SmackDown Results - 8/11/05 - Columbus, OH (Batista vs. Christian)

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On Friday, August 12, 2005 at 1:01 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
August 11, 2005
Location: Columbus, OH
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

After a long absence of sorts, I have finally returned for a recap of tonight's show, now ten days from SummerSlam. Now, let's get down to business:

Match #1: Booker T (w/Sharmell) vs. Joey Mercury (w/Melina, Jillian and Nitro)

Jillian worked to distract the ref, who sent Nitro and a freaked-out Jillian backstage. Booker then went to work beating on Mercury. Booker got in a great kick to the jaw of Mercury and then went to the top rope, but Melina got Mercury's attention that Booker was on the top rope. Mercury got a kick to the side of the head of Booker for a pin, but Booker kicked out. Mercury got an attempt on a sleeper hold, and "Booker T" chants were heard. Booker came back strong and then resumed work of his own on Mercury, with an impressive clothesline and choke slam. Mercury kicked out at two and a half. Booker got a slam, Spinaroonie and a Book End. Melina distracted the ref, and Sharmell put Melina in her place outside the ring, to say the least.

Booker wrapped up the match and picked up the win with a scissors kick.

Orton returning to action was announced for later tonight.

Winner: Booker T

Peep Show:

Batista was this week's guest.

Batista was introduced and made his way to the ring in a dapper suit to loud crowd reaction. Christian then said that "Big Dave" may be wondering why he was asked out there to the Peep Show tonight Christian then complained about himself being overlooked for a match at SummerSlam, "the biggest draft pick of Smackdown" left off of SummerSlam. He then said Batista had a match, and what was Christian expected to do, sit around and twiddle his thumbs? Christian then challenged Batista for later tonight

Batista asked "Are you talking to me?" infuriating Christian further. Batista said that Christian needed an attitude adjustment and did he think the fans wanted to see him kick Christian's ass again before Batista accepted the challenge, saying that Christian will get his ass kicked---again.

Backstage, Animal and Heidenreich were shown making their way to the ring, getting psyched up for their match, which was coming up next.

Highlights from last week's SummerSlam press conference were shown.

Match #2: Tag Team Champions Animal and Heidenreich vs. Scotty Saber and Jason Snevick

A relatively short match.

Animal wasted no time going to work on the two jobbers, with Heindenreich getting in a good side slam. Backstage, MNM were watching the entire action, with Melina still holding her nose from the attack by Sharmell earlier. Animal got in a powerful clothesline on another of the jobbers. Heidy made his way to the top rope and got in a beautiful Doomsday Device for the win.

Winners: Animal and Heidenreich

The arrival of Dominic backstage with Angie earlier tonight was shown, along with highlights from the Rey/Eddie promo from last week.

Long was back in his office on the phone when Randy Orton arrived in Long's office, telling Long that this was the first night of the return of the Legend Killer. He and Teddy Long got into a debate Long then informed Orton that he won't reveal to Orton who his opponent was, but the opponent was a legend..and that Orton's match was next.

Orton came out to the ring to find out who exactly this "legend" was, only to find out that his opponent was "The Ugandan Giant," Kamala. After an initial attack by Kamala, Orton then got the best of Kamala before he hit his RKO on Kamala's crony before Kamala got back up and went back to work on Orton. Orton had then barely kicked out of Kamala's splash Orton then got the RKO on Kamala before Taker's music played and an "RKO..RIP" video directed to Orton played.

A child welfare worker arrived backstage and said she was there to observe in order to see what Dominic's best interests would lie. Eddie protested, saying that Dominic had been living a lie and should live the truth...with his father.

Eddie came out and brought the child welfare worker, who we now knew as "Mrs. Crabtree" who was there to observe and then have Dominic "come home to Papi" to a home full of love and compassion, and most of all--to honesty and truth. He then called out Rey and Angie to bring out "his son" Dominic.

Eddie then turned to Mrs. Crabtree, telling her to do her job and take Dominic from Rey and give him to Eddie. Mrs. Crabtree didn't budge, but kept writing on her clipboard. After Rey and Eddie went back and forth in a verbal battle, with this set up the Eddie vs. Rey custody match for SummerSlam, with Eddie accepting Rey's challenge. Eddie said that Dominic would come home with him before SummerSlam, and then after, it would be forever.

After witnessing this bickering between the two, Mrs. Crabtree broke in said that they were "a bunch of crazies" and the conflict between Rey and Eddie had nothing to do with the child, and she decided to put Dominic in foster care. She then said that Dominic needed to go with her now.

On the way up the ramp with Mrs. Crabtree, Dominic turned back and waved to Angie and Rey.

Match #3: Mexicools vs. Scotty Too Hotty and William Regal

The Mexicools made their entrance on their ubiquitous Juan Deere mowers.

A clip of Scotty and Regal from their locker room earlier tonight was played.

Super Crazy and Scotty started things off with Scotty with a shoulder knockdown and a couple of hip tosses on Super Crazy Crazy raked Scotty in the eye, but Scotty got a kick on Crazy. Juvi and Psicosis then got involved when the ref didn't see. Crazy then tagged in Psicosis, who got a leg drop on Scotty. Crazy dragged Scotty across the ring when Scotty went to tag in Regal. Psicosis beat on Scotty when he was tagged in again.

Regal decided to walk out during the match, which was already halfway underway, and Psicosis did his leg drop off the top rope and pinned Scotty.

Winners: Mexicools

Backstage, Angie and Rey were distraught over the loss of Dominic.

Also backstage, Steve Romero interviewed Jillian Hall, who said she was a fixer for MNM. She then accused Romero of looking at her "blemish", then telling him since he was an unbiased announcer and to take a good look at it. She then told him to get lost, and then issued the challenge of mixed tag match of Booker and Sharmell vs. Mercury and Melina, since Sharmell liked to put her hands on Melina.

John Cena's new music video was aired.

Match #4: Chris Benoit vs. Simon Dean

Benoit entered to an ovation!

Dean then came out, touting the Simon System and poking fun at Benoit, before Benoit attacked Dean and went to work beating on Dean, dominating the match from the beginning before Dean drove Benoit head first into the first turnbuckle and a clothesline; Benoit kicked out of the first pin by Dean.

Dean clobbered Benoit for a few minutes before Benoit successfully completed four suplexes on Dean, before picking up the win with the Crippler Crossface.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Match # 5: WWE World champion Batista vs. Christian (Non-Title Match)

Christian had already been in the ring when the show returned from the commercial break. He was then not looking like a happy bunny outside the ring when Batista entered and preened for the crowd.

Some trash talking went for a few minutes before both guys locked up in the center of the ring. Batista tossed Christian into the ropes, then Christian did have Batista in a head lock before Batista broke loose and got Christian into a corner, followed by a shoulder knock down, then beating Christian's head into the turnbuckle.

Christian then went for a sunset flip, but failed miserably. Batista got in the back body drop on Christian, sending Christian outside the ring off the barricade. Back into the ring, Christian got the thumb to the eye of Batista, then put Batista into the steel post shoulder first. Christian went to the second rope and onto Batista; Batista kicked out at two.

Christian then went to work on the shoulder of Batista, before Batista got advantage on Christian and sent him onto the apron. Batista got onto the top rope, putting another back body drop on Christian, followed by a shoulder to the gut, a sidewalk slam, and Batista hit a spine buster and was going for the Batista Bomb when JBL came out and interfered, breaking up the announce desk and JBL whacking Batista with a steel chair several times and posing over a laid-out Batista as the show left the air.

Winner: No Contest


YES, I WAS HOME TONIGHT! And my thesis is about finished.

I LOVED Sharmell's dress! I want one like it when I'm small enough to wear one like that after surgery.

That attack Sharmell put on Melina was WICKED! Tougher than the average bimbo, I say. Don't mess with my girl Sharmell!

Poor Christian.why WAS he kept off SummerSlam anyway? The guy totally owned Batista on the mic tonight.

Question: why do they always bring chairs and sofas to the ring for these interview segments but nobody ever sits down?

I'm still getting used to Heindenreich with the Mohawk and face paint. Heidenreich's off-pace at the moment, though. He really should be wearing the tights and shoulder pads by now.

KAMALA! Sorry, but that guy still scares me. And to think that this was the guy the 2004 Diva Search contestants had to seduce. But Kamala needs to be protected; they can't job Kamala out every week, or the fans would go NUTS.

Orton in action again! Imagine that..his in-ring return since ... well, as Michael Cole said, Wrestlemania! Actually, Cole was wrong; Orton's last match was RAW the night after Mania when Batista destroyed him.

I don't know about anyone /*, but this Eddie/Rey scenario is getting VERY old. Come on, do these people think we are idiots? It's obvious that Dominic looks like Rey. Totally lame IMO. The only part I liked about this segment was Rey calling Eddie a chicken shit. A couple of times. And the expression on Eddie's face after that.

I can never get over the height difference between Rey and Angie. Now that's love.

Why didn't Mrs. Crabtree ask why Rey was wearing a mask? Wouldn't that be odd to anyone who has no idea what's going on?

The Regal/Scotty and Mexicools match would have been more interesting if bWo came out and interfered. Where are those guys anyway?

Did we really need a repeat of the Cena video? We just saw this on RAW Monday.right?

The Flabby Wolverine? What, are they kidding us? LOL.

Believe it or not, "Simon Dean" is an inside rib on Dean Malenko. Malenko's real name is Dean Simon.

Cole: "Simons says... tap-out!" Tazz: "Hey, that's a good line"

And after 1 hour and 57 minutes of no JBL..there he was. I reckon this was a preview of their No Holds Barred match at SummerSlam.

Next week, Smackdown comes from Toronto, three days from SummerSlam. Until next time, enjoy wrestling.