SmackDown Results - 11/4/04 - St. Louis, MO (Booker T & Mathews)

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» On Friday, November 5, 2004 at 12:26 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
Date: November 4, 2004
Location: St. Louis, MO
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Smackdown began tonight with highlights of the seven Tough Enough finalists training earlier in the day.

Al Snow then accompanied all the Tough Enough contestants in the ring. Snow told the contestants that they did well last week talking smack about Big Show, but this week they were going to meet the only Olympic Champion and then introduced Kurt Angle.

Angle came out to the ring and looked over each of the seven finalists before asking them their names and getting into the face of Rodimer at one point. One by one, Angle and berated them, telling them that this was his ring and that they were the St. Louis Cardinals and he was the Boston Red Sox and the training that Snow had put them through was a day off compared to what he does. Angle also told them he hated them because they had the opportunity to win $1,000,000 and that they really didn’t earn it.

Angle then announced that they are going to have a contest tonight and whoever won would get a special prize. One by one as they did squat thrusts, Al Snow counted them off and specified that if someone did them wrong or quit, they would be eliminated.

The eliminated were in the following order: Justice, Nick, Ryan, Dan Rodimer, Mike and Dan Puder, leaving Chris the winner and getting a match with Angle.

The winner, received a match with Kurt Angle.

Match #1: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Nawrocki

This was a quick match, with Nawrocki not getting in much, if any, offense at all. Kurt Angle got the victory in a quick match over Nawrocki.

Winner: Kurt Angle


Angle then asked any of the other contests that were outside of the ring if they wanted to get in the ring with him. Daniel Puder volunteered, then was ordered into the ring by Angle. Puder matched Angle for about two minutes before Angle pinned him.

Highlights from the Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan match from last week’s Smackdown was shown.
Backstage, Josh Matthews began to interview Orlando Jordan about his match. He asked Jordan what Jordan would think would be different about this week’s match from last week’s. When Jordan went to answer, he was cut off by JBL, who slapped Josh and said that he needed to respect the Chief of Staff. Frustrated, Josh then said that he is tired of being abused by them, then said he and Jordan would start over, before saying that if Jordan expected to win his match, Jordan needs to get his head in the game and out of JBL’s ass before giving Jordan a slight shove.

Match #2: Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan (w/JBL)

The match began with the two contenders locking up, then Booker put Jordan into a corner and then whipped Jordan across the ring. Jordan responded by putting a high elbow to Booker before Booker kicked Jordan to the mat. Leapfrogs off each other were exchanged, with Booker going down to the mat and being covered by Jordan--Booker kicked out.

Booker then applied an armbar to Jordan before Jordan got loose and put Booker into a corner and a boot to the head of Booker. Booker then kicked Jordan to the mat, followed by a side slam by Booker for the cover that Jordan kicked out of. Booker then had a chance to apply a spine buster to Jordan before JBL came into the ring to interfere in the match and the referee called for the bell, disqualifying Jordan.

Winner: Booker T. via DQ

Backstage, the Dudleys were discussing one of them getting on Angle’s team for Survivor Series when Spike told them that he cut a deal with Angle to take out one of their opponents at Survivor Series. Both Bubba and D-Von wanted to know what the plan was by calling out The Big Show, and Spike ordered both of them to “get the tables!”

Also backstage, Josh Matthews complained to Teddy Long that he is tired of being abused by JBL and Orlando Jordan. Long responded to Josh that Josh needed to be professional at all times nevertheless. Booker T then stormed into Long’s office, interrupting Long and Josh demanded a match against Booker and Jordan tonight. While Long stated that he didn't want to sanction a handicap match, and once Josh got Booker’s attention, so Josh said that he wanted to be Booker's partner. Once Booker asked Long if Booker could choose anyone he wanted, Long said yes and the Booker/Josh team was set for later that night.

Already in the ring, the three Dudleys called out The Big Show. Spike taunted that he was “The Boss” and that Show was neither tough enough nor man enough to fight him. As Show made his way to the ring, with a look of disbelief to Spike. Once in the ring, the Dudleys hit Show with 3-D and, with Show “playing possum,” try to do it again through several tables, but Show rose up and chokeslammed D-Von and Bubba through the tables as Spike ran off, still trash talking Show.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was with Jindrak and Reigns. Both Jindrak and Reigns were concerned that since the Dudleys couldn’t take out Big Show, who would be the fourth member of their team? Angle then approached Carlito Caribbean Cool (in the company of the ever-present Jesus) to make Carlito an offer to be the fourth member of their team at Survivor Series. After pondering for a moment, Carlito accepted the offer, stating that being on Angle’s team was “cool.”

Raw Rebound:

Raw Summerslam card was announced and the six man tag team main event was highlighted.

In another area backstage, RVD and Rey Mysterio were getting psyched up for their match, which was coming up next.

Match #3: Rey Mysterio and RVD vs. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns

Lots of back and forth action here, with after a strong start by Mysterio, RVD became a target for both Reigns and Jindrak. The match continued up until a commercial break.

Upon returning, Jindrak had a choke hold on RVD, before Reigns put a knockdown on Mysterio, followed by a one-arm slam by Reigns to Mysterio. Jindrak covered Mysterio, but Mysterio kicked out. Jindrak then put Mysterio into a corner, applied an Irish whip to Mysterio across the ring into a turnbuckle before slamming Mysterio to the mat for the cover before Mysterio kicked out yet again.

and went for the cover that Mysterio kicked out of yet again. A double shoulder block was then executed by Reigns and Jindrak and went for another cover that Mysterio kicked out of.

Reigns then knocked RVD off the apron while Jindrak put a kick to Mysterio, followed by a knee to the spine of Mysterio; followed by a kick to the midsection. Jindrak then whipped Mysterio to the mat and went for the cover that was broken up by RVD.

As Mysterio worked his way back to attempt to tag in RVD, Reigns grabbed him and applied an elbow to the back of Mysterio, followed by reverse bear hugs and slugs to the back of Mysterio. Mysterio got loose once again and kicked the jaw of Reigns, followed by a DDT and tagging in RVD.

RVD put a right hand to Jindrak, then knocked Reigns off the apron. RVD then put a spin kick to Jindrak and went for the cover that was broken up by Reigns. More blows were exchanged before RVD got Jindrak down for the cover, which Jindrak kicked out of. RVD then made his way to the top rope; after escaping a hold that Reigns had attempted to pull him down with, he went off the top rope after Mysterio connected with a 619 and got the win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and RVD


As RVD and Mysterio were making their way up the ramp to go backstage, Carlito Caribbean Cool and Jesus came out and confronted them. Carlito spit apple in RVD's face. All four heels began brawling in the ring with Mysterio and RVD until Eddie Guerrero appeared and made the save to his teammates with a chair.

Survivor Series Matches Announced:


Six Man Elimination Tag Match
Intercontinental Title Match: Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin
Women’s Championship: Trish vs. Lita


Eight-Man Classic Elimination Match: Team Kurt Angle vs. Team Eddie Guerrero
Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

A replay of last week’s contracting signing by Undertaker to face Heidenreich at Survivor Series was reshown.

Match #4: Arm Wrestling Match: Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie

Before the match began, Dawn said she was going to dedicate her victory to "her Charlie." She then sneaked in a goosing on the behind of Cole as Jackie made her way to the ring.

After Jackie won, an angry Dawn flipped the table over and yet another catfight between the two took place. Charlie Haas came out on crutches and went to make an attempt to break it up, but was attacked by Heidenreich, who put his shoulderbreaker on Haas. Jackie then made a poor attempt to stop Heidenreich from attacking Haas, but was shoved down. A hysterical Heyman rushed out to try to calm Heidenreich, who thought Haas was Undertaker.

Once again, the Tough Enough contestants were lined up on the entrance to the ramp. Al Snow encouraged the fans to cast their vote of who they thought should be the winner, adding that the voting would end Monday at midnight. The person with the least amount of votes would then be eliminated next week. Torrie Wilson told them that next week they will take the Torrie Wilson sex test and hopes that they will all be up for the “challenge.”

Past Big Show segments were shown before the match of Big Show vs. Kurt Angle was announced for next week’s show in Corpus Christi, TX.

Backstage, Teddy Long and Eddie Guerrero talked about Survivor Series. Long mentioned that Carlito will be the next member of Angle's team before he told Eddie that Mysterio could no longer be part of his team as a result of Long making a Cruiserweight championship match at the PPV with Spike Dudley defending against Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, and Billy Kidman. Long told Eddie he has until next week to pick his partner.

Replay of the Dawn Marie segment of last week's diva costume contest was shown.

Match #5: Booker T and Josh Matthews vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan

After taking Jordan down, Booker tagged in Josh. Josh immediately went to the top rope and connected with a crossbody on Jordan, followed by a dropkick through the ropes on JBL. As JBL got back up and recovered, Josh quickly tagged Booker back in. JBL knocked Booker into Josh, making it a legal tag.

The champion sent Booker into the steel steps outside of the ring; meanwhile, Josh jumped on JBL’s back. As a result of Josh’s efforts at this point, he got snapmared off JBL and then tossed back into the ring. JBL then stepped in for a short time and tagged back out, with Josh being on the receiving end of boxer punches of Jordan.

Booker then came in and took out Jordan long enough for Josh to make the much needed tag. Booker then single-handedly took on both heels, countered a Clothesline from Hell and hit JBL with the Book End, followed by another Book End on Jordan.

JBL then got clotheslined out of the ring, leaving Jordan to be hit from a Booker scissors kick. Josh appeared to be “passed out” at this point; with Booker trying to get Josh to his feet but Josh fell back down – twice. Booker then gave up and celebrated their victory alone as the show went off the air.

Winners: Booker T and Josh Matthews


Voting for the Tough Enough contestants began tonight.

In this past week’s election, it was announced that 4.6 million aged 18-30 came out to vote at the polls, the voter turnout in this age range up from the year 2000.

A “sex test” on next week’s Smackdown? What is this turning into, the male version of the Raw Diva Search? Good lord, this woman makes Jessica Simpson look like a genius.

Until next time…enjoy wrestling.