SmackDown Results - 5/12/05 - Reading, PA (Angle vs. Booker T...)

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On Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 11:32 PM EST

WWE Smackdown
May 12, 2005
Location: Reading, PA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

It's ten days to go until Judgment Day, and quite a few surprises will be in store. Here is a recap of tonight's events from here in PA:

Before tonight's show, clips from last week's confrontation between Eddie and Rey and the street fight of Chavo vs. Rey were shown.

Tonight's show started off with the announcer introducing Eddie Guerrero (to new entrance music). Eddie then made his way to ringside, grabbing a steel chair as if he were going to hit someone, but went into the ring instead. Sitting in a spotlight in the middle of the ring and glowering, Eddie cut a promo of explaining his "Why Eddie Why", explaining that he gave Rey what Rey wanted--a fight--and Rey was given the fight of his life. Eddie asked why Rey made him do it and then said it was Rey's "fault." Eddie said he never wanted to lay a hand on Rey, but look what Rey made him do and lessons come in disguises; Eddie's eyes were open last week and realized what Rey and "all of these people" were doing last week--they were stealing his "Latino Heat!" But as of last week, he had gotten it all back..and he likes it! Eddie gave Rey a piece of advice--no one and nothing will ever take away his Latino Heat again--and for Rey to think of his son and daughter, and not to make Eddie hurt their papa again. He also advised Rey against making a return at Judgment Day; Eddie has Rey's blood on his hands now; if he comes back at Judgment Day, Eddie will have Rey's life.

Match #1: Heidenreich vs. Spike Dudley

As Heidy made his way to the ring, Spike was already there, ready to charge at Heidenreich.

Heidenreich told the crowd before the match that he had asked Spike to be his friend earlier in the day, but Spike had refused. He went to look for another friend, asking who would be his friend, and found a child among the crowd, a young man named Jordan right here from Reading. Jordan agreed to hear one of Heidenreich's poems when Heidy asked him He read the kid and poem. Jordan was in the corner for the match of Heidenreich vs. Spike.

This was one of those typical short matches. A few right hands before Spike got out of the way, sending Heindenreich shoulder first into the post. A bump into the kid, but Jordan was okay. Heidy then slammed Spike to the mat for a quick pin.

Winner: Heidenreich


Heidenreich brought Jordan back into the ring, raising the kid's arm and then hoisting him onto his shoulders, the two of them posing together.

Backstage, Sharmell was making her way to Booker T's locker room to psych up Booker for his match against Kurt and Booker gave "some sugar" to Sharmell.

Also backstage, MNM and Chavo (ever the troublemaker, eh?) were discussing in depth the change in Eddie recently as well as their upcoming six-man man tag match.and that "little Paul London" has been searching all day for tag partners. Melina piped up and said she knew one person would not be tagging up with London--Rey Mysterio.

Last week's promo with Kurt's confrontation with Booker and Sharmell, with Kurt about to attack Sharmell, was replayed

Josh Matthews interviewed Kurt Angle. Kurt let Josh know the last time Kurt was interviewed by Josh, Josh "got the hell beaten out of him," but if Josh learned his lesson, to proceed. He stated that he didn't plan to hurt Sharmell. Kurt went on to say, after some hesitation, that he wanted to have sex with Sharmell, but not any kind of sex, but wants to have "perverted sex."

Match #2: Chavo Guerrero and WWE Tag Team Champions MNM vs. WWE Cruiserweight champion Paul London, Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly

Looks like "little Paul London" found some partners after all, Chavito.

Nitro and London started off mixing things up, with a good mushroom stomp on Nitro, before Haas was tagged in. Haas took a lot of the offense, getting in a good shoulder breaker, until Haas tagged in Holly, who had his turn at Nitro before Melina interfered at one point. Chavo then came worked over Haas, getting him into an arm lock, that Haas eventually broke out of. Chavo gets a cheap shot on London, knocking him off the apron. Holly then got tagged in and looked strong until the pin was broken by Mercury. London was then tagged in and was tripping, then went into the post sternum first. Chavo then went for the Gory Bomb but London reversed it. Chavo reversed that and pinned London with his feet on ropes for the win.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero and MNM

Clips from Cena's signing and his new album promoting were shown.

JBL came to the ring and announced a newer version of his book "Have More Money Now". He went on to say unlike Cena's CD, the book won't have a Parental Advisory sticker on it, along with the usual trashing of Cena, this time on John Cena's CD itself and JBL said Cena wasn't a bad man, he's a bad champion and his 15 minutes of fame are up. JBL went on to say what he had went through the past year as champion, but the words "I Quit" never crossed his lips. He guaranteed at Judgment Day that he would bust open Cena's "pretty little face" and make him quit and saying "I Quit" means another man owns your soul, and JBL said he is too rich to have anyone /* own anything of his. He went now on how he was a "wrestling god" as usual, and how all would chant his name, before he was interrupted by Cena coming out, with Bradshaw still mouthing off, and then was ambushed by Cena; the Cabinet quickly followed on the heels of Cena. Cena and JBL ended up brawling, with officials and several cruiserweights coming out to break up the brawl.

Match #3: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie came out carrying the mask of Rey's that he had earlier in the show and hung it on the corner of the ring. He was then "searched" by the ref before taking a cheap shot at Jacobs. Jacobs didn't really stand much of a chance in this match, with Eddie being dominate for the vast majority of it.

At one point, Eddie put Rey's mask on Jacobs' face and said "Why did you do this to me?", then threw Jacobs outside of the ring while Jacobs was wearing the mask. Eddie went for a chair and then was then disqualified when he did a brain buster on Jacobs on the steel chair.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs via DQ


Eddie then carried on about Rey not coming back to Judgment Day and how Eddie did not want to hurt the daddy of Rey's children.

Judgment Day matches scheduled so far were announced.

Cena's music video was aired. Again.

Match #4: Matt Morgan vs. Funaki

Morgan beckoned Funaki over, saying he wasn't going to hurt him and asked what his nickname was. Funaki said he was Smackdown's #1 Announcer, then Morgan took the mic (stuttering) and said that people were making fun of the way Funaki talked and said Funaki was a joke before Funaki put a thumb to the eye of Morgan to start off the match.

Morgan hung Funaki over the second rope, then bumping him up face first into it and basically Funaki had no chance against the bigger guy before Morgan won with a suplex/rock bottom combo in yet another squash match.

Winner: Matt Morgan

RAW Rebound:

Highlights from the Gold Rush matches: Kane vs. Benoit and HBK vs. Edge, and the finals of Edge vs. HBK

Backstage, Booker T was annoyed about the Kurt Angle sex comment from earlier in the night during Kurt's interview with Josh, and how Booker was going to take Kurt out "right now." Booker told Sharmell he loved her and wanted her to have no part of the match.

Carlito's Cabana:

Carlito welcomed Reading to the Cabana, where "big things happen," and introduced this week's guest, Big Show.

Carlito was amazed at the size of Show, "like a giant one man army!" As stated on a previous show, Carlito offered Show the offer Show couldn't refuse - Carlito was looking for a big backup and to "keep things cool around here." Show wanted to know if Carlito wanted him to be a second banana, but Carlito said they didn't do bananas around there, but apples. Chia Pet then showed some stills of Show and Akebono from their match at Wrestlemania 21, then saying that they could be great together if Carlito was in his corner and that would be cool--and that he--no, they, would be unstoppable!

Show agreed that they would be unstoppable, but he was a 7'0 tall, 500 pound giant that held every championship in the business, but he needed Carlito like he needed a bigger shoe size, and as for his offer, Show turned him down. Carlito said Show left him no other choice, then grabbed an apple, but before he could bite it, Show bit into it, made some horrible faces and doubled over. Carlito said no one said no to Carlito and that, "one bad apple can spoil the bunch.and it looks like you got that bad apple..and that..that's cool," before taking a beating on Show and biting into another apple and spitting it on him.

Match #5: Booker vs. Kurt Angle

Short match for a main event.

These guys were right on each other once Booker hit the ring, with Booker on the attack of Angle at the beginning of the match, hanging him by the midsection off the top rope at one point, then slamming him into the guard rail, before Booker went to get a chair, but Angle was left open to get a cheap shot on Booker, giving Angle the upper hand from there.

Booker then got back with a great axe kick, then a ten-punch down on Kurt. Kurt then got a low blow on Booker outside of the ring, then both were back in the ring, with Angle back on the attack before Booker got in a high kick. Kurt then drove Booker shoulder first into the steel post.

Following the Angle slam, Angle left the ring, running to the back, with Booker T on his heels. Kurt broke into Booker's locker room and closed the door behind him. Sharmell began to scream; Booker got in, and with Sharmell still screaming for them to stop, Angle attacked Booker, giving him a beat down and, leaving Booker lying out as the show left air and Sharmell screaming out "Why?" and crying out for help.

Winner: No Contest


First, my apologies for not having a recap last week. I not only had company from out of town, but I also had some other projects that needed to be completed. But anyway, I am back this week!

I honestly think this heel thing of Eddie's is going to work this time around. That promo he cut scared even me. Don't mess with this guy, folks.

The Judgment Day Press Conference will be held at the Target Center on Tuesday, May 17.

Give Charlie Haas a push, damn it! It worked for Shelton on RAW, why not Charlie on Smackdown? Considering Haas did the biggest part of the work in the tag match, why not?

Looks like JBL not only pissed off Cena, but a bunch of cruiserweights too. LOL.

I think "little Paul London" is a glutton for punishment. If he's not only always running into posts or always landing wrong on something, getting his nose broken, losing pints of blood and the whole nine yards, he's getting into brawls!

Is there a subliminal conspiracy theory about WWE wanting Paul London to get pinned because the IWC loves the man? Just thinking out loud.

Dead silence after Eddie's attack on Jimmy Jacobs. Did anyone /* notice?

Is this whole Let's Drug Big Show thing lame or is it just me? What's next, Torrie giving him something to have wild, perverted sex with him?

Next week, Smackdown comes from Sioux City, IA. Until next time, enjoy wrestling.