SmackDown Results - 6/2/05 - (Cena & Big Show team up and more)

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» On Friday, June 3, 2005 at 11:55 AM EST

JUNE 2, 2005
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With the WWE Draft Lottery scheduled to begin in just four days on RAW, Thursday night's visit to Edmonton will have been the last appearance for one of the SmackDown! Superstars.

And it was quite a memorable trip for many on the SmackDown! roster, beginning with Big Show and WWE Champion John Cena.

The night began with Cena appearing on Carlito’s Cabana. Carlito made sure to remind Cena that he beat him for the United States Championship last fall, and it was Carlito’s first match no less.

Undaunted, Cena arranged a tag team match pitting Carlito and big back-up Matt Morgan against himself and Big Show, who he guaranteed would be back despite suffering a shoulder injury last week when Morgan tossed him through an announce table.

Cena was right, and the main event featured an injured but resilient Big Show taking out Morgan while Cena swooped in for the FU and pin on Carlito. Cena and Show celebrated, but would it be their last time together on SmackDown! with the draft looming?

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle got his match with Sharmell, but with a slight alteration by General Manager Theodore Long. Long made the match a Handicap Match, allowing Booker T to team with his wife.

Angle used every free moment during the match to stalk Sharmell, who at one point needed to bite Angle to slow him down. Angle eventually pinned Sharmell for the victory, but just as he attempted to kiss her, Boooker T recovered in time from a pair of chair shots to save her.

Next week, Booker T will get Angle one-on-one if both are still with SmackDown! and not drafted to RAW.

Both Angle and JBL attacked the upcoming ECW pay-per-view on June 12. Angle asked former ECW icon Tazz to join him in his invasion of the show. JBL blamed all the punishment he’s taken over the past year on the popularity of ECW and its brutal and bloody mindset. JBL said he would join Kurt Angle in ruining the One Night Stand pay-per-view.

JBL would go on to defeat Nunzio, another former ECW star, in an ECW Rules Match as both men used a Kendo stick in the match.

In tag team action, WWE Tag Team Champions MNM defeated Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas in a match that was decided by which team could get the most falls in 15 minutes. Holly seemed poised to tie the match at two falls apiece until Melina got involved and caused just enough of a delay for time to run out.

Also, Heidenreich made a new friend before winning another match.

Next week will be very interesting as a current RAW Superstar is scheduled to join SmackDown! after the first round of the WWE Draft Lottery.


* WWE Tag Team Champions MNM def. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas (2-1 in falls)
* JBL def. Nunzio (ECW Rules Match)
* Heidenreich def. Devon Nicholson
* Kurt Angle def. Booker T & Sharmell (Handicap Match)
* Big Show & John Cena def. Carlito & Matt Morgan