WWE SmackDown Results -10/28/04 - Omaha, NE (Booker/Jordan)

» Reported by L. Anne Carrington of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, October 29, 2004 at 12:40 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
Date: October 28, 2004
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Tonight’s show kicked off with Al Snow accompanying the remaining seven Tough Enough contestants to the locker room; where they were confronted by The Big Show. Show proceeded to tell the contestants about how those in the locker room had paid their dues while the TE contestants had not before ordering all of them out of the locker room and punking out contestant Daniel Pudier.

Back in the hallway, Snow and the contestants made their way to the ring, where they were each introduced and had their first challenge--taking turns trash talking Big Show on the mic. Once they had finished, Snow commented that they all did well, but now it was time to tell it all to Show face to face.

Once Show came into the ring, he ordered Daniel Rodnier to come forward, where trash talk had been exchanged before Show slapped him and the other contestants closed in on Show in a confrontational way. Show then went on to say that he will body slam each of them, then worked through each contestant, adding an elbow to the upper chest of Justice and a knee to the chest of Rodnier.

A replay of last week’s six-man tag team match that Booker T resumed victorious was shown.

Match #1: Chavo Guerrero vs. Nunzio

Before the match began, clips from last week’s return of Chavo was replayed.

Nunzio and Chavo were about to begin their match when they were interrupted by Billy Kidman, who made his way to the announce table to join Cole and Tazz for commentary on the match. Kidman went on to talk about how the SSP that caused Chavo’s concussion was an accident, but the next time it happens, it wouldn’t be. With the distraction of Kidman, Nunzio took the opportunity to attack Chavo from behind.

Chavo answered by slugging Nunzio after putting him into a corner. Chavo then clotheslined Nunzio, followed by a kick to the gut and another clothesline. Chavo covered, but Nunzio kicked out.

Nunzio went off the second rope onto Chavo and covered; kickout by Chavo. Nunzio then choked Chavo into the second ropes, followed by a submission and cover; Chavo kicked out.
Chavo then executed leg scissors onto Nunzio, then countered a Nunzio rollup that Nunzio also kicked out of.

Nunzio slammed Chavo head first into the mat and stepped on his chest, which was broken up by the referee. Chavo then put several right hands to Nunzio once he recovered. Chavo then clotheslined Nunzio, followed by a back body drop and a spine buster for the cover; Nunzio kicked out.

Chavo executed a double clothesline onto Nunzio; Nunzio responded with an elbow and a kick to the midsection of Chavo. At this point, Kidman shed his jacket and made his way to the top rope to deliver an SSP that was meant to injure Chavo once again, but Chavo rolled out of the way. Nunzio went for the cover of Chavo, but Chavo kicked out of it.

The match wrapped up with Chavo applying the Gory Bomb to Nunzio and covered him for the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Backstage, Josh interviewed JBL. JBL told about how he was pinned last week by Booker, the first time he had ever been pinned since before WM20. JBL also said that Booker may be good in tag matches, but he was out of JBL’s league as a singles competitor. He also went on about all those he had beaten when he was interrupted by Booker T. Booker wanted JBL to admit he was afraid; Booker could see it in his eyes. Orlando Jordan then stepped between them and said if Booker wanted a piece of JBL, then Booker needed to go for Jordan. Booker insulted Jordan by ordering him to go make Booker a sandwich and called Jordan a houseboy.

A brief trash talk session went back and forth before GM Theodore Long stepped in and said a resolution was needed--then made the match of Booker vs. Jordan with the stipulation that if Booker defeated Jordan tonight, he would face JBL for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series.

Also backstage, Heidenreich was seen talking on his cell phone to what appeared to be Paul Heyman. Heidenreich insists on Heyman getting Undertaker to sign the contract to face Heidenreich at Survivor Series.

Highlights from the Rock the Vote Tour were shown.

Cole announced that Heyman had arrived at an undisclosed location in an attempt to get Undertaker to sign the contract to face Heidenreich at Survivor Series. We then cut to the location where Heyman thanked Taker for meeting him there and how the contract was not Heyman’s idea--but Heidenreich’s, just as the chance lost for Undertaker becoming WWE Champion was at No Mercy. Heyman said he and Taker had their differences in the past and how Taker was consumed with rage and how that rage could be pushed to the limit. Heyman hoped that Taker will sign the contract and that Heyman had already signed Heidenreich’s name to it as his power of attorney. Taker did sign the contract, but then proceeded to put Heyman into a choke hold and told Heyman he gave him a pass on the Paul Bearer issue, but this time, he didn’t sign a contract for a match--he was going to execute Heidenreich at Survivor Series.

Highlights of Mick Foley in Harlem’s reading program last Tuesday was shown.

Match #2: Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio

It was announced before the match began that Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns would be barred from ringside.

After the lockup, Angle choked Mysterio with the rope, then put him on the top rope. Mysterio got down, resulting in another lockup. Angle then put Mysterio in a headlock takedown. Once Mysterio got up, he was clotheslined by Angle. Stand switches between the two soon followed, with a headlock on Mysterio by Angle, followed by a shoulder knock down.

Mysterio then stomped on the foot of Angle, then put Angle to the mat. Angle then got up and chased Mysterio around, grabbing him by the waistband of his pants. Mysterio got loose with a few elbows to Angle, with a frustrated Angle chasing Mysterio around the ring again before Mysterio put Angle outside of the ring.

Angle then went for a steel chair, but the chair wasn’t used. Angle then put a kick to the midsection of Mysterio, followed by a right hand. Mysterio responded with a head scissors and then was put over the top rope by Angle as the match went to a commercial break.

Once returned from the break, Mysterio was whipped across the ring, followed by a belly to belly and head butts between the two. Angle put a boot to the face of Mysterio and another belly to belly followed, putting Mysterio to the mat with a back breaker for the cover, which Mysterio kicked out of. Two more cover attempts were also broken up by Mysterio getting a shoulder up and kicking out, respectively.

Angle put a boot the throat of Mysterio in the corner of the ring, followed by Mysterio being body slammed to the mat for a cover that Mysterio also kicked out of. Angle then put a gut wrench to Mysterio, with Mysterio breaking the hold and Angle applying a German suplex for another cover; kickout by Mysterio.

With the legs, Angle then worked the body scissors to the ribs of Mysterio, which was broken by Mysterio applying elbows to the ribs of Angle and a DDT. While both men were down, Mysterio went for the cover, but Angle kicked out.

Mysterio spring boarded off the top rope, then head scissors to Angle; Angle got the shoulder up to break the cover. Angle then went for the ankle lock, but was broken up, which Angle was set up by Mysterio for the 619, but Mysterio did not connect. A flying forearm knocked out the referee and once again set up Angle for the 619, but this time, Reigns grabbed Mysterio from outside the ring, followed by RVD rushing to the ring and battling Reigns outside the ring as Angle applied the Angle Slam to Mysterio inside the ring. Eddie Guerrero then came into the ring to slug it out with Angle before connecting with a frog splash, which Mysterio took the opportunity to cover Angle for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Backstage, Torrie was getting ready for the Halloween costume contest when Kenzo leaped in from behind. Torrie felt “creeped out” by Kenzo’s presence and his fawning all over her.

Big Show’s filming of his appearance on Star Trek highlights were shown.

A large battle broke out in Long’s office between Angle and his group and Eddie and his group. Long broke up the battle by saying he was tired of them interfering in each other’s matches and that he was going to go old school--there would be an eight-man tag match at Survivor Series. Kurt and Eddie would each choose team members that would be part of the match.

Cole and Tazz announced that John Cena was making progress from his “injury,” and should return in a few weeks.

Backstage, Josh attempted to interview Carlito, but Carlito was busy chatting with his sidekick, Jesus (pronounced "Hey Zeus")and basically ignored Josh for a few minutes. Josh went to ask Carlito about the rumor about Cena’s injury when Josh was attacked by Jesus. Once things settled down, Josh once again asked Carlito if he was in the club the night Cena was attacked. Carlito responded that he was, but was having a good time when Cena showed up and acted like a thug, so Carlito had left the club and did not see what happened, therefore, had nothing to do with it. Carlito also said that Cena was a thug and thugs were not cool, just as Josh was not cool. Jesus then held Josh while Carlito spit apple on Josh.

Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie came out in their Halloween costumes for the contest. Torrie had on some kind of silly fairy costume and Dawn a nurse uniform. After they both did their respective wiggling around the ring, Dawn took the mic and made comments about nursing Charlie Haas back to health. Miss Jackie then came out and, with Torrie failing to hold Dawn, Jackie proceeded to attack Dawn and the catfight ensued.

Backstage again, Big Show approached Eddie and needed to talk to him about making the right decision--a decision that was more Eddie’s than Show’s. Show told Eddie that Eddie wasn’t the only one that had issues with Angle, Jindrak and Reigns. Eddie responded that the team wasn’t about Show’s issues, but about the team itself and that he already had someone in mind before telling Show that he would be the fourth member of Eddie’s team. A happy Show told Eddie that he made the right decision.

Raw Rebound:

Highlights of Bischoff being disgruntled as GM and that the “inmates run the asylum,” Evolution assigning themselves to run things, the Batista vs. Maven, Orton vs. Flair matches and the Raw superstars attacking Evolution were shown.

Moments after Eddie announced that he had chosen Big Show to be on his team, Spike Dudley with D-Von and Bubba in tow tried to convince Kurt to get one of them on his team. Kurt thinks about it and agrees only the Dudleys are able to take out Big Show. He then proceeded to shake Spike’s hand and, hence, chose him for the team. When the other Dudley’s protested, Spike reassured them that he was ‘the boss.’ and a plot began to hatch.

A rewind from the beginning of tonight’s show with the Tough Enough contestants was shown.

Match #3: Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan (w/JBL)

After a couple of lockups, Booker was put into a corner, where several slugs were exchanged. Jordan was put into the ropes, followed by a reversal, followed by a hip toss by Booker for the cover, kickout by Jordan. Jordan was then put into a corner, with several right hands by Booker; Jordan responded with several slugs of his own. Booker was then tossed over the shoulder of Jordan; more blows were exchanged and Jordan was slammed to the mat for the cover, which he kicked out of. Jordan then put a shoulder to the gut of Booker twice, followed by an elbow to the jaw to Booker, with Booker going into the ropes and a knockdown for the cover; Booker kicked out.

Booker was then pressured into the second rope by Jordan; with right hands being exchanged and a boot to the throat of Booker. Once Booker broke out, he applied a spin kick, followed by a right hand, and flipping Jordan over the top rope. Outside the ring, Jordan was slammed shoulder first into the announce table, then Booker came face to face with JBL as the match went to a commercial break.

Upon return from the break, Jordan was picked up from the mat and slammed by Booker, followed by a suplex and a clothesline by Booker. Outside the ring, Booker then approached JBL, with Jordan taking advantage of the distraction by by putting Booker into the steel steps twice and a fist to the upper back of Booker before throwing Booker back into the ring, followed by a kick to the ribs of Booker and a cover, which Booker kicked out of.

Jordan then put a kick to the head of Booker, followed by a body slam. Jordan then put a knee into the spine of Booker; Booker then broke the hold with an elbow to the gut of Jordan, followed by several right hands to Jordan by Booker. A reversal after being whipped into the ropes had Booker caught off the top rope and Jordan went for another cover, with a kick out by Booker.

Jordan then mocked Booker, then went off the top rope with a cross body countered by Booker for the cover that Jordan kicked out of. Jordan applied a chin lock to Booker and Booker broke the hold with elbows to the ribs of Jordan, followed by a swinging neck breaker to Jordan. Jordan responded with several right hands and kicks to the midsection. Jordan then flap jacked off the top rope, with a right hand blocked by Booker, and Booker applying some chops to Jordan, then a spin kick and a cover that Jordan also kicked out of.

Booker then executed a spine buster for another cover; Jordan kicked out. More right hands by Booker to Jordan, followed by Jordan being bounced off the top turnbuckle and Booker cross kicking the jaw of Jordan, followed by more right hands by Booker. Booker then knocked JBL off the apron, then applied a scissors kick to Jordan, then covered for the win.

Winner: Booker T


Did anyone see the commercial for the Raw vs. Smackdown video game with Stacy and Torrie? In addition to the obvious terrible acting on both their parts, the commercial in general was cheesy; more of a takeoff on one of the Miller Cat Fight Girls commercials.

The Star Trek episode with Big Show will air tomorrow (10/29) at 8:00PM Eastern/7:00PM Central.

Never mind we have to endure a diva costume contest each Halloween, but was a catfight this year really necessary? It really added nothing to the show tonight.

Of all shows that I have been recapping since beginning my tenure, this had to be one of the most boring ones to date since I have started Smackdown recaps. Three matches in two hours? Ridiculous.

The Tough Enough contest wouldn’t be so bad if less time was spent on it. I just hope this isn’t going to be another fiasco like the Raw Diva Search was.

Until next time…enjoy wrestling.