SmackDown Results - 3/10/05 - Roanoke, VA (Tag Titles, and more)

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On Friday, March 11, 2005 at 12:09 AM EST

WWE SmackDown
March 10, 2005
Location: Roanoke, VA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Countdown to Wrestlemania 21: 24 days to go! Here is the rewind from tonight's show:

Before the show began tonight; highlights from the US Championship match between Cena and Jordan were replayed.

At the beginning of this week's show, JBL, accompanied by heavy security, the Bashams and the freshly new U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan (again, mocking Cena with the "you can't see me" motion and spinning the belt), came down to the ring. JBL began his promo with the usual "greatness" speech, putting in a blurb of Jordan "winning the title single-handedly and "being the greatest champion ever," peppered with insults on the state of Virginia, and telling them not to chant for the loser, but for "OJ." This was followed by a story of OJ and how he wanted greatness in his life, and the usual "wrestling god" crap. JBL then added that he and Orlando had a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships tonight.

JBL's speech was then followed by JBL saying Cena's belt looked like something "bling bling" that people put on their cars instead of putting it toward their education before asking for a garbage can and the stairs, and dumping the hideous spinny US title belt that had belonged to Cena into a garbage can and blown it up. Presenting the previous version of the US title belt, JBL stated he had something more worthy of Jordan. Jordan then got up on the stairs and preened with his 'new' belt.

The Eugene segment of the WM21 commercials was re-aired.

Josh was seen outside awaiting the arrival of John Cena.

Match #1: Booker T vs. Heidenreich -- No Disqualification Match

Heidenreich started out strong, delivering some serious right hands to Booker in the corner of the ring, before Booker got in some shots of his own and Heindenreich responded with a side slam. I noticed during the largest part of this match, the fans seemed very quiet.

Heidenreich seemed to be dominating the match in the early part of it. But Booker got in a low blow on Heindenreich and then went to work on him, starting with some chopping blows outside the ring before Heidenreich regained control and bounced Booker off the announced table. Booker kicked Heindenreich in the midsection when Heindereich went for a steel chair, but Heidenreich got Booker's shoulder off the steel post before sending him over the barricades.

Both back in the ring, Booker kicked out of a three-count by Heindenreich. Booker then began to build momentum again by a clothesline and spine buster on Heindenreich before Booker getting a boot to the face and a clothesline from Heidenreich. Heidenreich went for a steel chair yet again; but Booker got in a scissor kick, sending Heindenreich once again off the steel chair. Kicking Heidenreich in the sterum, Booker got hold of the steel chair and got it on the skull of Heindenreich and covered Heidenreich for the win.

Winner: Booker T

As Booker left the ring, Heindenreich appeared to be still unconscious in the center of the ring as the show went to a commercial break.

The RAW segment of Randy Orton saying he would defeat the Undertaker was replayed.

Backstage, Long was on the phone, concerned about the mood of Cena and JBL's cabinet getting all the gold. Carlito showed up and complained he was sick all week from shoveling snow. Long then told him about Orton issuing the challege to Undertaker before he said that Carlito was the man to find Undertaker, and ordered him to go and get an answer from Taker on the challenge Orton had made or he would be fired from Smackdown.

Also backstage, Chavo was yet again butting in between Eddie and Rey, saying if they lost, Chavo would be the only Guerrero wearing the gold and how their grandma wouldn't want to see that happen. He then wished Rey and Eddie good luck in their match tonight.

Josh was still seen waiting for Cena outside of the arena.

Carlito, appearing apprehensive, was looking for Undertaker, calling out to him. He then let out a screech before a security man apologized, saying that he didn't know anyone was in the room. Carlito then went into a short tirade in Spanish.

Match #2: Mark Jindrak vs. Luther Reigns

Reigns had barely made it out when Jindrak jumped him and it was off to the races and took control of the match first, before Reigns recovered and began to take over Jindrak. For the majority of the early part of the match, Reigns dominated the match, but got a clothesline from Jindrak at one point.

From there, Jindrak recovered with a flying cross body, high elbow and drop kick on Reigns. Reigns got in a high elbow, but Jindrak got a knockdown on Reigns and pinned him for the win. Very short match.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

Cena arrived, but interrupted Josh, saying he had some business to take care of and he was going to take care of it in the ring.

John Cena, in quite the foul mood, then came to the ring with what looked like a lead pipe. He said that he and JBL had something in common, they liked to break things; JBL liked to break titles and Cena liked to break faces. Cena then called out JBL and the Cabinet, but JBL and Co. did not appear. Cena said not to worry about the title; he would get his shine at Wrestlemania and JBL and Co. should get their butts out here right now. The Cabinet still didn't show; Long coming out instead and told Cena that he had a tag team championship match with JBL and Jordan vs. Eddie and Rey but instead offered a rematch between Cena and Jordan, but Cena would have none of it and he wanted to take them all on right here, right now.

Long then told Cena that he couldn't let Cena take out the Cabinet and ruin his Wrestlemania. Cena said he had his own business to handle and wondered Long was taking JBL's side, but Long only responded with that he's just doing what he has to do. Cena then said if he can't get a crack at the four of them, but Long held his stand. Cena then told Long that he's either a part of the solution or the problem. Since he's not a solution, then since he wasn't letting JBL come out, Long's a part of the problem. Cena then proceeded to put the FU on Long.

It was announced that during the commercial break, GM Theodore Long had Cena ejected from the arena.

Angle Invitational:

The set in the ring showed Angle's medals hanging above a ladder, with the Smackdown clip last week of HBK disguised as a cameraman and then attacking Angle being shown.

Angle then talked about HBK, the usual thing. A video was then shown of the of HBK and Razor Ramon match at Wrestlemania X. Angle said that many think that that was the greatest match they have ever said, but Angle said he can do better than that, then asked for the hometown hero to come out to compete in Angle's first ever ladder match. The hometown hero for this week then arrived.

Kurt Angle defeated Hometown Hero Mike Haywood of Roanoke, VA, with Angle pouncing on Haywood right away. He got Haywood in an ankle lock, making Haywood tap out, but held on to Haywood a few moments, followed by Angle climbing up the ladder and preening with the medals.

He then said that he didn't even use the ladder in his ladder match and how he would have beaten HBK at WM10 the way he had beaten 'what his name' He then went on to reflect on the year 1989 and how HBK debuted with a partner. He said that this person taught and helped HBK along the way and that the person is Marty Jannetty.

Another brief video, this time being with Janetty, was then shown.

Angle then added that next week it will be him vs. Marty Jannetty and that HBK should watch closely. If it's one more thing HBK will be taught by Janetty, it'll be tapping out to Angle.

The new WM21 film spoof commercial of "Dirty Harry" was aired, this one featuring Undertaker.

Wrestlemania Recall:

2004 clip with Mean Gene, Bobby Heenan, Moolah and Mae, among others.

Backstage, Josh interviewed The Big Show with Joy. A clip of Akebono and Show from last month in Japan was briefly shown. Josh asked Show about the challenge against Akebono and Show basically responded in the same fashion of what he said last week and would accept the challenge from Akebono. Josh asked if a sumo match was out of Show's element. Show said it didn't matter what kind of match it was, Show would take out Akebono and there would only be one giant.

The Wrestlemania 21 updated card was announced.

Carlito was then still looking for Taker before being startled by Torrie. He lit into her briefly before saying he was going out to the ring to look for Taker.

Clips promoting Christy's Playboy issue were aired.

A disgusted and nervous-looking Chia Pet then came out and said he was tired of looking for Undertaker, then called him out, saying he needed an answer from Taker or Chia Pet would no longer have a job on Smackdown.

Taker then arrived and made his way toward the ring, with Carlito looking like a scared rabbit inside it. Taker then stared down Carlito as Carlito said he needed an answer from Taker. Taker grabbed Carlito and said that many had tried to make a name for themselves at Undertaker's expense, and like the others, Orton too will rest in peace. Carlito then got the honor of receiving one of Taker's Tombstone piledrivers.

Backstage, JBL and Jordan were making their way to the ring with JBL saying they will be taking all the gold. JBL then told the security flunkies that they needed to stay backstage to keep an eye on things.

The WWE Hall of Fame promo with Hogan, et al. was shown.

Match #3: Tag Team Championshiop--Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs. WWE Champion JBL and U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan

JBL and Eddie started off the match, to several "Eddie" chants. Eddie was looking good, keeping up move for move with JBL, getting in a few impressive arm drags on JBL.

Jordan was then tapped in, with Eddie mocking him a little. He and Rey then got Jordan in the corner before Rey went to work on Jordan, pinning Jordan before Jordan broke the count. He and Eddie took turns tagging back and forth and working over Jordan. Jordan then recovered and got in some boots to the head, slugs and chops on Rey.

Rey bounced off the ropes, but ran into a clothesline from JBL; he countered a slam off the shoulders of JBL and got in a good drop toe hold. The Bashams distracted the ref for a moment, but Eddie got in and took over JBL before Rey took over briefly.

Jordan then was tapped in again, and got in a series of boxer punches on Rey in the corner of the ring before whipping him across it. The Bashams got up on the apron again, but was chased away by the ref, who sent them backstage as the match went to a commercial.

Returning from break, JBL put Rey in a vertical suplex, followed by tossing Rey out of the ring. Jordan then put Rey neck first into the apron and putting him back into the ring for the cover by JBL; Rey broke the count by kicking out.

As JBL continued to work over Rey, the chants of "619" had begun. JBL then got Rey in a hold with pressure on the lower spine of Rey's back, but Rey managed to break the hold and went to tag Eddie when Jordan came in and stopped him and got in his own piece on Rey. He too got Rey into the bear hug with a butterfly grip; but once again Rey got out of this hold and it looked as if Jordan was set for the 619, but it was countered.

It looked at this point as if the heels were dominating the match, but Rey got in a DDT on JBL and slowly crawled to Eddie and tagged him in. Eddie then went to work of getting JBL outside of the ring before working on Jordan.

Rey then went for the 619 on Jordan when JBL struck Rey with a steel chair to the knee. The Bashams came out and the entire Cabinet put a beat down on Eddie and Rey.

Cena then arrived and went to work cleaning house, followed by the FU on Jordan and

JBL ran to the outside of the ring as Cena put some trash talk at him as the show left the air.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions via DQ: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio


THREE MATCHES the entire night (not counting the Angle Invitational)? Granted, WM21 is a little over three weeks away, but for heaven's sake..

Looks the era of the 'spinny' US Title Belt is definitely over. Personally, I prefer the design of the WcW US Championship belt; the old version of the WWE one is rather plain in comparison.

Speaking of belts, speculation has it that Chavito is going to get his butt whooped for his at WM21. But you didn't hear it from

I can't wait until next week to see Marty Janetty!

Next week, Orton signs his contract on Smackdown for his match vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 21.

WWE 24/7 is presenting a show on African-Americans in wrestling. The show will feature superstars such as Rock and Junk Yard Dog, among others.

Next week, Smackdown comes from Savannah, GA! Until next time, enjoy wrestling.