Full WWE SmackDown Results - 8/5/04 - Houston, TX (Kurt Angle & JBL/'Taker)

» Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, August 6, 2004 at 11:06 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 8/5/04
Taped From: Houston, Texas
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
L. Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com

Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long opened tonight’s show standing in front of two photos; one being of Vince and another of Martin Luther King, saying how both of these men inspired him to make Smack down a better show, for us to call all our friends and family, because this was going to be the best show yet. He then announced that he would start off by having a #1 Contender’s Match for the US Title…next.

Match #1: #1 Contender for US Title Match: John Cena vs. RVD

Cena came out to big pops in a vintage Nolan Ryan Astros jersey. The crowd had mixed reactions, chanting back and forth for both opponents.

The match began with a lockup, going to the mat, with RVD covering and a kickout by Cena. Both lock up again, a headlock by Cena, then a missed kick by RVD once he broke free from that headlock. RVD then went for a leapfrog, which he also missed, going to the ropes and giving a kick to the head twice to Cena. Both are outside the ring and RVD had put Cena into the barricade twice before getting back into the ring before the ten count was up; Cena had barely made it back into the ring itself before the count of ten by the referee.

In between segments of this match, current US Champion Booker T was seen backstage watching the action, cheering someone on, but who? RVD? Cena? Who would he be facing at the end of this match?

RVD then tried to bring Cena over the top rope, but Cena countered and RVD went over the apron instead as the match went to a commercial break.

Returning from the break, Cena was in control with a suplex and cover, with a kickout by RVD. Cena then attempted another cover; yet another kickout by RVD. RVD then butted Cena and both men were down for a period of time before slowly getting up to continue the match.

RVD then went with a forward and a right hand to Cena, with some kicks as well to Cena, who was by then in the corner. RVD then executed a moonsault for the cover, but Cena kicked out. RVD then pinned Cena with a bridge, but somehow Cena also got out of this one. RVD then did a 360 leg drop on Cena and then went for another cover, which Cena got the shoulder up.

Cena then went for the FU on RVD, but countered and put a kick to the jaw of Cena. RVD then did a leg drop and went for yet another cover, which Cena kicked out of. Cena then went for a DDT counter and covered RVD; RVD kicked out at two. Cena then put a clothesline to RVD twice, knocking him down for the cover, and RVD kicked out again.

Cena did a sideslam and then a five-knuckle shuffle before another cover, which RVD also kicked out of at two. RVD got Cena on the top rope for a superplex and connected, but Cena reverses the pinfall with an inside cradle for the win.

Winner and #1 Contender for US Title: John Cena


Both Cena and RVD were seen in the ring shaking hands and exchanging high fives in showing of sportsmanship.

Backstage, Booker T and GM Theodore Long were discussing Cena’s contendership win, but Long told Booker that even though he could beat Cena for the US Title, it could also go the other way around, and also that Cena never lost the US Title--it had been stripped from him by previous GM Angle. Long then announced since Booker was the five time WCW Champion, he would “reward” him with a Best of Five Series at Summerslam--meaning the first to win three out of five matches would become the first undisputed US Champion.

Back out front, Cena was seen celebrating his win with some fans, and then a promo announcing the Angle/Haas match for later in the evening.

Eddie Promo:

Eddie arrived in a yellow low rider with divas Torrie, Sable and Dawn Marie. He told all that it is only ten days until he kicks Kurt’s a**, and then also brought the divas along to “raise the value” of the items on auction, which bidding ended at 1AM Eastern time, 10PM Pacific on August 5. The proceeds from the auction will benefit Tomorrow’s Children, a charity for kids with cancer.

Eddie then put the cast on Torrie, then had all three divas sign it, then had Sable hold up the photo of Kurt while Eddie leered at her breasts, getting somewhat of a ribbing from Sable for it. The divas signed this photo as well.

Eddie then went on as if he’d forgotten what Kurt’s last match was and who had won, before a replay of their match at WMXX was shown. Once the tape was over, Eddie stated not only did he beat Kurt, he embarrassed him, just as he will do at Summerslam.

Next, Eddie’s Summerslam commercial was shown during his promo, a 100 meter race with Eddie in the blocks with the rest of the runners. The gun sounds and Eddie just stands up while the other runners aren’t moving. It shows the runners have their shoes tied to the start blocks and Eddie begins to run unchallenged to the end with a little showboating in Eddie style.

Match #2: Rene Dupree vs. Orlando Jordan

First time for Jordan on Smackdown for a very long time. Apparantly, Jordan had some family issues and had been out of action as a result.

This match was a very short one that also began with a lockup and Jordan making some boxing moves on Dupree. Dupree then threw Jordan outside the ring and then into the steel steps before tossing Jordan back into the ring. Dupree then put a right hand to Jordan and went for the cover, which Jordan kicked out of. While Jordan seemed to be down, Dupree decided to showboat with his French Tickler and that was his fatal mistake as Jordan made his way outside the apron and to the top rope, delivering a cross body onto Dupree, pinning him for the win.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

Backstage, JBL arrived and was interviewed by Josh Matthews. JBL asked Josh to come for a reason: many had been asking JBL if he was afraid of the Undertaker. JBL then quoted FDR and then told Josh that he was going to call out Undertaker and had nothing to fear from him.

Match #3: Kurt Angle (with Luther Reigns) vs. Charlie Haas (with Miss Jackie)

The match everyone had been talking about for the last week has finally happened.

After a lockup, Haas was backed into a corner and both switched off back and forth into headlocks, and a head scissor by Haas. Angle then got in a headlock on Haas. Haas put an arm lock on Angle, and then a takedown armbar, hip toss, arm drag and shoulder knockdown by Haas. By the commercial break, Angle was taken outside the ring.

Returning from commercials, Angle pinned Haas with a headlock, which Haas got out from under with an arm drag. Angle then put a choke and chinlock on Haas and Haas was thrown to the mat, dragged up and then slugged to the head before being backed into the corner. Kicked by Angle, Haas got out of the corner and put a suplex to Angle. Angle was now in the corner, getting kicks and beatings from Haas. Angle then put a boot to the face of Haas, and then a belly to belly suplex by Angle, and a boot to the gut of Haas. Angle also got in another suplex and a cover, which Haas kicked out of.

Angle then went for the the choke hold on Haas, which Haas broke by an elbow to the midsection of Angle, Angle went for the cover of Haas three times; Haas kicked out each time. Angle did the body scissors, which was broken by Haas with an elbow to the midsection, and punches were exchanged.

Haas was then whipped into the corner, and Angle was knocked outside the ring after missing a move on Haas. Haas got in a crosskick, and Angle a clothesline on Haas, which Haas countered, putting Angle into a steel post. Haas then went for the cover, but Angle kicked out. Haas went to the top rope for the axe handle, connected for the cover; again, a kickout by Angle.

Angle then put the ankle lock to use, which Haas was able to counter the first time, putting Angle off the second turnbuckle for another cover, which Angle kicked out of after two and a

half. Angle then used the Angle Slam and then another ankle lock and leg bar, which gave Haas no alternative but to tap out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Summerslam Matches Announced:

John Cena vs. Booker T: US Title--Best of Five Match

Jericho vs. Edge vs. Batista--Triple Threat

Kane vs. Matt Hardy-Till Death Do Us Part Match

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

HHH vs. Eugene

Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton--World Heavyweight Championship

Undertaker vs. JBL--WWE Championship

Raw Rebound:

Matt/Lita/Kane--Promo leading up to the ”Death Do Us Part” Match announcement

Highlights from the HHH/William Regal match

HHH/Eugene match announced for Summerslam

Triple Threat Match of Jericho, Edge and Batista announced

Highlights of Evolution and Benoit/Edge Match

Match #4: Tag Team Championship: Tag Team Champions Paul London and Billy Kidman vs. Basham Brothers

Wow! What can I say? The Tag Team Champions are looking sharp in their new ring gear. Too bad Tazz doesn’t like white.

Kidman and Danny started this match off with Kidman getting the rollup on Danny and getting the cover, which Danny kicked out of. Kidman and London then doubled teamed on Danny and the cover made by London, Danny kicked out again. London then made a blind tag to Kidman, who was pulled onto the floor by Doug and then thrown back into the ring before being double teamed by both Bashams and covered. However, Kidman kicked out of that one.

Doug then drove Kidman into the mat with a gut squeeze, which Kidman got out of, only to end up in a corner, taking some slugs from Doug. Kidman then put a dropkick to Doug, tagged in London, and put a clothesline to Danny.

London put his own dropkick to Doug for a cover, which Doug kicked out of; Danny tried unsuccessfully to hold London‘s leg, but got kicked instead while in the process of being busted by the referee at the same time (not too smart, Danny); somehow, Kidman got knocked outside the ring and got a kick in the gut as London made his way to the top rope for the 450 Splash on Doug for the pin and retain their championship.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: Billy Kidman and Paul London

Yet another Heidenreich promo was aired on tonight’s show.

Match #5: Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley and Rey Mysterio vs. The Dudley Boys

Before the bell even rung to start the match, there appeared to be a yelling match between the four.

Bubba and Spike locked up in a corner and Spike was tossed off by Bubba after Spike shoved him into the ropes. Spike then did a dropkick on Bubba, and a dropkick was also done by Mysterio. Mysterio then did a moonsault on D-Von and went for the cover, which D-Von kicked out of. Spike then went off the top rope and missed; it was to appear that he hurt his knee and was trying to sell it, but if one looked closely and paid attention (before the replays were done after this particular match), they would have seen that Spike didn’t land on his knee at all. Good selling job on Spike’s part, though.

Bubba put a knee to the gut of Mysterio, putting him into a corner and gripping him, but Mysterio got out of it. Clothesline by D-Von, then a hold, which Mysterio kicked out of. Backed again into a corner, Mysterio got an elbow to the chest from Bubba three times while D-Von got to the top rope and ended up landing into the boot of Mysterio instead.

Mysterio then did a top rope springboard, then covered Bubba, but the cover was broken by D-Von. Bubba then went to put a chop to Mysterio, but ended up hitting D-Von instead. Bubba went to slam Mysterio, but Mysterio countered and went to set Bubba up for the 619, which was aborted by D-Von, and Bubba covered Mysterio for the win.

Winners: The Dudley Boys


It appeared at first that Spike was going to console Mysterio, but then gives him a big kick in the groin instead. Spike then ordered Bubba and D-Von to “get a table!“

They then placed Mysterio on it with the Cruiserweight belt on top of his stomach. Spike then went to the top rope and did a jump stomp on Mysterio that breaks the table. The Dudleys then carry off Spike on their shoulders as the refs and EMS tended to Mysterio in the ring.

JBL/Taker Promo:

JBL comes out and didn’t do his usual routine of shaking hands or kissing babies. JBL said he was looking forward to coming home to Texas but has a poor reception in Houston and said that he’s glad he’s in New York now. He was looking forward to a hero’s welcome that he deserved and that the fans deserved to give him. And he was there for some serious business: He’s been asked if he was afraid of the Undertaker.

Not only was he not afraid of the Undertaker, but he was going to call him out: right here, right now.

Then JBL called out Undertaker and out came . . .a midget dressed as the Undertaker, right down to the walk to the ring. JBL let go with a bunch of corny short jokes to Mini Undertaker and then went to give him a Tombstone as the Undertaker’s music hit.

JBL looked around for Taker coming from the ramp entrance, but turned around to see him right behind him. JBL told Undertaker he needed to go and then tried to duke it out with Undertaker. As Undertaker was about to put JBL down to the mat, Orlando Jordan came and saved JBL from such fate.

Undertaker kneeled down as the lights dimmed, along with his miniature image. Not amused in the lease, Undertaker gave his little impersonator a chokeslam as the show went off the air, as fear was etched over the face of JBL.


Summerslam is shaping up quite well with a good card from both brand shows.

Is Orlando Jordan being slated to become the next Virgil?

Angle looked to be in great ring shape in tonight’s match for being out of commission for several months.

For heaven’s sake, find some clothes for those divas and make them WEAR them! Their outfits looked more like oversized dust cloths. Or am I missing the latest in slut wear?

Teddy Long was right about one thing--this was a great Smackdown.