Full WWE SmackDown Results - 7/29/04 - Cincinnati, OH (Eight Man Elimination)

Reported by Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, July 29, 2004 at 10:58 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 7/29/04
Taped From: Cincinnati, OH
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com

Smackdown opens with a recap of last week's tirade by Kurt Angle. It highlights his random firings, and then Vince's subsequent firing of Angle as GM.

The show then opens with Booker T coming out to the ring, wearing the US title around his waist. He grabs a mic and tells the Cincinnati fans that even thought Kurt Angle is no longer GM, he still fully expects to be named US Champion by the new GM. When he asks for the new GM, he is met with Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroko. They come down to the ring and Hiroko translates Suzuki's comments to mean that since Suzuki loves America so much, he should be the US champion. Booker T tells him to get out of the ring. Suzuki responds by telling Booker T that his breath stinks.

Suddenly, RVD's music hits. RVD comes down to the ring to join the party. He is quickly followed by Luther Reigns, Rene DuPree, Charlie Haas, Billy Gunn and finally, John Cena, with a mic in hand. Cena reminds everyone that he's the REAL US champion. A huge brawl between all 8 men starts in the ring, until Vince McMahon comes down to the ring to break up the fight. He says he believes in baptism by fire, and that this will be up to the new GM to settle. He announces the new GM to be.... Theodore Long! Long books an 8-man Elimination Match for later in the evening as his first act as GM.

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Match #1: Rey Mysterio vs. Spike Dudley - Cruiserweight Title Match

The first match of the evening is a battle for the cruiserweight title. Spike Dudley won the #1 contendership last week on Smackdown, and gets his shot against Mysterio tonight. The men shake hands in the middle of the ring as a show of respect, and then get right into a fast-paced respect spot, which the fans appreciate. Spike lays a couple back elbows into Mysterio's head, and Mysterio takes offense, saying they weren't totally clean. Spikes swears they were clean, but this causes a little bit of tension between the competitors, which is obvious as they start brawling. Mysterio takes early control, but not for long. Spike manages to get the upper hand as both men go to the top rope. Spike attempts a sunset flip off the top rope, but Rey blocks and shrugs Spike off. He responds with a wicked dropkick. Mysterio attempts a pin, but gets only a 2-count for his efforts. He then attempts a springboard, but misses, and Spike seizes the opportunity and goes for a roll-up... but only get a 2. He picks Mysterio up and hits him with a huge bulldog, attempts the pin, and again only gets a 2. He climbs to the top rope and goes for his stomp from the top, but Mysterio gets his legs up and his feet meet Spike's chin dead on. Mysterio then trips Spike into the ropes, setting him up for the 619.

Meanwhile, D-von Dudley comes out to ringside and distracts both the referee and Spike Dudley as Bubba Ray rolls out from underneath the ring on the other side and lays in wait. When Mysterio runs off the rope to hit the 619, Bubba grabs his legs and trips him. Spike is oblivious to his brother's interference, but he takes advantage of the situation as he picks up Mysterio and hits him with the Dudley Dog. The referee makes the 3 count and Spike is crowned the new cruiserweight champion. He celebrates for a minute, until he realizes that he only won because of his brothers help. He becomes irate, yelling at them that he doesn't need their help.

WINNER: Spike Dudley by pinfall

Up next is the RAW Rebound, highlighting the 60-Minute Iron Match Match from Monday night.

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Coming back from commercial, we are treated to a recap video of the confrontation between JBL and the Undertaker from last week's Smackdown, where Undertaker challenged JBL to a World Title Match at Summerslam.

Backstage, Theodore Long is shown talking to Torrie Wilson, Sable, Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie. He promises them that as GM, he will not underutilize their talents. He then proceeds to the GM's office, where he is met by Kurt Angle. Kurt denies hiding from Eddie Guerrero, he claims to be in the office for the purpose of getting his belongings. He tells Long that he has no apologies for his behaviour as General Manager, and points out that Theodore Long is the first black GM. Long tells Angle that it's not about race, it's about him being the best man for the job. Long then tells Angle that he plans to book Angle in a match tonight. Angle quickly backtracks, informing Long that he "forgot his gear". Long says that he should fine Angle $1000 for showing up to work unprepared, and that next week, Angle will be in a match, no excuses. He then kicks Angle out of the GM's office.

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Upon return, a hype video for John Heidenreich is played.

Match #2: Paul London and Billy Kidman vs. The Dudley Boyz - Tag Title Match

Paul London and D-Von Dudley start this tag team bout. D-Von uses his power to gain the upper hand early, but London's quickness is too much for D-Von. London hits a few quick moves before D-Von tags in Bubba Ray, who resorts to the power approach. He takes it to London for a bit before London manages to make the tag to Kidman. Kidman goes for the speed approach, which works for a little while, until Bubba Ray's power helps him regain the advantage for a moment. Kidman manages to hit a few armdrags as Paul London comes in for the double team on Bubba Ray, which doesn't last long as D-von realizes what's going on and gets back into the ring. London and Kidman get tossed outside the hard way, and the Dudleyz proceed to taunt the crowd from the middle of the ring.

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As the show resumes, D-von is solidly on top of the situation. He works Kidman's head and neck with various submission holds. Kidman manages to power out and responds with an enziguiri, which knocks both men flat onto the mat. Kidman drags himself to his corner and tags in London, who comes in on fire. He hits D-von with 2 of his famous moonsault dropkicks, and follows them up with a huge heel kick. He goes for the pin and gets to 2, until Bubba Ray breaks up the pinfall. The Dudleyz double-team London for a bit, when D-von goes to the top for the What's Up. Kidman pulls D-von's feet off the top and as D-von sits on the top rope, London and Kidman both go to the top and hit D-von with a huge superplex from the top. Their efforts are rewarded with a near 3-count. D-von manages to kick out, but this doesn't deter London and Kidman, who double team D-von in the ring for a bit. Bubba Ray responds by pulling Kidman out of the ring and using the opportunity to double team London in the middle of the ring. Kidman gets back into the ring and delivers a massive dropkick to Bubba Ray, who rolls out to ringside. Kidman follows up by going off the ropes and landing on Bubba Ray on the outside. While D-von continues his assault on London on the inside, Bubba shakes off the attack from Kidman and grabs a chair. He goes to hit Kidman with the chair when out of nowhere, Rey Mysterio kicks the chair back into Bubba's face. Back in the ring, D-von goes for a suplex on London, but London counters with a small package, which yields the 3 count. London and Kidman retain the Tag Team Titles with a little help from Rey Mysterio.

WINNERS: Paul London and Billy Kidman

Ivory is shown at the Democratic National Convention, with Mick Foley. Mick reminds the 18-30 year old viewers that their votes do matter, and he encourages them to get out and vote.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero is getting ready to come to the ring. In the backseat of his low-rider something is covered by a big black sheet.

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Returning from commercial, Eddie Guerrero is shown driving his low-rider to ringside. He has a mic, and proceeds to cut a promo on Kurt Angle. He ridicules Kurt for being fired as GM last week, and about being on his knees begging for his job. He hypes his match vs. Angle at Summerslam, but then decides that they shouldn't wait for Summerslam, he wants to fight Kurt tonight. Of course, Kurt Angle doesn't come out to answer the challenge. So instead, Eddie calls out some help from the back to unload the backseat of his low-rider. They pull out a bunch of Kurt's belongings and put them in the ring. Eddie gives Kurt a chance to come claim his things, which include his cast, a large photograph of Angle, a stand that includes a picture of Angle and Paul Heyman, as well as Angle's title belt, and Kurt's gold medals. Since Angle doesn't come out to claim his things, Eddie says he's going to auction them off on WWE.com and give the money to charity. He thinks no one would want to buy a picture of Angle, so he adds a couple of his own touches--a moustache and a thought bubble that says "I suck". He then attempts to auction Kurt's gold medals to the crowd in Cincinnati, which finally gets Kurt out to the ring. Kurt is obviously very upset. He says since Eddie stole his things, he was going to steal something of Eddie's. He gets into Eddie's low-rider. Eddie warns him that he has an anti-theft device installed on the car, but Kurt doesn't care. He turns the key to start the car... and is met with a face full of powder from the steering wheel. The whole crowd finds this thoroughly amusing. Eddie tells Angle he must be SO embarrassed, but to add insult to injury, he calls for Angle's music, and leads the crowd in their usual "you suck" singalong as Angle retreats to the back.

**Commercial break**

A hype video for JBL in the style of a campaign commercial is shown. It chronicles JBL's life history, and his rise through sports into the WWE.

Match #3: RVD vs. John Cena vs. Billy Gunn vs. Kenzo Suzuki vs. Booker T vs. Charlie Haas vs. Luther Reigns vs. Rene DuPree - Elimination Match for the US Title

RVD and Cena come out before the commercial break

**Commercial break**

All 8 men are in the ring as we return from commercial. Referee Brian Hebner chooses RVD and Charlie Haas to start. RVD gains the early advantage, but it doesn't last for long as Haas takes over. He attempts a few quick pins and gets nothing more than a 2 count for his efforts. RVD bounces off the ropes and Rene DuPree grabs his hair as he passes and tags himself in. Haas gets the upper hand on DuPree as he comes in, but in typical DuPree fashion, a few underhanded moves get him the advantage for a brief moment. As DuPree goes for a follow-up move, Billy Gunn tags himself in on DuPree's back and quickly hits the Fame-asser on Haas. This results in a 3 count, and Charlie Haas is the first man eliminated.

**Commercial break**

Back from commercial, Rene DuPree and Billy Gunn are in the ring. DuPree dances over a fallen Billy Gunn, and as he bounces off the ropes, Gunn grabs his leg and trips him. Gunn tries to mount some offense, but Luther tags himself in on Gunn. He picks DuPree up for his reverse neckbreaker maneuver, and pins DuPree for the 3 count.

Cena enters the match-up next. He goes right after Luther in the corner, but Luther is too strong and powers out. He hits Cena with a huge double underhook suplex, into a chinlock. Cena manages to power out and strikes Luther several times. As Luther backs into the corner, Kenzo Suzuki tags himself in on Luther. Luther rolls out of the ring and Cena follows him out, still wanting to brawl with the big man. Suzuki follows both of them out to ringside. As Cena's back is turned, Hiroko sneaks up behind him and acts like she is going to hit him, but Cena catches her and grabs her. He looks like he might hit her, but instead he plants a big kiss right on the geisha. As he pulls away, his face is covered in white powder and he is obviously pleased with himself, as he dances around. Suzuki is obviously displeased. He grabs the US title and clocks Cena square in the head with it. Unfortunately it was right in front of the referee, and Suzuki is disqualified.

**Commercial break**

The match that started with 8 men is now down to 4. Cena and Booker T are brawling on the outside, but take the action back inside the ring. Booker hits a heel kick, which phases Cena but not enough to stop him from returning fire with his fists. Booker tags in Billy Gunn to avoid Cena's wrath. Billy Gunn comes in and takes it to Cena hard. He stomps him several times and then hitches him up for a fisherman's suplex, but only gets a 2. He locks Cena into the sleeper, which wears Cena down a bit, but not enough. Cena counters with a back suplex to break the sleeper. Cena mounts an offense and plants Gunn with a DDT. This sets up for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle into the pinfall, but only 2 is counted. Gunn shakes it off and hits Cena with a Cobra Clutch Slam. Cena goes into the corner and Gunn follows him in, but misses his attempted maneuver. This gives Cena an opening and he picks Gunn up for the FU. He goes for the pinfall and eliminates Billy Gunn.

Luther Reigns injects himself into the match next. He mounts a very powerful offense, and slams Cena with a big knee to the shoulder, but it's not enough to keep the former champ down. He hitches Luther up for the FU and gets the 3 count on the big man.

Booker T is in next. He is obviously much fresher than the battle-wary Cena, and he makes that obvious by taking the fight right to Cena. He delivers a perfect Bookend, but only get a 2. Cena responds with a massive DDT, to which Booker reacts by tagging in RVD. RVD uses his speed to get the upper hand on Cena, delivering a beautiful Northern Lights suplex in the corner. He only gets a 2 count. Undeterred, he pulls Cena right into the corner and hits the split-legged moonsault, but again, only gets a 2. RVD goes back to the top, but Booker smacks RVD in the back. The referee says a tag is made, but RVD doesn't seem to notice. He leaps off the top and 5 Star Frogsplashes Cena. As RVD rolls off in obvious pain, Booker slides in and pins Cena for the 3 count. He then rolls RVD over and pins him for the 3 count as well. Booker T is the last man standing and wins the US Title.

WINNER: New U.S. champion, Booker T


My thoughts:

I thought this was a decent Smackdown. There were only 3 matches, but the last match was over a half hour long, so it didn't seem to be lacking in action.

I'm not sure how I feel about Theodore Long as GM. I'd heard the rumours about him before it happened, but to actually see him out there in the GM role was rather surreal. He's got great charisma and he's definitely someone different, so I'm optimistic. Anyone is better than Kurt Angle right now. A face GM will be a nice change for the show too, I think.

I'm curious where they're going with the Dudley Boyz helping out Spike. Is Spike going to rejoin his brothers in a heel role, or is he going to fight them off? Next week we get Mysterio/Spike vs. the Dudleyz, I guess that will reveal more of the direction they're taking.

Except for his little hype video, JBL was noticeably absent. Apparently he's wrestling on Velocity on Saturday night. Some of the WrestleView forum crew will be most pleased with this arrangement. Personally, I missed his humorous brand of heel heat. I know I'm in the minority, but I actually like JBL. Call me crazy, I guess I've just always been a sucker for the bad guy.

Smackdown has definitely improved from a few months ago. It's actually watchable again, and with the changes they're making, I'm very excited to see where it goes from here.