SmackDown Results - 1/6 - Wilkes Barre, PA (Rey/Batista vs. MNM)

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On Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 1:26 AM EST

WWE SmackDown Results
Air Date: January 6, 2006
From: Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported by: Charlie Benjamin of

We kick off the show with a recap of Melina’s press conference from last week where she claims that Batista forced sexual relations upon her and she is now suing him for sexual harassment. The package continues onto the tag-title match where Mark Henry comes out and attacks Batista allowing MNM to regain the tag-team championships.

The typical SmackDown! Opening is shown, we go in the arena where Michael Cole and Tazz tell us that tonight Batista and Rey Mysterio will again challenge for the Tag-Team titles, against MNM this time in a steel cage, also the 6th match in the series between Chris Benoit vs. Booker T’s selected replacement.

JBL w/ Jillian Hall vs. Matt Hardy – Falls Count Anywhere

JBL with a mic says that the New Year is starting with the biggest star of the year, in a match he has never lost against an opponent, that doesn’t matter, he says he is going to beat Matt so bad he’ll have to rename his website “” [editor’s note: or something like that], JBL walks form his limo through the crowd and says he wants to start this match with the people, in the year of the “Wrestling God”

Matt goes to the ring then jumps into the crowd to find JBL, they meet up and start throwing lefts and rights, JBL uses his jacket to choke Matt, Matt gets whipped over the barricade into the ringside area, he slams Matt of the top of the announce table, JBL on top of the table, Matt counters and trips up JBL, who crashes through the table.

Matt rams JBL into the ring, JBL does the same to Matt off the stairs, JBL with a chair and takes a shot at Matt’s back, in the ring now, JBL with a cover and Matt out at 2, JBL sets up for a power bomb, Hardy counters with a back body drop, Matt with a dropkick sends JBL back to the floor, Matt cross body over the top, into a cover and no.

JBL rammed of the steps again, and Matt under the ring looking for a ladder, Matt rams it into JBL’s ribs tosses down the ladder, JBL sends Matt into the barricade, out by JBL’s limo now, JBL using it as a weapon sending Matt for a ride Matt grabs a trash can lid as he walks by it, and lays a series of shots into JBL, JBL on the hood of his limo, Matt setting up a ladder, Jillian Hall, grabs Matt’s foot as he climbs, JBL up and wacks Matt with the trash can, Matt falls onto the hood of the car.


The Boogeyman’s music hits, and he comes out of JBL’s limo’s window, JBL jumps the rail, but Jillian doesn’t make it Boogeyman, grabs her by one leg, he takes some worms and shoves them down Jillian’s skirt, JBL, grabs an arm and drags her across the rail into safety.

They announce that Randy Orton is Booker T’s replacement again, and he and Chris Benoit will have match number six in the best of seven series.


Mark Henry w/ Melina vs. Rob Echoes, John Trotsky and Gus Howitzer - Gauntlet Match

Henry vs. Trotsky gets chock slammed, thrown into the corner, Henry slides outside and bends Trotsky around the ring post, torture rack and Trotsky has been eliminated.

Henry goes over and grads Gus, who was on the floor, pulls him into the ring by the hair and suplexes him onto the top rope, inverted choke slam, Howitzer is eliminated.

Echoes in and lays in after a few clubbing blows, before getting clotheslined by Henry, Henry to the second rope, with a Banzai drop, Henry with a falling slam.


Michael Cole in the ring, asking Melina her relationship with Henry, she says she was reluctant to announce that she would be suing Batista, but she had ot so he wouldn’t do it to anyone /*, she had to make sure that he wouldn’t come after her again and so Mark Henry is here for her protection and her protection only, and reminds everyone that she is a victim.


Recap of Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit form last week when Benoit won by DQ to prolong the series to a sixth match.

Randy and Booker w/ Sharmell backstage, Booker says it wasn’t supposed to be that way and he got to believe him, Randy says he believe Booker and knows it wouldn’t of happened if not for Sharmell, Sharmell says that Randy was about to tap out, where as Randy says he was going to escape it, and reminds them that he beat Benoit for the World Heavyweight title, Sharmell says it as too long ago, Randy tells Booker T to trust him and keep Sharmell out of the way, Randy says he will deliver the United States championship to Booker T but he is going to owe Randy one.

Ken Kennedy’s music hits and he comes out in a suit, and joins Tazz and Michael Cole at the announce table, after of course his own introduction.

His first line: no one told me to bring a house warming gift, if I knew I would of actually brought you a table. [Where it was broken in the original match]

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Kid Kash vs. Juventued [in his last WWE performance]

Lock up in the middle of the ring, the battle to a corner, where Kash takes control, Juvi battles out and hits a dropkick, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Kash, Kash sent to the outside, Juvi up top, senton on top of Kash, both men down, Juvi back in the ring and over the top rope with an elbow on to Kash, Kash reverses a whip, and just pulls Juvi off the middle rope by one leg, Kash working over the knee with a set of kicks, and a body slam, on Juvi, Kash up top, moonsault, Kash ducks a clothesline and kicks the knee a few times, Kash down to one knee, Juvi going for the brain buster, but the knee is too weak, Kash catches an elbow in the corner, Kash with a power bomb, but Juvi lands on his feet, Juvi with a hurricanrana, countered into a single leg crab by Kash, Juvi to the ropes.

Kash up top and hung up on the top rope, Juvi climbing up gingerly, top rope hurricanrana, and a kick out after 2, Juvi up top going for the 450 splash, Kash up and knocks Juvi off, Kash knocked off the top rope, Juvi now going for the 450, Kash out of the way, Kash with the brain buster.


During the match Kennedy kept talking about ratings and such as apparently he is a representative of Palmer Cannon and the rest of the network now.


Krystal backstage with Booker and Sharmell, she asks Booker if it is difficult being on SmackDown and being married, he says no because he gets to spend all his time with his wife, Orlando cuts in and asks to be the substitute in the best of seven series match, they laugh at him, Orlando reminds them he was US champion longer than both Booker and Benoit were, Booker tell Orlando to urn some respect, Orlando then says that he will remember this.

Batista’s press conference to comment on Melina’s press conference, Batista says, he is innocent bottom line, he says that they wee intimate, but she never said no or stop, he doesn’t know why Melina has made up these charges, he then opens himself up to some questions, when Henry busts in and asks Batista what his problem is, and talks about his wholesome image being ruined and asks Batista what would happen if he took advantage of Batista, Batista, says get out of my face.


Match #6 in the Best of Seven Series
Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton as Booker T’s replacement

Orton gets Benoit to the corner and lays in, Benoit fighting out, Randy with a knee, Benoit ramming Orton into the top turnbuckle, knees by Benoit, shoulder block by Benoit, snap suplex, Orton is lagging in this one, Benoit with knees, as he has Orton trapped in the corner again, Sharmell goes to interfere, Orton and the ref go outside to confront her, Orton gets the ref to toss her from ringside.

Randy with a thumb to the eye, and a dropkick, a series of punches now, Orton with a side headlock on the ground, Orton with a suplex of his own, and back to the headlock, Benoit elbows his way out, he counters a suplex into a german, Randy takes Benoti to the outside.


Back with Randy in the ring with a headlock applied, Benoit with an arm drag out of the headlock, three amigos by Benoit, diving head butt coming and it connects, Benoit with a sharpshooter into a crossface, in the middle of the ring, Randy squirming to the ropes, RKO blocked by Benoit, Randy with the overdrive neckbreaker on Benoit, Orlando through the crowd takes down Booker, in the ring he clubs Benoit with the crutch.





Another vignette featuring Fit Finlay, a castle is seen in the distance and Finlay is facing it so you can only see a partial bit of the back of his head, much like last week, he talks about the Irish fighting for their land, and everything /* they have, he says he is giving new meaning to the term Fighting Irish.

Simon Dean out saying he is in the mood for some competition, and he doesn’t want just one man but two, London and Kendrick run down, he tells them to hang on he didn’t mean against himself, he meant against the newest sponsored team of the Simon System the Gymini [Formerly the Shane Twins and the Johnsons in TNA]

The Gymini vs. London and Kendrick – Unofficial Match

London and Kendrick dropkick both of them as they try to get in the ring, sending them back to the floor, double cross body over the top, the Gymini catch them and slam, them against the ring posts and each other, in the ring now, the Gymini work over each men in the corner, belly-to-belly suplex on Kendrick, and a back body drop to London, Some type of cross arm clothesline on Kendrick and a version of a double power bomb, whee each Gymini stood one side of London grabbed an arm and leg and just though him in the air [ for those who know it was formerly known as the H-Bomb used by the Harris brothers], another double team move on Kendrick they each grab an arm and stretch Kendrick out like a Razor?s Edge except there was two guys, each egt gorilla pressed over the top rope.


Bobby Lashley talks about entering the Royal Rumble and going onto Wrestlemania to face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. A video package is shown hyping up Bobby Lashley.

WWE Tag Team Championship - Steel Cage Match
Batista and Rey Mysterio vs. MNM w/ Melina

[Michael Cole had said this is the first time in six years that the WWE Tag-Team titles wee defended in a cage I would like to presents to Mr. Cole exhibit A. SummerSlam 2001 Undertaker and Kane vs. Kanyon and DDP, Steel Cage Grudge Match and Tag-Team Title unification match.]


Batista and Rey attack MNM from the get go, Batista with a corner Avalanche on both members of MNM, Batista chokes Nitro, Rey with a leg drop on Mercury, they switch off, Batista with Mercury in a corner, Rey and Nitro in the opposite corner, both members of MNM crawling around, MNM driven into the cage, MN try to escape, but there is a ?No Escape Rule?, Batista and Rey pull them back in.


Batista cleaning house as we come back, ramming both men into the cage, MNM trying to escape again, Batista pulls them both back MNM and Rey on the top rope, Batista slams Nitro form the top, Mysterio bulldogs Mercury onto Nitro, Rey and Batista both mounting in the corner for 10 punches on MNM members, Rey back body dropped into the cage, Batista with a clothesline on Nitro, and Mercury catches Batista with a missile dropkick, DDT on Batista.

Batista kicks out of a pin, and MNM go to work double teaming as Rey had been taken out form the back body drop, stomping away on Batista, Rey up and a double drop kick, taking MNM down, leg drop to the throat and leg by MNM on Rey, back to stomping Batista, baseball slide dropkicks to Batista sending him into the cage, slingshot into the cage on Rey, cover for 2.

Side Russian leg sweep from MNM to Batista, Rey gets a foot up to counter a corner splash, Rey with a crucifix bomb, Rey up top, way up top to the top of the cage, Mercury pushes Nitro out of the way o take a cross body block, Nitro breaks up the count, Rey gets hit with a reverse power bomb, Batista up with a double clothesline, back body drop on Nitro, spinebuster to the corner on Mercury, Batista pulls the legs out form under MNM as they were on the top rope, double noggin knocker, spinebuster. Melina looks up the ramp and starts waving down, Henry.

Henry rips at the side of the cage climbs a little bit, then goes over to the door, and rips the chain holding it shut clear off, then knocks the door off, he slides the door into the ring, Henry gets to Batista just before he hits a Batista bomb, Henry with a Guerilla Press into the cage, Henry sets up the door, using it to whack both Batista and Rey in the head, Nitro for the cover.



Match Ratings:

Kid Kash vs. Juventued **1/2
Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton**1/2
MNM vs. Batista/Rey **
JBL vs. Matt Hardy*1/2
Mark Henry vs. Jobbers ? DUD

Cheers and Jeers




Kid Kash

Odds and Sods:

Not much to comment on tonight, way to much Henry, he bores me to tears.

Kennedy and Booker both did good commentating their respective matches tonight.

The thing with Kennedy representing the Network worries me, ECW, WCW and who can forget WWF's Right To censor have all down this "Network Stable" before I don?t want Kennedy wrapped up in it.

The Gymini were very un-impressive, they are basically over sized Basham brothers, or undersized Goldberg's what ever way you want to look at it, they had no cool double team moves just basic moves that they made double team moves. But atleast it should give Dean air-time who I am a fan of.

JBL seems to be going face either that or the Boogeyman is already I can't tell yet.

Lashley hinted at a Batista/Lashley match, I can only imagine how much WWE would love this, although I know it wo't happen at Wrestlemania but if Batista keeps rolling on through maybe Judgment Day?

Decent wrestling tonight, yet nothing special, Benoit and Randy had the best match in the best of seven tonight, and Kash vs. Juvi was match of the night.