SmackDown Results - 12/23/04 - Iraq (Angle/Reigns vs. Eddie/Rey)

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» On Friday, December 24, 2004 at 2:00 AM EST

WWE Smackdown Results
Date: December 23, 2004
Location: Camp Spiker in Iraq
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Happy Holidays, everyone!

It seems that there was mixed feedback about last week’s show; but for those who have sent grumpy emails about these recaps, remember that opinions stated in these are simply my opinions and don’t reflect those of the site as a whole.

Anyway, due to this week’s show being a special holiday event, along with the shortness of time and getting company on my part, the details I usually put into my recaps will basically be least for this week, anyway.

Now on to this week’s show!

Tonight’s show kicked off with Vince coming to the ring (that walk of his still puts a smile on my face!) and addressed the troops that attended this event, talking about how the superstars that volunteered to appear wanted to shake hands with, sign autographs for and meet the troops, along with how we never see the positive things the troops have done on our evening news, just the negativity. Vince then went on to say that when he got home, he would seek out the media who bring out these “negative aspects” and would tell them that the troops told them to “go straight to hell!”

Lilian Garcia was then introduced, who did a very touching rendition of our National Anthem.

The first set of holiday greetings, along with clips from the troops on the battle lines, were shown.

Match #1: Booker T. defeated Rene Dupree

Loud chants of “USA” rose among the troops upon Dupree’s entry to the ring.

This was a short match, with a lot of kicks, chops, takedowns and even Booker treating the troops to his Spinaroonie…and Dupree’s ubiquitous French Tickler.

We then heard the first story from a soldier stationed in Iraq following the match before a commercial break.

The Recon Platoon offered viewers a Christmas message from Iraq, then a second set of clips of the troops, with WWE superstars this time, were also shown. In one segment of these clips, the superstars were made Honorary Steel Tigers.

Time now for Santa to come to the ring. He spoke to the troops and expressed appreciation to them before introducing divas Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie and Torrie. The divas then passed out gifts to the troops before “Santa” called them back into the ring for some gifts of their own. Lilian, Torrie and Jackie got some “unmentionables,” while Dawn ended up with an empty Gatorade bottle for being “naughty,” followed by another diva catfight (Yes, even on a holiday show, they had to get one of those in. Boring!).

“Santa” was then revealed as Mick Foley, who peeled off parts of his Santa costume and tossed them into the audience.

More scenes of the troops wishing holiday greetings to us here at home, along with a second soldier’s story were shown.

Match #2: Undertaker defeated Heidenreich via countout

Taker started out strong and dominated the majority of this match. Toward the end, Heidenreich “freaked out” and attempted to escape through the audience. Some old school and vintage moves by Taker were also present during this match.

A third soldier’s story was aired, along with superstars discussing their experiences in Iraq and clips of them with the troops.

Another clip of WWE and the troops being thanked by their general in the ring, along with superstars and troops behind the scenes, were shown.

Match #3: Hardcore Holly defeated Kenzo Suzuki

Suzuki wrestled barefoot!

This was also a short match, with mostly kicks and chops back and forth, before Holly finished off Suzuki with the Alabama Slam and a pin.

This match was followed by another soldier story, holiday greetings and clips of troops setting up the ring for tonight’s show.

JBL arrived to the ring in a Humvee with longhorns….and armed security, decked out in a biohazard suit, topped with the ever-present cowboy hat. He admitted that he was nervous being there, but not scared, then complained about his living conditions, the food and even the toilet paper, which made him sore “down there.” He also told the troops the next time they decided to go to war somewhere, make sure it was a place that at least served cold beer.

He quickly thanked the troops once again and was about to bail out of the ring when Big Show came out. JBL made a joke about Show-”I just found a weapon of mass destruction”-before Show scolded him about all the superstars being there to pay tribute to the troops--not to pay tribute to JBL himself. Show also made a comment about JBL’s biohazard suit, saying that JBL looked like an aluminum foil wrapped pile of chicken crap, and that JBL could also be a “deserter,” and he knew what people here did to deserters before Show knocked JBL around and out of the ring a couple of times, stealing JBL’s cowboy hat in the process.

More clips of the superstars and the troops in Iraq were aired, followed by clips of the superstars during their tour of Iraq.

Match #4: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio defeated Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns

Kurt came into the ring, telling the troops he didn’t suck, that he was an Olympic gold medalist, before being interrupted by the entrance of Eddie and Rey to the ring; Rey having a “619 cam” and filming troop members.

This was a fast-moving match, with many excellent moves on both sides.

As the show left the air tonight, a video of the superstars’ tour of Iraq was shown in entirety.


Booker T had stated that the tour of Iraq “totally blew him away,” along with Holly stating that it was “the greatest experience of his life.”

The promo of JBL was a total riot tonight. I never thought I would ever say this about the guy, but…WELL DONE!

The entire flight from Nashville last week to Iraq took 17 hours for those that would be in this week’s show. They’d gotten in at 2:30AM, were up at 7:30AM for breakfast with the troops, then it was off to work for them at 9:30AM. Imagine sticking to that schedule!

This was a moving show overall. It made me laugh, bring tears to my eyes, and naturally, I had to stand and put my hand on my heart for the National Anthem. Hopefully, our troops won’t be there next Christmas, but if they are, it is my best wish for them to get a good quality show as this year’s was.

God bless our troops…and may they come home safely.

See everyone next week for the final Smackdown of 2004.…until then, enjoy wrestling!