SmackDown Results - 11/11/04 - Corpus Christi, TX (Angle vs. Show)

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» On Friday, November 12, 2004 at 1:22 AM EST

WWE SmackDown
Date: November 11, 2004
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Here we go with the Tough Enough contestants again; they kicked off the show with the elimination of Nick from the finalists, with six remaining. Torrie then came out and explained the rules of the Sex Test--that each contestant had 15 seconds to make out with a WWE Diva, with the Diva deciding which finalist she thought would make the best lover, and the winner getting a very special surprise. Dawn Marie was introduced and came to the ring, with a little flirting of her own with Rodimer and Justice. The contestants were asked if they could handle someone as hot as Dawn; and when the guys thought they could, they were informed that Dawn wasn’t the person they were getting a chance with.

Then, accompanied by Moolah, Mae Young was introduced as the diva that the finalists would be making out with. Their expressions were priceless, and Mae was dressed in a negligee. Asked if they could handle Mae, Mae responded, “They can’t handle me, honey!”

After going through with each contestant, Mae then chose Puder as the winner of the challenge; Dawn came with a chair for Puder to sit on while Mae gave him a lap dance!

Backstage, Rey Mysterio asked Chavo if he was ready for their match; Chavo left his dressing room and told Rey that he was just chatting with an old friend and that everything was all right, before cutting to the ring where Spike was ready for their match.

Match #1: Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero vs. Billy Kidman and Spike Dudley

As Chavo came into the ring, Kidman quickly slid out before the beginning of the match.

The match began with Spike beating Chavo into a corner, but then Chavo delivered a few right hands to Spike before knocking him to the mat with an arm drag, followed by an armbar. Rey was then tagged in and double teamed with Chavo on Spike before going for the cover, which Spike tapped out.

Rey was then whipped into a corner before Kidman put a drop on the ribs of Rey. Kidman then was put into the corner of the ring by Rey, followed by Rey going to the top rope and then putting the head scissors on Kidman. Spike then ran interference, which allowed Kidman to apply a drop kick to Chavo and going off the top rope onto the head of Chavo.

Next, with Chavo and Kidman duking it out outside the ring, Spike and Rey battled it out in the ring before Rey went for the cover; Spike kicked out. Back inside the ring, Kidman put a chin lock on Chavo, but Chavo broke the hold by elbowing the midsection of Kidman. Kidman then slammed Chavo to the mat; but Rey went off the top rope with a cross body to both Kidman and Spike, followed by a kick to the ribs of Kidman.

Spike put a blow on the back of the head of Rey after an aborted attempt at a 619 on Kidman, then a cover; Rey kicked out. Spike was then kicked in the face by Rey, followed by a battle of all four contenders before Spike was set up for the 619 while Chavo took out Kidman. Rey connected with the 619 and made the cover for the win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero

Backstage, Josh Matthews was approached by Orlando Jordan, who said he wasn’t there to cause any trouble, but to apologize to Josh. Jordan then said that Josh earned the respect of both Jordan and JBL with his match last week; they had never taken Josh seriously before then. Jordan then apologized, which Josh then shook Jordan’s hand. But when he went to pull away, Jordan said that Josh shouldn’t pull away from him before smacking Josh in the nose and knocking him to the floor. Jordan then taunted Josh with, “You like that, don’t you?”

Later backstage, Josh, along with Booker T, complained to Theodore Long as Josh’s nose was bleeding from being hit by Jordan. Josh then insisted that he wanted a match one on one with Jordan. Long asked if Josh was sure, but Booker broke in and said, “HELL YEAH!” Josh then asked that since Jordan had JBL in his corner, that it should be only fair that he have someone in his corner too. Long then agreed; then set a match with Orlando Jordan with JBL vs. Josh with Booker T…that would be next.

Also backstage, Big Show was stretching out with some help from RVD. Show asked if RVD and Eddie were ready for their match at Survivor Series. RVD responded that he was and then asked Eddie if he was ready. Eddie was concerned that SS was three days away and they still didn’t have a fourth member for their team. RVD reassured him that Eddie did leave a message with a possible choice and they would call back, and when they did, Angle wouldn’t be happy about it.

Raw Rebound:

Highlights on the SS Classic Elimination Match, with the winners being in control of Raw for four weeks while Bischoff was on vacation. Snitsky and Edge were chosen for HHH’s team.

Highlights of the Benoit/Edge match, with the SS teams brawling during and after the match.

Match #2: Josh Matthews (w/Booker T) vs. Orlando Jordan (w/JBL)

Outside the ring before the match, Booker was giving Josh a pep talk.

Jordan was goading Josh for a bit in the ring, before Josh jumped on Jordan. Jordan then placed Josh on the top rope, which Josh leaped off of before being caught by Jordan. Josh then put a drop kick to the back of Jordan before covering Jordan twice; Jordan kicked out both times.

Josh then ran out of the ring and took cover behind Booker; who had a brief stare down with JBL. Back in the ring, Josh was then tripped by JBL, who was still outside of the ring. Josh got a kick in the head by Jordan before being put into a corner and then slammed to the mat. Josh was then put into a chin lock by Jordan following receiving a few chops from Jordan. Josh did escape the move, but was then again slammed to the mat by Jordan.

Outside the ring, Booker knocked out JBL as Jordan delivered a cross body to Josh and went for the cover, which Josh kicked out. Booker interfered by a low blow and a scissor kick to Jordan, opening the way for Josh to cover Jordan and win the match.

Winner: Josh Matthews

Highlights from an “ECW Moment” to promote the DVD release next week was shown.

Match #3: RVD and Eddie Guerrero vs. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak

Before the match got underway, Jesus and Carlito Caribbean Cool made their way to the ring to support their teammates Jindrak and Reigns before joining Cole and Tazz at the announce table. During the commentary,
spit apple onto Cole.

RVD and Jindrak locked up, then RVD was whipped into a corner. Jindrak booted RVD in the gut, then RVD responded with an elbow to Jindrak before performing a moonsault to Jindrak and going for the cover, which Jindrak kicked out.

Upon returning, Jindrak dragged Eddie across the ring to be covered by Luther; Eddie kicked out. RVD then executed a spin kick to Jindrak before putting him into a corner and flipped to the mat by RVD. Carlito then ran interference, which allowed Jindrak to knock RVD outside the ring, followed by a cheap shot by Luther to RVD.

Thrown back into the ring, RVD was covered by Jindrak, but kicked out. RVD was slammed to the mat again by Luther, followed by a boot to the back of the neck, and another slam to the mat, this time by Jindrak, who also applied some drop elbows to RVD. Jindrak then got RVD into a chin lock, which RVD was able to break by elbows to the midsection of Jindrak.

Right hands were then exchanged between RVD and Luther; before a slam attempt by Luther was aborted by a counter by RVD. Eddie was then tagged in and went onto Jindrak twice with the head scissors. RVD put a kick to Jindrak and Eddie applied the Three Amigos to Luther. Carlito then appeared on the apron; only to be taken out by RVD. Eddie then went to the top rope, but was pulled off by Jesus. Eddie confronted Jesus before going for a steel chair and slamming it on the apron to get the attention of the referee, but not before “playing possum” on the announce desk. With the ref seeing this, Jesus and Carlito were kicked out from ringside.

Eddie then put a double DDT, followed by he and RVD going into separate corners and applying double frog splashes and picking up the win.

Winners: RVD and Eddie Guerrero


As Jindrak, Luther, Carlito and Jesus went to go backstage, Eddie asked where they were going and if they wanted to leave that was fine, because they didn’t smell too good. He told them to give Angle a message that Eddie had gotten a phone call about the fourth member of his team--and John Cena was announced as the new member as Carlito looked on bug-eyed.

The TE finalists came out again and Snow encouraged voting for their favorite finalist on and the finalists with the least votes would be eliminated next week. Highlights from the “Sex Test” segment from earlier in the show were also replayed.

Tazz then talked to JBL, who was backstage, about his SS match with Booker T. Tazz asked JBL if Booker had an advantage, which JBL responded that Booker doesn’t have nor will ever have an advantage over him. JBL went on about what he had gone through since becoming champion, but was still champion nevertheless. JBL then vowed to leave Smackdown forever if he loses to Booker T this Sunday at Survivor Series, which he also stated that he wouldn’t lose.

The Survivor Series matchup between Undertaker and Heidenreich was reviewed, with highlights shown from last week’s Smackdown where Heidenreich attacked Charlie Haas.

While Cole and Tazz were discussing Heidenreich’s psycho behavior, they were confronted by Paul Heyman at the announce table, before Heyman took a cheap shot at Cole. Tazz then scared Heyman into the ring then Heidenriech appeared. Tazz removed his headset and his jacket, making his way up the ring. Before he could get in, the lights went out and Undertaker appeared. After goading on Taker, Heidenreich went to attack Taker, but was pulled away and out of the ring by Heyman.

The rest of the Survivor Series matches for this Sunday were reviewed for both Raw and Smackdown.

Match #4: Big Show vs. Kurt Angle

Before Angle came to the ring, he told Show to take a good look at Angle’s team and also said that Jesus would be at ringside as well. Angle knew that Eddie would be counting on Show to win their team the match, but Angle had more than just muscle and will take Show down. He also went on that Cena was “stabbed” not long ago and wouldn’t be 100 percent for the match and after tonight, neither would Show.

Eddie and RVD then came out before the commercial break.

Upon return, Angle was outside the ring with his SS teammates before going into the ring and kicking Show in the knee and slugging him. Distracted by Luther, Show knocked Luther off the apron with an elbow before Kurt grabbed Show’s waist from behind.

Show knocked Angle to the mat then put Angle into a corner, followed by several chops to Angle. Back into the center of the ring, Show put a chop to Angle’s upper back. Angle was then in midair before Show put him into a steel post outside the ring by Show. Back in the ring, Show put more chops to Angle, backing him into a corner.

Show then chopped Angle in the sternum, then put Angle onto the second rope with a knee to the back of the neck. Angle was then thrown into a corner before kicking Show in the knee and applying a rear chin lock to Show. After Show went onto both knees and appeared to about to collapse, Show was able to recover and put Angle into a turnbuckle. Jindrak was then put out by Show when he tried to interfere, before a brawl by both teams broke out outside of the ring, as Angle applied the Ankle Lock to Show inside the ring.

Once Show was able to break the lock, he threw Angle into a corner, slamming into Angle, followed by a takedown and a leg drop to Angle by Show. A choke hold attempt by Show was aborted by Jindrak and Luther, followed by submission holds by Jindrak and Luther while Angle applied another ankle lock, as the bell was rung to disqualify Angle.

As the show went off the air, Show, RVD and Eddie were laid out as Angle’s team raised their hands and made their way to the back.

Winner: Big Show via DQ


Funny in parts as it was, did we really have to endure that awful sex test for the first 15 minutes of the show?

Have you ever notice when Josh makes his way to the ring, he looks like a deer caught in the headlights?

Armageddon tickets go on sale Saturday, November 13, with a press conference in Atlanta scheduled for Monday, November 15.

The “WWE Fanatic” CD goes on sale Tuesday, November 16.

Until next time…enjoy wrestling.