SmackDown Results - 6/16/05 - Hershey, PA (Next draft pick, more)

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On Friday, June 17, 2005 at 12:11 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
June 16, 2005
Location: Hershey, PA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

From the City of Chocolate, yet another new draft choice has entered the Smackdown arena. Here is the show in review:

Highlights from the first draft pick for Smackdown, Chris Benoit, was shown before tonight's show opened.

Tonight's show started off with one of JBL already in the ring cutting one of his usual long-winded promos, after thanking the Hershey audience and after a long day at the spa, "got the stink of ECW" off his body. . He went on to congratulate the success of ECW, but said it was a success because JBL was there. He then cut down on the ECW stars and said they would never be Smackdown superstars, because there was only one superstar--Mr. Smackdown, JBL,yadda, yadda, yadda. JBL then said if he goes to RAW, then SmackDown! is finished for good because wherever he goes, so does the money.

He was then interrupted by Chris Benoit, who was attacked by the Bashams.

Match #1: Chris Benoit vs. Doug Basham

Benoit started off strong, with an impressive back breaker at one point, before Doug got the upper hand in the early part of the match.

JBL continued to bark orders at Doug from ringside during the match as Doug put a neck breaker on Benoit, had Benoit pinned a few times, but Benoit managed to kick out of all of them.

Benoit then got a chance to go on the attack with a neck breaker and a baseball slide that tripped Doug, before putting some vicious chops to Doug, followed by a German suplex and arm drag, then another German suplex.

Danny came in to interfere, but Benoit was able to knock him back outside the ring. This bought Doug some time, but it wasn't successful when Benoit went off the top of the rope. He nearly pinned Benoit, but once again Benoit kicked out yet again!

The end of the match acclimated when Benoit then picked up the win with a clean pin on Doug.

Winner: Chris Benoit


JBL and The Cabinet jumped in and put the attack on Benoit, then told Benoit to "feel the wrath of a wrestling god," followed by darkness and a familiar gone. Once the lights came back up, the long-missing Undertaker was now in the ring and got down to business as he cleared the Cabinet as JBL fell down at the sight of Taker before he took off like a scalded cat.

During his own exit, JBL cut a promo on Taker with the "I'm the Mr. Smackdown" line until Teddy Long came out and announced JBL vs. Undertaker for later tonight in a No Disqualification Match!

Match #2: Eddie Guerrero vs. Cruiserweight Champion Paul London

This was a non-title match.

Before the match, highlights from last week when Eddie interrupted the CW match were shown.

Eddie went on the attack on Paul immediately, an uppercut and a strike to the head to start off the match. Feisty Paul, not one to back down, fought back shot after shot, before Eddie got the best of him, at one point getting Paul into a choke hold.

Paul then broke out and put a dropsault to Eddie and a back body drop and a heel kick off the top rope before going off the top rope again, having a clothesline fouled up by Eddie, and landing in a brutal position on the back of the neck.

Eddie then took advantage of this by working over Paul and dropping him on the back of the neck. Eddie then made Paul tap out with the painful-looking Texas Cloverleaf.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero


Eddie refused to let go of Paul once the match was over, but then Rey Mysterio came out with a chair and the two battled it out until officials came out to break it up.

Cole congratulated Tazz on the success of ECW PPV this past weekend and they discussed it briefly.

Cut to backstage, with Eddie and Rey going at each other once again, with Rey hitting Eddie with a chair and Eddie taking off.

Backstage, the Cabinet was talking, and JBL refused himself and his cabinet to accompany Jordan to his match with Holly. Jordan said he was the only champion, with JBL coming back that he was the boss and the Bashams should be behind him with his match with Undertaker. The Basham Brothers spoke up then said they were sick and tired of "being crash test dummies" and quit.

Carlito's Cabana:

Booker T and Sharmell were the guests this week.

Carlito started off about Hershey and how they take pride in their town, how fat they were and their bad skin and how they will be getting diabetes--bites apple before saying, "now that is cool as when Matt Morgan will beat the Big Show and get him out of his life forever!" He then introduced Booker T and Sharmell.

Both Booker and Sharmell came out all smiles, and Carlito noticed the changed and asked if this was because Angle got drafted to RAW. Booker said that Angle was the last person he wanted drafted to Raw. He went on to say what other couples like to do before saying he and Sharmell like to beat up Kurt Angle. Carlito said to think about next week to picture a candlelight dinner and Kurt having his way with Sharmell. Booker was about to go off when Chia Pet said that this could be the last night Sharmell and Booker could be on the same show since Sharmell is a diva and can be drafted, and the way the draft lottery go, their marriage and their lives could be shattered--and personally to him--that would be cool.

An angry Booker went off on Carlito, before Sharmell took the mic and agreed that this could be her and Booker's last week together, and they wanted to leave something for Carlito to remember them by--before Booker took a shot at Chia Pet, followed by Booker and Sharmell throwing apples at Chia Pet as he took off.

Backstage, Carlito was yelling at Morgan that he should be out there backing him up against Booker and Sharmell. Morgan said that Carlito told him to stay in the back to get ready for his match. The segment then led into the next match.

Match #3: Big Show vs. Matt Morgan

The clip from the Show/Morgan match was shown before the match began.

It started off as a brief staring contest before Morgan took the first shot at Show. From there, Show went to work on Morgan with several painful, wicked chops to the chest of Morgan before putting Morgan to the mat; Morgan kicked out.

Show continued his wrath with a knee to the gut of Morgan, then turned his attention to Carlito at ringside before getting a knee to the kidney of Morgan and a battle ensued outside the ring before Morgan tossed Show back into the ring and the battle continued there.

Morgan got Show in a choke hold while the official kept Carlito from distracting; Show got out of the hold and both men went down in the ring and both slowly got up as the count out began. Show got a head butt on Morgan, putting Morgan to his knees, then both were once again back outside the ring.

Morgan drove Show into the steel steps before going back into the ring to break the count and going back to tear apart the announce table. Show then got Morgan in choke slam hold before

The match was then called as a DQ when Carlito hit Show with a chair.

Once the bell was rung to end the match, Show ended up choke slamming Morgan through the table instead.

GM Teddy Long was seen in the parking lot.perhaps waiting for the newest Smackdown draft pick?

Winner: Big Show via DQ


Morgan was still down while Show made his way to the back, with the ref checking on Morgan.

The segment from the beginning of the show that led to the announcement of JBL vs. Undertaker was replayed.

Match #4: US Title Match: US Champion Orlando Jordan vs. Hardcore Holly

Jordan looked tense and nervous, which didn't take long for Holly to pick up on; nevertheless, Jordan was on the attack on Holly at the beginning of the match before Holly was able to take control of his own.

Holly put some nasty chops to Jordan in the corner, followed by a suplex on Jordan. It didn't take long for Jordan to respond with a spine buster on Holly, followed by a high elbow. Holly got back up, and Jordan got in another suplex for a pin; Holly kicked out.

An explosive right hand came from Holly, sending down both men to the center of the ring and the countdown began before Jordan got up. Holly got in several clotheslines on Jordan before a slam to the mat and it looked as if Holly would take the match when Jordan kicked out at two and a half.

Holly went to the top of the rope, getting a clothesline from the top on Jordan. Holly went for the Alabama Slam, but Jordan held the top rope and sent Holly outside of the apron.

The match ended with Orlando Jordan falling on Holly's shoulders when Holly flipped back inside the ring and grabbing the ropes.

Winner and Still US Champion: Orlando Jordan

Heidenreich marched his way down to the ring and did another of his poetry readings, this time about Hershey's chocolate, bringing with him a giant Hershey bar. He was interrupted when divas Joy, Michelle, Jackie and Lauren came to the ring, tossing Hershey kisses into the crowd. They apologized about interrupting him commenting about "the biggest chocolate bar they ever seen." Joy said the reason she came out was to give him a big kiss, presenting him with a giant Hershey kiss.

MNM then came out to the ring and Melina asked "is anything sweeter than MNM?" She then taunted the divas and told Michelle "for her and her dumplings to get out of the ring and let MNM do their job." Heidenreich confronted her and Melina responded that she would never be Heidy's friend that MNM were her friends and her friends were trendsetters and jet-setters; not some losers running around "like a kindergartener on crack.". Michelle then attacked Melina and a brawl ensued, and when Heindenreich went to attempt to break it up, he was attacked by MNM.

The match of Eddie vs. Mysterio was made for next week's Smackdown.

Match #5: JBL vs. Undertaker

JBL came to the ring with Orlando Jordan, who told Jordan not to stay any further than five feet away from him.

Before the match officially began, Chris Benoit came out and began beating on Jordan as they the fight continued toward the back, leaving JBL begging for Jordan to come back as the match broke to a commercial.

Upon return to the match, JBL was indeed left alone and Taker made his entrance to the ring. JBL looked to beg off Taker at first before he got Taker into the corner and rained blows down on Taker.

Taker got out and he and JBL brawled some, with some vintage Undertaker moves in for good measure, including Old School off the top rope onto JBL . JBL then got out of the pin and left the ring for a bit, before playing possum and he and Taker getting into a brawl outside of the ring. Taker got a head butt and a boot off the skull of JBL before sending JBL into the steel steps.

JBL reversed a move by Taker; this time, it was Taker being sent into the steel steps, giving JBL the upper hand on Taker, sending Taker into the barricades and Taker went to the floor as the match broke to a second commercial.

Back from the second break, Clips shown during the break had both brawling outside the ring, with JBL choking Taker with electrical tape.

JBL had Taker back in the ring and went off the top rope, sending Taker back to the mat and Taker getting out of the second pin. JBL went for a sleeper hold on Taker, but Taker reversed it with a suplex. Taker went into the ropes, with JBL putting some right hands to Taker. Right hands were exchanged between the two before a thumb to the eye of Taker and JBL went for a Clothesline from Hell when Taker put a boot to the face of JBL.

Taker went to the apron of the ring, putting a leg drop to the throat of JBL, driving JBL to the floor below of the ring. JBL recovered to bounce Taker's neck off between the ropes from the outside of the ring.

Taker then got in an impressive superplex on JBL as well as the Snake Eyes and it looked as if Taker had the match when JBL got out of the pin. Taker came back with the choke slam on JBL and went for another pin; JBL kicked out.

Taker was about to go for a Tombstone when JBL got a low blow on Taker, followed by a successful Clothesline from Hell, but Taker kicked out of the following pin at two and a half.

JBL was on the top of rope of Taker and got caught in a position that Taker sent him back to the center to the ring, JBL kicked out of the pin
Taker was about to go for another Tombstone when, lo and behold, Randy Orton ran down and hit the RKO on Taker, letting JBL pick up the win.

Winner: JBL


JBL rolled exhausted out of the ring. Randy Orton then cut a promo toward Taker saying that he better get used to getting RKO'd... because RKO is officially on Smackdown!


I like how JBL just falls down when he sees the Undertaker. That alone was worth a good laugh. Good to see Taker back at last!

"Eddie stole my other shirt" ..LMAO!

London pulled off the man in distress very well, as usual. That cloverleaf looked VERY PAINFUL. I'd rather he'd won the match, which would have really put him over.

Rey coming and throwing the chair ECW style and the stiff chair shot. Eddie didn't sell the shots very well, however.

Jordan should seperate himself from the cabinet ASAP, and JBL has to be an idiot if he can't tell the Bashams apart by now!

"An apple a day will keep Carlito running can you did THAT SUCKAAAAAAAA!!!!" Priceless line from Booker!

When did Sharmell become a diva? Did I miss WWE signing her?

Carlito's Cabana segments never end that's cool.

It looked like Morgan may legitimately hurt himself..perhaps his leg?

Did anyone /* notice that Jordan did Hassan's reverse rock bottom on Benoit? I didn't notice it until the replay, then it hit me.

Smackdown is in a serious need of a midcard division. They have the US Title, but no one to feud for it other than random opponents. Jordan would be much better off if he had a solid storyline and someone on a regular basis to feud with.

Though I found it tolerable for once with the divas (though the play on words "of the biggest piece of chocolate" was rather corny as Kansas in August), I liked it better when Heidy's friends were kids. It was much cuter that way.

Am I the only one that notices that every time someone gains momentum Cole ALWAYS says, "Could this be the opening he needs"?

Well, there's your newest Smackdown superstar for this week.. RANDY ORTON!

Smackdown comes next week from Tucson, AZ.where I will be looking forward to the Eddie vs. Rey battle. Until next time, enjoy wrestling.