SmackDown Results - 12/2/04 - Richmond, VA ('Taker & JBL, more)

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DEC. 2, 2004
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JBL announced the Basham Brothers would be his new co-Secretaries of Defense, and with the help of Danny & Doug Basham, JBL sent a stern and violent message to Undertaker, Booker T and Eddie Guerrero:

He has no plans of relinquishing his WWE Championship in the Fatal Four Way Match at Armageddon Dec. 12 in Atlanta on pay-per-view.

JBL, who was teamed with Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan in a Handicap Match against Undertaker, knocked Taker down with a low blow to draw a disqualification Thursday.

And then Jordan and the Bashams made sure he stayed down for good, beating him in the corner as JBL taunted Undertaker.

Meanwhile, Latino Heat and Booker T seem to be having their own differences. The two aspiring WWE Champions had their issues in a tag team match against the Bashams, eventually losing a contest they seemingly had won.

The $1,000,000 Tough Enough is down to just three lucky finalists as Ryan Reeves was eliminated by the vote of the WWE fans. Later in the night, Mike Mizanin, Daniel Puder and Justice Smith were forced to dress and act like women and then told to win the affections of Hardcore Holly.

Mizanin won his first competition and Al Snow announced that the final two hopefuls will take part in a Dixie Dog Boxing Match at Armageddon.

Carlito and Jesus brutally confronted Charlie Haas Thursday. After claiming Haas was acting un-cool for hogging both Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie, a brawl ensued with Jesus and Carlito crushing Haas.

Moments later, General Manager Theodore Long told Jesus to sharpen his thug skills for Armageddon, as Carlito’s bodyguard would face John Cena in a Street Fight for the United States Championship.

Kurt Angle disposed of a kid named Sebastian McAuley in the third night of the Angle Invitational.

After the victory, Luther Reigns tried to apologize to Joy for his actions at last week’s Thanksgiving Feast.

Reigns even asked Joy on a date, but when she declined in favor of dinner with the Big Show, Angle, Reigns and Jindrak got a little annoyed.

Still, Joy would be rescued by Show, who cleared house and then later demanded and got a 3-on-1 Handicap Match versus Angle and Co. at Armageddon.

Another Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie brawl erupted later in the program, and this time Long announced they can settle their differences for good at Armageddon, this time with Charlie Haas as the special guest referee.

* RVD, Rey Mysterio & Torrie Wilson def. Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki & Hiroko
* Kurt Angle def. Sebastian McAuley
* Bashams def. Eddie Guerrero & Booker T
* Undertaker def. JBL & Orlando Jordan (Via DQ)