SmackDown Results - 11/25 - Rochester, NY (Thanksgiving edition)

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» On Friday, November 26, 2004 at 8:22 AM EST

NOV. 25, 2004
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JBL has so much to be thankful for.

He’s rich, famous and one of the most successful WWE Champions of all time.

But nobody ruins a holiday quite like Undertaker.

JBL and Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan had just begun to celebrate a bizarre tag team victory over Booker T and Eddie Guerrero during Thursday’s SmackDown! main event when Undertaker crashed the party.

Taker, who will be one of the Superstars trying to dethrone JBL at Armageddon’s Fatal Four Way Match on Dec. 12 on pay-per-view, took both men down and then taunted JBL with his own belt.

Booker T and Latino Heat, the men who round out the Armageddon main event in Atlanta, actually seemed destined to win the final match, but the Basham Brothers, disguised as fans, decided to interfere on behalf of JBL and Jordan.

Meanwhile, the $1,000,000 Tough Enough lost another competitor Thursday as Daniel Rodimer was eliminated. The remaining four hopefuls had an arm-wrestling tournament, with Daniel Puder defeating Ryan Reeves in the final.

The night also included some Thanksgiving festivities, as Big Show celebrated his favorite holiday by sharing a huge feast with Michael Cole, Tazz, Josh Mathews and Joy Giovanni, among others.

But the spirited mood of the party quickly soured when an angry Luther Reigns arrived, shoved a pie in Joy’s face and triggered a massive food fight.

The Kurt Angle Invitational continued Thursday. This time the Olympic Champ quickly dispatched of Rochester, New York, native Cody Steele. Angle is now 2-0 against selected Hometown Heroes and hasn’t come close to relinquishing his 1996 Gold Medal.

Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam got some good news Thursday; the high-flying unit will get its shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship at Armageddon against Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki.

In singles action, Mysterio defeated Dupree, and RVD beat Suzuki via disqualification after Suzuki strangled RVD with Hiroko’s sash.

Also, Michael Cole announced that John Cena was still recovering from the injuries inflicted a week earlier when Carlito associate Jesus punched the United States Champion in his already damaged kidney area with the steel chain