WWE SmackDown Results - 9/2/04 from Sacramento, CA (Angle vs. Guerrero)

» Reported by L. Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, September 3, 2004 at 1:08 AM EST

WWE SmackDown Results - 9/02/04
Taped From: Sacramento, CA
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: L. Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am finally back in the United States for this week’s Smackdown report.

Before the show kicked off, we saw footage for the preview of the Eddie Guerrero/Kurt Angle for later in the evening.

Once the show opened, the current US Champion, Booker T, took to the ring. Boker complained that everywhere he went, people chanted Cena’s name. Booker then went on to let everyone know that he said he would sweep Cena in the Best of Five from his match last week on Smackdown and by winning the next two matches. Following this, footage from last week’s match when Booker got the win making the series tied at one apiece was replayed. Booker said that now he his on his way to continue the sweep and rolled footage and we got to see the event in Australia where finish where Booker rolled up Cena and used the tights for leverage and the win.

Booker stated that he now has one match to go and will defeat Cena three to one and then did some silly rap of his own before Rey Mysterio's music hit and he came to confront Booker. Rey asked Booker if he was here for a fight, and of course, Booker wasn‘t. . Rey then suggested that since Booker T. didn't want to fight he'd better leave the ring right now, because Rey wanted to fight Spike Dudley and win back the Cruiserweight title, but if Spike doesn't come out then Booker T. will do. Booker then made the comment to Rey that Rey must not have read the sign in the back that he had to be “this big” to talk smack to Booker. About the time Rey went to go for a 619 on Booker, this prompted Kenzo Suzuki to come out. Kenzo told Rey that he promotes himself as being from the 619, but that code is American and Rey is not, so that makes Rey a liar…..Liar, liar, pants on fire! Kenzo then said he hates liars and loves America then compared his smile to that of Tom Cruise, showing us a close-up of a really cheesy grin.

While Kenzo was doing this showboating of sorts, RVD attacked him from behind for about a few minutes until Rene Dupree made the save on Kenzo. The three make their way to the ring where Rey assisted RVD and Booker rolled to the outside. From there, a brawl began to commence.

Teddy Long came out to restore order, saying that since these guys wanted to fight, then he was going to let them. Long told Booker T that it didn't matter whether he was ready to fight or not, he had no choice in the matter and there was going to be a six-man tag match right now. The match being Booker T., Kenzo Suzuki, and Rene Dupree vs. Rey Mysterio, RVD, and being that they needed one more man, called out John Cena to make things even.

Match #1: Six Man Tag Team Match: Booker T., Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree vs. RVD, Rey Mysterio and John Cena

The match with the face team going strong with lots of quick tags.

Cena was whipped around the ring and slammed by Kenzo, who then was eventually slammed to the mat himself by Cena. Cena then went for the five-knuckle shuffle, but it was somehow aborted by Dupree, allowing Kenzo to slam Cena yet again.

RVD was worked over by all three of his opponents for a few minutes, with Rene Dupree even getting in the "French Tickler". RVD eventually made the hot tag to Rey Mysterio who battered Dupree and Suzuki with high flying moves. Rey then mocked Dupree’s French Tickler while setting up Dupree for the 619, but Rey got the move aborted by a sidekick from Booker T. This brought in Cena again and all six men were in the ring. Booker and Cena took to the outside as RVD hit the five star frog splash on Dupree then threw himself over the top to the outside on Kenzo. Rey then set up Dupree for the 619 and then pinned Dupree for the win.

Winners: RVD/Mysterio/Cena

WMXX footage was shown of the Angle/Eddie match as another preview of the 2/3 Falls Match happening later in the show.

Backstage, Teddy Long was looking for Heidenreich. Long then came into Paul Heyman standing outside a door, locking it. Long then let Heyman know that what Heidenreich did to Josh Matthews last week was unacceptable and that he will be holding Heidenreich responsible for what happened and fined $5,000 for his actions. Heyman responded by telling Long that Heidenreich doesn't carry that kind of money on him, so he can't pay it. Long then told Heyman since Heidenreich can't pay the fine then Heyman will have to pay it, and since he knows Heyman's reputation, Long won't accept a check and will only take the fine in cash because he's all out the "dolla bill.“ Long then warned Heyman that Heyman had better keep Heidenreich under control. Heyman explained to Long that Heidenreich is unpredictable and could snap at any moment. Long told Heyman that in that case, if he does, then there will be more fines to pay.

Footage of Chavo Guerrero's injury last week and the medics attending to him also was shown this evening. Cole and Tazz stated that Chavo was out cold for about five minutes as a result of this injury, has a severe concussion and is still being evaluated by doctors.

In their part of the locker room, Billy Kidman and Paul London were getting ready for their match when they were confronted by Jamie Noble. Noble told Kidman's that if he were Kidman, he wouldn’t show is face around the WWE anymore. Kidman told Noble that Chavo just fell victim to the Shooting Star Press, one of the most dangerous moves in the business and asked what Noble was afraid of. Noble said that the last thing he Noble was was afraid, but Chavo's career could be over and it's all Kidman's fault. While Kidman was left pondering Noble’s words, London told him not to pay any attention to Noble and to get his head into their match.

A promo was shown of Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Match #2 Tag Team Champions Billy Kidman and Paul London vs. The FBI (Nunzio and Stamboli)

This was a non-title match.

Lots of impressive back and forth action between the two teams, starting with a headlock and then a dropkick by London to Nunzio, then an elbow lock-in by Nunzio. Next was a mule kick and a mushroom stomp by London. Nunzio then gave a smack to London in the face, which made Kidman race in, followed by Stamboli, and a mini-brawl took place before being broken up by the referee. Stamboli then flipped London onto the mat for the cover, which London kicked out of.

London is then somehow caught in the ropes by Stamboli; who then got knocked out the ringby a push from Kidman from behind. Kidman then delivered a cross body to Nunzio and went for the cover, which was broken up by Stamboli. Kidman then put the head scissors to Nunzio for the cover once again, which was also broken up.

The finish came when Kidman had Nunzio set up for the Shooting Star Press, but as he stood on the top rope, Kidman had a blank stare on his face, second thoughts, got down (despite London encouraging him to go for it) and tagged London in. London, wondering what his partner was doing, came into the ring with his back to Nunzio. Nunzio took that opportunity to get London in a rollup and the win.

Winners: FBI


London got back up and kept asking Kidman what he was doing as Kidman and to get his head into this thing as Kidman went up the ramp. While London was still in the ring, Heidenreich came though the crowd, clothes lining poor London. Heidenreich then nailed his shoulder breaker on London several times before making his way to the announce table to chase Michael Cole. Cole managed to escape as Heidenreich got back to the ring to attempt to assault London further, but Paul Heyman came out quickly and was able to get Heidenreich to stop what he was doing and leave the ring.

Backstage in the GM‘s office, an annoyed Theodore Long told Brian Hebner to get Paul Heyman in his office “right now.” Long tells Hebner that he was not happy with what just happened out in the ring and if Heyman and Heidenreich are going to play, they are going to have to pay.

Also in Long’s office, a nervous Torrie told Long that she's worried about Big Show’s return after the things Show tried to do to her before he left. Long reassured Torrie that everything would be ok because the stipulation of Show’s rehiring was that he would have to take anger management classes. Long then told Torrie that things would be all right and not to worry because "she can't go wrong with Theodore R. Long.”

A promo was shown to hype the video game “Day of Reckoning.”

Match #3 Orlando Jordan (w/JBL) vs. Charlie Haas (w/Miss Jackie)

JBL joined Cole and Tazz and the announce table for the commentary on this match and I noticed that the halo, neck and back brace were gone this week.

The match started out with some boxing moves from Jordan, then a few lockups and reversals. A couple of chokeholds by Haas, who then put Jordan into a corner. Once Jordan worked his way out of the corner and pushed Haas to the mat, Haas got up, only to be slammed into a turnbuckle.

Jordan then put a knee to the spine of Haas, pressing the rope against Haas’ throat. Haas then was pulled to the center of the ring. Jordan then went from the top rope, but missed his target.

Haas then flipped Jordan to the mat for the cover, which Jordan kicked out of. Jordan then was whipped off the top turnbuckle and hung onto the rope as Haas attempted to pull him away. Jordan then removed the pad from the turnbuckle ran Haas into it, knocking him out long enough to get the pin and the victory.

Winner: Orlando Jordan


Jordan backed Miss Jackie into the corner of the ring and distracted the referee while JBL entered the ring and hit the Clothesline from Hell on Haas.

A quick segment of Ivory at the Republican Convention with Linda McMahon and The Big Show discussed the Smackdown Your Vote campaign.

Clips from last weekend’s Smackdown Brand Australian tour were also shown.

Match #4 The Dudley Boys (w/Spike) vs. Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly

This started out with Spike giving a smack in the face to Holly, which did not sit well with Holly. As Holly went to return the favor to Spike, Bubba attacked Holly from behind. Meanwhile, Gunn and D-Von battled it out before Gunn went for the cover, which D-Von kicked out of. Gunn then went for another cover; another kick out.

D-Von then slammed Gunn around and attempted a cover of his own, but Gunn somehow squirmed out of it and tagged in Holly. Holly knocked Bubba off his feet and kicked D-Von in the midsection. Bubba then answered with a spine buster to Holly and went for the cover; Holly kicked out of that one.

The finish came when D-Von was working on Gunn on the outside and Bubba distracted the referee, allowing Spike to strike Holly from behind with the Cruiserweight belt and Bubba to get the win.

Winners: The Dudley Boys

The Angle/Guerrero match from Summerslam was shown to once again preview their 2 /3 falls match.

A second Carlito Caribbean Cool promo aired.

Raw Rebound:

Highlights of Orton spitting in the face of HHH and using the sledgehammer, as well as the HHH and Eugene match were featured.

This week’s Smackdown Throwback moment was last summer’s Big Show/Brock Lesnar match and the famous ring implosion.

Match #5: Two Out of Three Falls Match: Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

The match started with the two locking up and going into a top wristlock to which Angle pulled Eddie's hair to take him down twice. Eddie then pulled Angle by the straps on his singlet. Kurt got back up and got put in a headlock and as he tried to throw Eddie off into the ropes. Eddie held on to Angle’s straps once again and pulling him back in. Angle eventually escaped and complained to the ref about what Eddie had done, pulling his straps down so Eddie couldn't pull them anymore.

The two locked up and Angle went for a back drop on Eddie, but Eddie turned it into a sunset flip where he grabbed Angle’s singlet and pulled it down completely exposing a “full moon” to the crowd! An embarrassed Angle then rolled to the outside to pull himself together before getting back into the ring. Both men went to the mat exchanging moves before Eddie had Kurt set up in a go behind and Angle kicking his leg back and nailing Eddie with a low blow that the referee didn't see. Eddie then got back up, regained the advantage and nailed a low blow to Angle, which the ref did see, and disqualified Eddie.

First Fall Winner: Angle

The match was continuing as the show returned from commercial break with the two going back and forth with Kurt nailing the triple German suplexes and Eddie reversing the Angle Slam into a DDT and covering Kurt for the three count, giving Eddie the second fall.

Second Fall Winner: Eddie

The third fall both men pulled out everything they had including Eddie kicking out after taking two more suplexes and an Angle Slam. Eddie then did his” Three Amigos” suplexes and went up top for the frog splash, as Luther came out. Eddie got down and nailed Reigns before returning back to the top rope for the splash but missed when Angle got out of the way.

Angle then hooked in the ankle lock, but Eddie was able to roll through that, which caused Angle to go into and knock out the referee. Eddie went outside to grab a steel chair and struck Luther before bringing the chair into the ring and hitting Kurt on the back with it. Eddie then dropped the chair and laid down as if he had been hit by Angle with it as the ref eventually came back around, catching Angle with the chair in his hands. As the Angle tried to tell the ref he didn't use the chair, Eddie was laughing on the opposite side of the ring.

Luther then came from behind and put the steel chair into the back of Eddie’s legs, knocking him down . Angle then ran to Eddie and locked on the ankle lock to which Eddie eventually tapped out giving Kurt the third and final fall.

Third Fall and Match Winner: Kurt Angle


As Kurt made his way to the back, Luther entered the ring and gave Eddie his neckbreaker. The show ended with Luther standing over Eddie and Kurt looking at Luther strangely.


It seems the popular opinion was if it hadn’t been for Luther’s interference, Eddie would have been the better wrestler.

Men 20 years of age and older are reminded that the deadline for their one-minute VHS tapes to try out for the $1,000,000 Tough Enough is Wednesday, September 8.

I’m wondering where the “Kidman-botched-the-SSP-on-Chavo” thing is headed. Is this going to be leading to a new feud between them and the Noble/Chavo pair…or between the current tag champs themselves once they drop the belts?

How did I guess right that once Kurt pulled the straps to his singlet down that Eddie would probably pull Kurt's pants down? LOL!

Could the FBI be next in line as Tag Team Champion contenders?

This Carlito Caribbean Cool guy must be really cool to have two promos air in one night.

Until next time…enjoy wrestling!