SmackDown Results - 12/9/04 - Greenville, SC (Armageddon, more)

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» On Thursday, December 9, 2004 at 11:58 PM EST

WWE SmackDown Results
Date: December 9, 2004
Location: Greenville, SC
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Yes, after a two-week hiatus of sorts with the Thanksgiving holiday, then a nasty bout of the flu, I am now back in full throttle and ready to offer a review of this week's show.

A clip of last week's 4 on 1 assault on Taker was shown before the show began.

Then this week's show kicked off with JBL and his 'cabinet, by saying the fans would show him some respect, before he cut a promo about his greatness, complaining about his match at Armageddon this coming Sunday, saying that it is a fault of GM Theodore Long and how Long was a piece of garbage and how Long was an example of affirmative action not working, but that was pretty much cut short when suddenly, the lights went out. When they came back on, the Undertaker appeared and cleared the ring, making a statement Taker-style!

Segment from two weeks ago of Hiroko and Kenzo, with Kenzo being fixated with Torrie, much to the annoyance of Hiroko, aka Mrs. Suzuki.

Match #1: Cruiserweight Battle Royal-Nunzio, Paul London, Akio, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki, Shannon Moore and Billy Kidman

The winner would be facing Spike Dudley at Armageddon for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Order of elimination was Nunzio, Paul London (by Kidman), Akio and Shannon Moore, leaving the final three of Chavo, Kidman and Funaki. As Chavo tried boosting Kidman over the top, Funaki did a sneak attack in his own Funaki way and tossed them both out to get a chance at the title and celebrated his win wildly in the ring.

Winner and #1 Cruiserweight Championship Contender: Funaki

Backstage, Miss Jackie showed her concern for Charlie about battling Jesus, he but told Jackie to stay backstage and not interfere. Josh then asks him about his referee duties on Sunday at Dawn and Jackie's match. Haas says though Jackie is his fiancée, he will be objective, but that is Sunday, and his match tonight is next.

Miz was featured in a video clip in which he cut a promo about Sunday's Dixie Dog Fight at Armageddon.

Match #2: Charlie Haas vs. Jesus

Carlito was thrown out of ringside, but not before Carlito spit in the face of the ref.

Segments from last week's match were also shown.

Before they really got into the match, Carlito came out with a 'kidnapped' Dawn Marie. While Haas saw what happened, it seemed to make one wonder seeing his reaction to the 'kidnapping' that he really cared even just a little bit about Dawn--or maybe it was just her personal safety and nothing more? Taking advantage of the distraction, Jesus hit him with the steel chain, which knocked out Haas cold. Then, both Dawn and Miss Jackie came out to see if Haas was OK and, of course, giving each other drawn-out, evil stares.

Match Result: No Contest

Justice Smith's promo clip was shown.

Backstage, Luther sneaked up on Joy and said the next time she sees her 'boyfriend' Big Show, that Luther was looking for him and he was not one of Show's fans, before saying, "Looking good, Joy."

In the back, Teddy Long informed JBL and members of his cabinet that JBL will be walking to the ring alone for his match on Sunday, and if any cabinet members interfere in his match, he'll be stripped of the title..right on the spot! JBL was then told by a security staff member that there had been a security breach and then JBL noticed that a back wheel of his limo was missing.

Eddie then came to the ring with the missing wheel! He then cut a promo at JBL. Eddie also 'happened to know someone' there in Greenville that could get JBL a great deal on a set of wheels.or he could say that 'it's a real steal!' He then said that he had something that belonged to Eddie--the WWE title. Backstage, JBL and cabinet were not happy campers.

The clip of Dan Puder's promo was shown.

Backstage, Torrie Wilson received some flowers from Kenzo Suzuki during a photo shoot and was repulsed to find that they were from Kenzo, saying how the man had no morals despite being married (and posing for Playboy--TWICE-- in the altogether IS having morals? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!)and said that Kenzo was a jerk. An angry Hiroko then showed up and screamed at Torrie for calling Kenzo a jerk. She ripped Torrie's outfit off and Torrie returned the favor. Torrie then chased Hiroko out to the ring, which was pretty laughable, and where Suzuki and Dupree were waiting (so much for that bra and panties match!)--Torrie got into the ring as Hiroko ran around it. During this brouhaha, Kenzo and Rene came up on Torrie cowered into a corner, where Rene gyrated on Torrie, then out came RVD and Mysterio, leading to an annoyed Teddy Long booking their Armageddon match by saying.if they couldn't get along, they could get on--RIGHT NOW--with the match being next!

Match #3: WWE Tag Team Championship: Rey Mysterio and RVD vs. Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

The match was already in progress as the show returned from the commercial break.

Suzuki had Mysterio in the corner on the ropes before Mysterio was slammed to the mat. Mysterio then was able to get up and tag in RVD, who then covered a downed Suzuki, who kicked out. RVD then made it to the top rope and dropped off onto Suzuki for another cover; kick out by Suzuki.

Suzuki tagged in Dupree, who put RVD off the top turnbuckle, followed by a knock down, followed by a reversal. RVD then knocked down Dupree and went for the cover, which Dupree kicked out of. RVD then held the legs of Dupree when Dupree had gotten back up, allowing Mysterio to leap off the top rope onto Dupree for the cover; Dupree kicked out again.

Mysterio then delivered some slugs and right hands to Dupree and was then put into a corner of the ring before Mysterio was whipped across the ring and flipped over, landing on the apron. Dupree then delivered a cross body; Mysterio responded with a bronco buster onto Dupree before Dupree was covered by RVD; cover broken up by Suzuki.

RVD delivered a drop kick, then went to the top rope, being taken down onto the rope which let's just say a 'painful position.' Dupree then connected with a drop kick of his own, then the two briefly duked it out outside of the ring before coming back in to continue the match.

Dupree then had RVD in a choke hold before being slammed back to the mat for the cover by Suzuki before RVD got the shoulder up to break the cover. RVD then was bounced off the top turnbuckle and received several kicked while in the corner by Suzuki, followed by a clothesline by Suzuki for the cover; which RVD kicked out of.

RVD was once again held in a choke hold; this time by Suzuki. RVD managed to break the hold by putting elbows to the midsection of Suzuki, who then responded with a drop kick for another cover that RVD also kicked out of.

Suzuki then kicked RVD in the midsection, knocking him to the mat. Dupree and Suzuki then celebrated with a French Tickler each before Suzuki was knocked down by RVD. RVD then went to tag in Mysterio, but was pulled back by Suzuki and covered by Dupree; which RVD kicked out of.

RVD then kicked Dupree, then tagged in Mysterio. Suzuki was bounced off the turnbuckle and Dupree knocked off the apron by Mysterio before the cover on Suzuki; Suzuki kicked out. Suzuki then put an elbow to the temple of RVD and RVD then responded by going off the top rope onto Suzuki with the rolling thunder for the cover on Suzuki, which was broken up by Dupree.

RVD then delivered a drop kick to Suzuki, which let Mysterio set Suzuki up for the 619, connecting successfully. Dupree then put a spine buster to Mysterio and received some kicks from RVD, before Hiroko came in and pulled Kenzo over for a cover, but the cover was broken anyway.

Suzuki then grabbed the foot of Mysterio, knocking him down and delivered a cheap shot to RVD, knocking him off the apron. Suzuki went for another move, but it was countered by Mysterio, who went for the cover and the win.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: RVD and Mysterio

Previews and behind the scenes interview clips were shown from 'Blade: Trinity.'

Armageddon Matches Announced:

* Street Fight Match for US Title of Cena vs. Jesus

* Tag Team Title Match: Dupree/Suzuki vs. New Champs RVD and Rey Mysterio

* CW Title: Spike vs. Funaki

* Tough Enough Dixie Dog Fight: Remaining Two TE Finalists

* Jackie vs. Dawn Marie

* Fatal Four Way Match for WWE Title: Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, JBL and Undertaker

Tough Enough Segment #1: Justice Smith was eliminated, leaving Puder and Miz to duke it out at Armageddon on Sunday. Knowing Puder's fighting background of sorts, I'm not sure if Miz stands a chance...especially when Puder got into the face of Miz.

Tough Enough Segment #2: Puder and Miz in a jousting contest, with Charles Robinson as the ref, in a 2-3 falls pedestal match. Puder emerged the winner. Quite a quick battle between these two guys if I say so myself.

RAW Rebound:

Highlights of Beniot vs. Edge match

Vince announced that WHC title is vacated until Bischoff returns next week.

Booker was seen warming up with Michelle backstage and said he has a message to send to JBL himself. JBL had left his cowboy hat behind, which Booker made 'modifications' too adding some dreadlocks to it. Funny stuff.

Clips from last year's holiday show in Iraq were shown.

South Carolina native Big Show came out for Kurt Angle's Invitational, but Angle was having none of it. Angle accused Show of trying to take him out. Luther then stated that one man wanted Show more than Angle, and said it was Jindrak, which went into..

Match #4: Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak

Show had put Jindrak into a corner, delivering several right hands to Jindrak. Show then motioned the audience to be quiet for a moment, before delivering a very audible chop to the chest of Jindrak. Jindrak was once again backed into a corner and Show stepped on him before the move was broken up by the referee.

Trash talking then went back and forth between Show and Angle, who was outside the ring. Jindrak then kicked the knees of Show, followed by some right hands to Show by Jindrak. Jindrak went to clothesline Show, but Show stood like stone and didn't go down as a result. As Angle and Luther went to interfere, Show delivered a boot to the face of Angle, before being taken down by Jindrak and the others going to work on Show as the bell rang, calling a disqualification. A final move was by Angle, who put the steel steps to the spine of Show.

Winner: Big Show via DQ

In a segment between Heidenreich and Paul Heyman, Heidenreich was talking with Heyman which looked like a room in a psych ward. Heyman said he made the arrangements for Heidenreich to return to Smackdown, but after the infamous 'breakdown' a few weeks ago, Heidenreich said he was finished with wrestling and was happy where he was now. For some reason while viewing this segment, I had a feeling that somehow the guy will be soon is anyone's guess, but I am thinking another surprise attack on another unsuspecting superstar.

Match #5: Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker vs. JBL, Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers

Jordan was put over the top rope after JBL had bailed out of the ring at the sight of Taker. Taker then stared down JBL, who was still outside of the ring, as the match went to a commercial break.

Upon return, Booker kicked down Danny Basham and Danny was worked on by both Booker and Eddie. Eddie then put some chops to Danny in a corner of the ring, followed by more chops being traded off between the two.

Eddie then put a boot to the head of Danny, then went for the cover; Danny kicked out. Danny was then kicked in the face by Booker, followed by being slammed to the mat by Booker. Jordan then came in, slugging and kicking at Eddie, then flipping Eddie to the mat.

Eddie then had gotten back up and put some right hands to Jordan and went for a takedown, which was aborted. JBL then put Eddie's head off the top turnbuckle and slugged out Eddie several times. Eddie put a thumb to the eye of JBL and then successfully completed The Three Amigos to Danny, before being clotheslined by JBL.

As Taker came into the ring, JBL made a run for it over the barricades. Meanwhile, Doug had worked on and covered Eddie, which Eddie kicked out of. Doug then stomped on Eddie several times and then got Eddie in a choke hold. Eddie then broke the hold and went to tag in another team member when both Bashams pulled him back, isolating him and going for another cover, which Eddie kicked out of.

Danny then applied a full nelson to Eddie and JBL put more kicks to Eddie as well, knocking him down for the cover; Eddie kicked out yet again. Eddie was then bounced off the top turnbuckle by JBL and then put into a sleeper hold, sending Eddie to one knee then down to the mat completely. Somehow, Eddie had then gotten out of the hold and back onto his feet, applied a suplex to JBL, but Eddie was knocked down by JBL once JBL recovered for the cover; Eddie kicked out.

Eddie then went off the top rope and was caught by JBL; Eddie then responded with a DDT and tagged in Taker. Taker immediately went to work on Jordan, applying a boot to the face of Jordan, followed by a leg drop to the back of the head. Taker then took down both Bashams and JBL swung the championship belt at Taker, missing Taker completely and JBL taken down by Eddie, followed by a boot to JBL by Taker and Booker taking out Jordan, before Jordan was choke slammed by taker.

Taker once again took out both Bashams as Eddie went off the top rope with a successful frog splash. Taker then pinned Jordan after applying the Tombstone to Jordan.

Winners: Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and Undertaker


Though I'd rather have seen the winner being London, I am certainly not complaining about Funaki getting a title shot. He's been nothing more than a filler in backstage scenes as well as a jobber since the days of Kaientai ended; he is way overdue for a shot and it will be refreshing to see him doing something /* for a change. Besides, I get a kick out of the guy.

Don't you just love Eddie? Whether it would be his performances in the ring or doing crazy things like stealing the wheel off JBL's limo, he is certainly an attention-grabber. The stolen wheel segment by Eddie, as well as the 'alterations' made by Booker on JBL's hat, were both total hilarity.

The look on Hiroko's face was totally priceless when she found herself out front in only bra and panties. At least it is good to see at least one Smackdown diva that isn't all plastic boobs, talent less, and empty-headed for a change.

Tonight's show certainly had its humorous moments.

For a show before the respective PPV, this one wasn't too bad. Kind of makes me want to go down to the bar to see Armageddon--fortunately, the Steelers game is in the afternoon this week and at home, so that will give me plenty of time to get down to catch the PPV later.

Until next time. Enjoy wrestling.