WWE SmackDown Results - 9/9/04 - Tulsa, Oklahoma (Big Show returns, more)

Reported by Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, September 9, 2004 at 10:35 PM EST

WWE SmackDown Results - 9/9/04
Taped from: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz
Report By: Erica Johnson of WrestleView.com

The pre-show opens with GM Theodore Long announcing that due to Luther Reigns interference in the 2-out-of-3 falls match last week between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle, tonight he had signed a Lumberjack Match between the two men.

Match #1: JBL (w/ Orlando Jordan) vs. Charlie Haas (w/ Miss Jackie)
The opening match starts with a nice showing of mat wrestling by both men. JBL uses his power to get the upperhand eventually, and dominates until Haas counters with a dropkick off the ropes to reverse the control. On the outside, Jordan confronts Miss Jackie, which catches Haas' attention. He goes to help Miss Jackie, but turns around into the Clothesline from Hell from JBL. JBL makes the roll-up and gets the win.


After the match, JBL gets a mic and thanks the fans for loving him. He says since he loves them too, he's going to give them a stock tip: invest in JBL, a proven winner. He says there will be no more title shots for Undertaker, and says that in 2 weeks, he'll give UT what every dead man deserves, a funeral. A hearst is shown pulling out from the back. While it pulls out, Teddy Long's music hits. He comes out to tell JBL that at No Mercy on October 3rd, he'll be facing the Undertaker in a "Last Ride" Match. JBL is none too pleased.

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A Carlito Carribean Cool hype video is played.

Match #2: Paul London and Billy Kidman vs. Kenzo Suzuki and Rene DuPree (Tag Title Match)
The tag titles are on the line tonight. When Paul London comes out, it's obvious he's not 100%, his shoulder is taped up from the beating he took at the hands of Heidenreich last week. He doesn't show signs of being injured though, as he and Kidman take the fight right to Suzuki and DuPree with a series of high-flying double-team maneuvers. Suzuki and DuPree pull out some double-team tactics of their own to take control of the matchup though, using devious means to maintain the upper hand. London and Kidman fight off their deceitful ways with teamwork. Kidman manages to get Suzuki down in the corner and goes up for the Shooting Star Press, but like last week, when he gets to the top he just can't pull the move off. Suzuki rolls out of the way on the mat, and the opportunity is missed. Kidman tags in London, who is obviously upset about what just happened, but this doesn't phase Kidman. He hops down off the ring and leaves partway up the ramp. London is unsure what to do, but decides to keep fighting the match. He puts Suzuki down with his dropkick moonsault, then tries to wave Kidman back into the match, but to no avail. Kidman disappears to the back.

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Returning from the break, DuPree is dominating London, who is in the match alone. He is working London's hurt shoulder ruthlessly. London manages to fight him off, but the man advantage proves too much, as Suzuki double-teams London and then rolls to the outside. DuPree whips London into the ropes, and Suzuki pulls the ropes down from the outside so London goes spilling over them and onto the outside. Suzuki then takes the opportunity to devastate London's shoulder further. He rolls London back into the ring where DuPree hits him with a Michinoku Driver and then tags in Suzuki. Suzuki picks London up and delivers his Claw Sweep for the 3-count.

WINNERS: Rene DuPree and Kenzo Suzuki (New Tag Team Champions)

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Backstage, London confronts Kidman about leaving him high and dry and costing them the tag titles. Kidman has nothing to say to London.

Somewhere /* backstage, Booker T runs into Theodore Long. He mouths off about Cena a bit, saying he's got the night off to prepare for their 4th match next week, until Long informs him that he's one of the Lumberjacks in tonight's main event. He's not thrilled.

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Match #3: Spike Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio (Cruiserweight Title Match)
Spike Dudley takes the fight right to Mysterio as soon as he enters the ring. Mysterio manages to fight him off and sets him up for the 619, but D-von on the outside distracts the ref as Bubba trips Mysterio from another spot on the outside. Spike calls his brothers into the ring where they triple-team Mysterio for a while, but Hardcore Holly comes down to the ring to make the save. He too gets beaten down by the Dudleys, until RVD comes out as well. He helps Mysterio and Holly clear out the ring, and the Dudleys head up the ramp. Referee Charles Robinson informs the announcer and the fans that the match will now be a 6-Man Tag match.

RVD/Mysterio/Holly go out and get the Dudleys and put them back into the ring. RVD and D-Von Dudley start off this new match, with D-Von outpowering RVD. Spike gets tagged in and his brothers help set RVD up for the double-foot stomp off the top from the littlest Dudley. The 3 men triple-team RVD in the corner until the ref calls them off. RVD gets dominated in the ring for quite a while, until he manages to make the tag to Hardcore Holly, who comes in on fire. The match breaks down into an all-out brawl, until RVD is left in the ring with D-Von and Bubba, complete with a bloody nose. He fights them off with a couple kicks, then sets Bubba up for the 5-Star Frogsplash. He connects, but instead of making the pin he goes for D-von on the outside. Spike gets into the ring, Holly and Mysterio follow. Holly puts Spike down and Mysterio comes off the top rope with a springboard legdrop. He covers Spike and gets the 3-count and the victory for his team.

WINNER: Mysterio, Holly and RVD

Backstage, Angle is interviewed by Josh Matthews. He's very upset about having a Lumberjack match tonight, because "it's not fair".

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After the commercial, John Cena has an interview in the ring. He says he'll beat Booker T next week in match #4 of the best-of-5 series, which Booker currently leads 2-1. The rest of the interview is spent making gay jokes about Booker T.

Meanwhile, a recap of the 2-out-of-3 Falls match between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle is played.

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A second hype video for Carlito Carribean Cool is played.

Paul Heyman is backstage, watching the Carribean Cool hype video. He is met by Theodore Long. Heyman tells Long he knows Heidenreich owes fines for his behaviour last week, and that he gave Heidenreich the night off to prevent further fines. Long informs Heyman that since he gave Heidenreich the night off, HE will be in a match, versus a TV announcer. Heyman freaks out at the prospect of it being Tazz, but when Long tells him it's not Tazz, he assumes it's Michael Cole. He starts ragging on Cole, who is shown at ringside not backing down a bit. He challenges Heyman to come out to the ring. Heyman accepts, and makes his way into the ring, trash-talking Cole. Suddenly, Funaki's music hits, and Smackdown's #1 Announcer hits the ring to pummel Heyman. This is short-lived though, as the big monster Heidenreich hits the ring and destroys Funaki. Heyman covers the battered announcer and counts the 3 for himself. Heidenreich resumes destroying Funaki while Heyman hits ringside. He confronts Cole, and promptly decks Cole right in the face. Cole goes to fight back, but Heidenreich is right behind Heyman. He chases Cole off through the crowd.

**Commercial break**

A Raw recap is shown, highlighting the cage matches from Monday.

Match #4: Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero (Lumberjack Match)
The lumberjacks hit the ring first. They include Booker T, all 3 Dudleyz, Rene DuPree, Kenzo Suzuki, Luther Reigns, the Bashams, Charlie Haas, RVD, Rey Mysterio, Hardcore Holly, Akio, John Cena, Shannon Moore, both FBI members and Scotty 2 Hotty.

The match participants go right to fighting. Eddie takes the upperhand with an insane dropkick to Angle's face, but Angle takes over with an equally impressive backdrop. Angle takes the first couple spills to the outside, but conveniently always lands in the midst of Reigns and friends, who kindly help him back to the ring, until once when Angle decides to try to leave after getting tossed out, but the good guys "escort" him back to the ring. Eddie then gets dumped to ringside, where Luther tries to do something dirty to Eddie, but Eddie fights him off. This attracts a bunch of bad guy lumberjacks, who take a couple pot shots at Eddie before rolling him back into the ring.

**Commercial break**

Back from commercial, Angle is on top of the match. He stretches Eddie with a variety of holds for a while, but Eddie manages to fight out of one of the stretches, only to be tossed over the top. The good guys try to protect him from the cheap shots of the bad guys as he gets back into the ring. He fights off Angle and mounts a bit of an offense, even hitting the first of the 3 Amigos. Angle manages to reverse the move into an anklelock after just 1 suplex though. Eddie rolls through and counters with a dropkick into a pinfall, but only gets 2. Eddie follows up with a hurricanrana into the 3 Amigos, where he successfully hits all 3 this time. Guerrero goes to the top for presumably the Frogsplash, but true to form, Luther Reigns pulls Eddie's feet off the top and crotches him. Angle goes to the top and superplexes Guerrero square in the middle of the ring. He goes for the pin but only gets 2 1/2. Eddie shakes off the attempt and grabs Angle for an ankle lock of his own, but Luther Reigns interjects himself into the match and breaks up the move. This brings ALL the lumberjacks into the ring for a huge brawl, until the Big Show's music hits. The big man storms down to ringside and just starts clearing house, chokeslamming and punching anyone and everyone. He hits Haas, Cena and Guerrero all with chokeslams until the ring is all down except for one man--Kurt Angle. Show starts down Angle while Angle pleads not to be touched by the Big Show. Show pays no attention though, and gives Angle his very own chokeslam. Luther Reigns jumps into the ring and hits Big Show a few times, but he too is rewarded with a chokeslam. The show ends with Big Show standing dominate over all the bodies he destroyed.

My thoughts: JBL is priceless as always. I wish he'd feud with someone besides Undertaker though, those guys stunk it up at Summerslam and I can't see No Mercy being much better.

I can't wait for Carlito Carribean Cool to debut. He's definitely a character inspired by Razor Ramon, I can't wait to see how he holds his own. Plus that accent!

I'm not sure where they're going with Kidman/London, but I assume it'll be a feud sometime soon, which will be interesting. On the other hand, I'm psyched to see DuPree with gold again, I just adore him. I wish they'd decide if Fifi was a black poodle or a white poodle though.

Heidenreich has been a snore so far. I understand they're trying to prove he's tough, but let's see him against someone bigger than 5' tall for a change. Maybe then I'll be impressed, but so far, he's been a bathroom break.

Can't wait to see how the Best of 5 with Cena and Booker ends up! Next week in Spokane will be a vital match for Cena, he needs to win to stay alive in the series. I think he will, these things always seem to go to 5.

Guerrero and Angle has been an awesome feud, I just wish Reigns would stay out of it!! He keeps ruining everything, I hope Big Show puts him in his place and shows him who the REAL big man on Smackdown is.