SmackDown Results - 2/24/05 - Philadelphia, PA (Big Show & Cena)

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On Friday, February 25, 2005 at 12:02 AM EST

WWE SmackDown
February 24, 2005
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Four days past No Way Out, tonight's show was just full of surprises for those that didn't already know what was happening to begin with. And for those of you who don't, here is a recap of tonight's events:

A "Friends of JBL" film clip was shown prior to the opening of tonight's show stating him as a "Celebration of Excellence."

Batista highlights from RAW this past Monday night were also shown.

It was announced that Linda McMahon will appear later tonight and that this could be Teddy Long's last night as General Manager.

Match #1: Tag Team Championship: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. The Basham Brothers.

A repeat match up from Sunday's PPV, only this time, Eddie and Rey are the champions. From my perspective, this may have been one of THE matches of the night!

Eddie and Rey once again gave it their all, matching the Bashams move for move. For a brief moment early in the match, it looked as if Eddie was in trouble before Rey interfered to break up a three-count as the match went to a commercial break.

Upon returning from the break, it was a 2 on one match up on Eddie as Rey had been taken out with the steel steps outside the ring during the break. It wasn't looking good for the champs at this point.

Slowly from the outside, Rey began to recover and gingerly make his way back to the apron while the assault by the Bashams on Eddie continued. Still, Eddie managed to persevere.

Finally, Rey got tagged in once again and both went to work on both Basham Brothers on each side of the ring. Rey made an impressive springboard moonsault on Doug. Eddie then set up Doug for the 619, but Rey had inadvertently hit Eddie. Just as it looked as if the Bashams would take the titles back, Eddie broke the count as one Basham covered Rey. Basham was set up for the 619 once again, which Rey connected while Eddie took out the second Basham. Rey then got in the pin for them to maintain their titles.

Winners and Still Tag Team Championships: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Highlights of the Angle/Cena match from No Way Out were shown.

Backstage in the Diva locker room, a group of bimbos were chatting among themselves when Orlando Jordan came into the room and invited all of them to JBL's celebration and reminded them it was a black time affair and dress accordingly.

Match #2: Kurt Angle vs. Matt Martel (Striker from NYC independents/3PW).

A grouchy Kurt interrupted the ring announcer, grabbing the mic, saying he wasn't in the mood and demanded to meet his opponent.

Martel introduced himself as being South Philadelphia before asking Angle what it was like to lose to John Cena for the #1 Contendership at No Way Out. An angry Angle whacked Martel, which led to the match and Angle beating around Martel. Unfortunately, Martel tapped out with only 49 seconds left in the invitational challenge.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Tazz got into the ring to congratulate Angle for being undefeated in his invitational and inquired about HBK's challenge on RAW. The scene cut to Michaels offering the challenge on Monday's RAW. Back on Smackdown, Angle pondered a response, but threw down the mic and going off wordlessly.

They showed a limo showing up for JBL's celebration, with JBL and another group of bimbos getting out of it.

Backstage, Heidenreich was approached by Josh, who tried to talk about his being DQ'ed in his match with Booker T at No Way Out. The viewers were treated to another dose of Heidenreich poetry.

Orlando Jordan was in the back helping JBL getting dressed as the two discussed the celebration and JBL being banged up from this past Sunday's battle at No Way Out.

Linda McMahon was seen arriving on the set in Connecticut to make the announcement concerning Long's status as GM later tonight as the show went to commercial break.

JBL's celebration was commencing upon return from the break, with the cabinet in the ring. Jordan made a brief speech and then introduced JBL. There was the usual insults to the Philly fans and their lack of champions and class, some awful musical tribute to JBL, followed by a presentation of an oil painting of himself. JBL gave the usual speech to the crowd, emphasizing that Cena would bow at his feet at Wrestlemania.

Big Show, the angry giant and his head bandaged, trashed practically everything and everyone in sight as he made his way to the ring before being taken down. John Cena came out next and broke the oil painting over JBL's head, followed by putting JBL outside the ring.

Throughout the chaos, Teddy Long then made his way out and announced the tag team action of Big Show and John Cena vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan for later tonight!

Match #3: WWE Cruiserweight champion Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki.

This match was way too short, with Chavo dominating from the very beginning when he ambushed Funaki as Funaki made his way into the ring. Funaki did get in some good offense, despite having his Tornado DDT countered by Chavo. In the end, Chavo retained his title.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

While Chavo preened with his title, Paul London, still stinging from being cheated out of the CW belt this past Sunday, came into the ring behind Chavo, attacking him and putting a drop kick to Chavo before yelling that Chavo had stolen his title. Chavo looked as if he didn't know what had just hit him as he made his way to the back.

Match #4: The Undertaker vs. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns.

Another short match.

Taker got on Jindrak from the start after Reigns and Jindrak got into a brief argument, and Luther going off the apron. Anytime Luther was tagged in, he would basically disappear. Taker worked over Jindrak for the majority of this match before getting in a triangle choke on Jindrak for the win.

Winner: The Undertaker

Following the match, Luther and Jindrak got into another argument, followed by them brawling with each other before being pulled apart by officials.

Linda was seen getting ready to make her announcement, which was coming up next.

Teddy Long stated to the fans that he was having fun and had been having fun for a long time, but this could be his last night as General Manager.

A gloating Carlito (aka Chia Pet) then came out and told Teddy that he had made Carlito's life a nightmare and that he was going to be fired. Teddy then responded by saying they would see about that before introducing Linda McMahon

Via satellite, Linda McMahon announced that she's read the petition, that Long had come to answer the charges against him to the board and that the board had made its decision, which was final. She stated that though some of Long's decisions were biased, nevertheless many of them were in favor of Smackdown fans, therefore, Teddy would be retained as GM. To say the least, Carlito was not happy with Linda's decision. She then told Carlito to stop calling and for Teddy to keep up the good work.

Chia Pet then was about to go off on Teddy, but Long stopped him in his tracks, saying he was Carlito's boss, and he better show up for work next week and show up early. If Carlito thought his life was a nightmare now, Long has something in store for him next week.

Match #5: Big Show & John Cena vs. WWE Champion JBL & Orlando Jordan.

Show took control from the beginning of this match, working over Jordan before tagging in Cena. JBL tripped up Cena at one point, then Jordan kicked the skull of Cena, putting Cena put into the steel steps and then into the ring with JBL.

Both Jordan and JBL then went to work double-teaming Cena before Show came back into the ring and wreaking his own havoc on both Jordan and JBL, sending JBL outside the ring. Meanwhile, Cena got in the five-knuckle shuffle and cover on Jordan to secure the win for himself and Show.

Winners: John Cena and Big Show


Three words: Chavo vs. London! This could be a good storyline if WWE doesn't drop the ball the way they did with the Kidman/London feud.

I liked this show tonight, outside of the CW match being much too short.

Wonder what Long has in store for Carlito next week?

Next week, Smackdown comes from Albany, NY. Until next time, enjoy wrestling!