouting at them to "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Winners: Spike Dudley and Rey Mysterio

Raw Rebound:

We saw a recap of the Eugene vs. Benoit match from this past Monday night, and the subsequent attack on Eugene by Evolution after Eugene thought he had become the new Heavyweight Champion.

Another promo touted tonight’s Steel Cage Match with a recap of the WWE Championship match from Great American Bash and leading up to last week’s match with "El Gran Luchador."

Backstage this time around, paramedics are attending to Luther while Kurt complained that his "knee must have popped out" during his confrontation with Cena earlier (A medic looked incredulous that something could happen under a cast). Reigns looked spaced out as he is being attended to as Angle told him that Cena will be paying with a 3 on 1 handicap match with Booker, Dupree and Suzuki for the US Title.

Match #2: 3 on 1 Handicap Match: Booker T, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki vs. John Cena
The handicap match featured elimination style falls. "USA" chants were in force as Cena battled out of attack by Dupree and the two continue to battle it out as a commercial break interrupted the match (I don’t know about anyone /*, but I truly despise things like that).

Once we returned from commercial break, it was Suzuki’s turn to work on Cena with the usual kicks and chops; at one point when Cena hit the ropes, he got a knee to the back from Dupree.

Sukuzi was then disqualified for choking Cena with a yellow sash he got from Hiroki while Cena was tied to the tree of woe in the corner. Once Suzuki was disqualified, Dupree was back in the ring, but not for long before Cena pinned him after hitting a slingshot into a ring post.

Booker T, last man in and taking advantage of the opportunity, put Cena through the wringer with a series of a kick to the throat, chin locks, more kicks and covers, then tossed Cena out of the ring, where he was attacked by Luther Reigns and tossed into the ring post. Reigns then tossed Cena back in the ring, where Booker pinned him with an axe kick. Despite Booker’s win, he wasn’t given the belt, so the US Title is still vacant.

Winner: Booker T (title still vacant)

A promo touting the Smackdown debut of John Heidenrich next week, told viewers that no one would give him a chance, aired after the match. He said that one man is giving him a chance, and we see the face of Paul Heyman. What will Heyman get into next?

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Eddie Guerrero about his Cage match tonight and the El Gran Luchador controversy from last week. Guerrero stated that he was "friendly" with El Gran Luchador and picked up many of his moves and that was why many people confused the two of them. Guerrero also promised victory in the Steel Cage Match and said he was going to get high off winning back the title.

Match #3: D-Von Dudley vs. Tag Team Champion Paul London
A shorter match than I would have liked to have seen happen, but for the second week in a row, London is on Smackdown! Still in the same garish attire, nevertheless, he and Kidman now have new entrance music, so one out of two isn’t bad.

D-Von started out aggressively on London, and it looked like London wasn’t going to have much of a chance from the beginning. At ringside, Kidman gets the crowd behind London. Also during this match, Cole managed to foul up the names of London’s moves yet again; Tazz admonished him for not being able to tell a dropsault from a moonsault and for Cole to do his homework (I’m with Tazz on that one).

Bubba and D-Von are hanging on to each other, apparently to do something /* to London, when Kidman pulls Bubba back, causing D-Von to fall back onto the mat. London then took advantage of the opportunity and pinned D-Von with a rollup and a bridge.

Winner: Paul London

Yet another backstage promo with Kurt, this time, he is promising Luther that he will get John Cena on next week’s Smackdown. Reigns replied by the time he is finished, there will be "no more Cena."

Main Event: Steel Cage Match: WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Eddie Guerrero
At the opening of the match, which was the last half hour of the show, we heard that the cage will be chained and locked, and that the only way that the match could be won would be by submission, pinfall, or that one would climb over the top of the cage and both feet would land on the floor.

JBL had a look of concern on his face once he was in the cage; it was obvious that he was out of his league in this type of match. Eddie started out strong by slamming JBL face first into the cage a few times, but after a few rounds between the two, JBL made his first attempt to climb to the top of the cage to make his escape, only to have Eddie pull him back down. Another attempt to climb out, JBL nearly made it out before Eddie pulled him back in and plowed him head first into the steel.

Back and forth between the two again, JBL made a third attempt to climb to the top of the steel cage-again without success-and he favored his hamstring once he hit the mat this time. Eddie made it to the top rope, only to have JBL throw him off onto the mat with a suplex before the first commercial break.

Once we returned to action, JBL appeared to be in control before getting a drop kick to the face from Eddie, who then delivered a low blow and went for the cover and JBL kicked out at two. JBL then went for a cover, only this time, Eddie got a shoulder up on the two count.

JBL climbed the cage in his fourth attempt to escape; this time, Eddie pulled him back in with a risky leg sweep move. JBL then used some tape to choke Eddie, which we learned was a ‘legal move‘ (Funny…Suzuki was disqualified earlier for choking Cena in a match). Eddie got loose of the choking by spinning away and then plowing JBL into the cage yet again. Eddie went for another cover, but JBL is up after another two count.

More blows were exchanged, a clothesline is executed, and Eddie somehow kicked out after a two count before yet another commercial break, which we were told would be the final one. Nevertheless, it was annoying to have the matches interrupted with these.

JBL attempted yet again to get out of the cage when the match resumed from the commercial break; Eddie held on to him prevented him from getting out. JBL also held Eddie for a moment before Eddie countered with a DDT and went for a cover before JBL kicked out at two. Eddie then attempted to climb out of the cage and appeared to be almost out when JBL hung onto him and pulled him back with his remaining leg. JBL then power bombed Eddie and went for the cover, but Eddie got his shoulder up on two.

JBL once again attempted to get out of the cage, but once again Eddie pulled him back down to the mat, climbing to the top of the cage himself. At first, we tend to think that Eddie may make it out of the cage--but no! He is going for the frog splash 15 feet up! Eddie does hit JBL, but he takes too long to recover himself and appeared to be favoring his ribs. Once he did cover JBL, JBL came out at the two count.

When both finally got to their feet, JBL countered Eddie with a DDT, and then attempted to climb to the top of the cage again. He is almost out as Eddie is behind him--and almost out as well--when El Gran Luchador came out and climbed into the cage!

El Gran Luchadore then grabbed Eddie's leg, allowing JBL to reach the floor for the victory. El Gran Luchadore tried to get out of the cage, but it was locked and chained for the match. He climbed back up the cage but was attacked by Eddie. When Eddie yanked off El Gran Luchador’s mask, Kurt Angle was revealed.

Winner and still WWE Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield

Post-Show Notes:

Seems the GM had the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes these past few months. Kurt walks again! Guess the Summerslam speculations must be true after all.

The segment where the divas confronted Kurt in his office and said they were tired of being ignored, only to have Kurt fire them all, were edited from tonight’s show. I doubt that anyone really cared, though.

I am quite curious where the Heyman/Heidenrich angle is going to go…and if Heidenrich is any better this time around than he was on RAW.

How long will the US Title remain vacant?

Though this week’s show only had four matches, and despite the opening promo being a little long for my taste, it has been a better show than the past ones as of late. It’s not always often that we get two good Smackdown shows in a row, and I personally would like to see the trend continue.