SmackDown Results - 5/5/05 - Trenton, NJ (Eddie turns on Mysterio)

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» On Friday, May 6, 2005 at 1:40 PM EST

MAY 5, 2005
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Last week Eddie Guerrero made a statement by doing nothing. Latino Heat watched indifferently as Rey Mysterio was pinned and eventually pummeled by WWE Tag Team Champions MNM.

This week, Eddie’s actions spoke louder than any words as SmackDown! visited Trenton, New Jersey. Early in the night, Mysterio came to the ring looking for answers from Eddie Guerrero.

Mysterio even challenged Guerrero to a fight, but Eddie declined and walked to the back. Later, General Manager Theodore Long arranged a Street Fight between Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero, whose constant meddling has been annoying Rey for weeks.

Mysterio would win a thrilling Street Fight that included a steel chair and ladder. MNM would come out and join Chavo for another post-match attack on Rey until Eddie Guerrero crashed the ring and cleared house.

However, Eddie wasn’t there to make up with Mysterio. He sent Mysterio down with a clothesline, tossed him head first into the ring post and then suplexed him on the steel steps, leaving him a bloody mess as the show closed.

Meanwhile, the WWE Championship rematch between John Cena and JBL at Judgment Day on May 22 got a little more interesting Thursday. Cena proposed he would defend his championship in an “I Quit” match against JBL. Pinfalls, submissions and disqualifications are meaningless. The only way to defeat your opponent is to make them utter the phrase “I Quit.”

Later in the show, Cena’s “Bad, Bad Man” video made its world premiere. His debut album, “You Can’t See Me,” hits stores on Tuesday, May 10.

Also, another match was added to the Judgment Day card when Booker T accepted Kurt Angle’s challenge. After Angle insulted Booker’s wife Sharmell, Booker T brawled with Angle, who eventually got away with a low blow and nearly put the ankle lock on Sharmell.

Angle was fuming after Sharmell had slapped Angle in the face six times with Booker T holding the Olympic Champion.

In other matches, Booker T defeated United States Champion Orlando Jordan in a non-title match and WWE Tag Team Champions MNM defeated Scotty 2 Hotty & Shannon Moore.

Also, Carlito, making his return to the ring after a shoulder injury, defeated Hardcore Holly and then announced Big Show would be his guest on the Cabana next week, informing the crowd he was going to make Big Show an offer he couldn’t refuse.


Matt Morgan def. local wrestler

WWE Tag Team Champions MNM def. Scotty 2 Hotty & Shannon Moore

Booker T def. United States Champion Orlando Jordan (non-title)

Carlito def. Hardcore Holly

Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero in a Street Fight