SmackDown Results - 6/9/05 (Next draft pick, ECW gets more help)

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On Friday, June 10, 2005 at 12:39 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
June 9, 2005
Location: Kansas City, MO
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz/Paul Heyman

With the surprise move of Cena to RAW this past Monday night, the surprises never ended when Smackdown made its own first choice tonight. Read on for all of tonight's show happenings:

GM Teddy Long was in the ring to start off tonight's show, saying that the draft changed the face of Smackdown forever. He touched upon the loss of WWE Champion Cena after a video of Cena being drafted to RAW was played. Long was about to discuss the situation concerning the WWE Championship when he was interrupted by the entrance of JBL.

JBL then told Long that he was there to make Long's job a lot easier, and went on with a bunch of gobbledygook about how Smackdown was without a champion, how he carried the show over a year before he stated to have Long give him the championship right now. Long said he then talked to Linda and that there would be no championship decision until the draft lottery was completed.

Long then announced that Chris Benoit was the first draft choice for Smackdown. JBL started off that this was his show, which Benoit responded that he was psyched to be on Smackdown and told JBL he did a lot of things that Benoit never got to do--that was QUIT. Benoit was amazed that a person that quit wanted a championship, and that now Benoit was on Smackdown, things were going to change.

JBL told Benoit that he's seen him win championships all over the world, and could be the Hall of Famer, though he won't be champion as long as JBL was there, but the only thing JBL held against Benoit was Benoit wrestling for ECW. JBL let loose with a litany of insults against ECW before telling Benoit that if he joined ECW, he would regret it. Benoit said he would rather run around with a steel chair than in a suit and tie begging for a championship he didn't deserve--and quit. Benoit then asked why not find out on the better man is in the ring--TONIGHT.

JBL then said to Long that the new person shouldn't make decisions on HIS show, but Long said it wasn't JBL's show, but the people's show, then announced JBL vs. Benoit later tonight!

JBL then tried to take a cheap shot at Benoit. Benoit ducked before attempting a Crippler Crossface on JBL before JBL took off.

Match #1: Carlito Caribbean Cool w/Matt Morgan vs. Charlie Haas w/Hardcore Holly

A very short match.

Chia Pet started off with a kick to the midsection of Haas, before Haas got in some strong offense on Carlito. Haas got in a nasty shoulder breaker, key lock and armbar on Carlito at one point in the match. Haas looked strong for a bit into he went into the turnbuckle, then Carlito was able to get the best of Haas for at least a bit.

Haas did come back strong, delivering a standing drop kick to Carlito, and a nice back body drop not long after that. Haas was REALLY fired up and went for a suicide dive onto Matt Morgan outside the ring but caught his foot, resulting in one wicked bump. Carlito then got a handful of Haas's tights to pick up the win. Matt Morgan then put the F-5 on Hardcore Holly. Ouch indeed.

Winner: Carlito

Highlights from Monday's RAW with the 'takeover' of ECW were shown.

Backstage, Heidenreich was chatting with Benoit, talking about how Benoit could be his best friend. Eddie then appeared and did some reminiscing of his own with Benoit before Benoit asked what Eddie was getting at. Eddie said if a decision was made about the championship, Benoit would be a close friend. Benoit said he saw how Eddie treats his friends lately, and if any decision was made, it should be against the man he couldn't beat-Rey Mysterio.

Josh interviewed Kurt Angle, who stated he was totally obsessed with Sharmell, and how good it felt when he rolled her up for the 1-2-3 in the match last week. Kurt said he was surprised that Sharmell wouldn't let him go after he won their match and how there was a chemistry that he never felt before. Kurt then cut a promo toward Booker, saying that once he made Booker tap out, Sharmell would be coming home with's true, it's damn true!

Match #2: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London vs. Akio

Yes, another short match, ladies and gentlemen. Guess we can't expect much more for the CW matches, so this wasn't too unusual.

Both were starting off strong and it looked like another great match was about to happen. But things were underway not very long before the match was interrupted by the entrance music of and a psychotic-looking Eddie Guerrero, giving Akio the (however brief) advantage on London. The ref ordered Eddie out of the ring, but Eddie said he had something to say. London shoved Akio into Eddie, who put the attack on Akio, before London kept at Eddie--even as London kept getting tossed out of each side of the ring-- until Eddie sent London over the top rope one final time. Eddie then cut a promo, most of it aimed at Rey Mysterio.

Winner: No Contest

A brief clip from Angle vs. Sharmell's match from last week's Smackdown was shown.

Match #3: Booker T vs. Kurt Angle

Before the match began, Angle wanted to know if Tazz would side with WWE, who signs his paychecks and puts food on the table, or with ECW and let his foolish pride get in the way, before Angle told Tazz that he needed an answer before the end of the show. Tazz told Cole that he only had to answer to "only the man upstairs."

Booker had KILL written all over his own face at the start of this match, but Angle started out strong in this match before Booker got an advantage and an arm drag in on Angle. Angle countered that and got the advantage on Booker yet again. Booker was working to build momentum, even getting in a few painful-looking chops on Angle in the corner of the ring--then getting Angle draped over the top rope!

The battle continued outside the ring briefly before Booker tossed Angle back into the ring and worked him over more. Shortly after, Angle got the upper hand, getting some control over Booker briefly before Booker came back strong with a chop to the chest and a boot to the chin of Angle, followed by Booker raining down some punches on Angle.

Booker then inadvertently walked into a German suplex by Angle, with Sharmell, outside the ring, then pleading with Booker to get to his feet. Angle went for the cover, but Booker kicked out at the two count. Angle then used the ropes to choke Booker and went for a back suplex for the cover; Booker once again kicked out.

Angle got Booker in a reverse bear hug, but Booker eventually got out of it with a back elbow, only to be met with a belly to belly suplex. Booker did come back with a back body drop to borrow some time as the match went to a commercial break.

Upon return, Angle had Booker in a reverse bear hug once again, before Booker came back with a neck breaker and getting an advantage on Angle, followed by an impressive suplex of his own. Booker went for a scissors kick, but was countered by Angle, who went for an Angle Slam, and then Booker hit the Book End.

Angle then took advantage of a missed kick by Booker by getting in three German suplexes and an Angle Slam, but Booker got out of the three count twice. Booker then got out of an ankle lock and got in a spine buster on Angle. Booker then got in the Spineroonie and the scissors kick on Angle and it looked that Booker had the match at this point, but Angle kicked out.

Angle then succeeded this time getting in the ankle lock on Booker as Sharmell pleaded to get Booker to the ropes. Booker succeeded in grabbing the ropes to break the hold, but Angle got him into the lock again, the ref took a bump, then Angle got out of the ring to chase around Sharmell before grabbing a steel chair at striking Booker in the ankle with it.

Booker got up and Angle went to strike him with the chair again, but Booker ducked, causing Angle to miss him. Booker then got the advantage on Angle, climaxing in a successful axe kick and the pin on Angle to end the match.

Winner: Booker T


Angle got up and slammed the chair in the middle of the ring in a fit of rage after losing the match.

Back from the commercial break, a desolate Kurt Angle sat in the corner of the ring before leaving and getting a chair, going to Tazz and telling Tazz, he had changed his mind about wanting an answer by the end of the show; he wanted an answer NOW or Angle was going to take this chair, unfold it, and sit by Tazz until Angle got an answer. Angle then stared a hole in Tazz briefly and then said if he didn't want to give Angle an answer, then Angle was out of there, before giving aput cheap shot to Tazz, breaking Tazz open. He then said he and WWE would take out ECW the way Angle just took out Tazz. Angle then made his way to the back as Tazz was helped up from the floor by officials to audible "Tazz!" and "ECW" chants and a small ovation as Tazz had to be taken to the back as the show broke to a commercial.

Match #4: Heidenreich vs. Rory Fox

Heindereich started off by asking for a new friend in Kansas City before carrying a young lady over the barriers and was about to help the girl into the ring as Fox attacked him from behind. Heidenreich then overpowered Fox and the match ended quickly with Heidenreich pinning Fox.

Winner: Heidenreich


Heidenreich then got the girl into the ring and then read a poem.

RAW Rebound:

Highlights from HHH/Batista signing for Hell in a Cell at Vengeance.

Paul Heyman was then announced as the guest commentator for the next match. Heyman arrived with the ECW crew.

Match #5: JBL vs. Chris Benoit

The ECW guys were at ringside getting the crowd fired up as the match got underway; Benoit got in a couple of cheap shots on JBL to start off and appeared to have the advantage in the match from the start.

JBL then got the advantage and responded with some shots of his own on Benoit, which didn't last very long before Benoit came back at JBL. Benoit went for the sharpshooter on JBL twice; JBL countered the first time and managed to get to the ropes on the second attempt by Benoit.

JBL then took control again, putting Benoit to the mat and trash talking the ECW stars. Benoit took advantage by getting a sharpshooter on JBL again before he was distracted by the Bashams. He went for it again, only to be distracted by Orlando Jordan this time. As the match broke to a commercial, more WWE Crusaders made their way to the ring.

Upon return, JBL had Benoit in a headlock; once again, he had the advantage. At this point, chants of "ECW" could be heard coming from the stands. As Cole and Heyman went over the history of ECW, JBL trash talked the ECW guys again and then went for the cover on Benoit; Benoit got out of the pin.

JBL then applied the sleeper hold to Benoit, who was down on one knee and trying to make it to the ropes before going onto both knees. Benoit then managed to get back to both feet and got out of the sleeper hold before a suplex sent both men down on the ring. Both made their way slowly back to their feet before Benoit came back strong with some punches and chops on JBL, followed by three German suplexes by Benoit.

Angle then made his way to the ring as Benoit went off the top rope onto JBL. Benoit had JBL in the crossface when the Crusaders hit the ring. Not long after, the ECW crowd hit the ring and all hell broke loose.

Tazz's music hit, then Tazz, Balls Mahoney, and Axl Rotten hit the ring, cleaning house on the boys of WWE and trash talking went back and forth between the two groups as the show left the air.

Winner: No Contest


Smackdown pops for Benoit! The look on JBL's face when Benoit was announced was priceless. JBL may be done with Cena, but it looks like he's got an even bigger problem to deal with in Benoit.

I thought Haas was going to break his neck with that landing. Never mind the guy jobbed again; it was good to see him back on Smackdown for a change.

Eddie and Benoit? A wrestling fan's dream! Can it happen? I for one wouldn't mind seeing it.

Much as I despise this Jungle Fever-esque storyline, an obsessed Kurt Angle just owns. He makes it very believable, which isn't surprising, since I always like his promos.

Eddie Guerrero helping to put over Paul London?!Well..maybe I shouldn't be surprised being that backstage, he was one of the biggest supporters of London's CW title push. London got more main event status in that beat down from Eddie than in any match he's had in the WWE; it even made me somewhat forgive that dismal debut match he had with Brock Lesnar.

Why on earth would Sharmell come out to the ring wearing high heels? That didn't make sense to me. If I knew I was going to be chased by the likes of Angle, I'd worn more practical shoes.

Nice blade job by Tazz! Too bad the chair shot wasn't really shown; it may have been a good one.

It was brief, but I had to jump in and say it was great to see my old buddy Rory Fox on Smackdown and against Heidenreich instead of a dark match or Velocity at that!

TAZZ MISSION!!! Didn't I say something about Tazz possibly working out a couple of weeks ago? It is about damn time we saw him in the ring again!

Good ending to this show, even though it was about the same as RAW's on Monday. Excellent push for the PPV, however; makes one want to order it. Next week, Smackdown airs from the City of Chocolate, Hershey, PA. Until next time, enjoy wrestling.